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Tidbits 38–Making Your Own Remedy in an Emergency: Very Easy to Do, So Hard To Get People To Try It!

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Never Well Since Chemtrails and Make-up…

Hi everybody!  We’re back with another exciting episode of “Tidbits”!  This time our good friend Maria Theodorou is here to show us why we can’t really call ourselves homeopaths if we can’t make our own remedies!  She’s brought two examples with her today.  Her first case can be called…

Never Well Since Chemtrails!

Tidbits 38--Making Your Own Remedy in an Emergency: Very Easy to Do, So Hard To Get People To Try It! 1

In case you didn’t know, “they” are spraying the sky with chemicals, all over the world!  I’ve seen it myself!  “Oh look at the pretty clouds,” I’ve heard myself say.  “Clouds in the shape of straight lines, so unusual!”  Yes, unusual, alright; because they’re not clouds!  The video below may help explain this phenomenon:

Is Maria here yet?  Maria, come on down!

Hi Elaine!  I sent this case to you ages ago, what happened?

In a word–maybe two words–I forgot.

Oh.  OK, I accept your explanation.  So, the most important, life-changing knowledge I can share with your readers is the antidoting method I learned from reading your very important article: “How To Make Your Own Remedy”:

How To Make Your Own Remedy

No, you don’t need a pharmacy, or be in a pharmacy, to make a homeopathic remedy–your kitchen works just fine–and it couldn’t be easier!

Actually, Maria, I never expected such an overwhelming response to that article but you should see the number of comments I got!

Yes, I saw!  And people should read the comments too as they are part of the article as well, as far as I’m concerned.  So, as you know, here in Greece, we were in the middle of elections.

Yes, I read about that.

The sky was night and day full of airplanes spraying.  Even politicians complained to the government about it.

Do you mean spraying campaign messages?  Sky-writing?

No, no, Elaine; that is not what I’m talking about!

There is much research regarding what they are spraying — aluminum, barium, heavy metals, fungus, mold….

I don’t like any of those things!

It is not a theory, it is actually happening.  You probably won’t believe it, but just keep it as information at the back of your head.  People all over the world are getting sick from the chemicals and they don’t realize it!


So my brother complained about a tickling pain in the lower abdomen.  I asked him if he ate or drank anything that might have caused this.  He answered just the usual stuff he normally drinks and eats.  I could not come up with a remedy.  Then I began to think about the chemicals they had been spraying for so many days.  So, remembering your article, I placed on the balcony a glass of water for a day and night so the chemicals they were spraying would go into the glass.

Good thinking, Maria!  I really doubt that I would have thought of the air being a source of the problem!

I took this glass, poured it in a bottle of water, leaving room at the top for succussion (shaking), then I emptied-refilled, emptied-refilled, 6 times all together, and sucussed 40 times in between as you explain, and he took one sip.  The tickling pain in his intestines immediately vanished!

No way!  That’s amazing!

I have kept the bottle and labeled it “Chemtrails 6C” and stored it in the fridge for future use.

God forbid you should ever need to use it again.  See, it’s like Robin Murphy always says, “Etiology over-rules symptomatology!”  (The etiology in this case being chemicals in the air.)  And what’s our motto?  “Whatever something can cause, it can cure in small doses.”  And that’s exactly what you just proved!  But you know what?  Don’t be surprised if the exact same remedy doesn’t work again if they change the formula that they’re spraying!

Some people don’t believe in chemtrails.  The point is, the antidote worked!

Robin Murphy also says, “We have to learn to become ‘antidoters’.”

Probably Alan will not publish this in the ezine since chemtrails is a sensitive subject.

Maria, Alan is totally cool!

I am just passing the information along.  Are you ready for my next case?  I am calling it:


House-Guest Attacked By Make-up!

Tidbits 38--Making Your Own Remedy in an Emergency: Very Easy to Do, So Hard To Get People To Try It! 2

I hate it when that happens.

