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How To Make Your Own Remedy

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Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine shows us how to make our own remedies when we don’t have access to regular ones or when the “regular” ones don’t address the problem.

What’s the value of knowing this?  It’s immense!  If you’re sick from vacationing in Mexico (famous for the water giving tourists diarrhea), you can make a remedy out of the local water — no offense to our lovely Mexican readers!  (And here they are now!)  

If the polluted air or pollens in the air are causing your problem, you can put a cup of water outside for 24 hours and let it collect whatever is in the air (make sure the water doesn’t evaporate out), and then make a remedy out of the water.  (I’m going to explain how to do this, don’t worry; and it’s very simple.) 

If you’re sick from something you ate, drop some of the food into half a cup of water, swish it around a few times, and make a remedy out of a few drops of the water.  If you threw the food away, then spit into an ounce of water, swish it around, then make a remedy out of the water.  

If you’re sick from the side-effects of a drug, make a remedy out of the drug.  If you’ve over-dosed on something you’ve smoked, blow some smoke into a half-filled, small bottle of spring water, shake it up and make a remedy out of the water.  If you have a cough and were lucky enough to have coughed up some mucus, spit what you coughed up into 1 or 2 ounces of water, swish it around, and then make a remedy out of the water. 

If you got a rash from pulling weeds out of the garden, mash up one of the weeds, soak it in water, then make a remedy out of the water.  If you’ve got a rash or an eruption that’s oozing or discharging, make a remedy out of the discharge using a Q-Tip to scoop it up and then let the q-tip soak in an ounce of water, then make a remedy out of the water. 

If you’re never well since exposure to radiation of some sort, like the computer screen, for example, place a glass of water in front of your computer screen for at least an hour, then make a remedy out of the water.   

As you can see, the list of possibilities for what you can make a remedy out of is endless!  Remember that whatever something causes, it can cure in small doses–that’s homeopathy’s motto!  So now, if you’re ready, here are the very simple instructions:

Get a small bottle of  water

(in an emergency any safe water will do), the exact amount of water or the size of the bottle is not relevant.  I always say “small bottle” because small is cheapest.  So, an 8 or 12 ounce bottle.
The bottles pictured above are 8 ounce bottles.

Pour half the water out (but save the water, you’ll be needing it.  In fact, you will actually need to buy more than one bottle of water; you’ll see why).

Now you have a half-filled bottle of water.  Pour in a small amount—maybe an ounce or less— of what you’re trying to make a remedy out of—let’s say for the sake of argument that you want to make “Homeopathic Coca Cola”—maybe because you drank some and now you don’t feel well, maybe that can of Coke was contaminated in some way; therefore, your half-filled water bottle should now consist of a solution of 90% water and 10% coke—there’s no need to be fussy about your percentages, just guess at what 10% might be when you’re adding your Coca Cola.

Now it’s time to “Succuss” this solution (pounding the bottle into your opposite palm).  Succuss means “pound” or “bang”.  Do it 40 times (see video demonstration below)  The lady in the video is making a “water potency” of the remedy “Thuja”.  What I want you to observe here is how to “succuss” the bottle:

OK, so now, pay attention:  Here is what you’ve done so far:

  1. You’ve bought a small bottle of spring water, it could be any brand of bottled water.
  2. You’ve poured half of it out so that you’ll be able to “succuss” the bottle.  (You can’t succuss a full bottle!)
  3. You’ve poured in an ounce (roughly) of a liquid—this time, it’s Coke—so that your half-filled water bottle now consists of 90% water, 10% Coke.
  4. You’ve succussed the bottle 40 times.

Now, here’s what you do next.  Get a piece of paper and write down the number “1”–meaning that you now have Coca Cola in the 1C potency, this means you’ve done a one-in-ten dilution with 40 succussions and you’ve done it once

Now, I know, some of you purists are going to say, “Elaine, isn’t this really a 1X potency?  Or a 1D as they say in Europe?”  Answer:  It doesn’t matter!  What’s important is the number!  It’s the first dilution!  You can call it whatever you want.  I’m calling it 1C for the sake of expediency.  We’re not counting drops here like they do in the homeopathic pharmacy, it’s just not necessary; this remedy, this way of doing it, will work just fine!  By the way, “C” is the Roman Numeral for 100; so, in the pharmacy, they would make a remedy by adding one drop of Coke into a vial of 99 drops of water and then succuss the vial.  You see?  That’s where the “C” comes from.  If the drop was added to 9 drops of water, the potency would be 1X—X being the Roman Numeral for the number 10.  Sorry I felt the need to dive into the weeds there.

Now, next step: Pour out 90% of this solution (the 1C you just made)—again, no need to be fussy about the exact amount, just guess at what 90% might be (you can think of it as leaving one swallow at the bottom)—and refill half way with bottled water again (so, please buy a few bottles of water rather than just one), succuss 40 times, and write down the number “2” on your piece of paper (meaning you’ve now dumped out, refilled, and succussed 40 times, twice).  Now pour out 90% again and refill half way with bottled water again and succuss 40 times again and write down the number “3” this time.  Do you get it now?  Over and over again you will: Dump out, refill, succuss;  dump out, refill, succuss; dump out, refill, succuss.  Keep going in this way until you’ve written down the number 6.  You’ve now got, in this case, Coca Cola 6C.

A 6C would probably have to be taken frequently, as it’s a low potency; in a chronic case, two to four times a day, in an acute case, maybe every 15 or 20 minutes; whereas, a 12C would be taken, generally, once a day in a chronic case; once an hour or every half hour in an acute case, and a 30C on an as-needed basis—one dose may be enough depending on what’s wrong with you.  As a matter of fact, don’t be surprised if even one dose of a 6C cures the whole case!  For that reason, I always say:

If there’s a striking improvement after the first dose or at any time, stop dosing for as long as the improvement lasts!  

Dose again if you start to relapse.  

Take less often as you start to feel better.  Always succuss your bottle roughly 5 times before each dose.  A dose is a sip.  Yes, I know, before I said 40 succussions; I am talking now about the number of succussions you need to do before each dose.

Now label your bottle “Coke 6C” and store it in the refrigerator.  Before each dose, succuss five times as I just said.  When the bottle gets low (when one swallow is left), fill it back up half-way with bottled water, succuss 40 times and now you’ll have a 7C; then, resume dosing as before with 5 succussions before each dose.

If you’re trying to make your remedy from something more solid, like for example, if you want to antidote the side effects of Penicillin or any other drug, or let’s say a drug was helping you but you had to stop taking it because of the side effects but felt that the drug, itself, was helping you in general; well, here’s what you need to know: the homeopathic remedy made from the drug can be given for the following reasons: it can be given for what the drug was FOR, it can be given to antidote the drug, it can be given to help you ease off an addicting drug and it can be given for the side effects of the drug.  

Just empty one or two capsules of the drug into an ounce of water in a disposable cup (and if it’s a solid pill, mash it up into a powder with a mashing implement) and let it sit in the ounce of water until the water is thoroughly saturated with this powdery substance.  Stir the substance around a few times, swish it around.  Now empty the watery part of this solution into your half-filled water bottle to get the 90% water, 10% drug ratio that we talked about in making a remedy out of Coca Cola.  Now proceed with “potenization” (succussing 40 times, dumping out, refilling, succussing 40 times, again and again) until you reach your desired potency, at least a 6C.

A brief note on dosing in acutes: Let’s say you’ve made a 6C.  In an acute, you may have to take a dose as often as every 10 or 15 minutes, take it less and less often as you get better.  Always succuss the bottle a few times before dosing.  If you should get worse, stop the remedy; an improvement may follow.  If it does, repeat only as needed.

If you’re making this remedy for a chronic case, figure on 2-4 doses a day, but be prepared to take more or less often, depending on how quickly or slowly you improve.

HOW TO “PLUS” YOUR BOTTLE (raising the potency)

When your remedy bottle is no longer working as well as it used to, you’ll need to raise the potency.  This is called “Plussing”.  The way to do it is this:

1. Pour out 90% of your bottle.

2. Refill with bottled water half way.

3. Succuss (pound the bottle into your opposite palm) 40 times.

4. Again, for the second time, pour out 90% of the bottle.

5. Refill with water half way.

6. Succuss 40 times.

7. Repeat this process one more time.  You will now have raised the potency by 3 degrees.  It should work again now.

What if you have to make a remedy out of a solid pill?

I already answered that?  But I’ll say it again.  You need to grind or mash this pill up into a powder.  I’ve done it using a chopping knife.  I could have used my coffee grinder if I had thought of it.  A mortar and pestle would be the best way but most people don’t have that in their home, but maybe they should purchase it.  

What if you have to make a remedy out of something you can’t mash up? 

I faced this dilemma once, and found I was able to do it, believe it or not,  just by letting the item sit (soak) in an ounce of water for an hour, then making a remedy out of the water!  How is that possible?  Because the water picks up the “energy” of the substance.  I know, it sounds a little “out there”, but it worked!

OK, so let me just summarize.  This method doesn’t replace Homeopathy as we know it.  You still need Arnica for injuries, you still need Gelsemium for the flu and you still need Calendula for cuts and scrapes.  

