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‘Biophotonic Resonator’, A Connecting Matrix. From Exogenous Homeopathy to Bio-Psychic Health Fundamentals (l)

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The author develops the idea of exogenous homeopathy through biophotonic resonance. He describes a synthesis of cutting edge ideas, including healing as a holographic process, that uses biological lasers powered by the piezo electric effect in liquid crystals. Such a system is so exquisitely sensitive, it can respond to the subtle effects of archetypal symbols, prayer /intention, homeopathy, sounds, odors, colors etc. The author explores the holographic universe, energy micro-traps, the light matrix and more, with plentiful photographic illustrations.

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in (re)cognizing the «LIVING LIGHT»,

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ABSTRACT. This study may be unconventional and innovative at the same time, in relation to those already completed and acknowledged in the history of homeopathy. This is because it proposes a strategy to homeopathically optimize human health, using a mechanism external to the human body. But, to extend the therapeutic horizon of homeopathy to the exterior of the human organism would seem irrational, because it is difficult to believe that – still not having a scientific explanation of its endogenous mysteries of healing, of its invisible and non-substantial action – homeopathy would succeed to do it for an exogenous / out of body healing mechanism.

This paper will try to answer to the challenge of removing the limits placed on homeopathy by developing three aspects:

  • To present coherently, from the explanatory perspective of biophotonics, a new emergent alternative of homeopathy, namely: Exogenous Homeopathy;
  • To describe the main performances of the Biophotonic Resonators, an amazing invention, practically proving the theoretical hypotheses;
  • To establish an efficient connection between Exogenous Homeopathy & Psycho-Mental Therapy.

The practical synergy of these interdisciplinary type issues could represent a reference contribution to the emancipation of homeopathy as a healing discipline justified / proven both scientifically and technologically1.



I watched extensively, in a series of reference works, the explanatory principles of Biophotonics, as they emerged from the researches of specialists from Russia, Germany, Japan and Australia, Poland and USA, etc., on the one hand, and the contributions of the specialists from the National Institute of Inventics Iasi, Romania, developed under the coordination of the undersigned, on the other hand.

Having in mind that in all these works appear rigorous scientific references, precise references to laboratory studies in the field of biophotonics and homeopathy, etc., I decided that in this paper – by deliberately minimizing the multitude of many possible scientific references – to formulate only those considerations which are necessary to understand the subject under discussion: the functioning mechanisms of homeopathy, in general, and of a possible exogenous homeopathy, in particular.

From all problems and their scientific explanations which homeopathy is still facing, recorded by Paollo Bellavite and Andrea Signorini in a valuable synthesis paper2, I will mention the last one only, namely:

There is some preliminary evidence demonstrating a homeopathic effect not only of solutions but also of closed ampoules containing solutions and placed in contact with the system to be regulated (human or animal)” [2002: 5-6].

This is particularly important, as it represents a preliminary evidence of the fact that what we called “Exogenous Homeopathy” (ExHo) [Stanciulescu, 2006] was already recognized as a possible alternative for endogenous homeopathy. As it results from the paper of the above cited authors, a series of aspects such as the clarification of the memorizing property of water, the role of the electromagnetic frequencies, of normal and low frequency on water and the electric conductibility of the human skin, the exo-homeopathic effects on human health etc., have already been explained from the perspective of one or more sciences involved.


* *

What we bring now, as an additional reference in completion to these previous contributions, is the perspective of biophotonics, both integrative and unusual. To “harmonize our language”, for instance to present from the very beginning the intentions of this study, it is necessary to define the unusual key concepts of the study, as follows:

  • BIOPHOTONIC HOMEOPATHY (BH) is defining the theoretical / explanatory and practical / applicative perspective of biophotonics, connected to general principles and mechanisms of homeopathy, able to generate their unconventional, holistic and coherent understanding.
  • EXOGENOUS HOMEOPATHY3 (ExHo) is a predominantly informational therapy, closely correlated with the classical, endogenous homeopathy, which stimulates from outside the process of releasing the resources stored in E-I (energy-information) “traps” of the human body, through a “holographic resonance” mechanism determined by the ultralow biophotonic properties – bioluminescence, frequency, intensity, amplitude, etc. – of the bioelectromagnetic emissions generated by a series of homeopathic remedies, selected, preserved and used in various forms of aggregation (micro- and macrostructural), in order to initiate general or specific effects in the recipient organism.
  • HOMEOPATHIC SYNERGY4 (HS) is defined by all the information- energy properties of some subliminal stimuli, homeopathic type, with which, through different informational strategies (electromagnetic resonance, sound, olfactive, tactile, etc.), the functional attributes of the active substance and of the organic liquid can be amplified, thereby optimizing the health state of the human receptor.
  • BIOPHOTONIC RESONATOR (BR) is a functional equivalent of the polychrest remedy from endogenous homeopathy, manufactured in different technological forms, in various degrees of complexity, capable of generating optimal synergetic effects specific to exogenous homeopathy. It is the equivalent of a source that emits a broad spectrum of frequencies of ultraweak (bio) luminescence, which results from the synergy of the active substance used, from the diversity of the colors and shapes in 2D and 3D, from the accessories used, and which subliminally stimulates the health of the human body.

It can be said that – – mutatls mutandis – generating and transmitting information and subliminal information and energies, the HUMAN him/herself is operating as a synergetic and ultracomplex “Biophotonic Resonator”, interacting with any similar structure. Accepting this, we will understand why a BR is a “Connecting Matrix”, respectively, because:

    • As an exogenous homeopathic remedy issuer, BR constitutes / acts as a vibratile matrix / complex or waves capable of potentially storing the information needed to recover some lost or diminished functions of the organism; a kind of «back-up disk-system », containing some essential « Bytes of light… » for restarting the health program of the human organism.
    • As a BR, the Human and his subsystems represent an interface, actively connected to the exogenous stimuli, consistently grouped into a “living matrix” capable of intercepting the homeopathic information absorbed from outside of the human body, and equilibrating it.

Living light” from (living) light, here is the essential principle of life, by means of which homeopathy operates and can be defined.

Understanding BIOPHOTONICS as the science that studies the emission, storage and release of the Biophotonic Streams / Fluxes, namely the interaction between living systems through these streams / fluxes, a series of laboratory researches – initiated at the beginning of the 20th century by Alexander Gurwich in Russia and later completed by other researchers, including the relatively recent researches of Professor Fritz-Albert Popp from the International Institute of Biophysics, Neuss, Germany – have shown that:

  • Any biological system (vegetal, animal, human) emits an “ultraweak bioluminescence”, in the visible or ultraviolet spectrum, a figure of several tens to hundreds of (bio) photons per quadratcentimeter / second (as measured using a photocounter conceived by Professor Popp and his colleagues). The intensity of this emission is about 1018 times lower than regular daylight, that makes it practically impossible to be perceived with the normal eye or to evaluate it by means of the normal optical measuring instruments.
  • It could be proven that DNA of living cells stores and releases biophotons without having a clear explanation of how these biophotons reach the nucleus of the cell and store themselves between the DNA chains.
  • The emission of biophotons generated by the biological systems has similar properties to those of laser light, being coherent, monochromatic, polarized, directed etc., and manifests itself in the EM spectrum, at a frequency superior to the visible spectrum. (Ultraviolet, as observed by A. Gurwich, while referring to the mitogenetical radiation). This is an empirical observation that could not be totally explained by the researchers.
  • It was assumed that the coherent action of the emissions of biophotons within a complex system, such as the human body, is responsible for a number of processes such as the communication mechanism between biological systems, the regulation of biological functions, cell growth and differentiation, connections to so-called “delayed luminescence“, and spectral emissions in supermolecular processes in living tissues, etc., affecting the state of human health.

All these objective laboratory observations, extremely precious for the medical practice and other fields, have imposed various scientific attempts of their explanation, beginning from the principle of mitogenetic radiation and morphogenetic fields issued by Gurwich, to the Coherence Theory issued by F.A. Popp [1989]. The difficulty in explaining the above mentioned phenomena resulted from the fact that:

  • Some of the above mentioned phenomena have been investigated in a relatively isolated manner by the specialists, being restricted to cells or group of cells, for instance, and rarely as belonging to a coherent macro-system, for instance of an entire human body 5;
  • The relatively restricted specialization of the actual scientific research made difficult the correlation of the specific phenomena / events coming from different areas of interest, while maintaining an often exaggerated skepticism regarding the promotion of less conventional theories or practices, which made many researchers keep them at a distance6.

In these circumstances, surpassing the handicap of the mono-disciplinary scientific formation and one of limited dogmatism, I formulated and argued with the complex means of the biophotonics’ inter- and transdisciplinarity – beginning from the theoretical (logical scientific and mathematical-physical) and experimental to the laboratory measurements using different strategies – two complementary theories, namely:

the (bio)photonic theory of energy-information (bPTEI);

  • the “biological lasers” theory (BLT).

The conjunction of these two theories is essential to:

  • justify the idea that the living organisms interact through the coherent biophotonic / bioluminescent fields and that these emissions generated from the biological systems have the properties of the laser emission.
  • understand the functional mechanisms of homeopathy, in general, the way it is appreciated by the specialists themselves, and of the exogenous homeopathy, in particular.

In this last sense, a synthetic presentation of homeopathy in general is to be achieved from the biophotonics perspective in the following7, with necessary additions to a more nuanced understanding: that of the functional mechanisms of the exogenous homeopathy.

1.1. The “(bio) Photonic Theory of Energy-Information

This theory (bPTEI) [Constantinescu, Stanciulescu, 1993; Stanciulescu, Constantinescu, 1995] explains how it is possible to influence the corpuscle / body states endogenously acting on the afferent energetic-information field (auric body), by mechanisms of holographic resonance. The regulatory role mentioned above becomes entirely understandable by means of the interference of the remedy’s emission of waves and the “auric field” of the receptor’s biological system.

Synthetically, as presented in the recent book already mentioned [Stanciulescu, 2010: 297-299], I should note that – by means of physical-mathematical instruments and in connection with homeopathic principles and mechanisms – bPEIT postulates:

  1. The equality of the wave phases and of the substantial vibrator’s receptor / receiver, therefore their resonance / coherence is a necessary and sufficient condition for guiding the substantial vibrator by the coherent wave on an electric (geodesic) and mutual line;
  2. The (elementary) energy quantums E = ??, intuitively associated to the electromagnetic wave’s electric component, and the information quantum I = ik?, associated to the magnetic component, may be considered as generating (through resonance) the electromagnetic field’s quantums (bio-photons), having the speed of light;
  3. The super-luminous speed ; specific to the information quantums can be correlated to virtual photons (tachyonic type) which leads to a hypothesis of a Universe built on frequency ranked levels.

