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Gall Bladder Stones Resolved Without Operation

Gall Bladder Stones Resolved Without Operation
Written by Punit Sarpal

Dr. Punit Sarpal cures a case of gallstones in a man of 60.

Homeopathy has the ability to solve some seemingly surgical cases, keeping in mind that only the holistic homeopathic approach must be applied.

Patient:  Mr. S. male, 60 years –   Seen on Jan  04, 2016

Ultrasound report  > 4mm in gall bladder lumen , cholelithiasis

Allopathic doctors advised immediate operation.

His constitution is slim.  He is fatigued but has the capability for extreme exercise if required.

Physical generals: caries in teeth

Mind: Communicative but indifferent, saving nature, aggressive, likes to help others materially. Anxiety about health, sensitive to the sufferings of other people.

Gallbladder (Homeopathy for Gallbladder Diseases): heaviness, tightness and unbearable pain. Amelioration by cold applications, cold dressings applied on the painful area. Aggravation: after eating , by warmth.

After further considerations and studying the patient’s medical and family history, Fluoric acid was shortlisted. The pain was relieved by it immediately and after four months the stone was dissolved.  Since the remedy he has had no other trouble while eating.

Indications for Fluoric Acid

Prominent Fluoric Acid symptoms seen in the patient were:

Aggravation from warm things, covering

Patient suffocates in a warm room like Pulsatilla, but other characteristics of Pulsatilla were not prominent in the patient.

Amelioration from cold water

Imperfect teeth shows the imbalance of fluorine in the patient

Great prostration, weakness and constipation is seen in all acid remedies. This case was no different.

He had caries in his past history. The flouric acid patient may suffer in the past or present with bone deformities, caries etc.

Patient has a slim build. He was a hard worker in the past.

Numbness of limbs associated with pain

Concomitant symptom: morning diarrhea

Potency and Dosage :  

I started the case with 30 potency and gradually increased to 200. Repeated only when required, for example when the patient was in uncontrollable pain.

I might have given other remedies, as an acute phase appeared. Eg. , once there was fever which indicated Silicea (30) at that time.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

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Punit Sarpal

Dr. Punit Sarpal has been practicing Homeopathy since 1980. He was a graduate of Yuvraj Pratap Singh Memorial Homeopathic Medical College, Alwar, Rajasthan and now practices in Bareilly. He has contributed to research and rural health and advisory services through lectures, articles, press conferences and publications. He has also sponsored and donated to health benefit programmes and events. He has been successful with serious chronic ailments such as kidney stones, Brain tumors, gangrene, diabetes, Dengue and Nephrotic syndrome. He also worked on infertility, PMS and Phobias.

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