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Homeopathy Elementary Course

Written by Leela D'Souza

Homeopathy Elementary Course

The Elementary Homeopathy Online Course available at: https://www.doctorbhatia.com/homeopahy-courses// is interesting in its formulation. Dr. Manish Bhatia makes one keen to know more about homeopathy, through a round of introductions on various aspects, in his own inimitable style. Each chapter introduces a facet of homeopathy, enough to create an awareness and interest in that area of the subject. This should further encourage the new student to read more in order to get a deeper grasp of these ideas and concepts.

The flow of chapters is smooth and logical, as one gains a furthur understanding on how much there is to discover about homeopathy and how intriguing its scientific basis is. The topics covered reinforce the thrust of “classical homeopathy” and include:

-How homeopathy differs from allopathy, the concept of health and cure
-How homeopathic medicines are prepared and administered
-The theory of how the remedies work
-Clarifying various myths about homeopathy
-Characteristics of a few commonly used remedies
-A collection of “Ask Dr. B” queries that help with understanding the clinical aspect of homeopathy
-A detailed chapter on development of the “bible” of homeopathy, the ‘Organon of Medicine’ by Samuel Hahnemann.

A couple of chapters though, need to be re-constructed to enable the student to grasp them better.

A friend of mine said: “This homeopathy course I see as the gate to make us just enter the house, only. Now there will be the rooms, the stairs to the next floor…, … to discover“. It is inspiring to discover how Hahnemann brought the abstract understanding of his observations into a clinically applicable science. He formulated time tested sets of principles and guidelines, and precise methodology based on careful observation, which he recorded in his “Organon of the Healing Art”. Yet there is so much more to understand about healing of the individual with homeopathy. Science, especially the branch of Physics, has still to understand the scientific basis of “how” our remedies work.

The content is adequate for a quick study course. But I would be happy to see a few minor modifications in order that it is comprehensive enough to include people of different educational backgrounds.
– Each chapter should include at least 2-3 URL’s for further reading of relevant articles directly related to the content of the chapter or, references to specific chapters in various source books of homeopathy.
– Another important aspect, is the absence of appropriately placed references to the Organon for each concept that is introduced and explained.

This would help students of the course to familiarize themselves with the Organon as well as other serious reading material, and encourage them to study homeopathy in more depth.

For me, the highlight of the homeopathy course are the chapters: “Ask Dr. B”. These chapters give insights into the clinical aspects of homeopathic treatment and would be of great interest to people who have had a personal experience of the efficacy of homeopathic remedies.
These would include non professionals as well as people from alternative systems of healing who seek to understand and use homeopathy. As a practitioner, I spend a lot of time with people explaining “the homeopathic process”, and if each of my patients did this course while on treatment, it would make life simpler for me!

I recommend this course to every person seeking to use homeopathic medicine for a better health and future.

NOTE: The free online homeopathy course at www.doctorbhatia.com/homeopahy-courses/ is now revised and enlarged and an advanced homeopathy course is also available at https://vithoulkas.hpathy.com/

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Leela D'Souza

Leela D'Souza-Francisco, MD (Hom), CIH (Cardiology) is a Mumbai-based homeopathic professional whose experience includes intensive graduate medical training at India's leading homeopathic medical institution in Mumbai, completed in 1990. She completed her MD (Hom) from MUHS, Nashik in 2008 with a Dissertation entitled "Emergency Management in Homeopathy". She obtained a post graduate MSc (Homeopathy) degree from UCLAN, UK in 2009 with a Dissertation entitled "How Can We Develop Suitable Clinical Trials for Research in Classical Homeopathy". Her present interests include management of in-patients in homeopathic hospitals, and clinical research in classical homeopathy. She has been in practice for over 20 years and is online at www.homeopathy2health.com for the last 15 years. Presently she is Consulting Homeopathic Physician, with specialization in Cardiology at Holy Family Hospital, Bandra, Mumbai.
Visit Dr. Leela D'Souza at her website : http://www.homeopathy2health.com/member.htm
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