This method is a great option when “regular” remedies have failed over and over again, also, when you know what made you sick, and especially when there are no “mentals” to prescribe on!  If you know, for example, that you suffer from a side-effect of a drug, that drug “in potency”, as we say, is the best remedy you can take!  If you know that toxic fumes from your workplace are what’s making you sick, making a remedy out of the fumes (by placing a bowl of water in your workplace overnight) should be your first thought!  

When it’s not clear what caused your illness, when there’s no direct cause-and-effect situation that you can point to, but you have a discharge, then make a remedy out of that.  If there’s no discharge, then there’s saliva, urine or blood.  

Be sure to check the comments below for experiences people have had  doing this, very valuable!

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Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

Elaine takes online cases.  Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: https://ElaineLewis.hpathy.com

About the author

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at:
https://elainelewis.hpathy.com/ and TheSilhouettes.org


  • I found your site through a google search on making your own homeopathic remedies. I have made them many times in the past, but couldn’t remember how many times I should succuss in-between pouring out the water. So, thank you.

    However, there is one thing that I was quite shocked at, and that is that you said to put it in the refrigerator. I was always taught that homeopathic remedies should NEVER be placed near or on a refrigerator, lamps, clock radios, televisions, computers etc as these electrical items can immediately zap the remedy useless. Same thing as keeping them away from strong odors, not smoking, don’t eat mint, raw onions or garlic, etc can also render the remedies useless.

    Personally, I would rather not take the chance of putting it in the refrigerator. There’s really no need.

  • Kimberly, you certainly don’t have to put the remedy in the refrigerator if you don’t want to. I always say to do that because it keeps the remedy out of the light; but, if my own example means anything, I have remedies in my refrigerator right now and they absolutely work. I have Ferrum Phos 200C in the refrigerator, which I take always at the first sign of a cold, and it has not failed me yet. In fact, I have had my remedies go through that x-ray counter at the airport and they still worked.

    Anyway, the number of succussions between dilutions is 40.

  • I feel fortunate after reading this great article, because I was just looking after meaning of a word ‘succuss’. A nice help to everyone interested is extended through this article. One thing I would like to submit is that medicine after preparation may spoil in due course of time if not kept in refrigerator. There are countries where people can not afford refrigerator or if they can, they do not get whole day power supply. I propose if approved by Elaine Lewis to put some drops of pure ethyl alcohol. This is the stuff that is used by medicine companies in preparing medicines.

    with egards

    kalra s k

    • As long as you keep the remedies out of light (all light! As in total darkness!) and away from heat, they should last a very long time. And, it’s easy to tell when they have gone bad: you will see a murky slime lingering at the bottom of your bottle before you shake it. If you shake it, the water will not look clear when the bubbles settle out.

    • There’s been some research that the ethyl alcohol aside from preventing growth of bacteria, also helps hold the frequency of the remedy longer.

  • Wow, having seen how easy it all is, I almost feel stupid for spending so much money on shop-bought homeopathic remidies when the ingredients are so cheap!

    Thanks Elaine!

  • Well, you can certainly make you’re own Nat-mur; but others, like Phosphorus, Mercury, etc., you really will have to buy at the store.

      • Yes, if what you mean by that is that you can put a pellet or two of phos. in a bottle of water, add vodka or brandy and it will pretty much last forever.

        • So, if I am making a remedy from a remedy I do not need to succuss? My husband is taking a remedy for pollen and it is liquid. So I would put say 2 to 5 drops in another bottle, add water and vodka and that is it? How much water to vodka?

          • Kathleen, if you want to copy your husband’s remedy? You could wait until the bottle is almost empty and simply add more water and alcohol, and shake it up. Or, you can put two drops in a small, half-filled bottle of spring water and add a bit of alcohol to make sure mold doesn’t grow in the bottle. You can add all the alcohol you want, it doesn’t make any difference.

  • I think that some remedy sources have become “tainted” in these modern times. For instance, you cannot take common table salt and make a Nat-mur remedy because most table salt is iodised (it contains Iodine as well). Also with plants that have been treated with pesticides/herbicides, have been hybridized, gmo’d, etc… Even nosodes, as our bodies have accumulated toxins over the decades. You have to go to the source of the original proving. There might just become a time (not far off) that all remedies will have to be re-proven with the newer (new global climate) remedy sources. What do you think?

    • The dandelion is essentially still a dandelion, even with changes in the environment. If the dandelion lives in the similar environment that you live in, but not having been sprayed, it will do fine as a dandelion remedy in my opinion. The plant must adapt as we also have to adapt. Thanks.

    • Gunther, you make a very good point. All salt is not created equal. I believe our remedy, Nat-mur, is actually Rock Salt. And yes, if you’re using iodized salt, and made a remedy out of it, that would not be Nat-mur as we know it.

  • Definition of Isopathy:
    “Isopathy refers to the decision to ignore the symptom picture and give the substance which caused the problem in the first place. It is common in isopathy to give a product of a disease (nosode) for the disease itself, thus administering the same thing in an attenuated form. Many people use it as a shortcut to repertorizing.”

    Isopathy is a good method, but we should not name it “homeopathy”, because it is not a cure by a similar, but it cures by the same substance that caused the disease.

    A note to what once has written Paracelsus: For every disease a remedy (plant) grows in the vicinity of the patient. Well, then isopathy is the most modern application of what Paracelsus has advised to do.

  • I think that is so true! You could definitely not make Dandelion, for example, without going to a super-pure environment; and the same could be said for any plant; and yes, the nosodes are very specific, Psorinum having come from a single dock worker who is surely dead; in fact, he’s probably died at least twice by now!

  • Isopathy is a branch of homeopathy. It’s perfect for when there are no symptoms to repertorize! Everything is common–sneezing, runny nose, runny eyes…nothing peculiar; or, there are no symptoms but you know you’ve been exposed! Or, no symptoms, you just don’t feel well, and you know you drank the water! Or, all your symptoms match the side-effects of your antidepressant! What are you going to take? Does that mean you’re too lazy to repertorize? You’ve found the culprit, the etiology, the “ailments from”! Etiology over-rules symptomatology. Sometimes the isopathic remedy is the only one that will cure, especially when well-selected remedies have been tried and failed. But, of course, when you see a remedy picture in a case, go for the remedy, not the isopathic.

  • Thank you for your comments, Raja. Again I would just give the proviso that when you see a complete remedy picture in the patient, give the remedy, not the saliva potentized, or nasal discharge, or water the person drank, etc.; especially, if there are mentals that are peculiar to a remedy, like Arsenicum’s clinginess and restlessness.

    • Ellis water made by a machine has 13 international patents. It’s the only water that has a hydrogen bond angle of 114. This is an outstanding breakthrough!
      All water normally is 104! Too low.
      I use this Water in making homeopathics they now work faster, better, deeper. When l drink it l am energized not like say,caffeine but a soundness hard to describe. Symptoms clear over time it’s amazing.It releases more hydrogen than untreated water per se creating over 30 % more oxygen which energizes the body.Drs were using it to clear cancer cases. One of then bought a machine then they took the water to the clinic for patients to drink.Cases were clearing constantly. One of the drs. retired so he’s now saying why they had such a high rate of cancer cures.It was Sloan Kettering.

  • Ah! God’s greatest gift is not let to spread, thanks to modern medical science.
    But your article helps spread the work of God.


  • 21st oct 2010

    i appreciate the effort;no doubt it is agreat service to the humanity;
    i have been doing it and found it quite useful.
    add one thing that the same remedy in 1x or 3x can be apllied locally on the lesions.
    best wishes and regards.
    Dr saif
    MBBS,MPH,RegisteredHomeo practitioner/consultant homeopath

  • Dear Elaine,

    as the aerosol spraying intensifyes, is it a good idea to use the rainwater in which the chemicals and iological agents (Morgellons / Mycoplasma etc) are found, or should we stay to the bodily fluid idea?

    Many thanks,
    (on behalf of many suffering people)

  • Dear Tone,

    use the water if you see a clear cause-and-effect situation going on. In other words, someone says, “I’m not feeling well and I have a feeling it’s the water!”

    This happened to me when I was in the Virgin Islands. I wasn’t feeling well and it actually took days for me to realize it was the water. If I had known this trick back then, I could have made a remedy out of it and gotten well faster.

    But if no one is sick, and you just “think” the water is bad for you because of what you’ve read, you have nothing to treat.

  • Dear Elain,

    when there is reason to believe, or it has been proven that the rain water contains aluminium and barium, maybe even mercury, would you still suggest to mix a remedy from this, or should one then rather stick to bodily fluids?

  • Tone, there has to be a problem in order to treat it. We are all exposed to horrible chemicals on a daily basis. Every time we eat, drink, breathe the air, even take a shower, something is getting in–whether through our pores, through inhalation or ingestion. However, a lot of us who are eating well and not taking drugs are going to be fine despite this onslaught! But let’s say we do get “sick”, who’s to say what the cause was? Was it pollutants in the water as you suspected? Or was it the the fumes given off from use of non-stick cookware or perhaps the aluminum in your anti-perspirant or exposure to computer or cell phone radiation? How are you to know? You can only know when there’s a clear cause-and-effect situation. “I drank the water and now I’m sick!” That’s when you know. That’s when you can make a remedy out of something.