This universal model of the “holographic resonant universe”, based on the physical phenomena of modulation / interference and coherent interaction, of a “pars pro toto” reproductive memory8, is also manifested between any two structural components upon which the existence of the human being builds its activity:

1. The Fourier code, through which the “auric biofield” (“matrix of light” / “vital force”) – a fundamental wave and many subordinated harmonics namely – may be mathematically described, as a complex of invisible bio-electromagnetic holograms, able to conserve quasi-active the “abyssal memory” of any (human) system. This energo-informational “organizing pattern”, as an “individual consciousness” etc., has a central role in determining by resonance the individual’s bio-psychical health or illness, still being ignored by the academic science, even though it is possible to detect visually through Kirlian technology.

2. The informational codes (the holograms’ content) generated by the “substantial / energetic vibrators” of the biological structures are explained by (b)TPEI through the role played by the organism’s liquids (blood, lymph, linked water) and by the organic “liquid crystals” everywhere present in the human body (cells, organs, interstitial tissues etc.) as an active support of the “biological memory”, able to receive messages from the “auric biofield” memory of the body and to assume them as commands (resonant holograms) for an adequate (re)organization of the substantial biological structures. It is exactly the therapeutic mechanism of the “VITAL FORCE” of homeopathy.

3. The double quality of light – corpuscular and wave undulating, electric and magnetic – can be described through the contributions of relativistic and quantum physics, by associating it predominantly with an energetic and informational quantity. The duality of corpuscle and wave – similar to that of the “body” and “soul” (connected by the “Vital Force”), responsible for the healthy state of the human being – can be visualized now by means of different (bio) photonic technologies as seen in: spectroscopy, electro(no)graph-cameras for electron diffraction, etc.9. Using such technologies, it is possible to put in evidence the complex matrix of colored light / waves and the forms of the strimers / rays which are vibrating around the body of a certain substantial corpuscle.

Electrographic images of the physical systems. Biophotonic plots of different types of corpuscle-wave describing the physical systems: a) atmosphere powder; b) graphite plate; c) water droplet [Guja, 2001].

The electrographies of two punctual biological systems:

a) frontal image of an electro-dermal active point [see Dumitrescu, Constantin, 1977: 118]; b) a human finger [Guja, 1993].

The electrography of a few more complex biosystems: a) plant’s leaf (geranium); b) insect (dragonfly); c) human hand; d) human skin (aura) [cf. Guja, 2001]. All these situations correspond to different types of energy-information “traps”.

Just look at the images above to understand at once how modern technology validates – with different point out strategies – that, on one hand, any object in the world emits a certain amount of energy-information (aura) in the surroundings, which allows – in this way – the manifestation of unconventional “magical” interactions, our ancestors used to talk about. On the other hand, having this quality – by virtue of the quantum coupling forces [Constantinescu, Stanciulescu, 1993] – each substantial particle / system becomes a simple or complex information / matrix wave trap.

This is the intuitive pathway on which – beginning from the primitive MANA – later was developed the more refined version of the ancient Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, etc…who postulated the existence of the life force qi / chi, prana, bha etc., capable of putting into correspondence the human body with the cosmic energy itself, the vital force / energy with a strong therapeutic value, predominantly evaluated by homeopathic medicine [Stanciulescu, 2006b].

Proof that homeopathy efficiently uses the presence of information micro-traps, that the remedy represents, is featured in the pictures below.

Alternative methods of representing homeopathic remedies: a) Spectroscopic images of different potencies of Pulsatilla: the colours rays on the original photos [cf. Jayasuriya, 1997: 103 (cf. Paul J. Calligan, 1984, University Department of Antarctic Engineering, Melbourne) are representing different types of information / (bio) luminescent waves, able to interact with the human body’s bioluminescent structures; b) Kirlian images of another remedy, differently prepared by: 1 (top): Dilution & Manual succussion, Image 2 (middle): Dilution & Mechanical succussion; Image 3 (bottom): Only dilution, no succession


  • Generally speaking, the above mentioned processes are able to generate and sustain what the specialists are calling the “holographic universe” [Talbot, 2006], supposing the mechanism of the “Matrix of Light”, the “Living Matrix”, etc. [Stanciulescu, 2007]. Such a model pre-supposes the presence of a Universal Force, resonating after the same unifying principle, in order to determine the Essential Unity of human, macro- and microcosmic scale of the universe, the same structure-form and functionality-genesis, etc. Taking into consideration that, “what is up is down too”, as Hermes Trismegist already said.
  • Particularly speaking, this is the same type of coding mechanism able to:
  1. Conserve the “field memory” of any type of system (chemo-physical, biological, psycho-mental) characterizing the states of the personal particle / substantial body; for example, the 7 levels of the human body, well known from old times by the initiated peoples, are conserving holographically the information generated by the metabolic activity and bio-psychical states of the afferent 7 major complexes of organs and endocrine glands;
  2. Register and reproduce holographically the information of a certain system with which a certain particle was in a stronger contact, playing the role of a magnetic band, of a CD or as restorative “disket-system”, etc.

In this way, it becomes possible to explain how a substantial support of any type of remedy, a drop of lactose for instance, is able to receive the whole complex of information (holography) of a certain homeopathic remedy, only by its simple introduction inside the water where it was diluted and subjected to succussion, taking into consideration the memory properties which water has.

Relevant arguments for sustaining such a mechanism were formulated by Dr. Christopher K. Johannes, who developed the hypothesis that:Interaction between the non-energetic information process and the energetic fields is proposed to be an essential feature of homeopathic potentization and therapeutic action” [2006]10. This hypothesis – able to clarify the nature and genesis of the “Light Matrix”, holographically comprising all the world’s systems – can at the same time implicitly clarify the functional principles of homeopathy.

Particularly, we could conclude that even homeopathic remedies are working in this way, by transmitting holographically to the human body systems, the optimizing information-wave of the curative source (homeopathic remedies) to the body resonators (blood, water, membranous liquid crystal structures etc.), directly – in the case of “endogenous homeopathy” – or indirectly, in the case of “exogenous homeopathy”, which the present study tries to explain.


Mutatis mutandis, connecting this idea with homeopathy, we could assert that each homeopathic remedy supposes a dual structure:

  1. The information specific to the original remedy (frequencies, amplitudes, intensities or morphogenetic form etc.) generated by different type of its dilutions, conserved and transmitted through the mediation of the memory of water;
  2. The physical support of the lactose, for example, a neutral / simple one from a chemo-physical point of view, but able to take and to sustain the information received from the diluted original source.

Paying attention to these aspects, the general mechanism of holographic resonance is figured in the above presented schema.

The general mechanisms of the “holographic resonance”: the homeopathic healing by exogenous transfer of information

Accorded to this mechanism, the waves of the emitting source (a remedy, for example), namely the “informational hologram” of the emitter, specifically interacts with the waves of the receptor (cell, organ etc.), by modulating its own vibratory state and by remodeling / remembering / normalizing the receptor’s functionality and form (of the membranous liquid crystal structure).

  • Consequently, by projecting the bPTEI into the field of homeopathy, it is possible to rationally understand:
  1. The transfer of the “undulatory information” (holographically preserved in the biofield, through Fourier type spectra) on the substantial vibratiles of a certain (bio) physical support (membranous liquid crystal, for example), respecting – through a mechanism of “holographic resonance”, of homeomorphic reproduction of the remedy information – the properties of the induced field.
  2. How the bio-field (as an “informational matrix”, as homeopathic remedies could be predominantly considered) represents the cause of the possible (re)disposition / reordering energetically of the body substratum structures. In this context, we need to remember that the information is predominantly conserved in field, and energy in substance. So it is not the energy of the remedy able to move / determining movements at the level of human organism, but the body’s own energy activated by the information of the remedy.

There is a series of aspects related to the “magic” of complementary therapies that becomes very clear now: the regeneration of the tissues / organs under the effect of one’s own mental configurations; the information transfer from one human subject to another (starting from telepathy to distal therapy); the phenomena of bio-energizing, and of stimulation by means of “magic” objects; etc. Even some types of homeopathic remedies are working in this way, by transmitting to the human body systems (organs, for example) the curative information-waves from an exterior source to the body’s systems11.


* *

In synthesis, it is possible to say that the above mentioned mechanism of resonance is connected to the paradigm of a holographic reality / universe, as many other researchers have already postulated. But all these theories are facing a substantive defect: that of not being tried and / or able to explain the “hardware” aspects of the holographic phenomenon, the existence, in the true sense of the word, of a physical-technical and / or biological system capable of performing a technical function to generate laser type radiation, which is the only one capable of generating the holographic phenomena. It is precisely such necessity which is answered – in a complementary manner – by the biophotonic Theory of the “Biological Lasers” (BLT).

1.2. The contributions of the “Biological Lasers” Theory

This theory (BLT) [cf. Stanciulescu, Manu, 1995; 2002] tries to clarify the determinative (genetic) relationships between the human “corpuscle” (physical body) and its associated “wave” (bioluminescent / auric body, manifested in the invisible EM spectrum). The major topic of our research concerns light interference with living matter, presented from the perspective of biophotonics. The main ideas of the theory are based on two hypotheses, already verified by authors12:

its double quality, both energetic and informational, light (the electromagnetic field) plays a crucial role in the structural and functional organization of living matter;

the mechanism that can explain this involvement, namely the light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (a biological laser-type process).

From the perspective of biophotonics, two structural-functional systems are responsible for the optical activity of the organism that generates bioluminescence as a biological-laser phenomenon. These two systems are:

  • The molecular system of a semi-conductor type phosphate – linked water – molecular oxygen (PWO) realizes the phenomenon of bioluminescence that is the stimulated and amplified emission of light which penetrates biological structures, being deviated to UV (according to the anti-Stokes rule in non-linear optics). This molecular system, whose functionality supposes some quantum phenomena extensively presented in the above mentioned papers, is very important for representing:
  1. The defining attribute of life, namely the capacity of the living organism to transform / metamorphose the physical light into “living light”, having “biolaser” properties;
  2. The unifying complex of all the biological systems (vegetal, animal, human), on the one hand, unifying the human being and the cosmic world, structurally and functionally both13, on the other hand;
  3. The active substance necessary for the functionality of all types of “biological lasers”, manifested al the level of the complex biological systems.

In the field of homeopathy, it is possible to assert hypothetically that different frequencies of the (bio)light-information emitted by the remedies, will be assumed by the PWO complex and transformed into the “living light” / biophotonic emission of biophotons, able to normalize the human health state.

The schematic / intuitive representation of L?PWO molecular complex:

functional (a) and structural (b)

  • The organic structures with liquid crystal properties, such as phospholipids, generally present in cell’s membranes and in cytoplasm too, which are able to transmit step by step (from cell to cell, for example), through an ignored optical function of the biological system (birefringence, polarization, selective reflection and rotary magnetic dispersion), the properties of the (bio)laser-type emission: coherence, monochromaticity, directionality and intensity of light. In this way, it is possible to explain how the light / (bio)photons fluxes – emitted by natural or artificial lighting sources, starting from the sun, are homeopathic remedies – penetrating inside the cellular nucleus and implicitly DNA, influencing it and being delivered when necessary.

