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Homeopathy: What it is?

Written by Elaine Lewis

Every new user of homeopathy has at least one amazing story to tell about “the homeopathic miracle” Here are a few stories from my own life: In 1980, I had a serious concussion. My German Shepherd, Larry, was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver in 1987.

Today we are going to address one of the most frequently asked questions of our time:

What is homeopathy?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find anyone who could answer that question–without putting everyone to sleep! Have you heard the usual answer? “A substance, which in over-dose can cause certain symptoms in a healthy person, can, when given in small doses, heal similar symptoms in a person presenting with a similar condition.” Huh??? I’m sorry, I suddenly dozed off, were you just talking? Nevermind, I’ve given up! Homeopathy is natural healing that works like magic–end of story!

Every new user of homeopathy, aside from saying, “How come my doctor doesn’t know about this?” has at least one amazing story to tell about “the homeopathic miracle” . Here are a few stories from my own life:

1. In 1980, I had a serious concussion. I was in a car accident; a city emergency vehicle ran a red light (of course the driver claimed that I ran the red light, but, more on the local fire department and the legal profession later!). I had a head injury. I was in a classic “Arnica” state (Arnica Montana–mountain daisy). People who need Arnica often say, after an accident: “I’m fine, really! I don’t need to go to the hospital, I wasn’t hurt! Really, there’s nothing wrong with me!” But at the time, I knew nothing of the remedy Arnica. (Forgive me if you don’t take plants seriously, but, what is Aspirin? It’s willow bark! What is Digitalis? It’s foxglove! Now no more snickering!)

The next day, I was in bad shape–energy at an all time low, not even enough energy to dial the phone–it was much worse than being “tired”; headache, it goes without saying, and severe depression! “I’m not myself,” I kept saying, “and I’ll never be myself again!” I knew that the police from AID (Accident Investigation Division) had told me they would call at 6 PM to get my statement, and I was distressed because I didn’t think I had the strength to talk to them. The only thing I knew of “homeopathy” in 1980 was “The Cell Salts”–and I’m not sure I even knew that they were homeopathic remedies, or if I even cared. I had all of them. I had used Ferrum phos. 6X successfully for colds; I had used Kali phos. 6X successfully for anxiety and worry, but now I decided that I would take “Bioplasma 6X”–the cell salt “combination remedy” containing all 12 cell salts (minerals) in one preparation; it’s like a homeopathic multi-mineral supplement–in the hope that I might recover sufficiently to be able to talk on the phone when the police called.

I tapped 4 tiny cell salt pellets in my mouth every 10 ten minutes (which is what my reference book on the cell salts said to do in acute cases) and here’s what happened: miraculously–and this is a word you hear a lot in homeopathy–one hour later I was not only totally and completely recovered, I got up and went back to work! When the police called at 6 PM, I had no trouble taking their phone call. The depression was completely gone! Energy? Normal! Headache? Still had it, but didn’t care. And you’ll hear this a lot from homeopathic patients, “I still have it, but, it doesn’t bother me.” I’ll get into this more later. I just want to end this story by saying that one of the cell salts in that combination remedy, Natrum sulphuricum, is, next to Arnica, the main remedy for head injury, especially depression after head injury! For all my limited knowledge of homeopathy, amazingly, I had the very remedy I needed!

2. My German Shepherd, Larry, in 1987, was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. He just laid around the house, didn’t eat anything unless it was fed to him by hand, otherwise, he had no interest in food. We were thinking of having him put to sleep. Our homeopathic vet gave him Arsenicum alb. 30X to be taken once a day. I remember she held the vial of Arsenicum under his nose. I had no idea what she was doing, but looking back, I think she was looking to see if his pupils dilated, which is a trick for confirming the right remedy. He made a complete recovery in a short time and started eating like a pig again and his enthusiasm for life was back in full force! Isn’t cirrhosis supposed to be an incurable disease?

3. My sister’s cat, Alex, in 1994, had arthritis and could hardly walk. I gave him a single dose of Rhus tox 30C and the next morning (!) he was completely recovered and running around like a kitten! Many years later, again, Alex had a return of the arthritis. I told my sister, “Repeat the Rhus tox.” Well, good news…sort of: Alex got better but not without first aggravating for the whole night. I never got the details, just that my sister was furious with me. “What did you give Alex?!”; but, he completely recovered in the morning! He got up and walked and was once again running around like a kitten! Bad news: He was so much improved that he went out one day in his unfenced-in yard and never came back home! Oy!

