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Homeopathy and Biophotonics (II) The ‘Vital Force’: Explanatory Contributions Of The “Biological Lasers’ Theory

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Homeopathy and Biophotonics (II) The ‘Vital Force’: Explanatory Contributions Of The “Biological Lasers’ Theory

ABSTRACT. From the perspective of biophotonics, the science of the “living light” (bioluminescence) which all the biological systems emit, the article presents two original theories concerning the human body functionality and structure: the (bio)Photonic Theory of Energy-Information and the “Biological Lasers” Theory. Already experimentally verified, these emergent theories are able to explain rationally the nature and the action of the “Vital Force” and implicitly of the homeopathic mechanisms. Consequently, by the clarifying contributions of biophotonics, homeopathy gets a decisive support for becoming entirely scientific.

KEY WORDS: bioluminescence, energy-information fields, holographic resonance, “biological lasers” systems, nonlinear optic, biophotonic effects of remedies, principle of life.

As Hahnemann’s contribution of the foundation of homeopathy has recently celebrated its 200th year, the science of the “living light – which we would call Biophotonics – has just accomplished its 30th year.   This science of the (bio)luminescent (energy-information) fields – still unconventional, but plenary opened towards future – was founded by a group of German bio-physicists, coordinated by Professor Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp. By using a very special technology (a photo-multiplier and a photo-counter), the German researchers have clearly demonstrated that living systems are emitting biophotons (photons with modified physical properties: speed, frequency, etc.) and implicitly that these emissions have some similar properties as lasers. In this respect, from the triple viewpoint of biology, technology and biotechnology, we could assert that biophotonics is connected to [cf. Stanciulescu, 2003b: 257]:

– the effects of using photonic technology (lasers) in biology and medicine (homeopathy implicitly);

– the generation, stocking and transmission of bio-photons at the level of living systems;

– amplified and -stimulated emission of radiation by living systems, can be compared with laser systems to explain the effects of external natural / artificial energy-information fields upon the structure and functionality of biological systems [1].

The present article considers only some of the major postulates of biophotonic theories, by correlating them with lesser-known aspects of homeopathic mechanisms. In this way, the therapists (homeopaths) may discover the virtues of an emergent science, able to offer an integrative frame to homeopathic practice, belonging as it does to both the past and future times.

In other terms, the very old holistic principle of the ancient Greeks (which was learnt, as Plato recognizes in his dialog Charmides, from Zalmoxis’ thraco-getians physicians) – to cure first the “soul” (the energetic-informational body, the human “Vital Force” respectively) and only after that the physical body – will be recuperated in the frame of the quantum / energic-informational / synergic / integrated medicine, which is implicit in homeopathy.



The first integrative explanatory theory concerning this already known bioluminescent emission, namely the “Coherence Theory” (CT), supposes that the fully coherent fields of biophotons emitted in two different situations (with identical spectral distributions), could be “responsible for intra- and intercellular communication and regulation of biological functions such as biochemical activities, cell growth and differentiation” [Popp, a.o., 2001: 98-99]. It is exactly this coherence that characterizes the homeopathic “life force” too. Consequently, according to CT, we could postulate that a certain homeopathic potency carries the same functional and structural regulatory property at the level of a living system, by transmitting it coherently and instantaneously at the level of the whole organism, or, on the other hand, by focusing it (by a special resonance / tropism) at the level of a specific receptor (organ, for example) only.

Based on these general hypotheses, which we have extensively analyzed in our book Signs of Light [Stanciulescu, 2003], emergent scientific theories are being developed, concerning the nature and the effects of (bio)electromagnetic fields; these theories include the Photonic Theory of Energy-Information (PTEI) and the Biological Lasers” Theory (BPL).

