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Comparative Materia Medica of Lesser Known Medicines for Destructive Aggression

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Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea presents comparative M.M. of lesser known remedies for destructive aggression


       Defensive : Angry response to a threat or provocation

       Proactive: Premeditated with an end goal in mind

       Impulsive: Out of proportion to the social context.



Drug  Dependance: Eg. Cocaine, Heroin    87.3   %

Alcohol Dependance                                    70%

Schizophrenia                                               60.9%

Major Depression                                          33.3%

Bipolar Disorder                                           22%

Oppostional Defiant Disorder                     16.8%


ABUSIVE – angry, without being: (1) dulc.

ABUSIVE- pains, with the: (1) cor-r.

ABUSIVE- scolds until the lips are blue and eyes stare and she falls down fainting:  Mosch.

BARKING: (4) Bell,.calc,.Canth., stram.

BITING- convulsions, with: (1) lyss.

BITING – fingers: (3) Arum-t.op.plb

BREAK things, desire to: (4) ApishuraStram.Tub..




CUT others, desires to: (1) lyss.

DESTRUCTIVENESS – cunning,:(1) Tarent.


KILL, Desire to

MANIA, madness- held,wants to be: (1) ARS.


MOCKING- his relatives: (1) sec.

MUTILATING his body: (1) ars.

RAGE,fury- constant: (1) Agar.

RAGE,fury – epilepsy,after: (1) Arg-met.

RAGE,fury- insults,after: (2) sang.stram.

RAGE,fury- menses,during: (3) acon.bell.hyos.

RASHNESS: (4) Aur.caps.meny.puls.


SLANDER,disposition to-

SCORN,ailments from

STRIKING- desires to strike:

TEARS things:- genitals, her: (1) sec.


UNTRUTHFUL: (3) alco.Op.Verat.

VIOLENT,vehement etc. – pain, from: (3)AUR.CHAM.HEP.

WICKED disposition: (2) cocc., cur.


ABROTANUM :  INHUMANITY: The child can’t be trusted with any valuable china or it will knock it over or drop it. They are bad tempered and have a strangely cruel streak in their makeup. 11.

MENTAL DULNESS: They don’t want to engage in any mental labour; even a conversation, fatigues them.15 No capacity for thinking, as if all bodily and mental power were gone. 12

LACK OF WILL POWER: They can also develop paralytic states where the head drops, or the hands lose their power to hold anything.15

METASTASIS OR ALTERNATION: They inflict pain on others without moral resistance. If someone is against them, they are vindictive and fierce. Also they can behave very nicely, with people whom they like. They can be cheerful and talkative.15

EMACIATION: The clinical picture is of a congenital pyloric stenosis. The child is emaciated, with a dehydrated wrinkled skin which when pinched up, doesn’t return to its normal state. 11



Vertigo characterized by a tendency to fall backwards. 3


Epilepsy is preceded by nervous tremors. There is distortion, muscular quiverings, spasmodic facial twitching [blackwood]


During delirium stage, we see restlessness, visions of demons. In this stage, they are brutal-Stupor alternating with dangerous violence.17


       Kleptomania.

       Forgets what has recently happened.

       Wants nothing to do with anybody

       Aversion to everyone; nobody gives him pleasure or solace.

       Premature Menopause



Excessive sexual urge drives the person to repeated sexual contacts. This urge can’t be satisfied;  he is driven to masturbation.

SEXUAL FRUSTRATION: When anger increases to tremendous proportions, they grow quarrelsome, intolerant of contradiction, and ready to strike and destroy things or people

CLINICALS: Skin remedy of high order. Diseased and deformed nails. Offensive foot-sweat. Abscesses, boils, ulcers


DESTRUCTIVE: Propensity to bite. Moral depravity. Talks nonsense, then angry if not understood.21


Titters and says foolish things over things that are not laughable; everything said seems to be funny to this simple, child-like woman. 16


Adults who have never developed beyond childhood & have always remained children. Simplicity and child-like innocence.”How much like a child that man is”. (16)  Prematurely senile; the man at fifty acts like an old broken-down man of eighty.



Afraid of mirrors in room, if he will see himself in them; so excessive was this fear, in night that he got up and broke mirrors, and was still more afraid to get up alone in the dark.

Violent outbursts of rage and vituperation; abuses her child. ð Puerperal mania. (12) Coldness > uncovering ,  Hypovolaemic shock. Excitability and frenzy are extreme, or he goes to the other extreme, where the irritability is lost and there is loss of sensation& coldness. The two extremes may be seen in one patient, one earlier and the other later.(16)


Mania after mental overexertion, in a boy, 14yrs.  Talks disconnectedly, refuses to answer; wants to lie on bare floor, and wallows in his own filth. (12)


RAGE: Furious delirium. Anxious restlessness, ending in rage.Barking & Bellowing.

SEXUAL AGGRESSION: Acute mania, generally of a sexual type.

There is < from dazzling objects and by water – completing the hydrophobia picture.

An insolent and contradictory mood, in the afternoon.4


Absent minded and irascible that he breaks things that happen to be in his hands.


       Patients broken down by alcohol. Flatulency of Carbo Veg & abdominal soreness of Sulphur > open air.

       Colour Blindness.

       Sciatica.

       Bad effects of coal gas

       Meniere’s disease


       Very irritable with tendency to swear; wild anger and low morals.

       Disturbance in speech; in writing leaves off the last syllable.

       Fits of sudden ungovernable rage.17


       The heart was less prominently affected by Cere-s. than by the other cacti; but pains in head and a paralysed feeling.