The liquid crystal LC structures and some of their optical properties: birefringence, refraction, magnetic rotatory dispersion, memory effect

The membranous / cytoplasm liquid crystals of the nuclei / cells have structural and functional properties, necessary for accomplishing some essential properties of the human metabolism, such as:

  • The piezoelectric effect, able to generate electrons (energy) and implicitly photons (information), when the liquid crystal is subjected to different pressure effects, starting from the strong mechanical ones to the very gentle ones generated by the biophotons / fluxes resonance;
  • The memory effect, generated by the fact that the informational properties of the stimuli intercepted in the liquid crystals are stored / saved through:

a) The informational effects (the form effects of the substrate, that kind put in evidence by Masaru Emoto) on the cells’ surface membrane, on one hand, perceiving different categories of intensity, orientation, direction stimuli etc., on the liquid crystals in blood, plasma, the bound water in the body, on the other hand;

b) The holographic effects (retrieval effects of the whole), which influence the form of the organic membrane liquid crystals, on one hand, and the structure of the water, natural or organic, involved in homeopathy, on the other hand.

The sensitivity of the water at psycho-emotional states [Emoto, 2001]: a) water drop frozen, structured through the state of gratitude: “Thank You“; b) Water drop unstructured by a threat: “I’ll kill you“. Highlight of the „Communion with Saints“. c) unstructured image of the water from the water of the lake Fujiwara, Tokyo, d) Image of the same water, structured, after a collective prayer was enchanted by a group of priests.

In the same eloquent manner behaves the water – the physical or, implicitly the water inside the human body – in states of informational recovery, prophylactic or therapeutic optimization. This category of research which denotes that water is sensitive to both physical and bio-psychological fields should be strenghtened by the explanations formulated from the perspective of biophotonics, namely by those specific to the exogenous homeopathy through:

  • The interaction of the waves with the physical-chemical / substantial energetic properties of the water molecules capable of “memorizing”, which the experts have already put in evidence studying the properties of the water, in general, – as Arani, Bono, del Giudice and others did [1995] – or by customizing them to the homeopathic treatments, such as Jacques Benveniste [1999];
  • The structuring / information mechanisms (as well as those already pointed out by Masaru Emoto) capable of organizing the water clusters in coherent, harmonic structures, susceptible to being transferred through the resonance of the water, plasma, blood inside the human body, respectively to the liquid crystals present everywhere in the membranes and cytoplasm of the cells.

Such interactions, frequency (energetic) modulations and in amplitude (informational), for instance, which can be explained in terms of nonlinear optics- can be detected through the specific changes which are induced by the stimuli of a BR at the level of the water subjected to be treated.

Use of a Biophotonic Resonator (BR 6 type, with red and yellow filter) for the induction of energy changes at the water level inside a bottle, evidenced with special photographic lenses and processing of images by means of a suitable computational program: a) processed image of a bottle filled with water and of the related field, b) the same image after 30 minutes of stimulation; c) frequency spectra of the normal water, d) frequency spectra resulted after treatment.

As results of the experiment, we can observe:

a poignant intensity of the blue-green specter, namely the diminishing of the violet red specter (b);

an alteration of the frequency specter, with dominants in the green-red specter at first, in the blue-green one afterwards (d), which means a more equilibrated water structure, which achieves functions of improved vishuda-anahata chakral activity.

This experiment suggests the possibility of optimizing adequate structure of the various types of liquids with the help of BR, exogenous homeopathy namely. According BLT, due to their optical properties, the liquid crystal structures are transforming the human body into a system transparent against (bio)light, a huge “macro-crystal” able to transfer the bioluminescence from cell to cell, as a VITAL FORCE, permanently increased… This can function as a measure of physical health since when this transparency is affected by different mal-functional causes, human health will be affected.


The omnipresence of the two systems above mentioned at the structural level of living bodies (human, but also animal and vegetal) – the molecular complex phosphate, bound water, molecular oxygen and the liquid crystal structures – permitted us to formulate the major hypothesis of BLT [Stanciulescu, Manu, 1995], namely:

  • The correlated actions of the molecular semiconductor “biological-laser” and of the organic structures with liquid crystal properties permits the argument that the molecules, membranes, cell nuclei, cells, organs and the whole organism are functioning like some “biological laser” systems, both linked and included; all these systems present evident structural analogies to the technical laser optic resonator, active substance, optical pumping source of light, cooling system, electromagnetic director field, etc.;
  • The functionality of the six types of “bio-lasers” specific to the human body, previously described in our mentioned books, was further connected with all the principles and laws of homeopathy, suggesting the exceptional explanatory force of biophotonics, in general, its application in the field of exogenous homeopathic mechanism, in particular [Stanciulescu, 2006a];
  • The energetic and informational accumulation permitted by the presence of light / bioluminescence inside the body and the energy-o-informational discharges which happen in light’s absence, respectively, define two essential cycles which maintain vital processes in a dynamic equilibrium: “daily cycle” (of light) and “nightly cycle” (of darkness);
  • The hierarchical and interacted functionality of these biological mechanisms – a complex of Biochemical, Electric and Magnetic (BEMPh) phenomena namely – is generating a synergic bioluminescent / biophotonic auric emission, having all the mentioned properties of a natural “biolaser” emission and generating at each specific level of the organism some thermic, plasmatic and, especially, holographic effects14.

In this context it is important to see that more and more of the above issues have begun to be recognized in the last years15, validating also, from the perspective of other exceptional specialists, what we have already built, beginning with 1993, in an integrative perspective.

In synthetis, we see that through the connection of the two theories mentioned above – bPTEI and BLT – in which one of them regards the biophotonic phenomena specific to the human body from outside and the other refers to those inside the body, we implicitly and explicitly have correlated (explanatory, by means of the biophotonics) the two horizons of homeopathy: its endogenous and exogenous size. An approach which seems that has waited more than two centuries, in order to be truly theoretically recognized and practically assumed.


Fundamentals of the healing

The action to bring together the two horizons of biophotonics and implicitly of homeopathy – through a synergy, which explicitly will be further named as BIOPHOTONICS INTEGRATIVE THEORY (BIT) imposes the completion of a project, already initiated several years ago [Stanciulescu, 2003a]. Such a project, having a huge theoretical and applicative potentiality – in the field of homeopathy, as specialists recognize in principle, will be subordinated to a deeper theoretical understanding of human nature in general, and especially of the practical harmonization of the health state.

For this more or less intuitive presentation of what is the human being from the structural and functional point of view, in what follows is absolutely necessary, firstly a holistic recognition respectively, and secondly a scientific recovery. It must be mentioned that in one or another form all these intuitions / insights were the basis for modern homeopathy, which Hahnemann brilliantly elaborated, without having at his disposal the empirical evidence which we present as follows.

2.1. The Body & Soul complex: a “Living Light” matrix

BLT offers the possibility of elaborating an explanatory essential pattern to understand the functioning process of any therapy type in general, and (exogenous) homeopathy in particular. The essential postulates of this model are based on the premise that the human being is defined as a body & soul-spirit duality, similarly to the connection between corpuscle and wave. I say “semio-logic”, by sustaining, with the aid of some intuitive and / or technological samples, the fact that the body/corpuscle on the one hand and the field / soul-spirit on the other are characterized through a special semiology of the health and disease states in which homeopathy is involved:

  • On the exogenous therapy path, when effects at informational level of the human complex are followed, respectively for generating prophylactic effects or for successfully interfering in certain psycho-emotional dysfunctions that do not originate in disorders of organic nature;
  • On the endogenous therapy path, when an involved dysfunction is already installed in the body, of whose effects must be followed in the opposite direction of their appearance, i.e. by passing from symptom towards cause, from the exterior to the interior.

In order to configure this knowledge that is both initiatory and scientific, a synthetic recovery is imposed in the following. In this orientation, the significance of some key words – such as life and death, health and disease – must be defined within the correlated vision of biophotonics and homeopathy, with the purpose of uniting meanings. Thus, from the biophotonic perspective we shall understand that:

  • LIFE is the capacity of a biological system, negentropically open towards all the undulatory systems of the environment, to generate and metabolize bioluminescence or “living light,” through “bio-laser” type mechanisms of stimulated absorption emission of natural light, completely different from the undulatory emission of any other non-living source.
  • HEALTH is the state of optimal balance between structure and function that assures the generating and metabolizing / dynamics of “living light” in the organism through holographic resonance mechanisms, by the coherent transmission of bioluminescence based on a system of linked and intricate “biological lasers”. The health state is manifested both on the physical and mental-spiritual levels.
  • DISEASE represents a certain decay of structures that assures the metabolism of “living light”, an abnormal modification of “THE MATRIX OF LIGHT” by forgetting / losing / modifying the correct functioning frequencies and by the degeneration of their afferent shapes, resulting in the body’s incapacity of being receptive and transparent to endo- and exogenous light, to piezoelectric transformation of energies taken over from the environment as biological energy, etc.16.
  • DEATH means the cessation of the generating and processing functions of luminescence, through the dual dissipation of corpuscle-wave (the energetic substratum of the body) and information-field (aura / soul).

The synthesis of all these meanings is admirably expressed by Hahneman, who specifies in the 10th paragraph of the Organon (6th edition)17 that:

The material organism, without the vital force, is capable of no sensation, no function, no self-preservation*, it derives all sensation and performs all the functions of life solely by means of the immaterial being (the vital principle) which animates the material organism in health and in disease”.


* It is dead, and only subject to the power of the external physical world; it decays, and is again resolved into its chemical constituents.

Starting with these general considerations, in the following we shall begin by giving some color to the structure of the human being, seen in its entity as a duality: energo-substantial (body) and radiant-informational (soul / spirit). Such a vision is absolutely necessary for crediting a holistic medicine, which approaches the body only in its correlation to the soul; a medicine known by the Orient as well as by the Occident for millennia and upon which classic and modern (including exogenous) Homeopathy integrally has based its assumptions.

The intuitive knowledge of Oriental medicine discloses not only metaphorically that man is a being (made) of light13. First of all such an idea derives from the empiric, extra-sensorial (clairvoyance or sensation) perception of the initiates, respectively from the mystical experiences/feelings that have highlighted the individual human “aura” (human “ovoid of light”) significantly present around the head of some “saints” as well as around their bodies (let us remember “the Transfiguration” of Jesus Christ, when his entire body appeared in a “glorified form” to his disciples). Second, to the previous there has been added much experimental research of the living body, whose emission of light has become more and more highlighted and assumed.

Paradoxically, this is one of the few situations in which a subtle reality has been known first at an invisible/extra-sensorial level of the etheric body, and then at a visible level of the substantial body. This has occurred because the technological means of knowing the human body has evolved more slowly than intuitive knowledge. The history of Homeopathy – for which we are just beginning to have solid technological proof – stands as a witness in this direction.

Let us follow, in terms of holistic / biophotonic medicine – in the sequence from soul to body, as healing should seem to be made – some of the available justifications made in this way.


