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Treating All Diseases with the Help of Mental State Only

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Written by Madan Lal Sehgal

Dr. M.L. Seghal, founder of Revolutionized Homeopathy, offers his thoughts on prescribing based on mental symptoms alone. A brief case is used as illustration.

m-l-sehgalIn the selection of the simillimum for any case, the supremacy of the mental symptoms over the physical ones has unanimously been confirmed by the experiences of homeopaths from Hahnemann down to today’s established stalwarts. But, in spite of its supremacy, it is said that finding the mind symptoms or mental state in every patient is difficult. Taking this notion into consideration, efforts have been made by R.H. to make the use of mental state simple and practical. According to another line of thinking, it is easier to locate mind symptoms in the patients who are suffering from mental diseases like anxiety neurosis, schizophrenia, depression etc. On the contrary, it is possible to cure even the physical problems like (fever, pain, cough, skin diseases etc.) with the help of the given mental state of the patient alone. In my 25 years of practice with this method I have enough data to prove that we have made possible the impossible task of locating and utilizing mental symptoms in every case.

For eliciting and evaluating mental symptoms for diseases that are related to mind, there is a different criteria. Obviously, there are distinctive ways of using them for homeopathic diagnosis and prescription. Another thing which is done by some physicians, is use the help of other sources in addition to medicines, in cases related to the mind, like asking the patient or the patient’s attendant to change his life style, avoid anger, stress, worrying, alcohol, or smoking etc and to do exercise, eat nutritious food, or take enough sleep etc. In some cases the help of tranquilizers is used to keep the patient calm so that he does not disturb anyone, hit or get violent with his family members or others.

There is a limitation to selecting medicine for mental diseases; even long case taking does not help much. According to Hinduism, the practice of self control over one’s desires manifests in the form of Kaam (Indulgence), Krodh (Anger), Lobh (Greed), Moh (Affections), Ahamkaar ( Ego). No doubt, the mind receives charges from outside, like the environment, surroundings or the society, etc. and each has its own bearing on an individual’s mind. But the mind remains charged only for so long as the contact is maintained. Diversion of mind without the aid of medicine does work, but only in cases that are not chronic in nature. In a really sick person, the relief is only short lived. You cannot expect the patient to be cured through talks, discourses and lectures alone. Your patient says, “I understand what you preach but it is difficult to practice.” How much so ever useful your advice may be, it only annoys him. Now even allopaths are realizing that mental symptoms are not limited to mental cases alone. Homeopathy has recognized this fact from the very beginning. Some cases related to physical as well as mental problems that were cured by considering the mental state of the patient alone, are as follows:


Case No.1

sehgal-schoolA 13 year old school girl had persistent fever even after 15 days of treatment. The fever was in the range of 101 to 104 degree Fahrenheit. It came in two bouts, one at night and one in the evening. At the onset of the fever the patient was observed shivering out of cold, which made her want to be covered. This was followed by a rise of her body temperature. In both these stages she wanted her mother to hold her close. This was followed by sweating, when she asked to have the covers removed and the fan switched on. She drank large amounts of water but only in the high temperature stage. She had very little appetite and preferred only some cold sweet water. She was very sleepy and complained of weakness. Her bowels were not regular either.

Her other complaints were – painful mouth ulcer, severe pain in the legs (which eased on application of pressure), headache, earache, pain in the throat and cough with expectoration. Physical examination did not reveal anything except a coated tongue with mouth ulcer. The patient showed a lack of interest in everything and only wanted to sleep. Investigation revealed malarial parasites in her blood smear.
She was given anti malarial treatment by her family doctor (Chloroquine, by injection and tablets). However, there was no relief and she was brought back for Homeopathic treatment as she refused to take any more allopathic medicines.

When asked how she felt, she replied, “I want my mummy to be with me. I like to lie down resting my head on her lap”. The mother stressed that her daughter wanted to be held closely when the fever rose, and got weepy if not held. “Tears flow from her eyes whenever I tell her that she has grown up and should try to manage herself. She then accuses me of not loving her and not caring for her. She also wants me to sleep near her.” At other times the mother had to be near her but not necessarily holding her. Although there were others of her family members like her father, two elder brothers, still she insisted that only her mother should give her the medicines and attend to her. This behavior of hers persisted throughout the illness.

– LOVE, love sick

Love: A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection for a parent, child, friend or a person of the opposite sex. Sick: Deeply affected with some unhealthy feeing as from a disease. In this girl, a strong desire to be with her mother all the time predominated and had persisted throughout her illness.

– WEEPING, touched, when

– CARRIED, desires to be

On the basis of the above rubrics I gave her Ant. Crud. 30 on 12.10.92.

On 14.10.92: Slept for 4 hours after she had the medicine. Her temperature lowered. Her appetite got better also.


About the author

Madan Lal Sehgal

Dr. M. L. Sehgal took up homoeopathy as a hobby. It later was to become his passion and he conducted research to improve its effectiveness. His method of prescribing has been successful in treating many cases of both acute and Chronic ailments. In 1983, he founded Dr. Sehgal's School of Revolutionized Homoeopathy in India. He authored Rediscovery of Homoeopathy Series, volumes I- VIII - the last series IX co-authored by his sons, Dr.Sanjay sehgal and Dr.Yogesh Sehgal. These give a detailed insight into his method. Written Originally in English these volumes have been translated in other languages, namely German, Italian & Czech. There are dedicated followers of Dr. M. L. Sehgal's Method all over the world.

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