(1) The “Photonic Theory of Energy-Information” (PTEI) [Constantinescu, Stanciulescu, (1993) and Stanciulescu, Constantinescu, (1995)] explains how it is possible to influence the corpuscle / body states acting on its afferent energetic-information field  (the “auric / etheric body”), by mechanisms of holographic resonance. The regulatory role mentioned above becomes entirely understandable by means of the interference of the remedy’s emission of waves and the “auric field” of the receptor biological system [cf. figure 11, Stanciulescu, 2006]. Synthetically, we must note that, by means of physical-mathematical instruments too, PTEI postulates the next hypotheses:

1) It is possible to describe the double nature of light – corpuscular and undulatory, electric and magnetic – by associating it predominantly with the energetic and informational dimensions. The duality corpuscle-wave – of the “body” and “soul” (or “Vital Force”), responsible for the health state of all the living systems – can be visualized now by different (bio)photonic technologies, such as (figure 1a,b,c): spectroscopy [cf. Jayasuriya, 1997: 103]), electronography [cf. Dumitrescu, Constantin, 1977: 118-119], etc.

Figure 1. Biophotonic representations of the corpuscle-wave duality: a) spectroscopic images of different potencies of pulsatilla: the colors of the original photos (realized by Paul J. Callinan) are representing different type of information / (bio)luminescent waves (frequencies), able to interact with human body’s field (aura); b) electronographic (frontal and lateral) image of an electro-dermal active point (corresponding to an “energy-information trap”).

2) By connecting with homeopathy the above mentioned duality, we could assert – using the terms of semiology – that each remedy supposes the double presence of: a) the physical / substantial original source of the remedy (the referential, homeopathically transformed by trituration, dilution etc.), able to radiate the specific information / waves (the signified) of the different type of remedies mentioned in Materia Medica; b) the neutral support of this radiation (the signifier) represented by lactose or other solid / liquid substratum.

3) By using PTEI, it is possible to explain the transfer of wave-like information to the substantial vibratiles (the membranous liquid crystals, for example), through a “homeomorphic mechanism” of “holographic resonance;” in this regard, the process of determining properties of the induced field resembles the electro-magnetic (EM) field effect upon different type of substrates  (figure 2).

Figure 2. The genesis of the “archetypal form of light”:  (a) the “virtual EI ovoid” (EM “lines of force”) present between the two poles of a magnet and its interaction with: (b) water molecules; (b) iron powder; (d) organic matter (cellular cytoplasm).

As a consequence of this “putting in-form” mechanism, it is possible for us to understand how the bio-field (as an “informational matrix”, as homeopathic remedies could be considered) represents the cause of the possible (re)disposition / reordering of the body substratum structures and, consequently, regenerating the human body health state.  The above mentioned aspects – related to the “magic” of complementary therapies – are just a few that make very clear that according to PTEI [2]: the regeneration of the cells / tissues / organs under the effect of one’s own mental configurations, of the prayer, incantation or positive thinking, the information transfer from one human subject to another, starting from telepathy to distal therapy (figure 3a), the phenomena of bio-energizing by hands (figure 3b) or of stimulation by means of “magic” objects, such as are the “amulets” containing organic ingredients (biophotonic resonators), as sources of some exogenous  homeopathic effects [Stanciulescu, 2006].

Figure 3. Biophotonic /  holographic resonance: 1) Kirlian photos putting into evidence: (a) the auric malfunctions of an ill person; (b) the regularization of the body’s aura after some distal therapy (by Reiki procedure) [cf. Caraush, 2004: 80-84]; 2) the quite evident difference between two plants of soy: from a seed stimulated by the hands of a bioenergictherapist (left) and from a normal seed (right) [experiment realized at Timnic research station, Romania].

Consequently, we could conclude that even the homeopathic remedies are working on this way, by transmitting holographically to the human body systems the optimizing information-wave of an exterior curative source (including homeopathic remedies) [Stanciulescu, 2004c; 2006].

(2) The “Biological Lasers” Theory (BLT) [cf. Stanciulescu, Manu, 2001, 2002] clarifies the determinative (genetic) relationships between the human “corpuscle”  (physical body) and its associated “wave” (bioluminescent / auric body), manifested in the invisible electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. The major topic of this theory concerns light interference with living matter, presented from the perspective of biophotonics, being founded on two basic hypotheses [3]:

(1) due to its double quality, both energetic and informational, light (the EM field) plays a crucial role in the structural and functional organization of the living matter;

(2) the mechanism that can explain this involvement is the light amplification by stimulated emission of (bio)radiation (namely a “biological laser” process).