* *

The Indian and / or Christian belief of the seven “bodies of light” (etheric, astral, mental, spiritual, causal, atmic, budic) or of “the seven lives” from within the fairytales hero’s chest supposes that each level of light/frequency complex specific to the human hologram corresponds in a predominant way:

  • Some activities specific to the human being: biophysics, physics (emotional, volitional) or mental (cognitive);
  • One of the seven energo-informational vortexes, known in the Indian belief as the seven energetic centers (chakras), associated in their turn with important organs and endocrine glands of the human body;
  • One of the seven colors from “the white light” spectrum ROYGBIV: red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet, and one of the seven fundamental musical notes.

Schematic representations of a human being’s energo-informational matrix: auric ovoid of intricated fields; b) hierarchized structure of “living light” frequencies [cf. Brennan, 1996: 53]

Each of these levels – empirically observed, through super-sensorial/subjective knowledge – corresponds in a certain way to an information and/or energy trap, maintaining a certain state of the human body. Thus, as “distanced” it is from the body, the energetic nature of the trap is replaced step by step with the informational nature. Each of these levels are thought to be homeopathically influenced according to the frequency level supposed by the active substance and, when needed, to the dilution degree.

Representation of invisible “auric bodies”, of the human being: images visualized through clairvoyance [cf. Brennnan, 1996: 160-161].

Structural-functional representations of the human body’s hierarchies: a) a structural model of the human body’s hierarchies, realized through clairvoyance [cf. Negril?, 2004]; b) a functional inforenergetic model of the human body [Dumitriu: 1992].

All of these intuitive models – upon which a theory of holistic medicine has established its assertions – describe the geometry of invisible manifestations of the human system, in the category comprising the soul (emotional-affective) and mental-spiritual (cognitive-volitional) phenomena.

From this perspective it is difficult to state that the soul and spirit are “outside” the body sine-qua-non tied and depending on it, especially without having a structural definition of the two concepts, without a definition of the states that accompany them etc. Such a meaning will be sustainable only when we shall completely justify that a certain detachment of the soul-spirit of an informational-energetic field complex – bearing inclusive semantic meanings – is achievable without the human body, such as in long-distance informational transfer, etc. [Stanciulescu, 2010].

In the current stage of our research it may be stated that the soul – the ensemble of emotional-affective states of the human being – can become objective through a “semiology of light”, which can be read in specific expressions – colors, intensities, shapes – of the human aura.

The “LIGHT MATRIX” of the soul: a) images of different affective-emotional states (photos with AURA VIDEO STATION [cf. Manolea, 2002: 129]; b) the bio-psycho-field of a healthy person, during a meditation state (photo with RESONANT FIELD IMAGING) []

A last sequence that should be justified is represented by the existence of “THE SPIRIT”, which in the current frame we shall be associating with the mental-intellectual component of human activity. The fact that the human brain’s activity is essentially dependent on electromagnetic stimuli, respectively on the bioluminescent emissions that the brain generates and activates (memorizes) as cerebral holograms has been amply stated in another context [St?nciulescu, 2003b].


* *

Accorded to and justified by the use of the instruments of Biophotonics, the two essential modalities through which light penetrates the human body are:

a) following the path of sensorial perception, at visual analyzer level, in percentage of about 80-90 %;

b) following the path of super-sensorial reception, at the pineal-pituitary complex level, supersensitive to light/electromagnetic fields, which is popularly known as “the third eye”.

a b c

Representations of „the third eye” [Guja, 1993, fig. 1a,b]: a) an electronographic image of the pineal-pituitary complex; b) Ajna Chakra and Sahasrara Chakra: symbolic representations; c) the intuitive representation of “the forehead chakra”.

The fact that we are “governed” by light is becoming, for the contemporary scientist, more than a metaphor. In this direction, the physician Jacob Liberman [1991] states – based on experimental research – that light containing the ultraviolet area of the spectrum is vital for the balance of bio-psycho-logical functions, whereas light that goes through our eyes is not only used for assuring our sight sense but also for activating the biological “clock” by means of the epiphyses and hypothalamus.

A special case of bioluminescence occurs when the human subject is at a maximum activity / hyper-intellectual state. The photos below characterize such a special state. As a consequence, it was possible to register the aura of the human subject involved in an intense intellectual activity – sustaining a lecture at a prestigious symposium – on a normal photographic film.

Presumptive image of the human aura, in maximum psycho-logical implication conditions of the subject (“hidden” behind “the column of light”, a possible autonomous bio-plasma): a) the image of “the auric ovoid” and of a presumptive white colored bio-plasmatic condensation afferent to the intense mental mobilization; b) levels of the auric ovoid processed through computational means [Traian D. Stanciulescu & Dael Walker (foto: Artemiza Ivanciuc)].

An adaptation of the photo – using a special program from NASA, made by Dr. M?rioara Godeanu ? allowed highlighting some distinct energetic levels, validating both the Oriental thesis of hierarchized / super-systematized energetic levels and the fact that the logical-mental state (the spirit) is also objectified through shapes of light. That these emissions (describable in colors, shapes, intensities) actually change – regarding the modified affective states of the human subject – represents proof that allows the following statement: SOUL & SPIRIT can be objectified and thus can be involved in balancing the body’s health state, even though a dysfunction may already appear at this level.

A practical consequence for correlating the psycho-affective disease problem is represented by the fact that the dysfunctions of the auric field are first distinguished by the cerebral and cardiac systems, which are extremely sensitive to the changes of the aura’s bio-psycho-electromagnetic field18:

  • by means of the pineal-pituitary complex, which is also extremely sensitive to “the auric light”;
  • by means of the (electro)magnetic cardiac field, which influences the aura modifications [McCraty, 2010].

Contributing to a certain reconfiguration of the auric field, exogenous homeopathy will thus be extremely efficient in recovery of the psycho-emotional health state, before it installs upon the neuronal or cardiac support, and from here, through the implied correlations, affecting the whole system of the human body.

To this effect its prophylactic value is a generally ignored homeopathic dimension – especially exogenous.


* *

The fact that in ancient intuitions disease first appeared as a field / soul reality, then continuing to install on the corporal system, can be in its turn checked by modern bioresonant technology, from the electrographic technique to the biophotonic one.

1. a / b 2a 2b

Kirlian Images: 1. a) the aura of a healthy cell presents a constant and balanced bioluminescent emission; b) the aura of a cancerous cell chaotically irradiates, towards both the inside as well as the outside [cf. Oldfield, Coghill, 1997: 223]; 2. Electrographic images of a person: a) at the ill person you can notice a strong right/left asymmetry both at the hands as well as the soles; b) the healthy person is defined by the bioluminescent streamer symmetry [Guja, 1993].

By interpreting these images it results that through the peculiarities of the bioluminescence, electrographic technology admits a clear difference between the aura of an ill biological system and a healthy one, beginning from cell level to the level of organic systems.


In conclusion, having such coherent representations in which supersensitive intuition and modern technology combine, it is reasonable to conclude that – from a corporal point of view – man is “a being of light” that is projected from the interior to the exterior beyond its visible limits.

Through such a quality man assures a more refined support for the hierarchies of his soul and spirit by the instrumentality of what homeopathy calls – after Hahnemann [paragraph 9] – VITAL FORCE:

In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual VITAL FORCE (autocracy), the dynamics that animates the material body (organism), rules with unbounded sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purpose of our existence” [].

In biophotonic terms, Vital Force can be easily identified with the bioluminescent emission, with the energy that animates the body through the coherence of manifestation and its interaction based on holographic resonance. Bioluminescence is the base that allows the psycho- or noesi-luminescent field to manifest itself.

2.2. The cellular traps:

an essential resource of homeopathic (psycho)therapy

Developed in different circumstances [Stanciulescu, 2003; 1995; 2010], the cellular trap model explains the genesis of deep energo-informational resources of the body on the one hand, and on the other, the possibility of releasing them through therapeutic (implying homeopathic) stimulation. It is generally known that:

  • In order to sustain a normal metabolism the human body uses only a relatively reduced part of the energo-informational resources available to it (within 5-20%), the rest being stored at different depth levels of the human body;
  • The existence of these huge strategic stocks is justified by only one “reason”: the possibility of the human body surviving after the crisis generally represented by any over-soliciting, and especially disease.

What do these resources consist of? How were they formed? How can they be maintained and especially how can they be released? This is a series of questions that have not yet received a complete answer. The biophotonic perspective through formulating a series of explanations, more or less hypothetical, may clarify some of these ignored sequences in the relation between cause and effect generally in medicine, and particularly in (exogenous) Homeopathy.

Correlated to this phenomenon, another essential aspect must be highlighted even though it is generally ignored by specialists, more precisely:

  • Rigorously calculated, the real amount of energy expended by the human body in daily metabolism is much greater than the few thousands of kilocalories consumed through daily intake of food;
  • Thus, a natural question arises: From where and through which channel does the human body assure its energetic resources without quickly consuming its strategic stocks?

To such correlated questions that have not yet been given a satisfying answer from a scientific point of view, BLT provides an explanatory theory related to the presence of organic liquid crystals everywhere in the human body. This presence can explain one of the ignored resource-generative mechanisms of Energy-Information type, based on the piezoelectricity effect that is determined by exogenous sources, as follows:

  • Any type of exterior stimulus to the body, that is strong enough – beginning from the sonorous vibration of thunder or the strong light of lightening to the wind breeze, music or to the sensitive touching of clothes – generates a piezoelectric pressure over the membranous and cytoplasmic crystals which release electrons and default (bio)photons, electric current and light;
  • The ultra-weak pressure of some (bio)photon generating sources, from the biophotonic resonator category will determine an indirect piezoelectricity effect, described by the previously mentioned holographic resonance mechanism: the field of the receptor will receive information from the issuer, which – if transmitted with a certain constancy, frequency, intensity and amplitude – could be received by the membranous liquid crystals thus triggering the piezoelectricity phenomenon.

The endogenous mechanisms that follow this process, according to the explanatory principles of BLT, are thoroughly described in the following.

  • The cellular level. After the incidence process of (bio)luminescent radiation induced inside the human body, on the cellular level (first and foremost in the nervous system, but not only here) and on the level of tissues and organs (the organ complexes), there appear the profound reserves of energy and information in the organism. Thus, the living organism appears as a hierarchical system with “energy-information (EI) traps” having different levels of complexity, namely:
  1. The cellular reserves of energy are made, first of all, on the level of “mitochondrial traps” (by means of electrons and protons stock deposited as a consequence of macro-energetic processes, respectively of ATP and steroid synthesis). The information reserves are accomplished predominantly on the level of the mitochondrial and nuclear “DNA traps” – into the field on DNA catena, namely, as a Cazimir side-effect – within which a large quantity of bio-photons is deposited, as research guided by F.A. Popp et al. have demonstrated [1989]. The circulation of energy-information (E-I) of this kind is made:
  • On the nervous system level, through which we transmit mostly electrical impulses (as a membrane potential of action and repose, predominantly energetic) on the one hand and on the other hand by means of whose interior (through a system of “optical fibers” within the cellular chain) biophotonic information is transmitted;
  • On the “nadis” network level, as the Orientals call the subtle network through which vital information is received and transmitted through the entire body, the network theoretically postulated by the bio-structural model conceived by Eugen Macovschi [1969] and validated empirically by electron microscopy; the two major E-I “nadis channels” (complementary “paths” of the bioluminescence fluxes, one ascending and the other descending), disposed along the backbone, correspond to the “path of light” previously mentioned, as having a daily and nightly cycle.