So, a friend of mine came to our house to stay for the weekend.  In the evening she complained of pimples that appeared suddenly on her face, all of them on the right side!  After a while they appeared inside her mouth and also a terrible numbness appeared on her right cheek.

Sounds like a nightmare.

No chance of that, because she couldn’t sleep!  The pimples were starting to itch…

Good lord!

…and the cheek numbness was also very annoying.

She came to my room and asked for help.  Like a good aspiring homeopath, I asked her when these symptoms appeared and if she ate, drank or did anything unusual.

Good case-taking, Maria!

She answered, “They appeared in the morning,” and further declared that she didn’t do anything unusual… EXCEPT that she put on her face her new make-up powder by Clinique.

While she was talking I was thinking, “Hmmm all the symptoms are on the right, that is a good clue.”  All I had to do was to repertorize, but I didn’t, because I remembered the golden rule from the articles you wrote, namely:

Etiology overrules symptomatology!

So true.

So I took my friend’s make-up powder, scratched some powder into a small, half-filled, spring water bottle, gave it 40 succusions and repeated the dumping-and-refilling technique 6 times (succussing 40 times after each refill), and, essentially, in the end, I had made a 6C remedy bottle: “Clinique 6C”.

She took a sip and started to immediately feel better!

I’m not surprised, to tell you the truth!  This is what happens when you give the exact thing that caused the complaint–In Potency (as we say).

After an hour she had a relapse and took another sip, with 5 succusions first.  The itching and numbness vanished and she slept like a baby.  In the morning she took a last sip and even the pimples went away!

So, that’s my amazing story.  So my message to everyone is to always remember the etiology (the CAUSE) and remember too that every case is NOT a constitutional case!

So well-said, Maria!  You’re spreading an important message.  I hope everyone will go back now and read, “How To Make Your Own Remedy”. 

I have my own little story….  I’ve been having a heck of a time finding a remedy that consistently works for Shana’s menstrual cramps.

Shana Barges In Unexpectedly!

Tidbits 38--Making Your Own Remedy in an Emergency: Very Easy to Do, So Hard To Get People To Try It! 3

Shana, what are you doing here?

Mom!!!!  I’m trying to keep you from embarrassing me but I see I’m too late!

OK, the embarrassing part is over!  (I think.)  Now comes the good part!  We bought Dr. Christopher’s Female Reproductive Formula in the hopes it would prevent the period cramps from ever taking place, but I guess we were wrong!  But, somehow, I got the idea to make a 6C remedy out of it, and that changed everything!

I’ll say it did!  The cramps stopped right away! 

Nothing could possibly be easier than making a remedy out of an herbal tincture! 


I just put 5 drops into an ounce of water, swished it around, poured it into a small half-filled bottle of spring water, succussed 40 times, dumped out, refilled, succussed 40 times…

Mom!  Just tell them to read “How To Make Your Own Remedy”!

OK, OK!  Fingers crossed it works again this month!

But, OK, folks, this is the idea; there are so many reasons why knowing how to make your own remedy could be just the thing you need in a certain situation; so, let this become part of your thought process, OK?  Thanks again to Maria Theodorou for sharing her wisdom and expertise, and, hey –see you again next time for another great, thrilling and exciting episode of Tidbits!

Which hopefully will be about “Winnie The Pooh” and remedy pictures!

Shana!!!!!!  Rick!!!!!!

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases! Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: elaineLewis.hpathy.com

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • this reminds me of my daughter when she was two year old she suffered from loose stool.stool was mucoid undigested five six times daily. this continued for six months.she got emaciated appetite was affected.i tried different homeopathic remedies but did not get better.even allopatic medicine did not help her.in disperation i potentised her stool up to 6x.i gave her thrice daily for two days and touchwood she has not suffered any diarrheal episode since then.this was 20 years ago.

  • Your website has been such a great help to me over the last few years! Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge with your readers.👍💖😆

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