4. Here’s an example of why homeopaths carry remedies in their pockets: I was in a garden center one day when I backed into a cactus plant! It felt like I had been stung by a dozen bees! Trying to maintain my composure, I pulled the remedy Apis out of my pocket and took one dose. In seconds (!) the pain went away and I went right on with my shopping as if nothing had happened! The next day, I was still pulling tiny cactus needles out of my skin, but there was no pain at all!

5. A couple of years ago while I was outside “Whole Foods Market” loading groceries into the my car, the trunk lid fell down on my head and I began seeing stars! But now I was fully prepared with Arnica! I told myself, “OK, Elaine, just remain calm, you’ve got Arnica in the car!” I quickly finished loading the trunk and made haste to the driver’s seat, opened the ash tray and pulled out my tube of Arnica 200C. One dose and within 5 minutes the whole incident was nothing but a memory as I drove off to continue my day, totally recovered as if nothing had happened! An event like this would have been a disaster for anyone else! First of all, how would such a person have driven home? I have to add a footnote, this actually happened to me a second time! This time it was in Whole Foods’ parking garage–are you beginning to see a pattern here? (Namely that I don’t learn from previous experience?) The trunk lid fell down on my head as I was loading my groceries, only this time I had my husband’s car which has a less heavy trunk lid, so I decided on Arnica 30C instead of the stronger 200C and again, another homeopathic miracle as I drove off completely recovered!

People who feel threatened by homeopathy always demand “proof” that it works! They call accounts like these, “Anecdotal evidence!” Let me ask the supporters of toxic drugs–many of which have no double-blind studies that prove they work–like chemotherapy drugs and vaccines and even Aspirin–a question: do you have any accounts like these? Do you have any stories about incurable, chronic diseases resolving overnight, in, for example, animals (who don’t “believe” in homeopathy, to the best of my knowledge)? I didn’t think so.

I said earlier I would explain the phenomenon of homeopathic patients saying, “I still have the complaint, but it doesn’t bother me.” The correctly chosen homeopathic remedy will do something most people are not accustomed to: it will first work on the mind and the energy, not the local complaint. This is the exact opposite of standard medicine, which acts on the local complaint, often leaving the patient feeling “sick” despite “improvement”. With homeopathy, first the patient feels “better”–relaxed, calm, composed. His energy comes up. His appetite returns. He often relaxes into a sound sleep. The last thing to resolve is often the local complaint. Constantine Hering, MD, founder of American homeopathy, after seeing this phenomenon occur so often, postulated “The Law of Cure”, which we now know as “Hering’s Law” and it goes like this:

Healing takes place from the inside, out;

from the top, down;

from the most important organs to the least important organs

and in reverse order of appearance.

Not just homeopathy, but any truly beneficial healing modality will follow Hering’s Law. Love follows Hering’s Law! I would ask the supporters of toxic drugs, do your cases resolve this way?

But now seriously, why do these remedies work? I’ll tell you briefly, even though I promised not to! They’re based on a universal law called The Law of Similars, or Like Cures Like, first proclaimed by Hippocrates in ancient Greece. Homeopathic remedies in their un-homeopathic state would actually cause what they are known to cure. Common medicines your doctor prescribes–“anti” medicines, as opposed to “similar” medicines, like antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, antacids, etc.–actually antagonize the immune system, forcing it to put out more and more symptoms, escalating the disease, because that’s all the immune system knows to do–the symptoms it creates are there to protect us! There is actually a war going on between the immune system and the doctor. Coughs, diarrhea, sneezing, fevers, vomiting, etc. are all part of our immunity’s protective and life-saving poison-elimination system, you have to wonder what principle of healing the orthodoxy is using when it undertakes to stuff these poisons back in our bodies, or paralyze the eliminative organs with opiates so that they can’t do their job! This is why modern medicine can scarcely cure even a single chronic disease!

Homeopathic remedies, on the other hand, are in agreement with what the immune system is trying to do. “Good job, keep it up!” they say. Have you ever noticed what happens when you agree with someone who’s arguing with you? He says, “Um….Let’s just drop it!” And that’s just what happens with your immune system when the remedy you take agrees with what it’s doing–because it’s Similar to the disease: “Uh, about that runny nose?” your immune system says, “I feel really bad about it. Let’s just drop it!” This is a universal law, remember? It works across the board.

And now, as promised, a summary of my feelings for the fire department and the city solicitor’s office: sneaky #@!!%#&!! low-life, no-good, incompetent ##!@%!!

Thank you.

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at:
https://elainelewis.hpathy.com/ and TheSilhouettes.org

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