From the perspective of biophotonics, two structural-functional systems are responsible for the optical activity of the living organism that generates bioluminescence as a “biological laser” phenomenon. These two systems are:

the molecular system of a semi-conductor type phosphate – linked water – molecular oxygen, which realizes the phenomenon of bioluminescence that is the stimulated and amplified emission of light which penetrates biological structures (according to the anti-Stokes rule in non-linear optics);

? the organic structures with liquid crystal properties (such as phospholipids are) present in cellular membranes and in cytoplasm too, able to transmit step by step, through birefringence, polarization, selective reflection and rotary magnetic dispersion, the properties of the (bio)laser-type emission: coherence, monochromatcity, directionality and intensity of light.

The omnipresence of these systems at the structural level of living bodies – human, but also animal and vegetable – provides ample support for the major hypothesis of BLT [Stanciulescu, Manu, 1995], namely: the correlated actions of the molecular semiconductor “biological-laser” and of the organic structures with liquid crystal properties reflect the fact that the molecules, membranes, cell nuclei, cells, organs and the whole organism function as “biological laser” systems, both linked and included, by generating a complex of correlated biochemical, electrical, magnetic and photonic (BEMPh) phenomena.  On the one hand, it is possible to argue that all these systems present evident structural analogies to the technical laser optic resonator, active substance, optical pumping source of light, cooling system, electromagnetic director field, etc. On the other hand, the functionality of these biological complexes generates a bioluminescent phenomenon, having all the already mentioned properties of a “natural laser” emission.  A very schematic presentation of the six types of “biological lasers” specific to the human body, is absolutely necessary in the present frame too, for suggesting the exceptional explanatory force of biophotonics, in general, and for its possible application in the field of homeopathic therapy, in particular [4].

(1) The semiconductor molecular “biological laser” system. According to the “biological laser” theory (BLT), this system generates an ultra-weak emission of bioluminescence (fluorescence or phosphorescence) at the level of the molecular complex phosphate – linked water – molecular oxygen (figure 4) [5], taking into consideration our demonstration (involving the mechanisms of quantum physics and of non-linear optics) that:

– the luminous radiation emission of the living systems is not a spontaneous emission process (as phosphorescence is considered to be), but a process of the amplified and stimulated luminous radiation, i.e., a “biological laser” emission type, like the technical laser emission;

– a “?” type meta-stable electron of the phosphorus atom within in the phosphate group (as a biological non-linear medium) is responsible for generating and maintaining the process of light (photons) absorption and amplified emission of biophotonic radiation (figure 4).

Figure 4. The TLB model concerning the absorption / emission process of stimulated and amplified light radiation at the level of the “molecular semiconductor” system: the role of the metastable “?” electron of phosphate in laser emission process (according to the nonlinear optics). We could find in this mechanism the presence of the symbolical “four elements”: … fire ? earth ? water ? air ? fire …, respectively: light ? phosphate ? linked water ? molecular oxygen… The result – not only symbolic – of this process is: the (BIO)LIGHT / BIOLUMINESCENCE = the “VITAL FORCE”…

The complex phosphate – linked water – molecular oxygen is essentially involved in the unitary genesis of all the living systems (plants, animals, humans), by representing the active substance of all the types of “biological lasers”, able to mediate the metamorphosis of the “natural / artificial light” into “living light” (mana, prana, ki), respectively into the “Vital Force” which homeopathy implicitly uses. Or, in a certain way, to generate this bio-luminescence (aura) means for human being “to be alive”, on the one hand, and on the other hand to be healthy, if the “active substance” is in a good state of functionality.

Consequently, as F.A. Popp a.o. demonstrated (1992), the bioluminescence phenomenon appears to be a “delayed luminescence”, wherein the greater the density, the force of emission and the frequency of the incident light, the longer the duration. In a certain way, each homeopathic remedy could be considered as being a quantum energy-information (E-I) trap, a source of “delayed luminescence”, able to interact with human body’s aura emission.

(2) The membranous “biological laser” system. This type of “biological laser” is structured or constructed of semiconductor “molecular lasers” in combination with thermic-tropic type liquid crystals. It can be found in all cellular membranes as well as in organelles such as chloroplasts and mitochondria. This system has all the liquid crystal features, such as: optic reflection and refraction, birefringence and rotatory magnetic dispersion (figure 5a), diamagnetic memory properties, piezoelectricity, etc.