A . B.

Representations of biofields and bioenergetic paths: a) Chinese illustration indicating the energetic paths of the body’s anterior side; b) Hindi integrative layout with bioenergetic indications of electrodermal surface and interconnecting biofield distribution between the inner and the outer parts of the body: a structural and functional connection between exo- and endogenous homeopathy [].

  • At the level of organs, the energy traps are predominantly represented by nutritive resources, those of treacle polymer type or of the macroergical type. The informational resources are predominantly deposited on the level of the seven shiny fields of the vortexes/chakras and they are interrelated with as many organic complexes as the organism itself has. Thus, the energetic-informational (E-I) circuit is conceived:
  • On the level of the major meridians (energetic circuits), already mentioned in Oriental traditional medicine (e.g., acupuncture) and highlighted by electro-dermal measures), correlating the physiological functions of all the major organs;
  • On the level of the complex informational circuits, defined by bio-field fluxes which cover the nerves, the “nadis” micro-circuits and the meridians.

According to BLT, all these micro- and macro- E-I traps are embryo-genetically interrelated meaning that [Stanciulescu, 2005: 190-191]:

  • Every “informational trap” (bio-photonic / radiant) placed on the cellular or organic level has as a necessary correspondent in the energetic support of an “energy trap” (electronic-protonic or bio-chemical); everywhere in the body we will find “pair-traps” diffused in this way, characterized by the relationship between a substantial substratum or/and energetic (shape), belonging to a specific informational complex (contents). The number of these traps is variable, depending on the maturity state of the body, on its state of health etc.
  • Every well-placed trap-complex on the cellular or organic level is in a resonant/informational coherence (through identical frequencies) relationship with other E-I traps, disposed in other areas of the body.

A schematic representation of the holographic-embryonic levels of the human body: a) the functional coherence/resonance relationship that assures the ulterior development of the body/the organ systems from the three embryonic tissues: ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm; b) the holographic correlation between the hand and sole area with the main organs and endocrine glands, which explains the mechanism of Acupressure, Reflexology and Acupuncture […archive.html] thus also implying Homeopathy.

The connection/coherence of the EI traps that are present all over the body, is accomplished by means of the very process of embryo-genesis, taking into account that:

    1. They belong to the same original embryological foil (endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm);
    2. They are subordinated / correlated to a major organic complex;
    3. Their connection is maintained by means of the E-I channels (meridian system, nervous system, “nadis” system) built during the process of embryo-genesis, under the structural effects of bioluminescence.

This structural-functional description of the human body suggests that the energy-information-bioluminescence through which life itself is defined, travels through the energetic channels of the body, the nadis network, and also extends outside of the body through invisible “channels of light”. As such, the “biological lasers” model may, through the mechanism of generating bioluminescent emissions transmitted by the help of linked bio-lasers, be suggestive for possibly understanding the propagation channels of endogenous and exogenous homeopathy.

This is how we can explain the way in which – in the light of the organism’s holographic light structure – every zone in the organism (tissue, organ etc.) always has, as an E-I reserve, one or more deposits hidden in some other location with-in the organism. These deposits are in a coherence / resonance relationship (by means of identical frequencies) with other pair-deposits, embryologically or metabolically defined in the process of the organism’s morphogenesis. This E-I redundancy mechanism explains all the energetic and informational substitution phenomena specific to the human organism (the malfunction of an organ / zone is partially supplanted/supplicated by another one’s activity), the protection and regenerative mechanisms of the organism, etc., stimulated by adequate frequencies such as those of homeopathic remedies, etc.

Understanding this holographic organization of the whole which is represented by the human body makes it possible to explain the way in which therapies such as acupressure, reflexology, acupuncture etc. work; therapies to which homeopathy is strongly related. It is enough to mention for example that acupuncture needles having the information of homeopathic remedies (by simply introducing them into the homeopathic dilution) strongly amplifies the therapeutic effects. This happens because in such a situation the energetic effects generated by acupuncture are adequately doubled by the informational, homeopathically generated effects.

Understanding the releasing mechanisms – of E-I resources, embryogenetically stocked in areas that maintain the same frequency even after the body’s aging – represents the key to any balancing/optimizing process of the human body and thus implicitly of homeopathic procedures. Once inside the human body, a remedy stimulates by resonance/super-radiance the release of all the similar EI traps present in the organism: directly, due to a “resonant tropism”, or indirectly, by the brain’s coherent commands addressed to the affected organs.

In this frame, each homeopathic remedy, exogenous or endogenous, is representing a type of computational “diskette-system” able to remember the right functional and structural patterns – frequency (field-energy) and amplitude (information-form) – of a certain biological structure (cells, organs) when that structure loses its “functional memory”, becoming ill. In this way, in the context of much external stimuli, the body is selecting only those it “likes” best, namely those stimuli having a curative effect upon the body’s health.


Starting from the already presented biophotonic bases, the need of an analysis of the Exogenous Homeopathy (ExHo) structural attributes – assuming, implicitly, their comparison with those of the endogenous homeopathy – becomes necessary and possible. In this regard we describe in what follows the specific parts of any type of system / ExHo remedy of a biophotonic resonator respectively, by tracking:

  • the nature of the active substances that can act as a materia medica, their form of aggregation, the substantial support which homogenizes them, where appropriate, methods of conservation and dispersion
  • additional stimulating parts of the exo-homeopathic system, aiming color, volume form waves and plane waves, various stimulating accessories.

As already stated, since the field effects are receipted firstly in brain and heart, we can say without doubt, that the psycho-mental illnesses- such as asthenia and apathy, or stress and psychical nervousness etc., with implicit consequences on the heart activity- are the first that will react to the ExHo stimuli.

3.1. Exo-homeopathic active substances

As the biophotonic justifies, we already saw that similar to the classical homeopathy, ExHo bases on the informational-vibratile properties of some materia medica – on the ultra-low emissions generated by a biological or physical system respectively, outside of the human body – liable to be received and processed by the (supra)sensors of the human body.

a) In general as active substance can be used any biological (vegetal / animal) or physical (mineral) substance capable to influence, by specific frequencies the different categories of human receptors, at their different systemic levels, beginning with the DNA till to their aura layers. Here two issues must be considered, namely:

  • the active substance should have the property to interact with all types of frequencies / wavelength of the genome / human type involved, evaluated from the perspective of their energy- information properties, with specific measurement technologies; thereby to a remedy is assured the quality of being operational / to influence any type of human body;
  • that the intensity of the biophotonic emissions of the issuer, of the active substance chosen, to be intense enough and constant in time (to maintain its influence a sufficiently long time), so that the receiving system of the body can be able to take the information transmitted and to process it.

Depending on the substance / active substance chosen as having therapeutic value, a BR system could be generated by involving:

  • Only one function / curative direction, by using a single active substance (or a combination of active substances, exo-homeopathically oriented to one and the same effect), being known as a cure for a single disease, for instance, this system is operating based on the principle of the unitary homeopathy, that constantly uses a single homeopathic remedy, even if they are subsequently successively changed, related to the evolution in the healing process; this alternative can be used in EH for the chronic diseases especially, considering the need of permanently wearing of a stimuli capable to inhibit the manifestation of an already chronicized disease;
  • A combination of diverse active substances, similar to the system of polychrest remedies, capable to solve a wider range of health problems, through the ability to transmit a wider spectrum of frequencies to the body, in other words, a more complex hologram versus to the situation of the unitary remedies.

To prove that these properties exist, on the one hand, that they interact with the human body, on the other hand, was the main concern of the researchers in this field taking into consideration that :

– the presence of the ultra-low emissions, in the electro-magnetic (bio)field range can be hard to be evidenced and measured, which means that – despite the theory that sustains the dualism corpuscle-wave – for many followers of the conventional science, the existence of such fields to be put in doubt;

the interaction between the human body and the systems / remedies / homeopathic resonators is difficult to be evidenced and measured with the conventional measuring & calibration equipment.

In order to surpass such difficulties, the studies I have done in the field of biophotonics in the context of previous researches [Stanciulescu, 2005], have shown experimentally that:

  • each psychical or biological substance – including those under the form of nano-powder – is able to emit an energy-information (bio)field, more or less complex, depending on the structure of the related substances, fact implicitly used to manufacture a BR.
  • the interaction between the human body and a substrate carrier of specific energy-information generates specific effects on the human receptor, through an E-I exchange of information, in which one of the systems influences the other one, and vice versa.

Images of a biophotonic resonator type RB 1, with a number of 12 active substances: a) finished product, encapsulated in plastic case; b) electrography of the RB in the plastic case; c) electrography of the active substance, powder.

From the wave-resonator properties point of view, the ExHo remedy does not differ fundamentally from the homeopathic remedy. The way in which it influences the human healthy state differs by:

  • the initiation of the therapeutic action in the case of the exogenous homeopathy is firstly made outside the human body, unlike the endogenous homeopathy which becomes active only when the remedy is introduced / dissolved inside the body. But, as already mentioned, the external stimulus becomes internal, being intercepted by the subsystems of the biological body through holographic resonance mechanism. In other words, the two strategies have different starting points, but they meet themselves “in the middle” of the therapeutic process, in order to conduct the same type of therapeutic mechanisms.

the modality of storing, transmitting and receiving the information is also different from the structural point of view, but not from the functional point of view, taking into consideration the following three aspects:

  • The system / substrate of conserving the exogenous information. Through the system of using the active (mycro)source, ExHo does not give up on the presence of the substantial substrate / materia medica, by maintaining its information in a random substantial – wave form, respectively:

powder of biological substances in very small particles, up to the nano-scale, kept in a natural state in different types of containers / resonating cavities, dissolved / dilluted or not, able to preserve the quality of a biophotons emitting source; the option for an active substance exclusively biological is preferable in the production of Biophotonic Resonators, having in view that the interaction of two biological systems – talking about the biophotonic emissions with similar properties – is much stronger than that one of the physical systems, or that one of an interaction between a physical system with a biological one;

keeping the active substances in different aggregation states, solid, liquid, gaseous or plasmatic, prepared in this way in order to keep the liquid crystal cell in a functional state;

dissolving / dilution / dispersion of the active substance under the form of emulsions, gels, solutions in water or diluted in alcohol, which keeps its biophotonic properties, of a certain degree of dilution, thus such a RB – keeping the homeopathic dilution in a vial, for example – becomes similar with a classic homeopathic remedy, but acting exogenously;

the insertion of active substances in different structures / material, biological supports – such as leather or vegetal, textiles treated with cyclodextrin, able to encapsulate medicinal powders, therapeutic plant extracts etc. – capable to preserve and amplify the bio-physical, vibratile properties of the recipient body, through their own structure;

the dispersion of the active substance in the radiant systems, having large surfaces, such as walls painted with homeopathic remedies, diluted in various liquids.