       Dwindling of sexual organs. Emissions followed by pain in testes.


       Great rage; vehement at beginning of chilly stage.

       Would like to tear everything to pieces


Pains in all joints, as if tendons were too short, especially knee-joints.



         A young artist, who had violent outburst of rage, would take up a knife to throw at his mother and almost immediately after, would be abjectly repentant.17

       He changes a hard word which he has on his tongue to a mild one, but the latter seems too mild, and he now chooses a more severe word, which he again changes to a still milder one, and so on in speech, thought, and action.” 4

VACILLATION: The behaviour of friends angers her, and she is at the point of an outbreak of passion towards them, but at this moment she feels calm; next moment this calmness seems a weakness; she is vexed with herself, & her anger becomes greater.

The sudden affectionate tenderness giving place to insane hatred, impart to Crocus an importance second to no other remedy in the Materia Medica. 3

SPACED OUT: He does not recognize a person whom he frequently sees; remembers having seen her, but can’t recall her name, and mistakes her for another.”4



Convulsions with biting; after attack, malicious disposition towards nurse, biting, and striking and doing everything to annoy her. 12.Attacks of rage (wants to bite the bystanders)


Its suitable in those girls who have always had their own way, never been crossed, and when they reach puberty, and have got to submit to some discipline or never become women, they have mad fits, have cramps. 16


SELF ABUSE: Fits of craziness, so that he turns against himself; he strikes & lacerates himself with pleasure, without showing the least sign of pain.


       Dr. Farrington, Curare is of importance in vertigo with weakness of the

legs followed by bilious vomiting.

       Ptosis, facial and buccal paralysis, paralytic failure of power to swallow,

paralysis of the deltoid muscles &general paralysis of the motor system.

       Dyspnoea is most marked while falling asleep. 3


       Biting his own hand.

       Desire to break things.

       IMPATIENCE from pain. (Cham.)

Farrington gives these indications: Vesicles which are so tense that when pricked they eject their contents; sensation of a splinter under thumb-nails.


Irritability of temper, with violent outburst.


INSTABILITY – Mercury exists in a state neither solid nor liquid. It flows like a liquid but when you try to grasp it, it eludes. Physically unstable, sensitive to heat & cold.15


Hurry and rapidity in speaking.  Doesn’t accomplish anything.      Slow in answering questions or comprehending; loss of memory & will power. 17       He would rise up or lie down, nowhere could he find rest. An irresistible desire to travel a distance away. 10

BUFFONERY: He is silly, does stupid nonsensical acts. When taking a walk, he felt a strong inclination to catch by the nose, strangers whom he met.10

IMPULSIVE & DESTRUCTIVE: Great desire to murder or commit suicide, particularly during menstrual period. She is fearful that she may kill herself; something urges her to kill her husband, of whom she is very fond, and she implores him to hide his razor.10

PARANOIA: Perceives everyone as his enemy but doesn’t reveal it.


UNDISCIPLINED:  Hysterical girls who have come to adult age without ever learning what obedience means. They are self-willed & resort to crafty cunning, to have every whim gratified from infancy to 18 years of age. 16 Its suited to spoiled, sensitive natures.17

HYSTERICAL: Complains of horrible pains, but when asked where, begins to complain still more, but cannot tell where the pains are.” 19

RAGE: Very violent anger, scolds till mouth dry, lips blue, face deathly pale, and she falls unconscious.17

FAINTING:  Keynote: Perfume produces fainting by the mere smelling of it. Faints from heart disease;  Globus hystericus ending in unconsciousness.17


       Convulsive affections of children  10

       It excites the sexual function in primary action, & produces the opposite in its secondary action;  Persons who carry musk about them, to make them smell pleasantly, weaken themselves by the continual influence of this powerful perfume on the nerves.10

       OPIUM

TRANQUIL: Self-satisfaction and unusual tranquility of mind

COURAGEOUS: Opium inspires courage and resolution in one who is afraid of a surgical operation. Criminals (in India) lose their fear of death and go courageously to execution. It imparts courage & increased strength but in larger doses causes rage & fury.10

FEROCITY: He throws himself about on the floor in a maniacal state, with burning anger and threatening expression.


       Sluggishness with no ambition.

       Desire to curse and swear.

       Lack of concentration; impossible to study.

       Felt mean towards everyone.

PRESCRIBING POINTS: Stomach symptoms with frontal headache. Belching with offensive stool & halitosis as it’s a constituent of human stool.


ARROGANCE: He’s a little Hitler, and very bossy. 8

FAULTFINDING: Any trifle excites him & he searches for faults in others (and taunts them).10

HAUGHTY: He considers himself rich; squanders money. He imagines he is a prince and behaves haughtily.4 He thinks he is Christ or a person chosen to save the world.15  Their know-all attitude makes them difficult to live with.

FRUITLESS ACTIVITY: Busy restlessness; he undertakes many things, but always tires of them; nothing succeeds with him.10. Ceaseless energy, drawing, painting, playing.

DESTRUCTIVE:  He bites his shoes to pieces and swallows the fragments.10

Roaring and raving, so that five men could scarcely control her; tears her clothes; pale distorted features; looks wild; utters sounds more like a beast than a human; bites, spits; body in constant swaying motion; takes no notice of questions; eats nothing; quite sleepless. 12

IMAGINARY ANXIETY: Despair of salvation. She is inconsolable over a fancied misfortune, she sits brooding, wailing in an inconsolable manner  < in the evening. 4


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