    • When you get sick from something and you don’t know what caused it, your body does you can use your urine and make a remedy out of that.

  • Dear Elaine,

    Im wondering; if plants struggle to grow and prosper due to pH imbalance and toxic soil, can I take the soil and the plant, make a remedy from and for it, and then water with that?
    I have now made a saliva remedy for myself and I am mostly impressed with the result!

    <3 Many many thanks for sharing this advice,

    • How do you know why your plants aren’t growing? Are we talking about indoor plants or your garden? I have no problem with the garden as long as I feed the soil before planting and mix top soil in with the dirt and I have to tell you, where I live now was originally a land-fill and not the best soil in the world! Also, some plants cannot tolerate direct sun, like impatiens, for example.

      If you’re talking about indoor plants, there are so many variables…over-watering? Under-watering? Not enough sun? Too much sun? Not enough humidity? Then again, there are some plants that are really easy to take care of, like pothos and palms and aloe…and still others that are so sensitive, like ferns, they just don’t seem to last as soon as you take them out of the nursery, they start failing!

      So, I’m not sure how you know why your plants aren’t growing. You haven’t told me how you’re preparing the soil for planting. Do you go to the garden center and buy the products they have available for enriching the soil? You almost always have to do that because of how poor the soil is in most locations. Enriching the soil, composting, etc. would be preferrable to making a remedy out of the soil.

  • Sorry not to be more clear, all plants are outdoors in my garden, and I do not do anything to them. They had a stand still throughout most of the spring, which is highly unusual. Could a mix of the soil (which then also contains the rain water) make a good remedy?

    • For outdoor plants, I can only emphasize that you have to enrich the soil before you plant. Add topsoil and fertilizer. Go to a garden center, they sell bags of things that encourage plant growth. You can’t just plant in unenriched soil, usually.

  • You are a Godsend! I just ran out of my husbands “Regional Allergy” homeopathic remedy that I give him every year at this time when his allergies act up and being on SS now, am not able to afford to buy it. (it seems that since so many people are turning to homeopathic remedies that they are getting sky high)

    I am following your directions with the bowl of water and will make the remedy myself. Thank you so much for this. You are a true healer by sharing your knowledge with all. God bless!

  • Hi Elaine,
    I want to be sure about my thinking and wonder if I may run my thought by you. In Sept 2010, I was prescribed Gentamicin as a nasal wash with Nystatin and saline water. I developed tinnitus in both ears shortly after the ten day course. I feel very strongly that the gentamicin is the cause of my tinnitus. Of course, the prescribing doctor says it was too minute of a dose (80mg) to cause any damage. If you read anything on gentamicin (which I sorely wish I had done prior to using), it states that hearing can be affected.
    Here’s my question: Do I need to get another prescription of the same exact ingredients or can I use gentamicin only (since that is the suspected culprit)? I can’t help but feel desperate to have this be a cure for this “lifetime” mistake I’ve made (with the assistance of my former doctor).
    Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Dawn, sorry I didn’t see this post until now! You wrote it months ago, hopefully you came to a decision and made a remedy either out of the whole kit and kaboodle or just gentamicin; either one would have worked, I suspect.

  • Thank you so much for this informative article..I feel myself lucky enough to get a chance to read this wonderful article and I am definitely going to try out this .

  • Dear dr,
    once i had a food in resurant. i got infaction and felt great pain. i took several homeopathic medicine but it did not subside. i had a chance to go to USA and one CHARIOPRACTITIONER prescribed several herbs in capsules but they didnot work for six months. i returned to INDIA and got cultured my stools and that showed a very rare bacteria and then allopathic doctor gave me 10 injectios but all invain. He said that there was no further treatment for this bacteria causing stomach pain and ulcers in my mouth. little sugar will aggravate the pain and my stomach will swell in pain and putrid gas.i took all the medicines given in various repertory saying aggravation from sweet/sugar but non worked. Now i thought to prepare bowel nosode from my own stool. it worked wonder. i raised its potency after 2 months when i required to repeat it. now i am fully cured but i have preserved it and changes its 90% distilled water say every week and success it 10 times. May be i require it sometime in future?
    i think your article and my instance will give some usefull tips to drs to try this method
    Dr Shekhar

    • Dear Dr.,

      Yes, what you did is right along the lines of what I’ve been writing about! However, I’d be willing to bet that most people would be afraid to make a remedy out of a stool sample; but, you only need such a tiny amount! Yes, this method of making a remedy, either from your own discharges or the thing itself that hurt you; either way, it is often the only thing that will cure!

      • Great article!!

        Dear Elaine,

        I would like to ask if one uses own stool as remedy what would be the potency and how often to take it?
        I have candida with mental and physical symptoms.

        Thanking you..

  • Wow this is the most interesting stuff I have read yet!The funny thing is I believe in the law of attraction strongly and it explains the reasons why such things are possible. Homeopathy is amazing. Is it possible for the blogger to contact me thru my email…as I have some questions I would like to ask in a more private setting. thanx 🙂

  • Sir,

    I have failed to understand why to succuss 40 times. When ever we want the potency in X form with 1/10 ratio you always succuss ten times this is what makes it succeeding X. And in C potency with 1/100 ration even the you succuss for 10 times. Can you explain 40 times logic behind.


    • I must have read it somewhere; but, clearly, this is a random number because I have also read that you should succuss 100 times when changing the potency, and I have also read 20 times; AND, I have also heard that there is a machine that does it just once: a good hard shake and then the vial is dumped out, refilled, and shaken again! God only knows which one of these is “right”. The important thing, I suppose, is that you must succuss (any number of times) and then dump out and refill and succuss again. Certainly, the more one succusses, the more powerful the medicine becomes. If you want a gentler medicine, succuss fewer times. This is the only guidline I can give you.

    • dear Abdul B.
      I agree with your statements.
      Trained in Europe according to the Hahnemann tradition, we were taught what you mention.
      But I know that the (official) standards for preparation of hom. remedies in the US differ.
      Personally, I like to stick with Hahnemann, but it is more work.
      good luck and best wishes.
      Eva B

    • Sorry, Abdul, I misread!
      Solution 1:10 —— 10 succusions (each time)
      Solution 1:100 —–100 succusions (each time)
      And so on…..
      That’s why it took Hahnemann’s students weeks or more to prepare high poteny remedies.
      All the best, Eva

  • Thanks for this advice, I have found however taking more than one dose increases the amount taken, and therefore lowers the potency. I find a single dose works better than more. However I find a single dose is too much for me sometimes, if I dilute my dose to infinity and don’t drink my water, it has the best result.

    I have also stated a campaign to permanently cure everyone in my city. I have started creating remedies and pouring them down the sink. The mixing with such a large water supply dilutes the remedy exponentially. Making an ultra potent dose that everyone can enjoy for free just by drinking tap water. Please do not help me with this as any extra remedy added to the supply will only serve to concentrate it and decrease the potency.

    if this works, I plan to start adding my formulas to the ocean, in order to medicate the a entire world with hyper dilute, super potent remedy.

    • Hmmm…The “remedy” will not survive the sunlight and chlorine that most municipals use to treat the water. Aside from that, how are you individualizing your prescription? Or have you found the universal remedy?

  • Hello there, I am very intrigued by this article. Elaine if you have any time at all I would love to speak to you more privately about some things regarding your article. Some help if possible. You could email me at my email address. It is in regards to a special need and use of this for that. thank you for the wonderful article.

  • Hi Elaine, I have a question of a personal nature, would you be able to reply to me via my email address.

  • I am now making a remedy for one of my cats (all my animals contracted a bacteria) I could hardly take some secretions from her throat and nose (I think there is o,01 ml or less) and i am praying to get the remedy right.I already treated them with amoxicilin waiting for the results of the faringian exudate, but the bacteriae proven to be sensibile to another antibiotic.
    Maybe I can treat them without giving them harmful antibiotics again!!
    I understand that remedies are getting more expensive, I dont know if it helps, but in Romania there are several farmcies making good remedies at aprox 7 eurocents a bottle (a small bottle -1 gram of remedies )
    You can Google for homeofarm bucuresti or homepata pharm
    [email protected]

  • I have a homeopathic liquid that is made up of a combination of about 4 strengths or Xs. Can I use it as a Mother tincture to create more of the very same remedy? Making and collecting at each dose level and mixing together as it is listed on the bottle?

  • Yes, you can increase the potency of that liquid bottle by adding a dropperful to a small bottle of spring water (pour half the water out first so you’ll have room for succussion) and succuss 40 times and you will then have the next higher potency of that preparation.

