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Eight Reasons to Vaccinate Your Child

alan Vaccine

The author shares eight reasons to vaccinate your child.

  1. Your child is deficient in Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, viruses, foreign  DNA or other ingredients proven to cause neurological damage.
  2. Your child has an excess of healthy, functioning brain cells.
  3. You need more cash. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation program has paid out 2.8 billion dollars to parents of children injured or killed by vaccines.
  4. You and your husband are feeling alienated and you need a crisis to bring you together.
  5. You believe that pharmaceutical conglomerates which earn billions from vaccines are more credible than consumer groups.
  6. You think thousands of parents who report that their children became autistic two weeks after vaccination are lying.
  7. You don’t see a problem in logic when the government tells you that vaccines work, but that vaccinated children can catch diseases from unvaccinated children.
  1. You think the government should dictate which healing methods you and your children are allowed to use.


About the author

Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.


  • All damn good reasons, Alan, but you missed out:

    Because the state says i must and will not pay me benefits if I refuse to vaccinate my child.

    • If you had listed the ‘reason’ I mentioned it would have rather taken the wind out of thel sense of irony in your article because to force people in that way is such an outrageous affront to human dignity that it defeats any sense of irony.

      As for evil, I really don’t know. Vaccination has a sacred cow position and I have little doubt that many- probably most in the pharmaceutical industy, together with policy makers, believe that vaccination is the way forward and that the minority who are damaged are justified in the name of ‘herd immunity’. That is why we as homoeopaths have such a difficult task in trying to face vaccination down.

      I much prefer to speak about the dangers faced by that minority rather than taking a moralistic or an otherwise radical stance. I recently saw a photocopy of a book published in the sixties on the dangers of vaccination. The author was a UK medical academic who supported vaccination but thought that the profession should be frank about dangers.

      The real problem forr me is that because medicine is by nature conservative, there is a massive imperative not to rock the boat. Obviously the bonuses paid to GPs here in the UK must encourage that conservatism.

      What has always concerned me is that by taking a purely negative stance, homoeopaths are all too easily painted as cranks. Once we paint ourselves into such a corner we have even less opportunity to influence the view on vaccination amongst the public.

      • The idea that the pharmaceutical industry and policy makers believe in vaccination doesn’t fit the realities. The people who make vaccines with mercury and other deadly ingredients know full well that they are killing babies. Pharmaceutical companies routinely lie about their products and have paid billions in fines. A recent study found that pharmaceutical research was rife with serious fraud. These are not scientists, but sociopaths motivated by the disease of greed. It’s difficult for normal people to grasp this, because they think others operate as they do, with empathy and good will.

        • I agree with much of what you say Alan but not all of it. I do though see real danger to our case in taking a position of such moral outrage.

          By all means make it clear and ad nauseum for example that the Cochrane Collaboration states that the flu vaccine is ‘at best’ one percent effective; by all means state, as Viera Scheiibner does that all the evidence she presents of vaccine dangers comes from the manufacturers themselves.

          Most of us and our potential audience make compromises in life that don’t necessarily bear the closest of scrutiny. I don’t see why those working for pharmaceutical companies should be any different from the rest of us.

          My experience is that that the moral highground is lonely place and that few people take Jeremiahs seriousy. If we wish our message to be taken seriously on the matter of vaccine dangers, I would argue that we should forget words such as ‘evil’ and concentrate on simple facts, wherever possible taken from the other side, repesated ad nauseum and conveyed with an air of sweetness and light.

  • When I saw the title of this article, I couldn’t believe it! You couldn’t actually be promoting vaccines! Then I read your piece…. if someone can read these points and still want to vaccinate, then something is definitely wrong. Good job.

  • Brilliantly written ! I am going on almost 20 yrs speaking out against this horrific crime of allopathics they call vaccination

  • Well, I certainly enjoyed the “eight reasons to vaccinate your child”. Very funny indeed!
    I have met a few enlightened MDs who do not believe in vaccinations. Unfortunately, there are too few of those. The MDs who work in Environmental Health Clinics are very well aware of the evils of vaccines. Again, unfortunately, too many MDs remain ignorant of this issue and continue to be brain washed by Big Pharma.

  • A simply brilliant piece, Alan. And thank you for being okay about me sharing it on my Facebook page. Your logic might trigger some people into thinking differently on this issues.

  • Hi Rosalba,

    That brain washing starts in medical school and continues via drug reps and their presents throughout an entire career.

  • Alan, all 8 points are as great as 8 thousanders of Himalayas. However, i was wondering about the dilemma people face when they have to actually make a decision. Even husband and wife will have difference of opinion if one of them is not well informed or not willing to take the risk (vaccination is considered a guaranteed peace deal, and opposite is the biggest risk)
    No vaccination is like going against the established ‘must do’s’ of life. 99% people blindly follow their gynaec and family doc. How to overcome this situation even if someone understands the evils of V ??

  • Dear Kuldeep,

    Most of the vaccines being pushed in the West are for diseases that no longer exist here, or are very mild. Therefore the risk is greater than the benefit. In India many of the serious diseases still exist, so the decision is more difficult. The risk from vaccines is still there, however, as you’ll see in this article (below) If vaccination were used, it could be made safer by:
    1. Waiting longer to give the vaccine, so the child had a more developed immune system.
    2. Only allowing vaccines for one disease at a time. You’d have to find a Dr. who had access to those.
    2. Only allowing vaccines that had no mercury. How to find that, I don’t know.

    You might want to read this article:

    Some homeopaths know how to use homeopathy to prevent diseases. Dr. Isaac Golden developed this method to a high art. The remedies have to be administered more often, but they have the advantage of being non- toxic. Isaac Golden found that the remedies worked quite as well as vaccines.

    I hope this answer provides some help in deciding.

    • Dear Alan,
      Thank you for reply with details.
      So one thing is clear that vaccines are an impending threat to the human generations with their proven damages, mostly neurological as we know today, but there might be other undiscovered systemic alterations too, which only time will reveal.
      Even in countries like India where vaccination may be justified for argument sake, there is a steep rise in neurological disorders, mainly Autism.
      Altho i am not a medical person, i have my observation that nature doesn’t like interference and manipulations, nature is the best Architect and the best engineer.

  • Thank you Gina!! That short video is worth its weight in gold. It answers many questions for people. She had to talk so fast because she knew they were going to cut her off. What people may not know is that virtually every legislator (senators , congressmen) in the U.S. has received money from the phamaceutical industry.

  • Interestingly, atleast one community in world is strongly opposing vaccination.
    FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) in NE Pakistan is one of the most lawless region in world. Terrorism and extremism is the only language of this region. They breathe extremism, they exhale terrorism. However, one fact caught my eyes. The 3 odd million Pashtuns of FATA are against vaccination.
    In 2007 Pashtuns blew up car of a Pakistani Dr who was trying to convince them for vaccines, now that is highly condemnable action, but the fact is Pashtuns, as a community, are against the vaccines.
    Google for more information.

    • There are many communities of educated people around the world opposing vaccination peacefully through the legal system. It’s a lopsided battle because the resources (money, media, politicians) are with the Pharmaceutical companies.

      • That’s good to know that educated communes are refraining from vaccines, but FATA is different example. FATA is one the most undeveloped areas on earth, very little literacy rate, living standards are perhaps the lowest in south east Asia. Its like saying that whole Scotland is against vaccination, or entire Texas has banned vaccination.. something like that. I was happy to know this fact so shared.
        I wish some study should be done of such regions, but then as you rightly said giant pharmaco with their vested interest will not let it happen easily.

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