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Tidbits-88: “The Picture Became Quite Clear”

Written by Elaine Lewis

How do homeopathic remedies work?

I’ve heard people say plenty of times: “The remedy didn’t work, I just got better on my own!”  Here’s a conversation I recently had in that regard—with “Harold”:


Harold, I think it’s clear that Oscillococcinum is working, so, stay with it.

[Editor’s Note: Pronounced Ah-sillo-cock-sigh-num, or Oscillo for short, it is one of our common Flu remedies which you can find in most health food stores and even in some drugstores and department stores like Walmart.]

I have recovered further, Elaine.  It’s 11pm now and I feel that I am on the road to recovery.

That’s great!  

I ate well today.

That’s what we’re looking for!

Fatigue and throat irritation reduced further.

Actually I realized that Oscillo 30C was helping me but marginally and the benefit lasted only for a few hours.

It’s a bit of a low potency for the flu, in my opinion. 

Yesterday I tried Oscillo 200C, the improvement was gradual and it continued.

I still have a doubt.  Could this improvement be because my body is overcoming the virus all on its own?

Harold, that’s the whole point of homeopathy!  It makes it so your body can get better — all on its own! 

Homeopathic remedies don’t kill germs and they don’t suppress symptoms; all they do is provide your immune system with a message, namely: “Here is what’s wrong with you!”  It does it with PICTURES!

For instance, arsenic is a poison.  What would happen if you took a real dose of arsenic?  Whatever that is, that’s what the remedy Arsenicum would show to your immune system–a picture of arsenic poisoning.  Your immune system would respond by saying, “Uh-oh, look what just blew in!” and fiercely attack it.  Since it’s only a “picture” (not a real illness) it would easily be destroyed! 

Now, what if this picture was SIMILAR to your actual disease, your real disease?  What would happen?  Your immune system would destroy the real disease too, in the process–because the “picture” is layered on top of the real thing!  

So, you see, it’s all done by your immune system, you really are getting better all by yourself!  The remedies don’t do anything but provide a picture!!!

Hahnemann had a term for our remedies, he called them “artificial diseases” (fake diseases, or, perhaps, “paper tigers” might be a better phrase.)  They look menacing, but so easily defeated!  Now you might say, “Come on, Elaine!  I’m quite sure my immune system knows that I have [such-and-such] disease, I doubt that it needs to be shown a picture of it!” 

Well, that’s where you would be wrong, Harold!  Your immune system stops responding to diseases at a point!  Did you know that?  It fights like heck for a short while, then gives up and says, “Ah, forget it!” or, “This is too hard!” or “Who cares!” and walks away!   I once heard Andre Saine say, in a lecture on cancer, that your immune system probably doesn’t even know you have it!   

You’ve probably noticed that after a day or two, the pain from a splinter stops hurting even though it’s still there and even though it hurt like crazy when you first got it.  Am I right?  Despite that, your immune system is through with it!  It says, “I give up!” and just quits.  It has stopped responding! 

What homeopathy does is re-awaken the immune system’s interest with a seemingly “new” disease that’s actually just like the old one!  “Oh look!  Something new is here, let’s go get it and beat it up!”  Actually, it’s the same disease—a picture of the same thing that’s been wrong all along!  But your immune system thinks it’s new and goes after it, as it seems to be willing to attack anything that’s new!!! 

This is why people with chronic disease can still get a homeopathic remedy to work for them in an acute or an emergency while the chronic state seemingly just sits and goes nowhere.

Because the new remedy picture is layered on top of the old disease?  The old complaint FINALLY gets dealt with—because the immune system thinks it’s attacking something new! 

I’m sure you’re familiar with Hahnemann’s famous saying, “Let likes be cured by likes.”  And as you probably know, “Homeopathy” is a Greek word which means “The remedy is like the disease”!  It’s all about luring the immune system into taking the action you need it to take, showing it a picture that will send it to the place you want it to go.

Now what happens if you take a drug—an allopathic drug—and we know what “allo” means, right?  It means “other”, or “not similar”, to your disease.  What’s going to happen?  Your immune system will be similarly awakened:  “Oh, look what just blew in!”  It will see that the drug is a poison, just like arsenic is a poison, that it causes many disturbing effects and must be destroyed!  But because it’s not similar to your complaint—has nothing to do with your complaint—destroying the drug will have no effect on your complaint at all, it will only just stop the drug and therefore, its palliative, suppressive action, causing your actual disease to come back to the surface and disturb your well-being once again.  This is why allopathy does not cure, cannot possibly cure.

So now that the effect of the drug has been defeated and the disease has resurfaced, what now?  Well, the doctor thinks you should take it again!  In fact, he might say, “You will be on this drug for the rest of your life!”  And once again the immune system will get wind of the drug, find it menacing, destroy it, and, having been destroyed, the disease will come back to the surface—again!  And there is no end in sight to this vicious cycle! 

But if the drug is strong enough, the suppression can become permanent, giving the illusion of cure, but in reality, the disease has been suppressed to a deeper and more threatening level.  (It just gets worser and worser!)

At this point, the doctor pronounces you “cured” but notes that you now have “colitis” (!) or “asthma”, and refers you to a specialist.  He has no idea that this is not a new disease but rather the same disease suppressed by his drug!  Pretty soon the allopathic profession will “suppress” you out of existence.  Hahnemann said so himself in his book, The Organon of Medicine, see aphorisms 59 and 60.


So, it’s your choice, you can either cure with similiars, utilizing your own immune system to do the job, or engage in suppression with allopaths until you either wind up dead or wish you were dead.  I’ll let you decide.

Meanwhile, do you know what The Manhattans said in 1968?  No doubt in  anticipation of this article? 

“The Picture Became Quite Clear”:

Mom, excuse me, but… is that the original Manhattans with George Smith?  Which one is he?


He’s the one on top.  Shana!!!!  What are you doing here?

For your information, Mom, there’s a pizza is in the oven, and I was in the bedroom watching “Frasier”.

Right, I’m sure everyone cares!  And P.S., yes, those are the original Manhattans.

Bye everybody!  See you again next time!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

Elaine takes online cases. Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: https://ElaineLewis.hpathy.com 

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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    • Dr. Khan, I think what they’ve banned is allowing the National Health Service to pay for it, so that it has to come out of the patient’s pocket. Either way, It’s all about Big Pharma and its efforts to end all competition. They do that by bribing politicians, hospital administrations, doctors, medical school administrators and so on. You know, when something has a “track record” of success, it is generally “grand-fathered in”, as they say; for example, no one knows why Aspirin “works”, no double-blind studies have ever been done to prove its efficacy, and yet it is accepted by the medical community because of its long history of use. Homeopathy is older than modern medicine and its many successes are indisputable. Even so, I understand there are many scientific studies that support it and many of them have been discussed here in this ezine, just do a search for “scientific proof of homeopathy”.

  • Dear Elaine, That was a brilliant article explaining the subtle nuances of homeopathy. It the policy of Ahimsa. We don’t kill anything, we just cure and drive the disease out.

    How true and viable , but many fail to understand. This generation has grown tremendously, but fail to understand the root cause and just suppress the messengers with neuro suppressant/others. Its tragic that some countries are trying to wipe out homeopathy, which is the elixir of a True Happy Soul. Thanks for this wonderful article.

  • Thank you for writing this article, Elaine, I love it. It explains homeopathy so well, and I always enjoy how you include humor in every article.

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