  • Thanks a lot for this natural homeopathy.Please elaborate on how to prepare auto nosodes for headache, migraine, sciatica, rheumatism, gout, paralysis etc. from what body fluid. Regards. Saleem

  • Dear Elaine. I am grateful to you for the quick n informative reply. Please help me. First i had left sided headache. Agg. after sleep. Lach. 200 relieved. Then pain in left side chest. Agg. inspiration or pressure with finger. Mag p. 6 and Nat p 30 relieved. Then pain in right heel only when walking. R tox, ruta, hecla lava ,sil,calc f, etc. did no good. Lyc 1m from kent rep. and change of shoes somewhat relieved. Along with plantar fasciitis , now the projecting head of joint bone on my right shoulder aches when i move arm or press that point with finger. My soles and palms feel tired recently. My short term memory is weak. I check lock time and again(sycosis). I also have warts in ear, on chest . I am a bit overweight. calc carb 1m did a lot previously. Please angelic doctor prescribe for me. I also made 3x potency of my urine according to your method this morning. Regards. Saleem DHMS.

  • Everyone seems to be going crazy for it! I do have to caution everyone, though; in your enthusiasm I have to remind you that it is not a panacea, not a sure-thing; for example, I recently had a gum abscess. I made a remedy out of my saliva on waking because it was very much disordered due to the abscess and I felt it would make the ideal remedy but guess what? It didn’t work!!! You know what worked? Silica! So, don’t throw your remedies away, whatever you do! These auto-nosodes are for when well selected remedies don’t work or hold, or when remedies are poorly indicated, or when you know what your remedy is but you don’t have it and all the stores are closed!

  • Hi Elaine. You recommended potentized urine to be taken for a week for my wandering pains of shoulder projecting bone , right heel and right wrist but the result is nil. Then i used kali sulph 6 but it aggr. too much .so i discontinued it. The pain resumed its previous state. At last i took several doses of calc c 30 repeatedly as my constitutional remedy which i had confirmed from Kent’s repertory and materia medica . There seems a great mitigation with calc c. Regards

    • Well, hold on. I didn’t recommend potentized urine for your complaints, per se; you told me you had already made urine 3X! So I said to go ahead and try it for a week, you never know,it might work. If you hadn’t told me that, I would have told you truthfully that without a complete case in front of me, I have no idea what your remedy is!

      I am not advocating this method as a cure-all, as I said in my last post. It does NOT always work, I can’t stress that enough. And here, of course, your constitutional remedy did work, Calc-carb; so, that’s great; I’m glad you found the right remedy.

  • Hi, I’m very skeptical on homeopathy. I hope you would give me some insights as I can’t comprehend on the mechanics of homeopathy. I just don’t understand how it is possible. I also wrote an article on this. Hope you read it.

  • How can I read it, you didn’t leave a link? You know what? I can’t comprehend a lot of things either, like why my cell phone works or how a car is put together; but I use both of them faithfully, because it’s clear to me that they both work. Similarly, I am equally clear that homeopathy works. I’ve used it hundreds of times, in cases ranging from concussion to strep throat. I’ve used it on animals, specifically a cat with arthritis. He was better the next day! When he got older, again he was beset with arthritis. The same remedy was repeated. Again, he was back to his normal self the next day, able to walk and run without pain. I honestly never give a thought to how homeopathy works, I’m just glad it does, and glad for Samuel Hahnemann MD who single-handedly created the whole thing in the late 1700’s in Germany. It’s hard to imagine that any individual’s discovery or invention has done so much good for so many.

  • I’m back to comment on the remedy I made for my husbands seasonal allergies. I did as you suggested with the bowl of water. I left it to sit on the back porch (unscreened) for a week, then proceeded to make a 30X remedy bottle. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM! He was really miserable but it only took one dose to ease his symptoms then two to aleviate them completely! He keeps the bottle with him when he is outside just in case.

    This year my husband started getting allergy symptoms but his usually remedies were not working so I had a feeling it was something in his shop causing the symptoms. (auto body shop) I did the same thing as I did for the spring allergies, but this time I had my husband put bowl of spring water in his shop for a week. I made a 30X remedy and then started dosing him. Sure enough, it worked!

    Between the remedies that I buy and the ones I make, I feel well able to take care of myself and my family in most situations. We also use Flower remedies with great success!

    Thank you for a great article…it was soooo needed by so many. God bless!

    • Deborah,
      My son too suffers from pollen allergies. Can you pls elaborate on what homeopathic remedies you use for your husbands allergies and how often you administer them in a day.


      • Mold is only 1 environmental toxin and there are 1000’s of different ones. So first, the question is whether your mold inspector did air quality and/or swab samples to see where mold might be hiding. Much of it is not visible.

        Second, there are other environmental toxins such as Radon, or organic/inorganic chemicals. I dealt with a house once where the owner had a new house built to escape her symptoms and then had them again. The husband ignored her so she called me behind his back. I performed several tests and we found significant vapors that were not visible by sight or smell but were affecting her. They provided an ongoing cause and needed to be handled first and that may be the same for you. Carpets and furniture out gas for a long time for example. Another source of ‘illness’ is household cleaners and body products such as soaps, shampoos, body deordorants, perfumes, make up, etc. Indoor air is more toxic than outdoor air which most people don’t realize. Once you know your house is environmentally safe you can then work on remedies for your sensitivities.

  • Dear Elaine
    I have started taking homeopathic medicine from the past two weeks. I am hearing from lot of people that homeopathic medicine make one obese.Is it true?? Kindly reply .

  • Oh really. I have seen many people who claim so.They say that it affected their hormones somehow so they started gaining weight.

    • Oh. That’s different. Sure, let’s say you need a remedy like Iodium (homeopathic iodine). These people are very thin, very hot, very hurried, and no matter how much they eat, they never gain weight. These people might be hyper-thyroid. So, naturally, if you give iodium to such a person, he’s going to slow down, cool down, and gain weight! Does that mean everyone who takes a homeopathic remedy is going to gain weight? No, it doesn’t mean that.

  • If I were to make more remedy from a store bought liquid remedy (with multiple remedies mixed in), how muh of the original remedy would I mix into vodka or brandy? And if I want to keep the same potencies, would I succus at all? Thank you.

    • Aiko, here is the general rule. The easiest thing in the world to do is replicate your remedy! You can make literally thousands of copies of any remedy you have! If you have pellets, drop one or more into a bottle of water and now the water becomes the remedy. Now, drop some of the water into another bottle of water, or bottle of brandy, or bottle of orange juice, and all those things now are the remedy as well! It goes on infinitely! No, you don’t have to succuss to make a copy of a remedy.

  • I forgot to mention, that the store bought remedy have not only multiple remedies mixed, but different potencies for each remedy (6x and 12x). This is why I’m wondering how to succuss. Thank you.

    • Aiko, that doesn’t change anything. If you want to make another bottle of your remedy, the instructions are as given. It will still consist of multiple potencies and multiple remedies. Actually, I’m not really sure I’m a believer in combining remedies and potencies like this because, do we really know what we’re getting or doing? I’m sure Hahnemann would be horrified. Nevertheless, the directions I gave are the same.

  • Hi! Last week, in an acute sciatic nerve pain situation, unable to get out of bed, a friend taught me this particular way to take a remedy, IN MY SITUATION, and so, I would like your feedback, as I am learning. She suggested Belladonna, but I dod not have that and could not go buy it, so, from the remedies I had, she chose Staphysagria 1m, of mine. Her direction – Place three teaspoons of water in a crystal glass (I used a regular glass); 2.) From a number, the ailed one chooses, from 1 to 10, put that many pellets in this water. Succusp it. Take it. Within 20 minutes, I was up and walking!!! But now I want to know what potency I made those five 1 m pellets, and how to continue…I am still, although less, in pain, and healing it, but am curious for feedback. Thank you!

    • You took a very high potency. You shouldn’t need to repeat it any time soon; but, if you relapse, just do the same thing over again that you just did. I wouldn’t use your good glasses or spoons.

  • Hi Elaine
    What do you think about making remedies from addictive substances, obviously for the purpose to help the addict himself? If I want to give up smoking, should I make a remedy out of my cigarette? Thanks for the great article. It makes total sense to me.

  • hi dear author of the article,
    i have a query about your article that this method is not homeopathy but its tautopathy.

  • Elaine, thanks for the wonderful article. I would like to use alcohol to make the remedy. Cal you please tell me when to add the alcohol and how much? In other words, do I add alcohol at the end to the final solution?

    Also, what is the best alcohol? Vodka? brandy? Other? What proof? Thanks.

    • Preston, I’ve never used alcohol myself, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. I would add it at the end. Vodka sounds fine. As to how much, a little bit would be enough.

  • Elaine, thank you for these instructions.

    I wanted to bring your attention to an excellent description of how homeopathy actually works from a scientific perspective. It is described in the chapter “Aquatic Interlude” in the book “The Basic Code of the Universe” by Massimo Citro. It describes research by chemist and physicist Vittorio Elia that shows important variations in the thermodynamic profile of homeopathic dilutions using a technology known as microcalorimetry, as well as work by Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier published in 2009 in which the existence of homeopathy is confirmed. Water, in homeopathic dilutions, is shown to not only keep memory of the solute but also to emit specific low-frequency electromagnetic signals that are both recordable and reproducible.

    I didn’t really know anything about homeopathy before I came across this, but now I’m both convinced and intrigued.

    Also, can a dilution made with one’s own blood help with anemia?

    • Prescribing homeopathic blood for anemia is something I don’t want to express an opinion on. If you’re anemic, I would be more likely to recommend Ferrum phos. 6X and simply follow the directions on the package.

