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IBS in a Woman of 43

Darshan Jayesh Shah shares a case of irritable bowel syndrome on a woman of 43. Anxiety, impatience and desire for pungent food were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

A 43-year old woman came running to the clinic for a complaint of “chronic” IBS. She was not willing to wait for the appointment and wanted me to see her the very same day. (Date of interview – 03/10/19) As I was not available at the clinic, she traveled a long distance to see me that same day in another part of the city.

Complaints of – increased frequency of stools the last 6-7 years. Has to pass motions at least 4-5 times a day, accompanied with great urgency+3, and incontinence+3. She cannot hold herself back, has to go to the toilet immediately. Stools were always normally formed and normal in quantity.

All of this < when going out of the house. If she is not going out of the house, there is no trouble at all. Whenever she has to go out, she first has to pass stool.

Aggravation from any bad news or any kind of emotional excitement. Even if she hears about some one’s death, murder, rape, on Television; she has to pass stools. She is unable to divert her mind after listening to such news.

Her anxiety gets high if there are some guests coming over. She starts preparing for the guests hours before their expected arrival. In her free time, she goes to the priest or to temples to read. If she is at home, she reads religious books all the time.

She’s been married for 8 years. This is her 2nd marriage. She has 2 children, elder daughter from the first husband is 13 years old and the younger son from the second husband is 8 years old.

The first husband was physically abusive, so she divorced him. Due to this history, she had insecurities during her second marriage as well. Fortunately, the second husband is very supportive and she says that her life has changed for the good after marrying him.

Her elder daughter was not taken care of appropriately so she is not growing well physically. She is very skinny and doesn’t gain weight. She suffers from recurrent illnesses due to it.

The elder daughter is not aware of the second marriage, and so the patient is extremely worried about what will happen if she gets to know about the second marriage.

Her husband says she is very slow in work (+2); she takes hours to complete work which can be done in minutes.

Her appetite is good, eats well. She craves pungent foods, rice and pani puri.  Her thirst is good, and she generally gets aggravated whenever she is fasting. No troubles with her urine, or sleep. Sleep position is on the left side. No dreams remembered.

LMP – 12/9/19, usually gets irritable before menses.

My observation

She is very impatient and did not want to wait even for a day for a chronic complaint.

DIAGNOSIS  – Irritable Bowel Syndrome – diarrhoea dominant.

Totality of Symptoms à

Diarrhoea from anticipation

Diarrhoea from bad news/emotional excitement

Anxiety when a time is set


Craving pungent foods


  1. MIND – ANXIETY – time is set, if a
  3. RECTUM – DIARRHEA – anticipation, after
  4. RECTUM – DIARRHEA – nervous, emotions agg.
  5. GENERALS – FOOD AND DRINKS – pungent things – desire

(Using Synthesis 9.0 repertory from RadarOpus software)

Rx – Arg nit LM1 – 1 dose in 10 spoons on water to be taken next morning  followed by placebo for 7 days.

Follow up – 10/10/19

General sense of well-being and feels much better

“I didn’t get any urge to pass stools after taking the water medicine. My 6-7 years problem got solved within a week, I am very happy.”

LMP – 12/9/19

Appetite, Thirst, Sleep, Urine – Normal

Stools – once a day, normally formed.

Anxiety >>

Treatment given – Placebo for 4 weeks

Follow up – 7/11/19

No complaints, Anxiety >>

Treatment given – Placebo for 4 weeks and advised not to take any treatment thereafter.

As of 30 April 2020, the patient is on placebo and has not complained of any old or new symptoms. We have now asked her to report only if she has any troubles.  She is now probably cured.

About the author

Darshan Jayesh Shah

Dr. Darshan Jayesh Shah is a consulting homoeopath, BHMS, MD (Hom) and is fascinated with and has a special interest in the in-depth study of Organon of Medicine and aphorisms and its application in practice. He states that he is very patient and unprejudiced with every case, and thus able to understand the sufferings of the patient and help them get better. Along with his wife, he has turned vegan and has seen exceptional benefits in their mental and physical health! You can contact him on his website


  • Very good case and single dose amelioration but didn’t get the procedure ‘ 1 dose in 10 spoons on water to be taken next morning ‘
    Please explain, LM potency comes in small pills


    • Good to hear from you Sir. You have taught me alot. The main reason to share this case was that only! That the patient didn’t need a second prescription. I was myself not expecting it, but Homoeopathy really surprises, this time even the Homoeopath!

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