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Tidbits 71: Blood From The Sword That Wounded You

Written by Elaine Lewis

Another diabolical dental abscess!

I’m sure a lot of you have been saying, “Geez, Elaine, we’re not hearing a lot from you in the way of dental news these days, what gives?”  Well, consider your long wait to be over!  Lucky for you, the Saturday before last, I came home from a big shopping trip, plopped down, and gradually began to notice that something was wrong with my teeth.  It was painful for my bottom teeth to bite down and getting worse by the minute!

For some time, I was aware that I had a painless abscess in the gum behind my bottom front teeth, and always wondered how long I was going to get away with it; but, the last thing in the world I expected was that the abscess would spread to the front and precipitate a crisis!

“Oh no,” I thought.  “What am I gonna do now?”  Of course it’s Saturday night and no dental office is open.  It was too painful to live with.  “You’re going to have to lance it,” I heard myself say.  “Come on, be brave, you can do it, you did it before!”  And yeah, I wrote about that too, it was exactly a year ago this month (keep in mind I’m writing this in July).  See below:


Well, it had to be done, I had no choice.  Abscesses are very painful.  I went into the bathroom, got out a brand new razor blade, poured alcohol over it, got my cup of Calendula 200C ready (our remedy for cuts and scrapes) and I had my Staphysagria ready (our remedy for surgical wounds), and I started slicing at the abscess both front and back, hoping to see the all-important pus come out, but all I saw was blood! 

Seeing no pus, I sliced again.  I kept trying, but just more blood came out.  Discouraged, I decided it was time to stop.  I rinsed my mouth with plain water and spit into a cup to make a blood remedy.  Then I rinsed with the Calendula water for antiseptic reasons and took a dose of Staphysagria 10M for pain from the razor blade and proceeded to the kitchen where I made a 6C remedy out of the cup of bloody water.  I took this remedy every 15 minutes for 2 hours until I finally gave up and went to bed.

When I awoke the next morning, I hoped to see some evidence that I was greatly improved.  Instead, what I saw was that I had gotten worse!

“No way is this happening!” I thought.  “What did I do wrong?”  It seemed now like the abscess in the front had gotten bigger and perfectly round like a beach ball!  I could feel it plainly with my tongue.  And I could feel the pain from all the slice marks I made with the razor blade!  “How could that be?” I wondered, “I took Calendula and Staphysagria, the pain should be gone!”

Then I remembered Robin Murphy’s words from one of his lectures: ” …a hair of the dog that bit you, the blood from the sword that wounded you….”

The sword!  The blood from the sword!  The “sword” was the razor blade!  I have to get the razor blade back!!! 

I rummaged through the trash.  It was wrapped in a kleenex and was covered with a thin veneer of blood.  I placed the razor blade in an ounce of water in the kitchen and let it sit.  About an hour later I came back to it and made a 6C remedy out of the water.  For people who don’t know what I’m talking about, see “How To Make Your Own Remedy”, click below:


You know, you can’t be a homeopath if you don’t know how to make a remedy, isn’t that true?  And just parenthetically, people have asked me, “How do you make a remedy out of something solid that doesn’t mix or melt in water or that you can’t mash up?”  Well, apparently, all you have to do is put it in water!!!!!  The water picks up the energy, or signature, of the substance.  The blood on the razor blade was dry, the color of the water did not change; nonetheless, I made a remedy out of the water.

You’ve heard of Dr. Emoto’s experiments with water, haven’t you?  He would freeze water drops from different water sources and then look at the frozen drops under a microscope.  Pristine water made snowflake-like water crystals, perfectly symmetrical and beautiful.  Polluted water made hideous formations.  In other words, water has “memory”.  You can “imprint” a substance on water, the water will take on the characteristics of what you put into it!  This is why you can drop a Calendula pellet in water and the water will “become” Calendula!  And, you know the Bach Flower Remedies?  They’re just flowers dropped in water!

Here is one of Dr. Emoto’s water crystals, a frozen water drop from a pure spring as seen through a microscope.  Isn’t it beautiful?

Not only that, water picks up “energies”, including music:


Dr. Emoto’s water experiments mean a lot to us homeopaths because it proves our contention–that water has memory, that water “remembers” the substance you immersed in it and it “becomes” that substance!

So, I started taking “Razor Blade 6C” every 15 minutes, 10 succussions before each dose, a dose being a sip or swallow.  Approximately 45 minutes later, I felt a subtle “pop”, and I began tasting fluid.  “Oh my goodness!” I said.  “The abscess popped!  This is what I was hoping for with the blood remedy I made last night but it never happened!”