  • Is this the way Hannemann made his remedies? What about the solvent? If the original method doesn’t matter, what about globules from homoeopathy pharmecies that have never been wet, or homoeopaths who think remedies are too expensive ‘write’ their remedies electronically instead. Is this still homoeopathy?

    • No this is not how Hahnemann made remedies. What we are trying to do in this article is show you how to antidote a poisoning: you’ve eating bad food, drunk bad water, you’ve taken a drug that is causing a bad effect, and so on.

  • Dear Elaine,
    I’m taking 4 different allopathic pills for one chronic condition. In order to counteract their side effects I gather I can use your method to make a remedy with them, no? And, can I use all 4 of them together in the same homeopathic remedy?

    • Noel, I suppose theoretically you can make remedies out of your medicine; but, are all 4 causing side effects and problems? I would question your need for them in the first place. I don’t think dangerous drugs are the way to solve issues of chronic disease. But I don’t know what’s wrong with you so I feel really uncomfortable weighing in on it.

  • Dear Elaine,
    Thanks for the super article.Pl let me know if I make 6x potency of ayurvedic
    medicine used for hair fall, can 6x potency be used for hair fall.
    with regards

    • Satish, why do you want to make a remedy out of your ayurvedic medicine? Is it not working? Also, I would have to know if this is normal balding. I don’t know if homeopathy will work for for what’s normal in certain men.

  • Dear Elaine,
    I like to discuss with you all my fail? case of psoriasis.I have a paient of K/C/O Psoriasis after repertoriation I select Ars.Alb.30 three times a day for a day and called him for follow up after a week no change so agin I repeat Ars.Alb.30 for three day and called to come after a week, He start getting worse.no medicine prescribed, called after two weeks his complaints changed,again I did case taking and repertorisation and remedy came out Sulphur.Sulphur 200 prescribed, but his aggravation didnt stop its still going on.(before also he took Some Homeopathic medicine and he went in aggravation.) In psoriasis can we use prepared remedy by his own discharge and if so which discharge or skin we can use? In this case where I went wrong is selection of remedy? Dose? Potency?
    Thanks for beautiful article.

  • Elaine I have read so many wonderful uses of this way to treat illness how would you suggest using this for addiction such as make a remedy out of the cigarette’s you are addicted to and have a sip instead of a cigarette’s I have been studying Homeoopathy and working with remedies for 10 years but would like to start making my own remedies how would you treat addiction. any ideas

    • Take a puff of your cigarette, blow the smoke into a half filled bottle of spring water, succuss 40 times, pour out, refill half way, succuss 40 times, keep doing that til you get to, let’s say, 12C and take a sip once or twice a day as you’re trying to quit smoking. It should give you an aversion to your cigarette.

  • Elaine, first the process is correct only correction is required and for your understanding as well as readers that 1X dilution is 1:10 ratio. In other words, 1drop of something in 10 drops of alcohol or distilled water will make 1C or in bio chemic dextrose 1X. Similarly, 1C represents 1:100 ratio. In other words, 1drop of something in 100 drops of alcohol or distilled water will make 1C.

    So C represents 100 and D represents 10 and X represents dextrose instead of alcohol or distilled water. In biochemic medicines of homeopathy you rpresent in X.

    I hope you can edit now in your article.

  • Elaine, The answer you gave to Aiko about reproducing a liquid remedy w/various potencies, seems to be closest to the
    addition information I’d like to request from you, please: If the said remedies also included substances like: Bach
    flower essences and extract of vanilla 1:2, and Micelized a-Tocopheral, Lavender essential oil, and Sodium
    chloride, can I still make more of this combination of remedies, & would these substances also be present in the result?

    • Donna, I’m confused. Are you asking if your combination remedy can be reproduced? Are you worried about running out of the remedy, is that what you’re saying? If you take a pellet of the combination remedy and drop it in a bottle of spring water, the water will be exactly like the pellets.

      • Elaine, Thank you for answering. Yes, I am concerned about having to purchase this many times,
        because it is supposed to be taken for 2 years, 2x a day, and the comb. liquid is supposed to last about
        two mos. from the purchase bottle.
        I’m thinking that perhaps I didn’t explain what I was asking well enough. I do realize that the homeopathic part of this comb. will reproduce faithfully, but wasn’t sure whether I would have to ADD in the other non-homeop. ingredients again to my repeated attempts of reproducing this combination. Again, I appreciate your expertise and your answer. Thank you very much! Donna

  • Elaine, still asking about the above info, the basic homeopathic remedies in this solution are:
    Hydrastic canadensis 30C, Ulmus fulva 30-C, Smilax ornate 30C, Opuntia Vulgaris 12X.
    As a long time lover of homeopathy, I have always been averse to this kind of prescribing, but, after
    having read of one person’s recovery from Parkinson’s using this formula (along w/other life changes),
    I’d truly like to reap the benefit of this combination, but want to reproduce this for myself after I
    purchase it once. Thank you. Donna

    • Donna, after reading the list of ingredients, they appear to be ALL homeopathic remedies, hence, all are reproducable by dropping into a bottle of water. By the way, I have contact information at the bottom of all my articles, but, no one seems to be aware of it, why?

  • I have been in a situation when I needed a remedy but had nothing with me. I wrote the name of the remedy on paper and stood a glass of water on it for 15 minutes, then sipped the water. Unbelievably it worked (I have even cured a septic cut on a child’s foot with nothing else, on a remote island of Thailand with no first aid facilities anywhere). I can’t convince myself to use that a my general way of taking remedies, but I have done it a few times.

  • Elaine, can you tell me how much grain alcohol to add to each ounce of water remedy to make it shelf stable? [email protected] ~ thanks so much for this article, I reference it often & have shared with everyone I know who uses homeopathy 🙂

  • As to how much alcohol? It’s your choice, really. You only need alcohol if you’re going to be keeping the bottle for a long time. The more alcohol you add the longer it will keep. If you want to keep it for just a month or less, maybe 10% alcohol is enough.

  • Hi Elaine! I’m a former client of yours. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well. I have been out of the loop of homeopathy for a while now but am now in school for holistic healing. I am interested in trying to make a remedy for my hubby using your method above. He is unfortunately allergic to our cute little precious kitty cat. So, I told him I would make him a remedy. Now with a cat, would you take a piece of fur, or how would that work? Also, wondering if maybe I should go straight for the 30x potency as he is a hard one to chase down to give him any kind of medicine/remedies..lol. And hoping for a quick and complete cure. Please let me know asap. Thanks! Take care!

  • I was a bit confused after reading the article “How to Make your own remedy”. Were the examples given like Pepsi etc just for explaining the process or for their real medicine value. Will making a dilute solution of sugar, as explained in your article will make a remedy for Diabetes?

  • I knew about this process because I am a homeopathy student myself. I decided to to treat a common flu of myself with some popular flu remedies I thought well indicated for me but I did not feel better at all, so I made a 6X remedy of my nose drip, and later 30X, unfortunately, both did not work either. 🙂 I had to wait to be better by itself slowly without remedies and gradually I felt better after a week.

    My question is: you also underline that it does not work always, but, do we know, when it does and it does not work? I mean I am specifically asking about home-made isopathic remedies, otherwise I do know the common factors of when a remedy works and when not.


  • You know the remedy works the same way you judge any “normal” remedy. There’s no difference. The next time you get the flu, you can try giving your case to me.

  • Hello, Elain. I am from Russia, so excuse me for my mistakes in English. I read your article and decided to try your method. I have had chronic cystisis for around 7 years, constant pain and some other problems coming out. Nothing that I tried helped me and i tried a lot. homeopatic remedies made no effect no matter what potency I tried, i only got new symptoms with time. I decided to try your method and made a remedy of my urine. 12x. I used it for several days and may be it wasn’t enough to see any effect or the potency was too week. but then i read somewhere that one should use the morning urine and i used the urine after the second urination. Then I made another bottle out of my morning urine. 13X. I wonder if it will work considering the fact that i already used my urine to make a remedy and took it for several days (what if it haschanged my urine) or will it be better to take the remedy from the first bottle? The next question is – I added 30 percent of alcohol as I don’t know how long I will have to take the remedy, so before taking the remedy i take a tea spoon of it and add it to some water to make it less concentrated/ is that all right? and what do u mean by spring water? I bought some artesian bottled water as i didn’t find spring water/ is it the same thing and can i use it as well?

  • I would take the remedy every hour for a few hours until you get some kind of result, then you can take it less often. Your water bottle sounds fine. Succuss 10 times before each dose. If you’ve had this condition for 7 years, it may be very stubborn, difficult to get rid of. You might want to read my “Tidbits” article on my vitamin C protocol for bladder infections. I’ll try to find it and post the link.

    • Thank you very much for your fast reply, Elaine. I’m going to read your article right now. But I still didn’t get if it’s better to use the first bottle I’ve made or the second one.

  • Hi Elaine, I found this page months and months ago and have referred back to it to make a homeopathic remedy a few times now. I just wanted to say thanks. I made a remedy out of (among other things) cacao beans, ha ha.

