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Hi Elaine,

I’m a homeopath in England and was just browsing online when I came across J’s story. I do most of my work by email and over the phone these days and so the amount of information on J’s condition was a bit of a draw for me. Normally I’d think about what I was given and then have a chat over the phone.

Given the early intolerance of milk and the excoriation around the anus, and then the appearance of cradle cap/eczema, I’d be very tempted to consider a bowel nosode. I read (again online) that we Brits are very fond of bowel nosodes, so it may be an area that isn’t so well documented in the States.

Morgan Pure has separation anxiety in its symptom picture but without reading up I couldn’t say whether being slow to speak and having hypotonic muscles is also an indication that this is the bowel nosode required. I would make a bet that he needs one simply because of the detailed description of his digestion in his early years. Morgan gaertner has nail-biting and also claustrophobia. I suppose if we were speaking on the phone I’d want to know whether J screams when the door is closed on him because he’s scared of the dark, scared of being alone, or if he feels trapped, and how much of it is now habit at getting you to do what you’ve all become used to. (That’s not a judgement call, by the way).

I know a lot of people would take this trauma back to pre-birth but I would be asking questions around the time when J was 18 months old because this was when the separation anxiety worsened. There’s a lot of evidence to support the view that inefficient bowels (especially leaky guts) leach various waste products into the bloodstream and that these do affect behaviour. I’m sure you know this so I’m telling you nothing new. And since dietary change is common to all growing children it could be that something that was changed or introduced at that time exacerbated an existing condition.

I suppose what I’m saying is that since the presenting problem is a behavioural one it’s tempting for a homeopath to focus on the Mentals. I work a lot with digestion and so for me it’s the obvious way to go, but I’d be asking food and bowel questions.

Do look into the bowel nosodes if you get the time. Morgan, Morgan Pure and Morgan Gaertner need some comparative analysis for you to get the right one. If bowel function is restored it can turn around a person’s mental and emotional state.

Another remedy I would look at is Saccharum Officinale which is all about fear of abandonment by the mother, especially when breastfeeding was impossible. There’s quite a succinct explanation of the remedy on this website:-

OK, gotta go, I’m supposed to be working.

Good luck with J.

Jane Kibbler LHom MARH


Hello !

This case seems to be a case of baryta mur. In my repertory , and taking into account the symptoms posted, it has a lot of baryta carb and natrum mur is not far off either. So I would try baryta mur.


I have just been to a weekend seminar by Patricia Hatherly, and would like to suggest the remedies Borax and Lac Maternum. Apparently they are complementary and both are about being present in your body. The clinging may relate to Borax. Lac Maternum contains colostrum and is like Lac Humanum, but is more intense. It has issues around spaceships and aliens, and also separation issues. She thinks it is usually a layer remedy, one from which many of us would benefit. Another remedy worth considering could be Lachesis to help him sleep – He sleeps into the aggravation of fearing the loss of the mother. I am watching this work at the moment in a child with a similar picture to Ja’s (not my prescription, someone else’s pick-up on a case that I missed the centre on).

Gail Allen


Dear Michael,

I was going through Murphy’s 3rd ed. of his Repertory today and came across–Mind: fear, aliens. I thought, J’s afraid aliens are coming for his mother to take her away in a spaceship! There was only one remedy listed–Mancinella! I’ve successfully used this remedy on two clients with fears. I don’t expect this to be J’s constitutional remedy, but it may be the fear remedy that keeps him from falling asleep alone at night.

Elaine Lewis


I’m a patient of a classical homeopath–my first attempt to get help in this way. After almost three months (I know…not long)I can empathize with failed remedies.

So I’m not writng to offer homeopathic advice. In your writing somewhere you were understandably unhappy with a homeopath who neither prescribed a new remedy nor offered any other support. That emboldened me to suggest a family dynamic approach that was suggested to us many years ago and was extraordinarily successful.

Our son was 9 at the time and would not go to sleep upstairs without his dad or me on that floor with him. That was not as disruptive as your situation, but it was getting old. Our family therapist gave us exact instructions: 1) Explain to him we were doing bedtime differently. We were putting him to bed in his bed, and we were both going to be downstairs. 2) When he cried and/or got up to argue his case,we were to firmly and kindly take him back to his bed.

Our therapist explained that to continue in the old way was reinforcing his fear that the upstairs of our house was a dangerous place. She knew it would be a challenge, but she stressed the importance of the change and “firm and kind.”

That first night it was about three hours before he fell asleep from exhaustion, and prior to that he was about as pitiful as you can imagine (“I cannot live my life through this night”). He did not waken in the night, and he mentioned nothing the next morning. When he came home from school, he asked me, “Are we doing bedtime the same way tonight?” I replied, “Yes, we are.”

That night I put him to bed, kissed him, and went downstairs. And he was asleep within a few minutes–no crying or arguing. It was never an issue again.

I’m not suggesting it would go that easily for your family, but maybe it’s worth a try. Every time he gets up from his bed when he should be in it (both before sleep and later in the night), he is put back to bed with firmness and kind reassurance.

You and I both understand your initial goal with him would be more modest: get him sleeping alone, without interruption.

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