I ran to the bathroom to rinse with Calendula water.  My teeth stopped hurting on biting down right away and gradually the incision pain stopped hurting.  My tongue could no longer locate the “beach ball”.  Gradually, over the next 24 hours, everything returned to normal.  I continued taking Razor Blade 6C at random intervals.

Why did this remedy work so perfectly?  All I know is, it was strange to me that I could still feel the razor blade cuts after taking Calendula and Staphysagria the night before and going to sleep—those two remedies are supposed to be the cure for cuts and scrapes and surgical incision pain, it was just strange that I could still feel the cutting pains after so much time had gone by; and hey, what something can cause, it can cure in small doses; right?  Isn’t that what they say?


Well, I thought I was done writing; but I got a comment below from Claire that I think deserves repeating.  She writes: “So interesting to consider what the energetic signature was that the blade supplied. The blade did not cause the initial abscess….”

Claire, you are so right!  So important a question and observation!  It would really be instructive if we could figure that out!  Yes, why should it work?  The blood remedy from the night before made more sense!  It came from the abscess, after all!  But not only did it not work, it made everything worse!  So we’re back to wondering why the razor blade remedy should have worked.   Here’s my answer:  Hering’s Law—“Healing Takes Place In Reverse Order”; you have to match the most recent symptom in the case to a remedy!   If you can find a remedy that covers the most recent symptom, the whole case goes away!  Yes, I know, weird, isn’t it!?  

It’s just one of the many quirky “rules” that homeopathy has, and it’s the only explanation I can come up with!  “The blood from the sword that wounded you”—it’s part of ancient folklore; and apparently true!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

Elaine takes online cases. Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: https://ElaineLewis.hpathy.com

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at:
https://elainelewis.hpathy.com/ and TheSilhouettes.org


  • It’s said that we learn with our bodies. This is in the tradition of those passionate scientists who experimented on themselves. Anaesthesia -Nils Löfgren,
    Dr. Karl Landsteiner -ABO blood group system, AIDS vaccine
    Daniel Zagury and others.

  • This is a fascinating description of what happened to you, Elaine, and how you figured it out! (And now that you’re well, you get to go enjoy all the stuff you bought on your big shopping trip.) Thank you for sharing your story so we can follow in your footsteps, if need be.

  • Dear Elaine, I do wonder why you resorted to razor blades et al when you could have used either myristica or gunpowder. My experience of myristica is that although it doesn’t work with everyone, when it does it acts better than gunpowder which is excellent. I occasionally develop dental abscesses but for me myristica works beautifully, bringing down the swelling rapidly. In my experience, when it does act, it acts wherever in the body pus forms.

    • Andrew, thank you for reading and commenting. First of all, every time we give Apis for a bee sting, we’re doing isopathy, though I doubt that anyone gives that a moment’s thought when they’ve been stung by a bee. I think you’re being overly dogmatic here to your own detriment. One day down the line, when you’re stuck somewhere with no remedies, or you’ve run out of ideas, isopathy might be just the thing to get you out of a perilous situation. You have to be flexible, know more than just one thing–the usual thing. For instance, a person is having a bad reaction to a drug he’s taken; do you know how to make a remedy out of a drug? I’ve written an article, “How To Make Your Own Remedy”, I think I linked to it in the article. Check it out, it’s life-saving information.

  • I would say the methodology and reasoning employed to come up with something that worked were what homeopathy is all about, whatever the particular application for the situation. Glad you experienced such rapid relief once you made the blade remedy! So interesting to consider what the energetic signature was that the blade supplied. The blade did not cause the initial abscess unless you or a dentist had previously lanced that same site in the past and somehow created a benign spot that flared up. I really like stories like this, because it makes you appreciate the power of homeopathic principle that is right at your fingertips — the power anyone has to make a remedy.

    • “So interesting to consider what the energetic signature was that the blade supplied. The blade did not cause the initial abscess…” Claire! So important a question and observation! It would really be instructive if we could get to the bottom of that! Yes, why should it work? The blood remedy from the night before made more sense! It came from the abscess, after all! But not only did it not work, it made everything worse! Now, in the previous abscess article, from the year before, the blood remedy I made after lancing made the abscess pop! Why not this time? Well, there are those who would say, “You have to match the most recent symptom in the case.” Why? Because “Healing takes place in reverse order” (Hering’s Law); perhaps meaning that you match the most recent symptom, and the whole case goes away. It was being able to feel the “slice marks” from the razor blade that caused me to make a remedy out of it and in doing so, I think I satisfied Hering’s guideline–the remedy has to cover the most recent symptom in the case.

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