  • Methods of conserving-transmitting the biophotonic information. Regarding the possibilities of structural conservation / transmission mentioned above, we should formulate some observations, namely:

versus to the endogenous homeopathy, which transmits the information directly to the substantial-radiant substrate of the body, inside of it, the exogenous homeopathy makes this gradually, firstly, by transmitting radiant information to the external fields of the human body;

the information generated by the exogenous homeopathy will be immediately, potentially perceived in the bio-field (the “Vital Field”), from where it will be subsequently transferred, to the “Vital Force” level of the body; here we can find again- in this mechanism- the strategy already mentioned of traditional holistic medicine: “First you must heal the soul and then the body”.

According to the mechanism known in homeopathy, the recovery time of a biological system, already degraded / damaged by the disease is approximately equal to that one that caused the damage; this is the reason that makes the exo-homeopathic therapy to be slow in time, having in view that the passage from the bio-field of the BR on the substrate of the human body requires a consistent / constant presence (days or weeks) until they metabolize.

In the case of the exogenous homeopathy, in both mentioned cases, the specific information that can be structured – is transmitted through “holographic resonance” to the human body (at the biological water level, and liquid crystals level etc.) which analogically assumes it, preparing the body for the holistic recovery / rehabilitation. In order to prove that the phenomenon of interaction between different types of materials (vegetal or animal, artificial) and the human body is establishing a relation based on objectives, energy-information exchanges, a relatively simple but relevant experiment took place, within a research, regarding the biophotonic effects of clothing on human health [Stanciulescu, 2008].

An experiment conducted by Dr. Cornelia Guja, specialist in electronography, consisted of wearing several types of gloves, for about 10 minutes each, the gloves being manufactured from different materials. The electronographic images have shown clear differences in structure and intensity of the palm aura, depending on the different nature of the materials the gloves were made of.

Different effects of the material on the human aura: a) reference / normal image of the human palm; electrographies generated by wearing gloves made of: b) cotton, c) leather, d) wool; e) plastic, f) image of the palm modified after experiment. We can observe different modified patterns, each being functional in a certain bio-psychic state, particularly adequate to the human being health situation. A very interesting case is represented by the plastic glove effect, very strong. It means that it is opportune to wear such a glove in a crisis of under-energization situation, but not much more, because the danger of super-energization must be carefully take into consideration (cf. Guja: in [Stanciulescu, 2008]).

Considering that the materials worn on the human body influence the structure of the human aura, another suggestive experiment was conducted using the AURA VISION SYSTEM.

Different effects of the material on the increase of frequency and intensity of the human aura, after wearing a cloth made of a) synthetic material; b) linen; c) wool (photos taken by Johann Muller-Dragoman with AURA VISION SYSTEM)19.

By submitting the above experiments we argued an essential fact, namely: the nature of the materials around the human body influence its aura / biophotonic field. Once accepted this fact, at macro-physical level, we can postulate that – if these influences are realized in the information-energy field of the human body, not the quantity / energy of the active substance is crucial, but the quality / its information, its ability to vibrate / resonate on different frequencies20. However, these frequencies do not modify themselves, no matter the quantity of the active substance used. This may also disappear, physical-chemical, if by some strategy – such as the one of endogenous homeopathy used, – the information / frequencies are maintained. Similarly, we say that, according to the nature of the active substances used in the manufacturing of a RB, of any kind, it may be the effects will be seen in the biofield of the recipient, no matter how small the quantity of these substances is.


To conclude this statement, we say that depending on the type / quality of the information used, three therapeutic strategies can be determined, known both in the exogenous and endogenous homeopathy, namely.

the uniqueness technique, which supposes the use of a single active substance in a single layer (it is applied with some difficulty, being hard to be found as the unique remedy, but with maximum effect when it is discovered by the homeopath); is materia medica / the remedy considered to describe the fundamental frequency of the individual, his dominant type, expression of the synergy between body and soul / spirit, usually it is not applied in the exogenous homeopathy because they are working only with one fundamental frequency, which is difficult to stimulate with a unique ultra low frequency: thus this technique is inefficient in ExHo;

the pluralistic technique alternates a few unique remedies, up to three (of different types, vegetal, animal, mineral), in order to cover all symptoms of a patient. This technique is also not used in the exogenous homeopathy for the same reasons mentioned above;

the complexist technique uses the mixture of several homeopathic substances, generating a polychrest remedy, with a frequency spectrum that scrolls the human body; this is the strategy which is used also in the case of the exogenous RB, through synergic combination of several types of stimuli21, which keep constant the frequency on long term, by permanently wearing them around the body22.

The effects of each of these techniques – aiming the way to use the active substances – can be amplified through a series of unusual strategies, which express, among others, the originality of the exogenous homeopathy, and which are not used or little used in classical homeopathy.

3.2. Complementary therapeutic effects

If biophotonic and therapeutic effects of ExHo result first of all from the nature of the used homeopathic remedy, then a series of other energo-informational properties can be added to them.

We’re talking about some generally known therapeutic effects whose synergy has (almost) never been linked to exogenous or endogenous homeopathy, particularly with color, decorative geometric and volumetric shapes, afferent accessory therapy. Therefore this initiative has represented one of the synergic-innovatory breakthroughs of the patenting of Biophotonic Resonators.

  • HOMEOPATHIC COLOR-THERAPY endorses the property of opaque materials to differently absorb light or to reflect/refract (absorb) it, thus determining a series of biophysical reactions at the human individual level. This is why among the famous, well-recognized and scientifically (medically) accredited therapies, chromo-therapy holds a deferential place, effects of the ROYGBIV (Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Ind.-Violet) spectrum being extremely well known and having an oscillating wave length between 380-760nm.

Coupled with the properties of the active biological substance, the therapeutic effects of color suppose both the usage of monochromatic tones as well as of a wider variety of combinations whose health-related effects must be adapted to the specific needs of the human individual.

The body perceives the effects of color spots, for example using electromagnetic waves that have certain characteristics (frequency, wave length, amplitude, intensity etc.) and that penetrate the body through the channel of the eyes, through the biofield (the body’s aura), or by focusing a certain color (EM frequencies) over some photosensitive areas of the skin (acupuncture points for example), over some organs that have to be electromagnetically stimulated etc.

As a succession/consequence of one of these three complementary processes, respectively of their synergy, a certain biophotonic resonance is generated in our body and it is able to trigger at the level of different EI macro- or micro-traps “holographic resonance” processes of stimulating a certain spectra of harmonic frequencies that have as effect a series of morphological modifications by influencing the “memory” of organic liquid crystals.

Bioresonance (a bioelectromagnetic / biophotonic interference) is then specific to the therapeutic action of colors when by “randomly” choosing a color, the human subject actually acts objectively through a bio-psychic / organic / instinctive impulse of compensation of some energetic dysfunctions; a necessity that the absorption of the chosen color is in condition to satisfy [Stanciulescu, 2003b]23.

BEMPh processes are in their turn activated by color as a particular expression of light. The manner in which colors that are to be implied in modifying the health state is highlighted with the aid of instrumental evaluations, endorsing two types of complementary actions:

  • A punctual action, focused through the influence that an object has on the afferent organ, for example the effect some differently colored gloves have on the hand; effect that is highlighted electronographically;
  • A diffuse action, generated at aura level by the interaction with differently colored resonant marks (shirts / t-shirts for example).

Differentiated effects of the colors on human bioluminescence. Electronography of the hand wearing a colored synthetic glove: a) white; b) brown (cf. Guja: in [Stanciulescu, 2008]). The effect the color of clothing has on the aura of the same human subject after wearing: a) a white polyester shirt; b) a blue cotton t-shirt; c) a red cotton and synthetic fiber shirt (images taken with AURA CAM 600 by Almos Tampar Zsolt).

The ExHo action that colors have according to the fundamental: similia similibus curantur has by chance been validated through experimental measurements. Using an OBERON type device to measure the effect upon the hypertensive body, we have discovered that when the intense red color is used its generated effects are of worsening the disease, while a small amount of red invariantly determines – according to the values indicated by this device – strange health optimizing effects. By varying the proportion quantity-quality in the case of more complementary colors that are known for their effects on certain categories of dysfunctions, we have noticed that the upper-mentioned effect is a consequence of the fact that:

  • Colors used in homeopathic proportions/as “electromagnetic spots” for example, generate hyper-functional disease-inhibiting effects by triggering the paradoxical effect of “the healing crisis”;

  • On the contrary, colors used in major proportions stimulate the body’s defense resources, amplifying them in the case of hypo-functional dysfunctions.

According to the necessities and the available Biophotonic Resonator’s type of nature, ExHo can efficiently use both of the previously mentioned strategies.

  • HOMEOPATHIC DRAWING-THERAPY (printed symbols / designed) generates in its turn energo-informational effects using the associated “shape waves”. Based on the statement that “everything is wave” (vibration), recent research in the

microwave field has already experimentally proven that all shapes – graphic/including bi-dimensional ones – are both accumulators as well as generators of energo-informational waves []. A rather clear explanatory theory couldn’t however be associated with these mechanisms, an absence that Biophotonics is in a position to solve.

According to the biophotonic perspective, it can therefore be stated that a series of shapes/models/archetypal motifs – beginning with the spiral and ending with “the golden figures” of classic geometry, describable through fractalic type proceedings – are to be encountered throughout nature, at macro- and microcosmic level, unifying through shape the physical world with the biological world [Schneider, 1994]. As a result of some generating “shape fields” (including bioelectromagnetic ones), these shapes of “the sacred geometry” are characterized by some: firm geometric parameters (the metric relationship between frequency and amplitude, for example), by the golden section (phi) present both in the human body DNA shape, in the whole body as well as in the spectra that defines light, etc.

It can be proven that the values of the electromagnetic spectrum (frequency, wave length for example) – disposed on a value axis – describe a spiral of whose proportions exactly / precisely follow the norms of the golden proportion. Synthesizing, from our previous research it results that [Stanciulescu, 2003b]:

  • shape waves combined with electromagnetic waves, are responsible for determining the spiral shapes of living systems (such as the shell of a snail). These could be generated by the penetration of light/shape waves through / using membranous liquid crystals that disperse them in a magnetic-rotating direction, exactly describing the image of the DNA24 model as well as the snail’s shell, the retina’s cells or sunflower seeds. Dextro- or levo-rotatory spirals projected on the fabric of the apparel complex have a strong energizing/or inhibiting effect (according to the necessities);
  • shape waves are spatially propagated according to the optical laws (manifesting reflection, refraction etc.) such as luminous waves which can be associated with on different “color properties”;

  • shape waves penetrate physical / inert substance that isn’t able to block them. Implicitly they will penetrate the fabric or any other protective materials, they will activate the active substance and will generate specific bioresonant effects with the human body’s liquid crystals;
  • they manifest themselves with different polarity (levorotatory or dextrorotatory), similar to light, manifesting a differentiated action (left/right) over the contact systems (as well as over the human body)25; as a succession of this polarity that the human body manifests, it is imposed that the levorotatory or dextrorotatory shape of the models as well as the colors be adequately correlated;
  • they are susceptible of interfering with other types of waves, from the cosmic (luminous) waves to the biophotonic waves of the human body.

