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The Rashy Horror Picture Show!

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Written by Elaine Lewis

Once again, Elaine’s friend Claire is back with her camera proving homeopathy works!

Sunday Morning…

Elaine, “wow” is all I can say!  I woke up early this morning and decided to move from in between the twins to the end of the bed where the other one was… 

I hope this is a king size bed because it sounds awfully crowded.

…and as soon as I did this, I experienced insane itching on both ankles!


Claire's rash 1

I thought maybe a bug had bitten me but it was that incessant need to scratch, like with poison ivy.  Then this progressed to my right wrist, and I also felt tingling and itchiness on my upper lip.

Well, this is really bizarre….

I could not fall back to sleep, so I went downstairs to have a look at my skin.  No one else was itching.  I hadn’t touched poison ivy.  My upper lip was all swelled up!

I would go for Apis in that case.

No hint of rashiness last night before bed.  It all hit me upon waking; I did not wake up in the night itching.  I grabbed Rhus tox, Urtica and Apis and I took Urtica and felt tension about the whole thing but eventually drifted to sleep for another hour or so before the kids got up.  It looks like hives.

Another reason to think of Apis.

Also coincidentally I took my last antibiotic at 4 a.m. for this dental thing I have.

In fact, did you look up the side effects of the antibiotic to see if it causes a rash?

No, but I will.  The rash is not on my torso at all or my face; it is on both ankles, behind my right knee

all over my right thigh (although that hasn’t itched so far) and all the way up both arms and big welty area around my right wrist.  Crazy!  Thinking of trying homeopathic histamine as well.  The urtica stopped the itching and stopped the lip tingling but all the rash is still present, my lip is still swollen and the itching has returned a bit.

Try Apis then.

Sunday Afternoon…

It occurs to me that the rash could be Amoxicillin-related. Or stress related.  Apparently Amoxicillin can create adverse reactions.  I took my “final” capsule around 4:30 am.  It was 7:30 when I woke up and started itching.  Here’s what’s under Amoxicillin:

“Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

OMG! I guess that answers your question, n’est-ce-pas?

I don’t know what they would do at an urgent care or ER.  I’m not having trouble breathing.  All of this is giving me tremendous anxiety, though!

You can take Apis, Histaminum, or make a remedy out of the antibiotic!

If it was the Amoxicillin, do you think that putting a bit of water into the Rx bottle would be enough to make a remedy from?  The medicine was in capsules, but perhaps there is dust in there from the meds still?

Oh!  You’re saying they’re all gone?  Well, if there is “dust” in the bottle, yes, perhaps; but, do give Apis a try.

Sunday Evening…

I’m not sure if anything is really having any lasting effect; really welty in some areas, and insanely itchy.

What ameliorates?  Cold or hot applications?

There is a spot by my right wrist which was one of the worst areas that is swollen up.  Apis doesn’t seem to change this.  The individual bumps look like spider bites, raised and circular.  I put my wrist under warm water to see if anything temperature-wise had changed; the rash is still worse for warmth.

Oh, OK, worse warmth. So, I’m thinking of Ledum which is better for cold.

I didn’t think of that. Nat-mur, Apis and Urtica have been tried and aren’t helping.  Just horrible itchy welts that are swollen.  It’s showing up in new places; it spread to my shoulders and back and a little on my chest and all up the backs of my arms.  It’s like it is working its way up.  I’ve taken probiotics and eaten yogurt and taken my B vitamins, extra C and zinc daily during this week but if this is the drug, I guess I must be sensitive to penicillin and didn’t know it.  The welts and spots are still everywhere. Heat aggravates so I ruled out Rhus-tox for sure. Urtica urens seemed to help for a couple hours right after it appeared this morning but I just made a water dose out of Urtica and the itching flared up!  I took one dose of Apis but I am not sure if it did much.

I started Sulphur.  It held for a couple hours and then wore off; I made an RSB and took a dose but can’t tell if it is helping; what returned was the itchiness and I am trying not to scratch.  Some areas are just one huge welt made up of too many little welts.  My main issue right now is leaping-out-of-my-chest anxiety!

Well, you have to match the mental symptoms, you know.  Aconite?

I was going to search for “rash WITH anxiety” or “rash + anxiety”… No, I think they’re unrelated.  I am scared to go to sleep!  I called the dentist who put me on the meds and she said it isn’t a serious shock reaction, but an allergic response; she has had it before to penicillin but didn’t feel it warranted going to see a doctor about it which I want to avoid anyway.

Did you try making a remedy out of the powder in the bottle?

My fears are just getting the best of me.  I’m scared I’m going to make it worse.

I can understand that, but if you’re lucky enough to have some powder in that bottle?  Go for it!

Monday Morning…

Well I am afraid to trust it but Gelsemium 30c helped.  The Aconite did nothing.  I stood up after waiting what I thought was a long enough time to see if it worked and started shaking and my teeth were chattering; so, I looked for a Gelsemium RSB but couldn’t find one so I took a dry dose.  I started sighing a lot and I yawned and was mentally present enough to give one of the girls a kiss and my attention.  Now the idea of making a remedy from the empty medicine bottle is not so scary.

