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Four Acute Cases – Loud, Hysterical, Flatulent, Belching

Homeopath F. Joan Macdonald shares four acute cases with symptoms of loud belching. Each patient was already on a constitutional remedy. Rehman’s Encyclopedia of Remedy Relationships was useful in finding the remedies.

1)  Female age 40

Has been in homoeopathic care for many years, and on a constitutional remedy.

Presenting acute symptoms:

  • Rising from dinner table, bent over picking up something from floor

causes a very loud belch, with gas forced upward toward throat.

  • She was very anxious, as this had never happened before.
  • Continual loud gurgling, rolling of gas (Homeopathy Treatment for Gas) upward
  • Felt as if pressing on middle of chest made her belch, but belching was not better by pressing

Asafoetida 30C was selected as an acute remedy.  “The flatulence (Homeopathy Treatment for Gastritis, Flatulence, Indigestion) and spasmodic contraction of stomach and oesophagus with reverse peristalsis…” [Ref. Asafoetida, Boericke Materia Medica].

Asafoetida 30C sipping in a water bottle, 4 days on – 7 days off – if necessary. Repeat 30C sipping 4 days. (Pattern 4-7-4).  Possibly if needed could go to Asafoetida 200C.

Follow-up – Symptoms were resolved with second round of Asafoetida 30C.

2)  Male age 35

Natrum Carbonicum was his homoeopathic constitutional remedy -10M.

A genetic researcher, scholar with many long hours researching data. He says “his brain gets very tired.”

Natrum carbonicum initially selected on: never-well-since 3 years ago, after exposure to extreme heat of summer sun, causing sunstroke. Becomes tired more easily, mentally unable to concentrate, great difficulty thinking, and very concerned because of feeling a little depressed.

Presenting acute symptoms:

  • Great desire for sweets, but eating sweets had been causing very loud belching
  • Sometimes caused very loose stool
  • Distention in stomach region
  • Pressing the painful part in stomach region makes him feel better. However,

he said that this was ineffectual, as belching gas upward returns, with a sensation of nausea.

Argentum nitricum is a collateral remedy to Natrum carbonicum [Ref: Rehman’s Encyclopedia of Remedy Relationships in Homoeopathy] and matched his acute symptom picture.

Argentum nitricum 30C/200C – sipping in a water bottle – 30C 4 days on – 7 days off. If symptoms recur, sip Arg nit 200C for 4 days. (Pattern 4-7-4)

Follow-up: Symptoms eased after 30C, then on day 6 of the 7 day gap felt symptoms of nausea, discomforting gas upward returned (pain 4-5/10 – 10 being good).  Argentum nit 200C then sipped 4 days and acute symptoms resolved.

3)  Female age 39

On constitutional remedy: Natrum muriaticum 1M.

 Presenting acute symptoms:

  • Stomach distention after eating with a sensation of going to vomit
  • Mouth has bitter taste
  • Belching with painful colic type pain accompanies distention
  • Pain better pressing on painful area
  • Anxious, noticed she was startled by little sounds, great fear of thunder

Borax is a collateral remedy to Natrum muriaticum. [Ref: Rehman’s Encyclopedia of Remedy Relationships in Homoeopathy]

Borax 30C – sipping in water for 4 days – off 7 days – if symptoms are resolved not need to repeat the Borax 30C (Pattern 4-7-4)

Follow-up: Symptoms eased after the initial 4 day dosing, but returned on the 6th day off – therefore repeated Borax 30C – sipping for 4 days. Symptoms ceased with second round. She had a Borax 30C sachet on hand if the acute symptoms returned later on.   About 4 weeks later very minor distention, mild discomfort returned for 2 days but she did not feel the need to take anything, as the acute gastric symptoms slowly resolved on 2nd day.

4)  Male age 45

On constitutional remedy – Calcarea carbonica 10M

Past history easily taking cold, sensitive to cold weather, also gallstone colic

Present acute symptoms:

  • Sensation of weakness when having a headache with gastric pain, belching flatulence
  • A sensation of chilliness after eating, drinking
  • Bitter empty eructations, sour taste in mouth
  • Nausea after eating fatty, oily food
  • Rolling, bubbling sensation lower abdomen
  • Pain not better by pressing area
  • Pain worse night, lying down, sitting; pain better moving, walking

Smaller lesser known remedy selected: Taraxacum 30C – sipping 4 days on – 7 days off – repeat 30C for 4 days (Pattern 4-7-4).  Ref: Boericke Materia Medica – A great description covering above symptoms for acute bilious attacks with “Hysterical tympanites” flatulence of trapped gas. Sensation of bubbles bursting in bowls. Modalities: worse lying down, sitting. Better walking around (J. H. Clarke)

Acute symptoms resolved with 2 rounds of Taraxacum 30C.

About the author

F Joan Macdonald

F. Joan Macdonald, PGHom (UK), CCH(NA), RSHom(NA) currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Presently her cliental are mostly immigrating families that had a classical family homoeopath in their native country. She has been studying homoeopathy since 1993, having international, accredited post-graduate clinical training with the Allen College of Homoeopathy, UK. Canada She is Coordinator for Allen College post-graduate studies, and conducts a live-link discussion Study Group for USA, Allen College students, graduates. She is also a registered mentor with the North America Society of Homeopaths (NASH).

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