As a consequence of the piezoelectric effect, for example, the ordered liquid crystals in cellular membranes can transform any energetic-informational stimulus – photonic, caloric, mechanic, sonorous, tactile, pressure, olfactory, etc. – in electrons and biophotons fluxes. Such a feature is very important for explaining two phenomena:

the possibility of unitary analysis of a great number of types of information / energies by the brain by means of bringing it to a common denominator, namely biophotonic emission (bioluminescence) and electric currency; on the one hand, this is an indirect channel that permits the brain to analyze the information of a certain remedy and then select a corresponding reaction / command (for example, the delivery of certain stimulatory or inhibitory hormones, such as serotonin or melatonin);

the substantial support of the memory (at the level of cellular membrane, especially) that assume the fixation of information and various types of energy upon the biochemical structures of the liquid crystals oriented / fixed on the membranous support in a specific way (figure 5b); on the other hand, at this level the homeopathic remedy also acts by influencing the configuration of the membranous liquid crystals of a certain cell / tissue / organ, respectively by “remembering” their normal (healthy) organization through the pattern of the (bio)electromagnetic information / frequency of the remedy.

Figure 5. The liquid crystal structure of the membrane, explanatory for its: a) optical properties (light’s refraction inside the cellular body); b) memory phenomena:the orientation of the liquid crystals in the membranous field (surface) due to the properties of the incident stimuli (remedy’s vibration, for example), accorded to the oscillation mode of the (monochromatic) light.

On the membranous level, the biochemical, electric, magnetic and biophotonic (BEMPh) effects initiated by the presence of a luminous stimulus are responsible for the following categories of processes, not enough known by standard medical sciences: the energic-informational genesis of the helicoidal and dextrogyrate DNA structure, the photolysis of cellular membranes, the generation of the organic polymers network, the formation of reserves of molecular compounds (energy / information traps), the apparition of the membranous black-holes assuring the cells’ nutrition, the generation of the electric potential of repose and of action and the “solenoidal” characteristics of the cell, the (bio)photonic / auric effects connected to cells: thermal, plasmatic, holographic, etc.

All these type of processes could be beneficially influenced / stimulated through the information carried by a homeopathic stimuli, information able to optimize the functionality of the liquid crystals (membranous and cytoplasmatic): their transparency against light respectively [6]. The same effect of a “biological / natural laser” (emission of coherent light) is generated by the homeopathic remedy, due to:

– the organic (liquid) crystals present at the level of certain remedy (in the case of small potencies, usually), able to influence / stimulate the optical functions of the membranous “biological laser” systems (the optimal refraction and reflection of the cellular membranes, for example);

– the vibratory properties of the remedies, able to stimulate the delivery of a flux of electrons and (bio)photons at the level of the human organism E-I traps.

(3) The nuclear “biological laser” system.This system – structurally formed by some other types of liquid crystals (such as are the liothrope crystals RNA, DNA, TPA, etc., found in nucleus-plasma, mitochondrion and organelles) – is responsible for some essential phenomena, namely:

? the incidental light, self-focusing and self-filamenting in the nucleus, can transform a large fascicle into a narrower, more powerful one, a mechanism analogous to that used in laser technique; this is one of the mechanism which led some researchers (Popp, Gu, Li) to consider DNA as a “bio-laser” (figure 6a);

? the storage of a large number of biophotons in the nuclear DNA and mitochondrion medium, which can get stuck between DNA’s catenae (as the most profound light-information trap) for an indefinite period of time;

? the initiation of the specific electromagnetic effects inside organelles as division of genetic material in the nucleus, in mitochondria and the cell itself and mitosis starting with RNA in nucleolus of the nucleus (intro-nuclear), by generating the cellular E-I  traps (figure 6b); etc.

Figure 6. Essential properties of the nuclear (cellular) “bio-laser” system: a) light’s self-focalisation and self-filamentation in monochromatic focuses (the “energetic cone” effect); b) the nuclear (cellular) division, according the BLT’s modeling:a certain intensity of the contrary / opposite (bio)electro-magnetic forces (realised only at a certain level of the linked cellular “bio-lasers” system) is necessary for determining the division of the nuclear (cellular) mass; this mechanism could explain why certain nervous cell does not still divide in the case of the mature human being.