  • Excellent ,many thanks to Dr. Elaine.May I ask a question which may not be directly related to this? Is there any expiry time of potentised remedy?

  • No. None that I know of. However, I understand that at any time, any remedy can become de-activated. I’ve heard stories of this though it hasn’t happened to me. I think you are best off holding on to a remedy if you make a stock bottle. By that I mean, put one or two pellets into a dropper bottle, add a little bit of water and mostly alcohol, like brandy. Let’s say, 80% alcohol, 20% water. This will make your remedy more stable and less easily influenced by environmental factors. Then when you need a dose, shake the bottle and put a drop in a couple ounces of water in a paper cup and swallow. This remedy should last indefinitely.

  • First, a minor technical issue. Only Chinese Medicines (nowadays) are given as true “pills”. Western medicine uses capsules and tablets, which are vastly different than pills.
    Pills are often herbs and something edible (honey for example) to hold it all together. Tablets and capsules contain ingredients to hold them together, lubricants to help the process, disintegrants, and other substances. If you grind up a tablet/capsule you will be making a Homeopathic prep of ALL the ingredients, some of which could have undesired effects. Thus, it is NOT a good method. You really would do better to obtain a sample of the active ingredient. Of course, in an acute emergency, your method would probably be better than nothing.

  • Robert, when I say “pills”, I mean whatever form or shape your medicine was in. Tablets have to be crushed into a powder, capsules have to be emptied; and it makes sense to make a remedy out of what you TOOK, which includes ALL the ingredients. Maybe one of THOSE is what’s causing your bad reaction, and not the active ingredient!

  • Elaine
    Have enjoyed your information tremendously!
    I have a heel that flares up and becomes very sore and the next day its fine. Am not able to go for my walks anymore and am very discouraged. Is there anything that you could recommend me do.


  • Hi Joan, I would have to take your case. I send out a questionnaire. There’s nothing in the information you’ve just given that spells out a remedy, I would need to find out much more. Thanks again.

  • Hi Elaine,

    I’m allergic to something in my home and I thought I saw something in the comments about this when I first read your article but cannot find it now.

    I think what you said was to leave a bowl of water out for a week then make the remedy from that. Does that sound right?

    Thank you for this article!


  • That sounds about right, Aimee. Let us know if it works. I think you may be thinking of the post where someone who worked in an auto body shop put out a bowl of water and made a remedy from that.

  • Again, as I don’t seem to have made myself clear, this method is for:

    taking something, eating something or drinking something, or touching something, like a weed growing in the garden, or breathing in something, that makes you sick. You can make a remedy out of that thing–whether it’s a Rx drug, bad water, bad food and so on, especially if your symptoms don’t seem to match an existing remedy.

    In your case? You should see a homeopath so that you can have your case taken. The remedy you need all depends on your symptoms, and we don’t even know what they are. I can recommend, if you’re in India, Dr. Firuzi Mehta. Do a google search for her website. Even if you can’t see her in person, she can take your case online or by phone.

  • Thank you!!! I have a few homeopathic books, and I thought that I could do a bit of self study, before I study it in school (still looking for a school by the way if you have any suggestions I’m new to all of this) Anyway not ONE of these books explains what a “c” is, they all read as if everyone was born with a common knowledge of homeopathy even my beginners book smh thank you so much for simplifying it…..do you have any information on how to make remedies in pill form??

  • Having recently moved south to the state of Misery (Missouri), I, among many others here, are all battling the ‘ragweed’ season. Although Pulsatilla has taken the edge off, I have considered placing a glass of water out on the deck ledge for 24 hours to collect whatever pollen (cooler temps now but still in the moderate stage) and following your directions for making my own remedy from these beastly seasonal aggravations. Any experience with this or suggestions?

  • i have same prablom my all bady pain in also typidat fever i have made to remedy in my blood its ok for me

    • Dr. Lewis, it was so heartening to read your article. Unfortunately, for economic reasons which I well understand, most doctors prefer not to share “secrets” with the public. You have performed a great service. Thank you.

  • I am buying a huge number of expensive nutritional pills to support various organs. Can I make a homeopathic of each of these pills and get the same benefit? Would I make them the same as you have mentioned for remedies?

    • Jacob, homeopathic remedies don’t need to be injected. They only need to touch a mucus membrane. I’m not aware of any specific articles on this but, nosodes, which are remedies made out of diseased secretions/tissues, are a part of our materia medica. We regularly prescribe Pyrogen (rotten meat) for sepsis, abscesses, etc., Medorrhinum (gonorrheal discharge) for STD’s, and so on; so, perhaps all I am doing here is expanding on this model.

  • Thank you for this very helpful post. I know it has been many years since you wrote it, but I hope you still read the comments. I am making a homeopathic remedy out of leaves of a medicinal plant. It will be my very first time. I plan to make the mother tincture with vodka. How many times do you recommend diluting the original tincture? After dilution, can I keep it in liquid form or do I need to dry it in those little tablets or pellets?

    • Easy answer: yes, you can keep it in liquid form. Now, are you going to do a “proving”? How will you know what symptoms correlate with it if you don’t do a proving? What does the plant “cause”? In other words, if it causes an itchy rash that’s better for cold applications, it might be useful in poison ivy or hives or any number of such things. What are its herbal uses? Perhaps in potency, it will work the same as it does herbally, just like Calendula does. To find out if it has any mental symptoms, you would have to do a proving. Now, you’re making the remedy out of the leaves. Why not the root? Why not the whole plant? In herbal books, does it say only the leaves have value? Here’s a tip, don’t let the plant die, make the tincture out of the live plant, meaning don’t let it sit and dry out. As for what potency to make? I’d say make the 6C and the 30C. Also, why don’t you go to youtube and type in “how to make an herbal tincture”, I’ll bet there are lots of videos on that.

      • Hi Elaine
        I am very sensitive to mobile phone, computers etc. My skin burns, body aches and headaches within minutes.
        I was wondering if I could place my mobile next to a bowel filled with water and make remedy from that. If so, what potency? And how often would I take it?

        Appreciate your thoughts.
        Thank you.

        • It sounds horrible! Are you sensitive in general? To soaps, perfumes, cleaning products, etc.? Or is it just the cell phone and computer? Well, without taking your whole case, I can only help you in a limited way. Yes, you can make a remedy out of your cell phone. I would say not a “bowl” of water but a glass of water, for maybe an hour. Then make a remedy out of the water as described above for making a remedy out of Pepsi. Not sure if that will also help with the computer radiation sensitivity.

          • Hi Elaine
            I followed your instructions with 6c potency and within minutes i felt nausea and tingling throughout my body. I increased potency to 12c, same reaction.
            Symptoms from my mobile, computer still there when they are close to me. Do you think i should increase potency again to 30c perhaps?


          • Hi Elaine

            Im unsure if last message was delivered.
            I took the 6c potency as you suggested. I felt nausea with seconds. I have raised to 12c and still feel the same. The feeling of nausea doesn’t last for long. Do you think I should raise again to 30c?
            I still have symptoms when close to mobile or computer.

            Appreciate your thoughts

          • Adam, I hope you see this. When you took the 6C and got an aggravation, that should have been a signal for you to stop dosing and wait. If the aggravation didn’t go away on its own, then you needed to try the Aggravation Zapper. Instead, you raised the potency which predictably made things worse, right? You need to do the aggravation zapper but the question is, which potency needs to be antidoted, the 6C or the 12C? Oy vay!

          • Hi Elaine

            I have since tried the Aggravation zapper up to 12 times before taking a tiny sip. I felt the symptoms straight away. I could taste a metallic in my mouth. i know this is going to sound really weird. I even wrote “radiation” on a piece of paper and placed glass of water over the piece of paper for an hour. And dumped it 12 times. Still a reaction.
            Obviously, I’m ultra sensitive. Or am i just going mad.
            Truly appreciate your time.

          • So you’re saying you tried zapping in the 12th cup and it didn’t work. I would wait a day because it might take a while to work, but then I would try the 24th cup.

  • Hi Elaine,
    I’m confused as to why you have 90% water and 10% solution? Isn’t a 1C 99 parts to 1 part?

    • As I said in my article, since we are not a pharmacy, we don’t have to be so fussy by counting drops. But if you want to do that, go right ahead. It will work either way. But ordinary people don’t have droppers or dropper bottles at home or in their backpacks, etc. What we are trying to do here is help people who have just eaten bad food, taken a drug they are reacting badly to, eaten something they are allergic to, etc. Read some of the comments above where people have put this method to good use.

      • In reading your comment over again, I think you’re saying, “You should have said, ‘pour 99% of the bottle out’ instead of 90%.” Right? I did say that I didn’t know if we’d be making a C potency or X potency, but that either way, it doesn’t matter, it’s still going to work. But yes, you’re right, you can even pour 99% of your bottle out, refill half way, succuss 40 times.

        • Yes, that is what I was asking, why didn’t we pour out 99%? Thank you for answering my question and I understand that it will still work. I actually made one pouring out 90% and another pouring out 99% and I’m curious to test them out. Thanks again!

        • Yes, that was my question, why didn’t we pour out 99%? Thanks for getting back to me. I understand it will still work, just a difference in potency.

