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Magic of Sepia succus

Magic of Sepia succus

We think cases with multiple pathological lesions are beyond our scope. But a homeopathic similimum can root out all the pathology of the physical body, by treating the inner illness of the patient(disease in vitality). This clinical case is presented from genuine Homeopathic Clinical Research Center, Madurai. This case reveals the efficacy of dynamic similimum. Let us start DARE to read.   


Name       : Mrs. Karthiyayini

Age        : 32 Yrs.

Sex        : Female

Occupation : House Wife


Present Complaints:


Complaints of severe back pain with milky leucorrhea, burning micturition since 3 months.


Pain in left mammary gland with heaviness, ameliorated by squeezing out the discharge. Pain in nape of the neck, left-sided.


Pain in the left iliac fossa, amelioration by pressure, complaints of dyspareunia (Homeopathy Treatment for Dyspareunia) with dryness of vagina.


Occipital headache with left-sided nasal obstruction. Heaviness of head aggravated by change of climate and dampness.


Formication in lower abdomen. Exhaustion after sexual act.


Constipation ++ dry, hard and difficult in evacuation.


Pain in both heels < dampness.


Bitter taste in mouth.



Past history:


Recurrent tendency to catch cold.


Family history:


Father diabetic, hypertensive, also a heart patient.


Personal history:


Occasional non-vegetarian. She got married at the age of 21 years. Has two children. I child – Full term normal delivery. II child – Lower segmental caesarian section.


Mental Generals:


She did love marriage against the opinion of her parents, now severe indifference with loved ones, with her husband and also with her children. Irritable+ desire to be alone, but fear of being alone. Sadness++. Weeping while narrating complaints. Aversion to coition because of dyspareunia.


Physical Generals:


Irregular intake of food. Want of appetite.


Sweat++ but does not feel better by sweat.

Stool-constipation++, dry hard stool and wetness in

anus after lower segmental cesarean section.


Urine-burning during urination, occasional involuntary

passage of urine while coughing and straining.

Menses-Scanty, 2/50 days cycle, want of more flow.



Physical Examination:


Short, fair complexion, obese+, not anemic.


Weight – 61 kg

Pulse – 95/min.


Systemic Examination:





She was advised to take ultrasound abdomen and pelvis.


Ultrasound shows


Intramural myoma in size 1.0 x 0.9 cm in anterior fundal region.

Bilateral tiny intrarenal calculi.

Bulky anteverted uterus with tiny intramural myoma.

Minimal free fluid is seen in pouch of Douglas.

Few cervical cysts are seen in both lips of cervix.

Bilateral large ovaries with multiple small surface follicles suggestive of polycystic ovaries.


I Prescription 12.06.08


After deep repertorial analysis, Lachesis and Sepia scored equal marks. After going through Materia Medica we arrived at Sepia succus as the similimum on the basis of totality of symptom.


Sepia succus 0/3 1 Dose added in 120 ml aqueous solution, 5 drops every day morning with 100 ml of plain water in empty stomach, each time after 10 succession for 15 days. She was strictly advised to take vegetarian diet, to avoid coffee, tea, milk products. She was also advised to stop medicine if she feels better.


II Prescription 28.06.08


Complaints reduced very well. Left side nose obstruction+. Pain in neck+. No burning Micturition. Pain in left breast, left iliac region reduced a lot.



Placebo for 15 days.


III Prescription 14.07.08


Cold+. Cough+. Acute coryza, Generals Normal.



Placebo for one month.


IV Prescription 18.08.08


No Complaints. Generals Normal



Placebo for one month.


V Prescription 03.09.08


No Complaints. Generals Normal



Placebo for one month.


VI Prescription 19.09.08


Patient is advised to take ultrasound abdomen.


VII Prescription 20.10.08


Ultrasound shows


Normal sized anteverted uterus.

No uterine fibroids or free fluids in the pelvis.

Both ovaries are normal in size. No adnexal mass lesion.

scan reports attached.

Discussion:                                                                                                                           Sepia sucuss  (cuttle fish) the similimum for this particular case, prescribed based on totality of symptoms, especially for her indifference which restored the sick to HEALTH, and now she is living a new healthy life. She is also attached with all her family members. YES INK IS THE SOUL FOR WRITTERS; HERE INKY JUICE OF CUTTLE FISH CURED THE SOUL OF THIS PATIENT.


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