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Hpathy.com is the largest Portal on Homeopathy the world has ever seen. The website is undergoing a steady evolutionary process of improvement. The ‘Professionals & Practitioners’ Forum still has limited access. New applicants, professional homeopaths, have to write to our webmaster and undergo evaluation prior to having access.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Welcome to the largest Portal on Homeopathy the world has ever seen, hpathy.com!

This is an ever changing website, undergoing a steady evolutionary process of improvement – in collecting new contents, in using the most powerful servers, in adapting latest programming skills and in adding new and commonly free services for the friends of homeopathy.

Already here at the Homepage, you would have viewed the places we would visit for the next hour. Let your eyes travel with me.

We see a neat webpage with the charming picture of Dr. Bhatia, the director of hpathy. Around him you will find a careful arrangement of boxes to easily let you navigate to the services of your present interest. Wherever you go, never will you get lost in the depths of the virtual world: The Bar on the left of the Homepage will always be at your side! On the right of the page, you can see the new retails on homeopathic accessories or books available in the Hpathy Mall. What is the latest poll question asked in the Hpathy Ezine (later more on that)? And the invitation to join the hpathy team is there (also more on this at the end of the article).

Now we move to the left side of the page, where we will visit familiar and new, maybe even exotic places.

Let us open the door at ‘Discussion Forums‘ (https://forum.hpathy.com/) At the very first moment, our longtime friends won’t notice any difference. But having a closer look, you can see that the sequence of the different forums has changed. The ‘Professionals & Practitioners‘  Forum still has limited access. New applicants, professional homeopaths, have to write to our webmaster and undergo evaluation prior to having access to this forum. If you haven’t already done it before, you are welcome to open and explore the other forums, too. Get your membership and join the group. you’ll learn a lot by your sincere discussions. Have fun, too.

Next on the left bar is, ‘Disease Prognosis‘ and you’ll be moved to .

Have you seen it? Around 150 different diseases/affections are listed here. Enter one of them, and after a brief description, you can read about remedies often associated with the disorder. Key symptoms that are very helpful in individualization of the case are presented to you in synopsis. At this point, I urge you also to closely read the hpathy (disclaimer). Especially in cases where you’re intending to use this informations on a patient. Maybe you will take a while on these pages. Take your time and feel comfortable. It is so thrilling to learn the different aspects of each remedy. Most probably these pages will become one of the most frequented ones in the times to come.

The next line on the left Bar takes you straight to another website, to www.doctorbhatia.com/homeopahy-courses/. Have you read any articles on homeopathy yet? Do you want to learn what homeopathy really is, what it is able to cure and what not? If you want to know what homeopathic remedies are and how they are selected for treatment – then you’re the next student who could benefit from the Introductory Course offered by Dr. B. Don’t wait! Enrole at the Free Course and you’ll get many questions answered. Read the homeopathy course review by Dr. Leela D’Souza.

Ask Doctor B‘ (https://hpathy.com/ask-homeopathy-doctors/), our next section, is extremely popular. Many, many questions already asked by visitors of this website are answered here. Have a look and try to find questions that you always wanted to ask but you never did. Otherwise send in your own inquiry. By the way, ‘Ask Doctor B’ is a regular topic at the Hpathy Ezine.

And now, this is the next destination on our left bar. https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-for-everyone/, is none other than the free and famous ‘Hpathy EzineHomeopathy for Everyone‘. If you are reading these words in January 2005, then most probably you already are a subscriber to this exceptional informative journal. If you’re not yet receiving it every month, then this is the best moment to subscribe. On upper right corner; there is a box headed by ‘Guidlines for submitting articles‘. Go and have a closer look there: you’ll receive the needed information on how to submit an article or paper. You have one in your mind and you’d like to share it with our 6000 readers? Don’t hesitate, send in your article- the Hpathy Ezine is the best way to go.

Now we enter at ‘Health Tools‘ (http://healthycalculators.com/). Oh! What great disappointment, not even one tool there that makes us healthy. But there are some calculators, the data obtained would help you evaluate your health status and some risk factors. Maybe these results will be motivation enough for you to change your lifestyle in order to have a prolonged and healthier life.

Seminar List‘ (https://seminars.hpathy.com/): This list, like others, is complete to the extent that members and visitors to Hpathy submit available data. Hpathy – as YOUR Website – counts on your entries!

The next room that we enter is called ‘Virtual Clinics‘. This is a place for professionals. Virtual Clinics is a new facility that will be started at Hpathy.com shortly. Hpathy will provide online offices for homeopaths to follow their cases online. Depending upon the laws of a country the online offices can be used to provide online consultation or to keep in touch with your patients. A one-of-a-kind service, these fully automated offices will make every homeopath, a global homeopath!

