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Tidbits part 12: More Stuff You’re Doing Wrong

Keeping yourself safe! (Part 2 of “Everything You’re Doing Is Wrong!”)

Does it ever seem like you’re living in a video game? Everywhere there are snipers, sharks, wolves…all dressed up as cute little bunny rabbits and friendly farm animals, beckoning you to follow them, do what they say, posing as friends, parent-figures, such that when I try to tell people, “Hey, that’s not good for you! Don’t eat that, don’t trust them, they’re not real bunnies!” no one believes me! Consider these examples:

1. Table Salt

Everyone knows it’s “kind of” not good for you, but folks, sodium chloride, common table salt, is a poison! It’s dehydrating, causes high blood pressure, it exists nowhere in nature, it’s highly processed (has to be heated to over 1,000 degrees F, altering the molecular structure of the salt), and “cleaned” with chemicals! Moreover, to call sodium chloride “salt” is like calling spinach “vegetable”, as if that was the only vegetable in the world! The fact is, there are are dozens upon dozens of salts and we need all of them, not just the one, and they all should be in balance and unrefined!

So does this mean we’re not allowed to have salt? NO!!! It means we have to have the REAL salt, and here it is now:


This is ancient sea salt from primordial oceans, it’s 250 million years old, contains 84 minerals, and is actually good for you!!! Here it is being offered at Whole Foods Market:

What’s it good for?

1. It helps the cells generate electrical energy

2. It regulates blood sugar

3. It balances pH

4. It promotes regular heartbeat

5. Prevents osteoporosis

6. Prevents muscle cramping

7. Improves sleep

8. Balances water levels in the body

Regular table salt has absolutely no nutritive value and is burdensome to the body’s eliminative organs. If you’re eating processed food, you’re getting a ton of sodium chloride; all the more reason to start buying whole foods and cooking from scratch!

2. Statins to Lower Cholesterol

The statins (Lipitor, Crestor, etc.) are a class of drugs in search of a problem! Friends, dietary cholesterol is not the cause of cholesterol build-up in your arteries! If cholesterol is sticking to your artery walls, it’s because of inflammation, the cause of which is eating transfats (hydrogenated vegetable oils), white flour and white sugar–in other words: processed, commercial food! The point here is, regardless of how low your cholesterol gets, courtesy of statins, it will still stick to your artery walls if they’re inflamed!

These drugs have a horrible side-effect of weakening a person’s muscles, even damaging them to the extent that people have complained of inability to walk, stand, lead normal lives, some have come down with syndromes that resemble Parkinsons Disease and ALS! One out of four Americans over 45 is on a statin! That’s a lot of people putting their lives at risk in no cause whatsoever! Here is a great page for you to read, Joe Graedon’s “People’s Pharmacy” page on statins:


If you are taking statins, you must supplement with Co-Q10, an enzyme needed by your heart, which is destroyed by statins!

All this segues nicely into our next thing that people are doing wrong, which is….

3. Taking Drugs for Everything!

It took me a long time to get the big picture here; after all, I’m as impressionable as the next person when it comes to pop culture; but, I have come to realize that the best medical advice you can give anyone involves exercise, getting junk food out of your diet and staying away from your doctor in the absence of a true emergency! Why? Chances are really good that if something is wrong with you, it’s either because of what you’re eating or the drugs you’re taking! If you go to your doctor, he will only reach for his prescription pad to give you more drugs, or try to interest you in a vaccination as just happened to a friend of mine today. The doctor tried repeatedly to get him to go for the DPT shot because “there’s whooping cough going around,” apparently.

The doctor will not ask you about your diet, he will not say, “Have you tried carrot juice for that? Have you tried cod liver oil or a liver cleanse?” No, your doctor knows nothing about that, he is a high-tech drug pusher, learned nothing else in medical school, is rewarded with free gifts from the drug companies, and has no incentive to look for natural cures!

NOT TO MENTION THE OBVIOUS FACT that “health” care in this country, is a business! The sicker the population is, the better it all works out for the doctor and hospital! There is absolutely no incentive to find a cure for anything! Do you realize that there is actually the potential for this industry to go under if people knew what I know? And don’t think they’re not aware of it! There has to be some reason they’re constantly threatening to make vitamins prescription only, and “warning” people about herbs and how they should be “regulated” and so on.

My daughter, Shana, is 21; she’s never taken a drug in her life! How has she lived this long? When she was in grade school, one of her teachers asked the class, “How many of you have had an antibiotic?” Everybody’s hand went up in the air except Shana’s! If these drugs are essential to life, Shana should be in big trouble now! Shana, where are you? I want everyone to see how healthy you are with no drugs!

Mom, do we have to do this now? As you can see, I’m very busy.

Yes, I understand that Facebook is very ponderous!

So, what was I talking about……..? Oh yes! Drugs! People actually believe that drugs are “medicine”, in that they actually cure things and so hold them in the highest regard. Here are the facts, courtesy of Gary Null, Carolyn Dean et al in their book, Death By Medicine:

Number of Americans having in-hospital adverse drug reactions per year — 2.2 million.

Number of deaths per year from correctly-prescribed prescription drugs — 106,000.

Number of unnecessary antibiotics prescribed per year for viral infections over which they are useless and contra-indicated — 20 million.

Number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed per year — 7.5 million.

Number of people hospitalized unnecessarily per year — 8.9 million.