It is exactly these “traps” which homeopathic remedies are able to stimulate (by a “holographic resonance” mechanism) in order to release the latent E-I resources of the human organism.

(4) The cellular “biological laser” system.This system – formed from a complex of linked and intricated “biological lasers” (molecular, membranous, nuclear) – has some special characteristics (figure 7):

(1) Structurally, the cellular system is the first to show its similarity with all the reference points of the technical laser: resonant optic cavity; the active substance; the pumping and photon obturation; buffering and cooling systems; and orientation of electromagnetic field. This detailed correspondence suggests that bioluminescence is a laser type one, as we have already extensively argued in our integrative research [Stanciulescu, 2003b]. It therefore seems probable that an interference between the human body bioluminescence and the waves of the homeopathic remedy – previously stimulated / (bio)energized by  a natural  source (such as human hands’ bioluminescent emission) or by a technical coherent fluxes of light (of a laser, for example) – could be responsible for a more efficient effect of the remedy. We could implicitly find in this context a practical suggestion: that of optimizing the curative properties of a remedy by its stimulation with a (bio)laser source of light.

(2) Functionally, the “cellular laser” allows the following BEMPh categories of complementary effects to become manifest:

– The biochemical phenomena are typical of daytime (the luminescent stimulus is accumulated and stored in macro-energetic compounds TPA, TPG, etc.) and of nighttime (the energetic-informational reserves are delivered for maintaining the bioluminescence and its effects). The homeopathic remedies are generally acting as a “daily / lightly-time” type of mechanism, permitting the nearly instantaneous reaction, inside the human body, to an external stimulus: the remedy’s biochemical information, in the case of very low potencies, and in the case of the high potencies, the photonic information able to trigger biochemical reactions.

– The electrical phenomena at the cellular level results from the fact that the cell makes an “electromagnetic oscillatory circuit”(solenoid) in the cellular membranes, due to the presence of the action-rest currency; the fact that the cell is working like an emission-reception type of bio-electromagnetic circuit makes it possible for the cell to transmit information by electromagnetic resonance, having the “monochromatic impulse frequency”. According to BLT’s hypotheses concerning the complementarity of the BEMPh mechanisms, the remedy’s photonic information will initiate a specific potential currency at the cellular membrane level, which is transmitted to the brain by this channel too.

– The magnetic phenomena are found both in the shallow level of the cell (the occurrence of the membranous “black-hole”, of the magnetic cellular N-S poles) and its deep level, as cellular division, i.e. the cellular self-reproduction as an effect of the magnetic field interaction, the periodical occurrence of the magnetic impulses of electronic and photonic nature. Moreover, the cell is also a magnetic trap for the “biological laser” plasma generated as a secondary biophotonic effect. The electric effect generated by the remedy’s information in the membranous solenoid is also transferred at the level of the cellular magnetic (bio-plasmatic) field implicitly and, after that, step by step at the level of the whole organism. This magnetic / plasmatic channel could be associated with the “nadis net” already known by the oriental medicine.

d) The photonic phenomena (bioluminescence) are determined by the main source of energy and information, light being a cellular biologic material organizing factor and also the genetic material (in the shape of inorganic and organic living-matter). In accord with non-linear optics, from the photon viewpoint, we can consider the cell as a “biological parametric generator of superior optical frequencies”, i.e. a generator of superior harmonics of the incident radiation (with visible frequency deviated towards ultraviolet) as well as having an amplifier role in the amplitude of the luminous radiation energy. Conforming to its source and preparation, a homeopathic remedy could transmit only a certain type of vibration / information (representing the “monochromaticity of remedy”), or an assembly of complex frequencies (by determining the “harmonic chromaticity” of the remedy).