Beside proportion parameters they suppose, these essential shapes – taken from living and non-living nature, and usually used as prints on different materials/objects – act by the instrumentality of two categories of vibrational processes:

The predominant informational effects of “the shape waves are determined by the shape of stimulating drawings, whose image plays the part of holographic patterns, archetypes that transmit certain information to the human receiver;

The predominant energetic effects of “the shape waves manifest through the instrument of associated colors that – carrying through their frequencies all the health-generating (sanogenic) attributes already mentioned – energetically sustain the information of “shape waves”.

As a synthesis, considering the previous aspects, any graphic/decorative motif placed on the apparel, actually plays the role of a holographic resonator, in which the shape is transmitted through bioresonant (holographic) mechanisms at the DNA level, at human cell and organ level, that is constituted in turn after the model of these patterns. As a result of the received stimulus it recognizes/recovers in a resonant-holographic manner at its different levels (from DNA to organs), the human body homeopathically optimizes the health state. It is for this reason that they have been used – by processing in an original variant, the Oriental mandalas – in making the Biophotonic Resonators.

The mechanisms through which shapes operate on the human being’s health state level – psycho-mental health state level in particular26 – can be directly/empirically validated through relatively recent strategies as:

  • The new Homeopathy, as named by eng. Erich Koerbler, who has conceived/assumed/reevaluated a series of geometric patterns or barcodes (like Chinese hexagram type ones) highlighting the energo-informational effects these have over human health state.

Homeopathic effects of some symbols used in The New Homeopathy:

reversibility, positivisation, screening, protection against electrosmog


  • Experiences with cosmologic archetypes made by doctor Stelz [2005]: he has drawn, on Koerbler’s direction, a series of archetypal symbols directly on the skin of a human subject who had previously been tested with medical apparatus, to realize that after a certain period of time that the same measurement had changed values (body temperature, pulse, arterial tension/hypertension etc.).

Resonant effects of “shape waves” over the bio-physiological state of the human subject [cf. Stelz, 2005]: medical tests have highlighted the modification of some physiological parameters as arterial tension/hypertension, pulse, temperature etc.

By using these relevant means of influencing the human body’s states we find that “shape waves” can be:

in a relationship of holographic resonance with the body’s heath state, which it adequately influences;

correspond to an active biological system (homeopathic remedy) which is recommended for resolving a certain health problem of the body in a ExHo manner.

Their utilization becomes therefore operational by coupling to the support of any type of biophotonic resonator.

  • HOMEOPATHIC CAVITATIONAL THERAPY (involving the volumetric shapes of different geometrical bodies) influences the heath state because it can in turn generate / structure a series of energizing-healthy effects. The bio-energetic effects of these volumetric shapes are correlated with the already mentioned mechanisms of “shape waves”. The effects that these waves generate over contact systems are partially known. Let us remember, as an example, the classic pyramid effect in which a powerful “shape energy” is focused in a certain point of the pyramid (located at a third of the height, from the top), and which:
  • Generates really special stimulation / energizing effects of living biological tissues (implicitly over the human body), which allows stimulating the areas of the body that are in a similar focusing point placed on the body;
  • Determines a very good preservation of unliving biological tissues (by keeping them a certain biological consistency – through “mummification”), effects that could allow a better preservation of the active substance within the BR;
  • Restructures molecules from certain objects, meaning that a similar effect takes place at the liquid crystal level of a random biological system.

Electrographic representations of volumetric shape waves:

a) different types of volumes made from colored cardboard; b) cathodic representation of a cone and of a pyramid; c) anodic representation

In a similar way to the pyramid / cone example, it can be said that each volumetric shape is characterized by specific energetic focusing or dispersal properties (properties that must be examined / known regarding each type of volume separately). In all these situations the volumetric shape of a BR values the EI synergy of three-dimensional shapes, which implicitly supposes the presence of biophotonic / bioelectromagnetic phenomena, taking into account that:

  • The (volumetric) shape effect can be correlated, at emitting system (pyramid, cone etc.), with the structuring within the reference volume of a complicated electromagnetic wave network/system that interferes between the volume “walls”, network/system capable of implicitly maintaining/preserving “the shape wave” information and transmitting it to the human (bio)resonator, with adequate health effects (stimulating or inhibitive);

  • The fact that the receiving system, the human body, supposes from the beginning the manifestation at its level of some (bio)photonic resonant phenomena, mediated by the presence of light.

Talking into account the implication of such (bio)electromagnetic mechanisms, it can be considered that through the exterior volumes with which it permanently reacts, from house to clothing, from furniture to jewelry, the human individual is permanently surrounded by a prefiguring “matrix of light”/complex of “shape waves” differentiated from one volumetric shape to another. The manifestation manner of this matrix is in its turn amplified or diminished by the influence of the environment.

To conclude, the valorization of the healthy effect that (volumetric) shape waves represent – for the exogenous homeopathic effect – a synergic action in which the energy and information of light can be correlated beneficially at the human body level.

  • HOMEOPATHIC ACCESSORIES THERAPY. In the end we could add the fact that a wide series of structural accessories and auxiliary strategies can be associated with each type of Biophotonic Resonator, in order to amplify or generate new energo-informational effects at the receiving subject’s level. In this context it is sufficient for us to remember the following:

  • The apparently insignificant details specific to:

  • A resonating macro-system (a house interior or a apparel complex for example) to which there can be subjoined china, decorative ceramics, buttons, buckles, bead strands or simply just a fabric with a zigzag model, all these having a BR role;
  • A resonating micro-system (like the pendant type proposed in the BR patent) such as the hanging string for example, which can be made from leather or a metallic one, having differentiated homeopathic effects;
  • In a multitude of applicative variants, to the already built synergetic effect there can be added a series of exogenous homeopathic complementary therapeutic procedures as:

  • Reflex-therapy or point-pressure / acupuncture, activated by the pressure that a ring or a pair of earrings generates at the level of specific contact points – on the fingers or on the earlobe – that correspond to certain E-I active centers of the human body;
  • Crystalotherapy / litotherapy, realized by placing – in direct contact or around the body – some crystals, precious or semiprecious stones that have been carefully chosen so that they would resonate – through their own vibrations – with the human body’s own resonators, etc.;
  • Magnetotherapy, activated by using differently shaped devises – from belts to bracelets – magnetized or with inserted magnets, contributing to the reorientation in the membranous field of organic liquid crystals;
  • Aromotherapy, by (temporally) placing a beautiful scented natural flower, or a perfume sample that isn’t fully open etc. in connection with a random BR;
  • Sound therapy, by using different types of subliminal sonorous stimuli, able to generate exogenous mechanical (piezoelectric) effects at the level liquid crystal structures; Etc.

As an integrating conclusion of all previously mentioned, it can be said that all the structural marks taken note of in the making of a BR actively manifest, in one way or another, being thus unitary conceived under the sign of coupling biophotonics with homeopathy in its exogenous or / and endogenous alternative. Such a premise allows the nuanced (unconventional) understanding of the mechanisms – that would otherwise be difficult to recognize and explain – that exogenous homeopathy generates.



Consequently, the homeopathic “LIFE PRINCIPLE” [Stanciulescu, 2004] is present here as the holographic pattern that governs both the appearance of living systems (the DNA’s pattern) and that controls – as a “morphogenetic field” [Sheldrake, 1981] – the similarity of different biological forms. It follows from this general condition that taking the main unique remedy, in a certain homeopathic treatment situation, is often enough to optimize / restructure the hierarchical systems of the human body.

The interdependent duality between “waves” and “corpuscles” is quite clear: the waves are generated by the “substantial” activity (biochemical) activity of the body, and the waves’ activity (bio-photonic) determines the state of the substantial system, by assuring the homeostasis of the “vital body”, the health state of the bio-psycho-logical system. Such a correspondence is well sustained, in an exciting article written by Alexandra N. Delinick:

The organism’s natural frequency / field is equal to the simillimum in Homeopathy. We give back to it, as a biofeedback mechanism, the same information, so as to achieve this kind of effect… So, the remedy too has a certain natural frequency (electromagnetic wave frequency / field), and this means it has certain qualitative and quantitative information that it gives back to the cell and to the whole organism… It comes in at the quantum level” [1995: 46-47].

It is possible to understand in this way how “order” (being health’s pattern) emerges from “chaos” (illness’ disorganization), stimulated by the hierarchical types of information that the remedy contains.

As a synthesis we can state that the previously presented biophotonic mechanisms represent only a part of those that characterize the BEMPh processes implied in maintaining the energo-informational balance of the human body. From the BLT perspective, I have justified that a (bio)photonic mechanism automatically triggers biochemical, electric and magnetic effects, and vice-versa.


In other words, every type of therapy – using specific types of remedies -represents a different kind of stimulation able to deliver somehow the traps of EI, passing from substance-energy to field-information and vice versa by activating specific types of effects. For example, according the BLT description of the BEMPh phenomena:

  • Biochemical type therapy is predominantly energetic, implies all the types of drug therapy, allows the chemical substances to, by osmosis, get into the cell where they generate a biochemical saturation effect around the mitochondria. Through the generated pressure the mitochondria release the electrons;
  • Electric type therapy – electric recovery strategy type or acupressure, acupuncture, massage type etc., implying piezoelectricity – stimulates through the presence of superior electric tensions/intensities at the electric action potential level and membrane pause, allowing the “opening” of the mitochondria/DNA and the release of electrons/photons;
  • Magnetic type therapy – which supposes strategies as magnetotherapy, stimulation using diverse accessories etc. – amplifies the properties of the cellular magnetic field as well as the cellular organelles’; its effect being membrane current stimulation and thus mitochondria opening;
  • Photonic type therapy – implies a large variety of (bio)photonic practices – beginning from prayer therapy to exogenous or endogenous homeopathy – supposes as we’ve already seen in a super-radiance process, the stimulation of the cell and cellular organelles with a (bio)electromagnetic wave flow that resonates with those of cellular organelles – mitochondria and nucleus – respectively with biophotons that are stored in the mitochondrial or nuclear DNA trap as a consequence of Casimir type effect.

All the previous mentioned principles can be synthesized in only one sentence brilliantly formulated by Sir Peter Guy Manners, who – in a particular context – said to me: “The state of health and disease of the human body is characterized through a permanent fight of frequencies”.

In other words, any type of remedy that should be introduced into the human body, from an aspirin or a prayer to the homeopathic remedy, will generate invariantly a modification of the frequencies within the body as well as out of it. Through frequencies do the homeopathic remedies operate implicitly – as BYTES OF LIGHT – may they be endogenous or exogenous.

By generating a connection:


which any Biophotonic Resonator is trying to configure somehow.