  • Thanks so much for this article Elaine. I’m just wondering if you can help me out. I’m attempting to make a placenta remedy from a piece of my sons placenta. It’s been stored in brandy for the last 2 years. I’m weaning him at the moment and he’s not dealing with the separation well. I remembered about the placenta last night and thought it might be a good remedy for him as the articles I’ve read say it’s good for transitions in the child’s life. I’m really confused about the potency’s though. I’ve read to make it to 5c and I’ve read 40c. I’m also uncertain about the dosage. I really don’t understand homeopathy very well – all I know is that it can work wonders. Thanks in advance. Jess

    • Jess, my first thought is, why does he have to be weaned if he’s not ready? Also, I’m not sure if this is preferable to giving him his constitutional remedy; but, if you want to try it, I would give him one dose of a 30C and then just wait to see what happens.

      • Thanks so much for your response Elaine. I really appreciate you taking the time. I’m night weaning him as I’m exhausted. I’m still feeding him during the day. He turns 2 next week and I’d rather be happy with feeding him during the day than feeling resentful and exhausted by being woken 2 -3 times a night. I think the resentment would be more harmful to him and our relationship than the weaning of the night feeds. I don’t have a constitutional remedy for him as yet, I guess this is something I’ll need to see a homeopath about. Again, thanks so much for your response.

  • This article is just amazing. You have put any económic intrest aside in favor of helping people. If just people understood how simple but beautifull things like this can change someones life, the world would be a beautifull place. I am self treating for chronic Lyme disease, wich has stolen my whole life, and I am putting together a list of invaluable things for people like me who havent been able to afford treatment and feel hopeless. I am shure this can be of great if not definitive help. Thank you from Spain, big hugs xx

    • Hi Andrea, thanks for your kind words. I don’t want to leave the impression that making your own remedy always works, that it’s fool-proof, that you never need one of the “regular” remedies as long as you know how to do this. I will say that this method works best when you KNOW what has caused your problem, like you know that you’re sick from the fumes in the repair shop you work in, put a bowl of water out for 24 hours, let it collect the fumes in the repair shop and then make a remedy out of the water; or you know you’re sick from eating a poisonous berry in the woods, make a remedy out of the berry. Or if you’re taking a drug and it gives you an itchy rash as so many drugs do, your best option is to make a remedy out of the drug. But when cases start getting complicated or lingering on for years, this method becomes less and less practical. Still, we all should learn how to make a remedy as it surely will come in handy and be a life-saver at some point in time.

      • Just kind of a P.S. here, do a search (click on the magnifying glass at the top of the page) for “The Rashy Horror Picture Show”, it shows how my friend Claire cured a Penicillin rash by making a remedy out of the antibiotic that caused it. There are striking before-and-after pictures.

  • Hi Elaine
    I just found this article-thankyou, such a great article! I am sensitive to all forms of radiation too. The burning goes right through me and creates heart problems and bone pain and brain pain and fog etc. I can’t use a mobile phone but maybe someone can put the glass beside 1 for me. I am guessing because there are so many types of phones would you think 1 remedy would only suit 1 type of phone? Also I have realised I am very sensitive to planes when they fly over. I am not sure if it is the radar or what in particular. I have huge problems with my heart even waking with a blood nose. The burning rips through my body during the night. I feel totally fried. I could really do with some help. Can you please suggest how I would I make a remedy for this? I will try leaving a glass out at night but if you have any other thoughts please let me know. Thankyou.

  • Thank you! I will look into ainsworth. I have seen a naturopath/homeopath before but she made remedies to help me recover rather than the constitutional one. That sounds like a good idea. I am in Melbourne, Australia. If I am hit by the planes while in bed could I put the water under the bed and assume that would be hit too and then make a remedy from it?

    • Dear Sreya, You know what? Our main remedy for ailments from radiation is Phosphorus. Why don’t you buy Phosphorus 6C, take one dose, and see if you’re less affected by radiation.

  • Hi Elaine.
    This is just what I was looking for and thanks for posting this article. Would this work to try to get someone who is mildly addicted (1 glass a day) to wine? There’s one wine she drinks and when she stops having that one glass for the next few days she gets insomnia, muscle pain and irritability. It all goes away if she drinks a glass of wine again. If I made a remedy out of the wine she drinks and she took it when needed do you think this would work? If so, I could use this for other alcoholic’s I’ve met who get terrible withdrawl symptoms when they try to stop drinking …?

    • Dear Cafe, yeah, well, that’s the idea, to help you get off of drugs you’re addicted to, and alcohol is a drug as well. But, speaking as a homeopath, we do have remedies for addiction to wine, such as Nux vomica and Coffea. If I were you, I would go out and buy Nux vomica 30C and give her one dose and see if her withdrawal symptoms go away.

  • Hi Elaine,
    I have a horse that I have been using bute for laminits due to inflammation from a reaction to starches in her food. I made some allergy neutralization remedies for the food that may be causing her issues…now I am thinking of a safer way to use the bute. I have some tablets and am trying to decide to what dilution will help the most. It is an anaglesic thus I want to use it for pain and inflammation. Any ideas? Thanks!!

  • Thank you Elaine for your informative article and patient replies to all the questions. I have been totally fascinated and excited reading through it all. Kind regards Sally

  • I’d like to add that I’ve used your “Aggravation Zapper” about 3 times now and it has worked miracles every time. Thank you so much, Elaine, for all you’re doing to truly help people – around the entire globe!

    • When you do the aggravation zapper, do you dump out the entire bottle and refill? Do you not have to leave a swallow at the bottom each time you dump, like you do when making a home-made remedy?

      Also, you say to turn on the cold water. Why is it OK to do this with tap water while when making a remedy you must use bottled or filtered water?


      • Robin, you seem a bit confused. You don’t do the agg. zapper with a bottle, you need a disposable, medium-to-large, cup for that. You fill the cup up with cold water from the sink, leave the water running, take your remedy bottle–don’t succuss it–pour a drop into the cup, wait a few seconds, then dump out, yes all the way out, and refill 12 times, then take a small sip. I’m saying tap water because you would waste an awful lot of bottled water doing the agg. zapper with that only. But it would be ideal if you had a water filter on your tap.

  • Hi Elaine!
    I read through most of the comments so far, I have to laugh at some of the questions and your answers to them, absolutely wonderful!
    I’m wondering this, is it possible to make some sort of remedy for the onslaught of EMR (electro magnetic radiation), like wi fi, satellite tv, cellphones, “smart” meters and ELF towers all over the planet? We’re awash in this daily, and it’s practically ubiquitous, especially where they are installing 5G. Some of the symptoms I’ve gotten are dizziness and hormone disruption, specifically my menses are “sped up’ to where if I’m exposed to RF for too many times a week I start menstruating frequently, which is not fun. I especially worry about the kids, since they are much more susceptible to this RF due to their smaller size.
    Every living creature is being affected on a molecular level (see “The Body Electric” by Dr. Robert O. Becker, the last few chapters go into depth, as does “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg). If you have any suggestions I’m all ears! 🙂

    Thank you so much for such great commentary and insight into Homepathy! I wish more people would tune into it. I’ve made my own Bach flower remedies and they do work.

  • Jenny, I didn’t see your comment until now. I think if you know what the source of the trouble is, you can put a glass of water in front of it and then make a remedy out of the water. In general, Phosphorus is our remedy for ailments from electricity, radiation, etc.

    • Milan, short answer: no. But: if it’s a common remedy, you can just buy or order the 6C. If it’s a home-made remedy? And the problem is that the 30C is too strong? You can make it gentler by diluting it; in other words, pour out your bottle, turn on the cold water, refill the bottle and dump it out 12 times, then on the 13th time, fill it at least half of the way with spring water, and it would still be a 30C, but, gentler.

  • Thank you for posting this article. I have successfully used this method to get over an ‘addiction’ to Advil (couldn’t stop the nightly use without getting a severe headache), and I am so grateful to you. I’m now curious about something else though. Let’s say, hypothetically, that you have been injected with something unhealthy and you are unable to obtain the contents of that injection. How might the process you describe be utilized to help the body cope with the injection? (For instance, would saliva or mucous eventually represent the constituents of the injection and thus be useful for a homeopathic remedy?)

  • Hi elaine, my problem is benzodiazepine dependence, I am tapering the dose and I am 75 percent done but am having insomnia and myoclonus, would this work for me? Any special considerations in regards to this medication? Has anyone else tried this? Thanks

  • Great article. Clear and helpful. Thank you. I am wondering whether you have any insight or direction or pointers regarding using homeopathic methodologies, concepts of dilution and succussion and the like for extending supplements that would not have the intention of treatment so much as geared towards more preventative aspirations – such as an herbal tincture geared towards blood purification that one wants to extend without losing potency??? Thanks

  • Hi Elaine,
    Thank you for this article. I learned so much and I read all 200 comments.
    My BIL got the shingles vx in Feb. 2019 and by March 2019 he was covered from head to toe with huge Bullous pemphigoid for the remainder of the year. He was sure it was from the vx, but the doctors said that there was no way.
    He was given heavy doses of steroids and leprosy medication among others trying to get it under control. He was so sick and in so much pain, itching and misery that he became very depressed.
    They finally got them under control in 2020 and then in May 2021 he was required to get the C jab before he could go back to work and now he is breaking out with the Bullous pemphigoid again. We are sure it is from the jab.
    My question is, should he make a remedy from the pustules or his urine or spit? I hate to see him suffer again like he did in 2019. Thank you.