These different characteristics could also explain the mechanisms of two homeopathic possible strategies:

a) to use the unicist strategy, prescribing in the classical way “one remedy at a time, usually in high potency”; such a polychrest remedy, which activates the fundamental wave (frequency) of the ill person, “has many widespread uses, covering wide variety of mental, emotional and physical symptomatology” [Yasgur, 2004: 271; 191];

b) to use a complex of complementary remedies, in a longer period of time, able to act one after the other. So, after remedy a some symptoms are left that fit remedy b, which is then given. In a complex remedy, several remedies are combined that are considered to be useful for the same indicators. Complex remedies are not classical and only require the medical diagnosis, hardly a homeopathic one.

Figure 7. The (photoreceptive) cone-cell conforming BLT: a)the cell’s structural correspondence with a technical lasers; b) the transformation of the bioluminescent information from analogous signal in digitally signal, at the level of the cellular resonator and of the axon respectively; due to its biophotonic properties, each nervous cell is functioning like a “optical fiber”.

The differences among various “biologic type” systems that form the cell result from the differences of size (macroscopic aspect) and structure of the active substance (phosphates, liquid crystals, nucleic acid, etc.). They also result from the differences regarding the two essential types of energetic amplification realized along the linked “cellular lasers”, trough:

a) modulation in frequency: the deviation of the incident visible light towards the invisible scale of the EM spectrum (UV, X, gamma, etc.); such a modulation is realized by two mechanisms, namely: (a) at the level of the molecular “biological laser” (phosphate – linked water – molecular oxygen), according to the anti-Stokes rule (from non-linear optics), the incident light will increase its frequency; (b) at the level of the membranous liquid crystals, by each refraction the incident light waves will double its frequency;

b) modulation in amplitude: the light’s (bioluminescence) focalization is monochromatic and focuses by the “energetic cone” effect (figure 5b), facilitated by the cell’s character as a “laser resonator” lined with liquid crystals (as coherent reflecting mirrors); consequently, the very high frequency of the incident radiation (natural light, for example) will be transformed inside the linked “cellular lasers” into a low frequency (fluxes / impulses) of light.

According TLB, each cell of the organism functions with light as a main source of energy and information. Either they receive it directly or indirectly through other cells’ bioluminescence, respectively from different types of “E-I traps” (considering each homeopathic remedy to be a variety of such a trap).

(5) The organ “biologic laser” systems.These systems are characterized by specific features derived out of their structure and functionality. Certain general features, specific to all the “organ laser” systems, can be noticed in accordance with the BLT hypothesis. From the structural viewpoint, the organ “biologic lasers” are super-systems, an intricate biologic system, made of subordinate systems: molecular, membranous, nuclear and cellular “biological lasers”. From the functional point of view, these systems ensure the main functions of the organism. Each “organ laser” – such as the brain, for example (figure 9a) – initiates specific BEMPh phenomena, namely:

a) The biochemical effects must be synchronized and correlated to: the mediation of the human body exchanges of substances, the external medium or to the neighbouring organs through the “linked biological organ lasers” on the nervous chain of digestive, respiratory, cardio-vascular, urinary and genital systems, which play well-determined physiological roles within the organism. By its possibility to determine a “holographic resonance” at the organism level, the homeopathic remedy has a direct functional effect of stimulation, and only indirectly a structural effect. This happens because the remedies are not carrying predominantly energetic-substantial content, as a lot of medical remedies do, but they are carrying especially field-information. It is exactly this information which the organ “biological lasers” are receiving, processing and holographically registering.

b) The electric effects shown on the level of the “organ lasers” are generally known in the shape of the action potentials. The frequency of the photonic impulses determines the electric impulses of biorhythms specific to each organ as it generates them. These impulses generate heartbeats, brain electrical activity rhythms, etc. According to BLT, the frequency of the electrical impulses of the organs is determined by the optical activity of the nervous system. This activity – which begins with the optic nerves and regulates the frequency and intensity of impulses induced in the cerebral trunk and the spinal medulla – could be influenced by the specific radiant information of a certain remedy. Such an undulatory information (characterized by frequency, amplitude, etc. of the homeopathic remedy too) – spread inside the human body by the channel of the “biological water”, of the “nadis net” or of the nervous system – is able to regulate the organs functionality (by synchronizing the electrical impulse transmission at the organ level, by reestablishing the right electric polarity of each organ, etc.).

c) The magnetic effects specific to the biological activity of the organs are to be correlated to the “organ memory” that is the result of a succession of optical phases and a synchronized optic activity in all cells’ membranes of the same generation cells, as a sum in space (holographic effect) and time of these cells’ memories.