In “image and likeness”…

English translation & correction, by:



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1 For this opportunity I am very grateful to Alan Schmukler, who challenged me to develop a study previously published in: Homeopathy and Mental Health Care (editors: Christopher K. Johannes & Harry van der Zee), Homeolinks Publisher, 2010. “No problem”, I said few months ago, “I will write a paper on «Biophotonic Resonators» and Psychic Health Homeopathy», thinking that I already have clear in mind the theory and practical data. But, starting the work, I realized that to be in my thinking is not at all the same as being in my readers’ understanding. So, trying to be as clear possible and working as in trance, for about a month, I had the final surprise to hold in my hands the draft of a whole book. For many reasons, I decided to name it: BYTES OF LIGHT. The synergy of Biophotonic Homeopathy: theoretical explanations and practical connections. But, before being published as a book, as soon as possible, I am happy to publish its main ideas in HOMEOPATHY 4 EVERYONE, first; as a homage to the wonderful people contributing towards making HOMEOPATHY a real “Queen of the Future Medicine”A MEDICINE 4 EVERYBODY.

2 Traian D. Stanciulescu, Signs of light. A biophotonic approach to human (meta)physical fundamentals, Performantica & WDO, Iasi / Geneva, 2003a.

23 Among these problems, the authors note the memorizing properties of water, by „superradiance” (frequencies applied to the molecular dipole) or “hollow hydration shells”, its effects on some disorders such as allergies, skin electrical conductivity restoring, acupuncture points, stimulation or inhibition of cells by applying low frequency electromagnetic fields, etc.

3 EXOGENOUS (med.) formed, developed from outside, which is due to causes outside the body.

4 SINERGY s.f. Synergy is the capacity of the elements and/or subsystems of an interconnected and interoperable WHOLE to produce more together than separately. SYNERGY – is simultaneous action, pointed in the same direction, of several organs or more agents. . [Gen. -iei / < fr. synergy, cf. gr. syn – with, ergon – action.

57 For example, separation and measurement of the properties of a single item, detached from a biological system, lets’ say a leaf of a tree, can point out issues that are the result of the whole system and not only of the item, which will make impossible the formulation of a correct explanatory hypotheses. Specifically, the division of a cell can be explained only by the existence of an intensity, namely, the bioelectromagnetic intensity of the related field, in his turn being also an amplified result of a chain made of cells, organs of a synergy of effects, with other words.

68 On the pathway of the scientific dogmatism that often recalls the experiences of Galileo Galilei or those of Hahnemann, a series of events marked the destiny of some reference researchers of the current times. It is known that professor F.A. Popp himself was viewed with criticism by the representatives of the “academic” science for the courage to have tried to sustain the functional principles of the homeopathy with biophotonic arguments, for example.

79 Having in view that the attempt to justify this synthesis requires knowledge of some previous works, already published (in Romanian language inclusively), I am fully aware of the risk of a certain difficulty in understanding; this, especially from a reader, who is not familiar with the scientific language, especially with that one – insufficient available – of the biophotonics. Precisely, for the diminution of a such predictable situation, I chose deliberately the presentation to be as simple as possible, involving only the minimum of the theoretical or experimental scientific supporting arguments. In these circumstances – for any weakness of understanding or for any stiffness of the language – I offer an apology to the potential readers of this study.

810 A hologram is characterized by two attributes: a) it is a virtual coherent complex of wave, generated only by the interference of two lasers, which are reproducing in this way all the details / forms of a certain object; b) it supposes an informational connection between the parts and the wholeness, each part / element reproducing the attributes of the whole system. Such an understanding was possible only by using the biophotonics’ postulates, involving the presence of the “natural lasers”, physical or biological ones.

9 Many of the photos presented in this paper have already been published in other circumstances. But, because they are rare enough and because they are able to sustain the many new ideas of the paper, I decided to use them once again; quite profitable for the original approach of the present study.

1012 I am very grateful to my friend Christopher K. Johannes, who – after reading my papers on homeopathy published in HOMEOPATHY 4 EVERYONE – introduced me into the academic community of the international AKAMAI UNIVERSITY, a very generous spiritual and scientific frame, where I had the chance to meet a lot of special peoples and to sustain my course on: “Therapy by light. Biophotonic fundamentals of complementary medicine“.

1113 We could find here the idea of a transpersonal homeopathy, formulated by Harry van der Zee (2004), able to transfer the necessary information of a certain remedy from the exterior of the human body. It is exactly this idea which lead me to the hypothesis of exogenous homeopathy, which will essentially explaining the Biophotonic Resonator principle of acting. A similar idea is present in the FRACTAL HOMEOPATHY developed by Dr. Mohamed Haddad, who selected 5 plants, having very high frequency, which were dynamized in vide and informated with yin-yang polarity [].

1214 The assumptions made by BLT were justified extensively both theoretically and experimentally- in different works, which are already mentioned. It is important to say that a part of BLT has already been experimentally validated by the authors, using the biophotonic technology of International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss during a common research and conference stage at Neuss, where we have been invited by Professor Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp. Other detail sequences of BLT, derived from the already made assumptions – including some that regards the connection of biophotonics with homeopathy, may be considered still hypothetical (“speculative”, in the scientific sense of the term, of deductive possibilities of explanation), following to be validated or disapproved somehow by researchers.

1315 From the structural point of view this complex comprises the four cosmogonic forces, namely: the land – phosphorus, the bound water, the molecular oxygen, the air, light-fire. From the functional point ov view the biofield generated by living systems, known under many names, beginning with prana,mana, ki, etc., or the vital energy / force will interact in the universe to generate the “VITAL FORCE” of the Cosmos. Perhaps the “5th Force” [Apopei (Apostol), 1998], the 5th element: the ETHER itself…..

1416 Just this sensitivity explains among others that the psycho-mental diseases, of predominantly informational type are very sensitive at the both endogenous and exogenous homeopathic treatment.

17 Just through this last property, the possibility to offer explanations about the existence of a biological hardware (substantial-energetic), capable to generate and sustain holographic phenomena at a level of an informational specific field, represents one of the outstanding contributions of the biophotonics, by the two theories already mentioned.

1518 If at the beginning of 1990s it was still premature to talk about the “holographic resonance” and “biological lasers”, it seems that now the time of recognition of such analysis opens spectacularly Reference works such as those of James Oschman [2000] or Mae-Wan Ho [2008] start to recognize and to recover the innovative ideas such as the presence of the biophotons emissions, the optic function of the membranous liquid crystals, the role of the electro-magnetic (bio)field to explain insufficiently known phenomena such as cellular division, etc. By adding to these valuable synthesis works the integrative perspective of the biophotonics, of bPTEI and BLT respectively, becomes perfectly possible the construction of an integrative information-energy medicine, as recent valuable attempts have already started to prefigure [Simard, 2010]. Extremely important is that a such alternative is not only theoretically sustained but also technologically / applied by construction / implementation of strategies / spectacular bioresonance, diagnosis and treatment devices, based on the role of the information in triggering the human body’s energy resources. Among these, on a crucial position I would place KoRe INERGETIX, a “Biophotonic Resonator” of maximum complexity, conceived and designed by Kiran Schmidt [2010] and, of course, some other bioresonance devices, already used in our researches, such as: OBERON- METATRON, SCIO-INDIGO, REFLEXOGRAPH BIOPULSAR, AURA VIDEO SYSTEM, etc.

16Therapy by / through light“, a category to which homeopathy also belongs, represents the BEMPh type correlated practices ensemble of health state recovery, by renewing the structural and / or functional aspects that affect the human bio-psychic system.


13 The concept of “light” is used in this context in a generic way – that of an electromagnetic spectrum – without just referring to a visible radiation spectrum. It is a substitute for the broad collection of „complex light”, which encompasses all the possible connotations, beginning from The Uncreated Light to the potential light/field created on the first day”, more different from the corpuscular skylight, created on „the 4th day” and completely different from the biophotonic, dual „Living Light” generated by the human coupling of the body with the soul-spirit.


19 It should be noted that this situation is specific only to the subject tested. According to its bio-psycho-logical particularities, each individual will present a result suitable only for his own conditions: according to the homeopathic uniqueness principle.

20 As in the endogenous homeopathy: counts less if the number of homeopathic pills is 5 or 10. Important is the information that these carry and which once radiated / being form of a wave, distributes-spreads itself, almost instantly throughout the system of the body at the accompanying magnetic fields level.

21 I can not specify yet the minimum quantitative limits of the substance to get the efficient action of a certain biophotonic resonator. However, from the practical experience resulted that approx 0,5 grams of active substance still can influence the aura of the entire body. Experimentally it was also proved that in ExHo the nature of that radiant effects is sometimes proportional to the quantity used of active substance in the manufacturing of a BR. In other words, the effect is in some manner equivalent with the system of dilutions in the classical endogenous homeopathy where the intensity of the effect depends on the dilution degree of the remedy.

22 To be notified, as a functional reference observation, that a BR is wear only during the day, in the night being kept and stored at approx. 1,5 meters from the body, to avoid the influence from outside, through aura, of the metabolic processes during the night.

23 “The pleasure principle”, correlated to psycho-mental dysfunctions, is going to be presented in a subsequent approach of the present study.

242 As we have already shown in our books, this remark is extremely important whereas it could explain the helicoidal and dextrogyrate genesis of the DNA [St?nciulescu, Manu, 2002].

253 We have tried-out with different bioresonance devices that – according to “the screw law” from Physics – the shape of a dextrogyrate spiral is stimulating regarding the body’s state, while a levogyrate spiral is inhibitive / relaxant.

264 Carl Jung was the one who noticed that patients having psycho-mental dysfunctions were optimizing their state by drawing such shapes, dancing by token of their archetype etc. This has been the premises for elaborating the famous theory of “the collective unconscious”. This theory actually has a much more simple explanation, which we have defined as a “pleasure principle/thesis”: the body/psychic optimizes its state when it chooses to see or to operate with shapes, colors etc. The homeopathic balancing of the bio-psychic state is realized through the mechanism of “holographic resonance”. This principle/thesis – which we shall be nuanced in a ulterior sequence of its research – postulates that: “I like it because I have an organic need for it, because it does me good…”.

About the author

Traian D. Stanciulescu

Prof. Dr. Traian D. Stanciulescu graduated from the Institute of Architecture and from the Faculty of Philosophy. He is currently a full professor at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iassy in Romania where he teaches semiotics, hermeneutics, creatology, etc., and coordinates doctoral papers in these fields. He is a senior scientific researcher at the National Inventics Institute in Iassy. He has written and coordinated 32 books including Signs of Light and Semiotics of Light. For his theoretical and practical research, he has received many international awards.
Prof. Stanciulescu is President of ROASS (Romanian Association of Semiotic Studies) and Vice-president of ANATECOR
(Romanian National Association for Complementary Therapy)


  • when i consider the creation manifesting at the vibration of loving intent spoken by our Creator, even with my very limited knowledge and ability to understand all that is being presented by the author, i am thrilled at the continuing revelations of the complexities of life, the depths to which the true patterns are being witnessed and the role vibration plays in the communications in relationships……so simple so limitless so life-giving….
    thank you thank you for this opportunity to celebrate! may the ‘love- spoken- here’ sign hang on every heart.

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