  • I thought homeopathy was the idea of like curing like, not exact curing exact. Am I incorrect?

    What would be the advantage of similars vs exact remedies? Of course, if you know what caused the sickness and have access to it to make a remedy from, it seems that would be the simplest solution.

  • Debbie, the very first homeopathic remedy was when Hahnemann took Peruvian bark for Peruvian bark poisoning. We commonly give Apis (the honey bee) for bee stings. Homeopathic prescribing is not always simple and obvious. Homeopaths study for years to try and figure out when to give what remedy. If you’re going to leave out isopathy because of “dogma” you’re going condemn a lot of people to suffering when what they have are drug illnesses and other kinds of poisonings.

  • Hello Elaine,
    Is it possible to use your method to duplicate schussler salts?
    For example using 2 or 3 tablets as mother tincture for a dilution (1C) and 40 succussions.
    Thanks in advance. (Martinique.FR)

    • Thierry, cloning the cell salts or any remedy is achieved by simply dropping one or two pellets into a half-filled bottle of water. The water is now the remedy. Be sure to succuss the bottle 5 or 10 times before each dose/sip.

      • I’ve heard from others that cell salts or low potency remedies below a 6C cannot be cloned/grafted/copied because they still contain material in them. Have you heard this too, but found that the low potencies can indeed be copied by simply dropping a pellet or two into water and succussing?

        • No, I have not heard that. As to the next part of your question, you can make a million remedies with just one pellet. Robin Murphy used to say, “Thriller sold a million albums but they only made one tape.”

  • Hi Elaine,
    I have two questions about making water remedies.
    First of all, what about floaties? Even though keeping the bottle in the fridge extends the remedy to at least a month, after that time, I started noticing white floaties in it and had to throw it out. Does that mean I must use some Jack Daniels? (That’s what I have!) How much should I put in 4 ounces of remedy?

    And then, with the liquor inside, will two pellets really last forever? Each time you reach the last bit on the bottom you just refill and continue taking? Won’t it eventually get too strong from all the succussions??

    And one more question: Can you put your mouth to the bottle and take a sip, as you say? Won’t your mouth contaminate the contents? I always use a plastic spoon but it’s a pain in the neck if you can just take a sip.


    • I don’t know what floaties are. My feeling is, even if there was alcohol in the bottle, the “floaties” would still be there, depending on what they are. I must have a dozen RSB’s in my refrigerator, they’re just water and there’s nothing floating in them, if there were, I would surely throw them out. What I have seen on rare occasions is mold, and then of course those bottles are thrown away immediately. Here’s what I suggest to you, after two weeks, buy a new spring water bottle, pour half out, take your old bottle out of the fridge, pour a drop from the old bottle into the new bottle. Get rid of the old bottle and proceed with the new one. It will be the same potency as the old one. No remedy ever gets “too strong” from being succussed five times before each dose. You can pour your dose into the bottle cap if you like so you don’t have to drink from the bottle.

  • Hello.

    Can homeopathic remedies and schusseler’s salts be damaged by the X-rays be damaged by the X-rays used in airports ?
    Thank you

  • Hello,

    When one is forced to be vaccinated in France,
    since one can no longer circulate normally without the “pass sanitaire”.

    I would like to know please with which dilution can we take the remedy Thuya ?

    Some recommend :
    4 to 6 CH, two or three times a day,
    others 30c a few hours after the vaccination then 3 granules of Thuja 200c every 3 hours after the vaccination.
    9CH, 5 granules in the morning and Silicea 9CH, 5 granules in the evening, the five days before and the five days after each vaccination.

    If you were in my shoes, what would be the closest to Samuel Hanneman’s principles?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Dana Ullman says Thuja is not the remedy to take for Pfizer, etc. vaccines. You have to take the vaccine in potency right afterwards. He recommends the 1M. I wrote an article about this. I think it was Tidbits 83.

  • Hello! Great article. I made my homeopathic remedy (out of the outside air/pollen) in water with a splash of vodka. If I wanted to medicate pellets with it, do I just dump out the water:vodka and then refill it with a high proof alcohol, such as Everclear? Then use that as a remedy stock bottle to medicate pellets?

  • Oh my God! Spent 1.12 hours of reading all articles. Dr. Elaine Lewis is very humble in replying all these 14 years.. I learnt a good thing today to be more polite and care towards all. Enlightened.
    I’m a ameture homeopath, used a droplet of blood, made it 6x to 24 x, to treat my mother’s meningioma sized around 6.5×7.1 cm, when we’ll indicated remedies failed to improve. After this intercurrent application of her potenciated blood and other indicated remedies her tumour size came down to 1.8×2.1. ( 1991). Another patient not responding to all we’ll indicated remedies for years and with all treatment methodologies available, was cured by his saliva potenciated to 6x and administered for a week ( 1989) and got well. Till date he is healthy and free from his chronic diseases suffered. Thanks for the articles and more lights you spread on this Earth, Dr Elaine Lewis.

  • Hello.

    I would like to make my home made schussler salt preparations.

    The first one I finished following your procedure, I took the strain without making a mother tincture bathed in alcohol.

    I shook 40 times and then x 12.

    I remembered reading that you should make a mother tincture preparation bathed in alcohol.

    My question is:
    Can this create a big difference in the effects?
    Is the step of bathing the strain in alcohol for several times not necessary?

    I would have more questions but for now I look forward to your answer.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Thierry, what on earth are you doing? You’re wasting time making cell salts when you can buy them at the store? Or order them online? And you know, if your bottle gets low, you only need to drop the last few pellets into a bottle of water or a dropper bottle, and add a little brandy, it will last forever! Anyway, this article is for people who are sick and ordinary remedies aren’t working. For instance, let’s say you’ve got a drug overdose. Someone’s taken a whole bottle of Valium. What’s the remedy? Valium 6C! What if the bottle’s empty? Make a remedy out of the empty bottle by just adding water half way and succussing 40 times. Continue with potentizing until you reach 6C. The energy of the drug is still in the bottle. How do you give an unconscious person a remedy? Pat it on his lips. You would have to do that every 5 minutes until the patient wakes up. Don’t forget to succuss 5 times before each dose.

  • Thank you for answering me.

    I forgot to mention that I live in Martinique (Caribbean) Schussler salts are not available.

    I order them online, but sometimes the orders cannot be fulfilled. In Paris, it’s the same thing.

    The problem is that most homeopaths practice suppressive medicine.

    So I am very happy to be able to learn with the contents you propose.

    For the salts that I can’t get from France, I buy directly the strains
    I buy directly the strains that I divide more than by three the cost of purchase and postal expenses included.

    This also allows me to access what I need.

    If I understood your answer correctly, alcohol is just a preservative, that’s good to know.

    Another important question:
    There are sites that sell the salts but those do not correspond to the
    They use plants directly.

    Here is the list:

    Could you tell me if it is valid or not?

    Lithothamnion = Calcium fluoratum D 12

    Ginger = Calcarea phosporica D 6

    Burdock = Calcarea sulfuricum D 12

    Nettle = Ferrum phosphoricum D 12

    Licorice = Kalium phosphoricum D 6

    Cherry stalks = Kalium chloratum muria D 6

    Parsley = Kalium sulfuricum D 6

    Hops = Magnesium phosphoricum D 6

    Fucus = Natrium Chloratum (muria) D 6

    Ginseng = Natrium phosphoricum D 6

    Elder = Natrium sulfuricum D 6

    Horsetail = Silicea D 12

    I have bought several books, but I don’t have anything specific on this subject.

    Thanks in advance.

  • After reading this article, Ivana wrote the following letter to me:

    Dear Elaine,

    thank you for your instructions how to make your own homeopathic remedy.
    Very helpful and clear 💕

    I am very sensitive to homeopathic remedies, I see pictures what they do when I take them. I like the work of Tinus Smits as he was spiritual and looking for homeopaths who feel homeopathy on spiritual level.

    Have a beautiful day.

    Ivana 💕

  • Elaine, thank you so much for this very empowering article. I read all the comments!

    I read in your article that “the homeopathic remedy made from the drug can be given for the following reasons: it can be given for what the drug was FOR, it can be given to antidote the drug, it can be given to help you ease off an addicting drug and it can be given for the side effects of the drug.” That is wonderful news!

    My question is, how does one direct which of the above actions the remedy will have? I.e., what if I want only to give the remedy for what the drug was for? Or what if I only want to give the remedy to mitigate side effects of the drug?

    Many thanks for your help!

    • Elizabeth, my main experience with this aspect of making a drug remedy is in in dealing with side-effects of drugs, many cases of itching and rashes after a drug. I have really seen this work. In fact, to see an example of this, do a search above for “The Rashy Horror Picture Show” and, you can do a search for “The Rash From Hell”—at least I think that’s what I called it! Oh wait, it was called “The Insane Rash”:


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