According to BLT, this memory is registered both at the level of the cellular organic liquid crystals, the bioluminescent field and the solenoidal electromagnetic field of the cells which form the reference organ. Thus, each organ constitutes its own memory in the shape of an optic hologram. It is exactly such a specific hologram which a specific remedy transmits as an optic message (the harmonic frequency of waves) to the organs, by “remembering” their normal (healthy) structure or / and functionality.

d) The photonic effects – generated by bioluminescence in organs – are the consequence of the functional synchronism between the cells belonging to the same embryo-genetic generation. At the level of these cells, embryo-genetically placed in the same luminous front, the local buffer systems synchronize and damp the luminous electromagnetic oscillations and all BEMPh phenomena, generating holographic, thermal and plasmatic effects.  Together, these aspects explain the coherence / resonance /  E-I relationships embryo-genetically established between different organs / zones of the organism. Such a phenomenon makes possible the therapeutic procedures of homeopathy, acupuncture, reflex-therapy, etc.: the strong resonance / coherence established between: the remedy frequency, on the one hand, a certain “E-I trap” or / and a malfunctioning organ, on the other hand.

Figure 8. The organ “biological laser” system:a) the eye: the main holographic system (the incident luminous information is spread at different deep levels of the cerebral mass, by explaining the correlation between localisation and diffusion theory of the memory; the holographic functioning of the brain, which Karl Pribram has already postulated [1971], without having – at that time – the sine-qua-non BLT’s arguments (the presence of the “biolaser light” and of the “biological lasers” hierarchical systems); b) the “psi wave” representation.

The double mechanism of modulation (in frequency and amplitude) already mentioned is also responsible for the “light metamorphosis” (the genesis of the “living light” respectively), being able to explain the specific characteristics of the cerebral (“psi”) wave, having (figure 8b): a higher energetic support (a high frequency: 1015 Hz or higher) as signifier, able to sustain and transmit (inside or outside the human body) the rich informational content (signified) of the low cerebral waves frequency (0,5-30 cycles / second, as the EEK puts into evidence) [Stanciulescu, 2004: 113-116]. The same mechanism is responsible for the metamorphosis and the coherent assumption of the remedies emission of light (information) into the “living light” too, transmitted to the brain and / or to the organs.

(6) The organismic “biologic laser” system.This system is a result of all the mechanisms and processes characterizing the subordinated systems’ structure and functionality ranging from the molecular ones to those of the principal organs. We note the following hypothesis of BLT that tracks the BEMPh phenomena taking place in the organism as a whole (figure 9):

a) The biochemical phenomena include the existence of some biosynthesis that is, forming some strategic resources (traps) of biochemical activators on the level of various organs (the liver, the spleen) or hormone and enzyme secretor glands. As we have already mentioned, these organic E-I traps can also be stimulated by different homeopathic remedies, corresponding (by resonance) to different organs of the body.

b) The electric phenomena observed in the human organism involve the existence of the large electric potentials between the poles of the organism (the head and feet), the existence of a growing repose potential level in the receptor extremity towards the effector extremity, the existence of a difference in potential between left-hand and right-hand sides of the human body, etc. The remedies having a certain polarity (due to their predominant color / frequency are susceptible to change, if necessary, the polarity of the whole organism.

c) The magnetic phenomena specific to the human organism aim at doubling the pair organs; optic memory (holographic memory) of the entire organism (as a magnetic dipole with N-S polarity, feet-head respectively, etc. In homeopathy, the role of the unique remedy is to remember the properties of the fundamental wave of the organism’s aura, corresponding to each individual personality.

d) The photonic phenomena specific to the human body aim at the “terminal” feature of the bioluminescent radiation process dependent on the finite number of monochromatic biophotons, emitted at the epidermis level (in the shape of bright effluxes (streamers) shown by electrographic techniques.