Not a pretty picture, is it?

Drugs exist for one reason only: they have a profit-making potential because they can be patented; consequently, no interest is paid to any natural substance that can cure!

Nothing of a synthetic nature ought to be in your body because your body cannot metabolize it! A SICK BODY NEEDS NUTRIENTS, not a synthetic substance that acts as one more stressor the body has to contend with on top of the illness!

What your body cries out for when sick is nutritional support because your body is MADE of nutrients; it’s like when your car runs out of gas, you have to put more gas in the car, there’s no synthetic substitute for gas, there’s no imitation gas, there’s no “gas-lite”, or “gasola”…you have to put the stuff back that your car was made to metabolize–gas!

When you’re sick, it’s a sign that you’ve “run out of gas!”. And what fuel do we, as a species, run on? Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Your meals should be made by you, not a corporation, and they should look like this:

stir fry with tomatoes


This is a stir-fry I made with brown rice. Pick any vegetables you want! Here I used mushrooms, kale, onions, bean sprouts and cherry tomatoes and added organic soy sauce at the end.  Meat, eggs and dairy should be organic and not from a factory farm! Beware of the words “natural” and “All-natural” on food labels as they mean nothing! Only “USDA Organic” means what you think it means.

This is a salad I made yesterday.

This is a sandwich; here’s what’s in it: Russian dressing (you only have to mix a little ketchup with mayonnaise and stir to make Russian dressing), onions, raw milk cheddar cheese, lettuce, baby greens and tomatoes. Do your sandwiches look like this, full of vegetables?

Any chance you get to add vegetables to something, do it! This is the way to protect your health. And you know what makes it easy? These wonderful, convenient tubs they sell in the supermarket (at least at Whole Foods they do) full of baby greens–spinach, kale, chard, etc.:

And then what you do is, when you’re making a sandwich or salad or an omelet or whatever you’re making, you just pick up a handful of greens and toss them in!

Wham! You’ve raised the nutritional value of your meal exponentially, and so easily!

You may be surprised to hear that you can’t get sick if you eat this way! You can’t have diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, gout, panic attacks, migraines, insomnia, eczema, sinusitis, heart disease…. People actually believe that you reach a certain age and bam! you have a stroke, just because you’re that age! No, it’s what you’re eating!

You can’t eat de-natured, de-vitalized, fast food and packaged food and expect to get away with it! Look at high blood pressure for example. Every middle-age person and senior citizen is on high blood pressure medication! Why do they have high blood pressure? Because all packaged food contains salt! Just about all soda bottles contain salt! The excess salt, which attracts water, pulls water out of your cells, dehydrates you, while increasing the blood volume (all the extra water), causing your heart to work harder pumping all this extra blood around, and what does the doctor do? Gives you water pills to get rid of the extra water, and never tells you to stop eating packaged food and eating at McDonalds–especially since McDonalds is likely to be the hospital “cafeteria”! But, can you blame him? High blood pressure is a goldmine! “You have to be on these drugs for the rest of your life!” Oh happy day! Now the doctor’s got a new regular customer, and it was the food all along!

But of course, sooner or later, even the best of us are going to get sick or injured, and when that happens, there’s something called Homeopathy that I’ve been relying on for decades, a safe, all natural medicine that’s been around for 200 years and actually works! You’re asking why you’ve never heard of it? Who’s going to tell you about it, your doctor?

Start with an acute prescribing book, like this one:

And then buy a 30C Emergency Kit from here: www.a2zhomeopathy.com

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom. Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at LEWRA@aol.com Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at: http://elainelewis.hpathy.com/ and TheSilhouettes.org

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  • Thank you Elaine, for your wonderful passion for human beings health and well-being. I appreciate the way you write about the ever expanding control the pharmaceutical companies are having on doctors and their patients globally. People are being indoctrinated with the so-called ‘science’ of vaccination and medical drugs being the ‘only’ way to health.
    Thank you for flying the flag of truth and educating people about more healthy choices!

    • Indoctrination is truly the word! A fellow homeopath from Canada just told me that a surgeon refused to operate on her mother unless she agreed to 3 vaccinations, HIB and two others! Isn’t this like blackmail?

  • Uno mas de los preciosos y muy orientadores articulos de la Dra. Elaine, Se le percibe bien informada y con una gran capacidad de trasmitir los conocimientos. Siempre al ver la revista, busco sus artículos primeramente. Felicitaciones.

  • thanks so much for your article on statins. people see cholesterol as being bad rather than being something the body needs, Drs keep giving statins even when patients complain of terrible muscle pain & weakness ,very scary !!

  • we are blessed with two daughters 10 and 6. The elder one started getting sick with cough, cold and fever constantly as she was growing. The allopathic docor’s response as to why its happening…”it will happen…the disease is in the air….at least until she is 7….i cant even label her as asthmatic” so he wanted to wait. I was restless to get answers to get her to no cough-cold-fever. I hated to give her 5-sday course of antibiotics. By God’s grace, when she was around 3-1/2 years, we met a homeopathic doc. Ever since all of us completely became homeopathy-fans. What a way to treat!!!!!! Look at the irony…people dont like simple things. So they like state-of-the-art machines for various tests, a big list of drugs. then only they will get well. so not many believe they can be cured by homeopathy. as you think, so shall you get. they actually dont get cured 🙁 sad for them.