At this point feel free to make a remedy out of that stupid drug!

So… I didn’t fall asleep until 4 a.m.!  It was insane.

I have made a 6x from the medicine bottle; I have to tell you, Elaine, there was nothing in the bottle! There was no dust because they were capsules.  We’ll see if anything happens.  My top lip swelled up again overnight.

Monday Evening…

Well I don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer by not saying anything, but, I felt a HUGE difference after taking the home-made remedy!


So far I’ve had some interesting results.  If this works, it will be like the splinter under the nail all over again!

Claire, if this works, and I’m so glad you took pictures, imagine the indictment of the pharmaceutical industry this would prove to be!  Not to mention further pictorial proof that homeopathy works!

One of the reasons I took the pictures was because I wanted to document “before” and “after”; I also took a photo of the medicine bottle nearly full with remedy water.  I made a 6x and started taking it on a 15 minute basis, a teaspoon each time.  The itching was the first thing to subside!

Wow!  Just as I would have expected!

I began to feel like something was in my chest, like that worn down “I feel like crap” feeling when you are coming down with a virus.  By about 3:30, this subsided and I began to feel more like myself, and for the past two hours or so, I’ve made jokes, nearly finished sewing a dress for one of the girls…. I am occasionally getting an isolated spot of itching for a couple minutes, but nothing that feels insane (like I can’t stop).  When I first woke up, the itching was intense and it was everywhere, all at once.  It was like all the welts woke up at the same time.  I can tell that I only got 6 hours of sleep but I feel ok otherwise. The rash itself is not worsening, but isn’t fading yet either.

Claire, everything is working according to Hering’s Law.  Non-itchy eruptions do not take precedence over itching!

At some point I ran out of the remedy and plussed it to 9x and have continued.

So what you’re saying is, when the bottle got low, you refilled, succussed 40 times, dumped out, refilled, succussed 40 times, did that one more time, and there you were.

I just used the actual small prescription bottle from Walgreen’s drugstore and made that the RSB.

And by RSB you mean Remedy Solution Bottle.  Yes, that’s perfectly appropriate.

I got about 20 doses of 6x out of it before I needed to refill and plus the bottle.  We’ll see!  My lip looks pretty normal once again.

I am taking the lessening desire to scratch and the general feeling of “normal” as good signs.

As well you should!

So, I went from 6x to 9x to 12x.  I can’t tell if I need to take the 12x less often?  Last night I plussed it to 12x and in half an hour took another dose of it and started itching like crazy.

OMG!  You took it again too soon!  Did you do the  “Aggravation Zapper”?

I took a dose that wasn’t succussed and the itching stopped, so I wonder if I aggravated and zapped?

Yes, that’s exactly what you did!  But yes, two doses of 12X in half an hour?  Too much!  An over-dose!  So Claire, did you say the antibiotic not only caused a rash but made you feel virus-y as well?

The virusy feeling happened when I started taking the remedy–maybe it was a proving?  I don’t know. But then it lifted and I felt great!  I sewed, I was not anxious, I exercised.

Tuesday Evening…

I did go to the doctor.  Total waste of time.  She started talking about Benadryl and Allegra and I said I can’t be groggy for a week solid while watching children.  I didn’t bother attempting to tell her about the “remedy” I’d made.  Oh well.

Yes, a complete waste of time, as is often the case.

Friday Evening…

I have to tell you, Elaine, from what I read, this rash is supposed to take 2 weeks to resolve, or more!  So, here we go with the pictures, are you ready?

Yes, this is the part we’ve all been waiting for!

Remedy Bottle:


Below–  8 hrs. after the first dose of home-made remedy (my right knee):


24 hours later, we have this:


24 hrs. after that we have… (my leg is stretched out in this picture, knee is that rounded thing at the top, right):


48 hrs. later:

Ta-da!  What more do you want?  Please read my article, “How to Make Your Own Remedy” so you’ll be able to do what Claire did:

Thanks Claire, for sharing and documenting your horrifying experience with us!  And I just want to emphasize before we go, that Claire made a remedy out of a completely EMPTY Prescription Bottle!  And it still worked!  I know, it doesn’t seem possible, but clearly, the “energy” of the antibiotic was in that bottle!  Yeah.  Think about the ramifications and implications of that! 


See you again next time!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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  • Wow, this is really amazing! The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago with the same antibiotic and it took about a month for the hives to go away. I spent many sleepless, itchy nights. It was horrible. Too bad I didn’t know about homeopathy.

  • Rebecca, thanks for sharing your horrifying experience with the same drug! A lot of people know about “homeopathy”, but very few know that they can make their own remedies and antidote “poisons” or allergens, which I hope is what this article has demonstrated, as well as clearly documenting that homeopathy works!

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