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Leucorrhoea and Thalassemia

Written by Dr.Jitesh Sharma

Dr. Jitesh Sharma presents a case of Leucorrhoea and Thalassemia.

Female  – Age – 47

4th October 2014

Leucorrhea – profuse

Back pain during leucorrhoea

“My main problem is leucorrhea (Homeopathy for Leucorrhea). I feel weak and cannot move ,( ghayal hojate hain” ) I’m very much worried about my health. I have head pain  before menses. No strength . Was diagnosed with Sickle cell disease/ thalassemia (Homeopathy Treatment for Thalassemia) “

“Actually all problems started after my marriage. After my marriage they  demanded money from my family and slowly my family got frustrated. They also started taunting me that I’m coming to their home to just take money.” (Weeping continuously) My family gradually lost everything.

I lost my husband  and it was a big tragedy in my life. My in-laws also trouble  me a lot so I shifted back to my father’s house and now they also don’t treat me well… think I m a burden for them. I’m cornered.    Everybody treats as if  I’m nothing.  My in laws just tortured me my whole life.”

Fear  of water

Fear something will happen

Thirst – Normal   Perspiration – Normal

Wake up startled

I have fear of falling when I look down

Dreaming:  I feel like I fall into a hole while walking . This dream I see repeatedly.

History of tuberculosis

“My children don’t talk to me nicely.. they are always rude, as if I am nothing to them.  I feel so bad that I feel I should  do something to  myself .”

Leucorrhoea brown

Perspiration staining yellow


Head pain menses before

Fear: falling, downstairs

Ailments from scorn, being scorned

Anxiety: health, about

Weeping: tearful mood

Loathing: life of

Fear: happen, something will

Leucorrhea Brown

Perspiration Yellow

Jitesh Sharma july2016

Remedies :

Lac can 30 (tds for 15 days )

Follow up: Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hb 10.0

Patient :

Overall well. I’m happy my Hb got increased.  Till now I never got hb above 6. My leucorrhea stopped.

Sac lac was given for 1 month

Followup : December 10, 2014


Condition improved and mentally and physically feeling better

Follow up : February 24 ,2015 – Hb 10

No more fear of falling, no more loathing . Cheerful and happy

Followup : April  15 ,2015

Hb 10 .  Mentally not feeling well.  Had a fight at home, , sleep not good , feeling offended easily at trifles . Guilt feeling

Prescribed  LAC CAN 200  one dose

Followup: June 10 ,2015     Hb 11   sleep is improved  .

No more guilt feelings.  Mentally and physically no more problems

Sac Lac was given for 15 days

Followup : July  24th , 2015    Hb 11 .

Patient :  “Now my hemoglobin is  better and constant. Doctor I don’t have any more problems. My anxiety was one of the main problem besides headache, which is much better after you gave me medicine.”

About the author

Dr.Jitesh Sharma

Dr. Jitesh Sharma completed BHMS in 2013 and then studied at IACH with Dr. George Vithoulkas. He subsequently studied under Rajan Sankaran as well as Drs. Mahesh Gandhi, Dinesh Chauhan, Dr S. Sarkar, and Dr. Amarsinha Nikam. He has been a part of several health camps at hospitals and private organizations. Dr. Sharma presented his paper “Evidence Based Homoeopathy - "A Case of Avasacular Necrosis Of Femur” at the 73rd Congress of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathic Internationalis (LMHI) 2018. He also presented at the first Ayush International Conference & Exhibition 2017 Dubai and published numerous articles on the role of homoeopathy in treating acute and chronic diseases. He runs a homeopathic hospital in Odisha with a 40 bed IPD and OPD facilities, seeing more than 80-100 patients per day. Email: [email protected] Website:


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