This process explains to us the generation and maintenance of the bioluminescence phenomenon (often disputed) which generates the human aura and its functional role (which BLT can explain) in accordance with derived effects such as: a) the holographic effect in the shape of the colored spectrum (in ultraviolet) of the “chakras”; b) the thermal effects synthesis appearing first in body heat; c) the plasmatic effects highlighted by “biological laser” plasma effluxes at the level of the fingers, the head, eyes, etc. All these effects are correlated with the homeopathic concept of the “Vital Force”.

Figure 9. Schematic representation of the “light’s road”, according to BLT: a)the structural resonant relationship embryo-genetically established between the different organs belonging to the same primordial foil: ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm; this holographic correspondence among different parts of the organism, explaining the “resonant tropism” of the different (homeopathic, phitotherapeutic) remedies, or of different energetic practices such as acupuncture, reflex-therapy, etc.; b) the “daily” (?)  and “nightly” (?) circuit of light inside the human body, out into evidence by oriental conception of major energetic channels (I = Shushuma; II = Pingala; III = Ida), unifying the seven chakras.

The correlation of all these bio-electromagnetic phenomena / effects in the human body makes the human being behave like a sophisticated bio-sensor that resonates / inter-phases (faces) with external fields, and, therefore, with the field of the homeopathic remedies, by influencing them and being influenced by them in turn.

About the author

Traian D. Stanciulescu

Prof. Dr. Traian D. Stanciulescu graduated from the Institute of Architecture and from the Faculty of Philosophy. He is currently a full professor at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iassy in Romania where he teaches semiotics, hermeneutics, creatology, etc., and coordinates doctoral papers in these fields. He is a senior scientific researcher at the National Inventics Institute in Iassy. He has written and coordinated 32 books including Signs of Light and Semiotics of Light. For his theoretical and practical research, he has received many international awards.
Prof. Stanciulescu is President of ROASS (Romanian Association of Semiotic Studies) and Vice-president of ANATECOR
(Romanian National Association for Complementary Therapy)


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    The organiser of hpathy,
    Subject:Regarding BIOPHOTONICS.
    Respected sir/madam you are doing & experimenting homoeopathy in correct direction.A ground proof for potentisation theory based on vital force theory heis most important for scientific explanation of homoeopathy.We[I myself & my wife ]are doing advanced research since last 23 years on the qualities of homoeopathy medicined based on QUANTUM PHYSICS/MECHANICS PRINCIPLES.No doubt our POTENTISED homoeopathic medicines are equipped with INFINITESIMAL SMALL PARTICLES AS DEFINED BY OUR MASTER DR.SAMUEL HAHNEMANN ARE EXPERIMENTALLY PROVED ON HIMSELF & DRUG PROVERS,ARE NOTHING BUT THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF “PHOTONS”.These photons are mainly detected dy very sophisticated instruments such as “PHOTOMULTIPLIER TUBE & NMR IMAGING”.
    According to existing advanced knowledge of photons we can prove on scientific platform that the HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES ARE APPLIED IN THE FORMS OF PHOTONS/LIGHT PARTICLES/LIGHT ISOTOPES[PHOTONS OF DIFFERENT SIZE]
    The vital force is the only source in the living human beings which is having a capacity & efficiency to detect these very tiny photons in its original form & to interpret its meaning through the mechanism of DECODING TECHNIQUE.Hence the meaning of different types of photons of different types of medicines are sensed through the mechanism of altered sensation & functions during drug proving,in particular part of the body/system/organ/tissues/cells in the form of signs & symptoms.These appearing signs & symptoms are having the speed of light particles.Hence the effect of Homoeopathic medicine is equivalant to the the speed of light.
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  • Dear Editor,
    This article presents promising ideas in biophysics, especially the research of Fritz-Albert Popp, which as far as I know is relatively unchallenged by the scientific community.

    It is however premature to link the metaphysical concept of vital force with such research. This link is at present speculative. It is far too early to conclude that…’these emergent theories are able to explain rationally the nature and the action of the “Vital Force” and implicitly of the homeopathic mechanisms. Consequently, by the clarifying contributions of biophotonics, homeopathy gets a decisive support for becoming entirely scientific.’

    Having said that I have no doubt that the key to understanding homeopathy lies in this direction and whilst homeopaths and patients who benefit may be sympathetic to this article most scientists would not bother to read it.

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