The ‘Job Vacancies’ (https://hpathy.com/holistic-jobs/). This area is self explanatory. You’re working in the field of homeopathy, alternative or conventional medicine and you are looking for a new professional environment? Have a kind look at this place. Today, it is still almost vacant, but pass by every now and then to check for new input. Or you have new jobs to offer? Hurray, here you can tell to your target group about it – free of any cost and on the most frequented website on homeopathy.

And still we climb down the page further and further to push open the door to ‘Resource Directory‘. This is a highly enhanced feature of a service that was available before the revamp. Select your country, and you are going to find addresses of homeopathic organizations, schools/colleges, publishers, book stores, software, journals, medicine stores, and pharmaceutical companies. The database is just been set up and more data needs to be fed in . Give us information of any list that has relevant data which can be added here. Pretty soon, we are going to have data available covering most areas on our planet.

Homeopathic Store‘ ): yes, mall is going to be the right term here. Even though its gates have just been opened,it is a great shopping experience right from the beginning. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I saw the prices of the books. Here in Germany, where I live, it is unbelievable to see a store offering its goods with such a small profit margin. This page has its own bar on the left. Take a look what a Homeopathic Mall is.

As we are climbing up the stairs in the house of hpathy, on the next floor again we see a hall with many doors inviting you to open them: The ‘Homeopathy Basics‘. Click through the whole collection of papers. These comprehensive texts present complicated concepts using everyday language. If you have a problem with some homeopathic terms: check the Dictionary available there, too. If you cannot find a word, just tell us about it and we will add it there in no time.

The ‘Professional’ box, needs no explanation. But the ‘Add On’ box may deserve a closer look.

Biochemic Tissue Salts‘ (https://hpathy.com/biochemic-tissue-salts/) : If you’d like to get a brief insight into the history, philosophy and the remedies of the healing method by Dr. Schüssler, then this is your corner. The same counts for ‘Bach Flower Remedies‘ (https://hpathy.com/bach-flower-remedies/). The link to ‘Combinations‘ (https://hpathy.com/complex-remedies/) takes us to a number of articles discussing the relationship of combination remedies to homeopathy. Are they homeopathy, are they not? Are they of use for treatment or are they not? When are they going to be prescribed, when should they be avoided? These articles most probably will receive much feedback. In Europe, more combination remedies are sold than single remedies. This is why a website on homeopathy cannot leave this area aside. At ‘Tautopathy‘ (https://hpathy.com/tautopathy-medicine/), many readers may have never heard of this term before. After your leave, you will have already grasped its meaning. (No I won’t say anymore here: your curiosity shall not be reduced by this article)

On the very top floor of our ‘Villa Hpathy’, close to the lower end of the homepage, in ‘Essentia’ I remind you not to forget to check ‘The Hpathy Team‘ .Would you like to meet the people behind this project? Do you want to welcome our newest little director UMANG BHATIA? Or maybe you want to learn how to become an hpathy team member? Here you will learn that you can make it! I honestly can tell you that it is a team of wonderful people you would be WORKING with. Oh yes, being in the team takes up a lot of your time – but in a way it’s almost addicting.

Please also have a closer look at ‘About hpathy.com‘. Here you are told a bit of hpathy’s history and of its philosphy. By the way, these lines, together with the information given at the many hpathy pages, were the main reasons that made me contribute to hpathy. When are you going to join us?

Let’s have a look, it seems to me that we have reached our destination. I beg your pardon – WHAT do you say? you are still in the mood to proceed even further? Well, this should not be much of a problem: have a look to the upper right corner of the homepage. Do you see that little flag? Hpathy in Deutsch Alright, let’s click on it, and it takes you straight to http://www.hpathy.de/, hpathy’s portal in German language. Here we can once more start from the very beginning… – no just kidding. We’ve seen enough for today. But I want to invite all our German speaking friends to pass by there at the new portal. It is not yet that far advanced as this portal, but with the help of good loyal members it will grow just like hpathy.com.

I hope that this site tour has been helpful for you. It is an honour for me that you have been my companion and I would be glad to meet you again on one or another hpathy webpage in times to come.



About the author

Siegfried Letzel

Siegfried Letzel is a biologist and he also qualified as a natural health professional specializing in TCM and homeopathy. For the last couple years, he has been studying historical papers and the works of early homeopaths in search of the original and true homeopathy. Letzel is the curator of the Hahnemann Exhibition of the International Hahnemann Center Torgau and a board member of the umbrella Association of Hahnemann Sites in Meissen, the city where the founder of homeopathy was born. He has also contributed to various books on homeopathy.

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