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Myocardial Infarction in a Man of 89 – Adjuvant Homeopathic Treatment

Written by Tamara Kozymenko

Dr. Tamara Kozymenko shares a case of myocardial infarction in a man of 89, where homeopathic treatment was used along with allopathic medicines. Various ailments called for Arsenicum, Helleborus, Opium, Nux, Bryonia and Kali phos at different times.

An 89-year-old man was hospitalized on 26/02/20 to an intensive care unit (ICU) with the diagnosis “Non-Q acute anterolateral wall myocardial infarction”.

He had arterial hypertension stage 3, chronic heart failure stage II, benign prostate hyperplasia stage III.  His relatives asked for help on 01/03/20. The next three weeks he was in a hospital on allopathic treatment supported with homeopathic remedies.

01/03/20 He has been in ICU for 4 days. Now he is tied to a bed because trying all the time to pull out intravenous and urinary catheters, refuses drugs, food and drink, wants to get up and go home. It seems that he doesn’t want to live and is in a desperate state; doesn’t recognize relatives. Urine output is not sufficient. Helleborus 200C


02/03/20 He became quieter, slept a little during night.

He takes medicines, doesn’t pull out the intravenous catheter but is trying to get the urinary catheter. Strong weakness, without restlessness. He lies with closed eyes, opens them when somebody talks with him. Urine goes well.

He drinks, doesn’t eat, says “no complaints”. Sometimes he snores during the sleep.

03/03/20 He doesn’t suffer more and understands his position better. There has been no attempt to go home and pull out the catheters for 1.5 days. He recognizes relatives, answers questions, drinks, eats less. He is very week, sleepy, breathing during sleep is uneven, with long pauses without snoring.

Bedsore appears on the back because he was fixed to the bed for 5 days, he doesn’t allow touching it.

Constipation without urging for 7 days.

Doctors reduced the number of prescribed drugs, removed all catheters. Urine does not flow. Creatinine level – 287 mg/l, uric acid – 31.8 mg/l.

He was transferred from ICU to therapeutic department because of positive ECG dynamics.

After Hell C200 general state is worse, speech is less clear, no urine, ineffectual urging for stool, perspiration of chest.

After Opium C200 and duphalac stool and urine appear.

Arnica 30C in the morning





Helleborus 200C in the evening


Opium 200C at night

04/03/20 In the morning he urinates well. The mood is better. He speaks better, less sleepy despite of a sleepless night. He drinks but has no appetite. Bedsore is better.

In the evening, weakness increases, speech is worse, he is thirsty, and urination is less frequent. After Opium speech and urination is better.

Pain appears in bladder region

Opium C200 in the evening
05/03/20 He is upset (due to the pain), often drinks in small portions, restless. Pain in bladder region occurs during movement and pressure. Arsenicum album C30

2 times a day

06/03/20 Ars C30 was given yesterday 2 times a day and again at night at 12 pm. The pain increased in the evening and at night, analgin and paracetamol did not help, pain became very strong in the morning.

After Canth C30 the pain is gone, urine is lighter.

ECG is much better; he is allowed to sit and walk.

In the evening the urine catheter is put, 2 L of urine is released.

Cantharis C30 in the morning
07/03/20 He is grumpy, wakes up at 4 am in the morning, demands of coffee and fanta, and refuses food because of the same taste of all products. Nux-v C30

2 times a day

08/03/20 He eats with appetite; relatives need to stop him from overeating. He begins to sit down and stand on his feet. The mood is good.
09/03/20 Yesterday evening a mucus in throat appeared, he started coughing constantly. He did not sleep all night because of cough. In the morning he cannot cough because of pain in chest during cough and any motion. The skin on the hands is extremely sensitive to touch. No thirst. Bryonia C30

2 times a day



Cough and pain in chest is better.

Creatinine – 194 mg/l.

Bryonia C30

1 time a day

12/03/20 The doctor asks to prescribe homeopathy for insomnia, because he has not slept for 3 days. During day he can sleep only 5-10 minutes several times, at night – from 10 to 12 pm.  Chest pain bothers sometimes, no cough.  Drinks in small portions. Despite the large amount of food stool is once in 3 days.. Kalium phosphoricum C30

1 time a day

16/03/20 Sleep, cough, pain in chest is better. The appetite and mood is good.
17/03/20 Urine catheter is removed, Nux-v C30 – immediately after. Urination is normal.

ECG shows positive dynamics.

Nux-v C30
18/03/20 Patient is discharged from the hospital. Arsenicum album C30 1 time a day

This is the case of a very old man with acute myocardial infarction who received all necessary allopathic treatment supporting with homeopathy in the hospital. In ICU doctors were very suspicious of homeopathic remedies but in the therapeutic ward they asked to give him something to relieve symptoms.

Fortunately, relatives had a possibility to be near him during treatment and followed symptoms. It was very important because symptoms changed every day. The situation was dangerous due to the age and concomitant pathology.

During treatment of the infarction there were chances of serious complications from renal function, lungs, heart and brain. The case shows the possibility of homeopathy in acute severe pathology.

About the author

Tamara Kozymenko

Dr. Tamara Kozymenko (MD, PhD) is a classical homeopathy doctor from Ukraine. She graduated from Bogomolets National Medical University and began working as a scientific researcher at the Institute of Gerontology in Kyiv. She defended her thesis on cardiology in 1991. From 2007 to 2019, she was in charge of the homeopathy course at Kyiv Medical University and has also been responsible for the postgraduate homeopathy course at the same university since 2017. In 2011, she obtained her diploma from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. Presently, she serves as the coordinator of the IACH E-learning course in Ukraine. She is also the President of UDiHoP (Union for Diplomate Homeopathic Physicians)


  • It is very useful article worth making a note. I am 89 years old with chronic angina and prostatitis I am on allopathic drugs and have improved my health considerably with support of homeopathy remedies. I am convinced that
    Integrative medicine works wonder.


  • life is sympathetic parasympathetic balance.routine sympathetic excess is visible in finger toe, indians treat it wear copper ring or some planet based gems embedded rings or nux vom etc,parasympathetic tonic is lobelia naja aswagandha etc.when sympathetic overpowers solar plexus in old age, death is near,semi concious patient speaks names of too close relatives wether last wish to see themis fullfilled or not god knows.helleborus is last weapon, if desire to live is to be restored.many years back allopathy doctors used to advise,no chance now take home fulfil last wishes,probably they were feared of god,now that fear is not there because of ventilator support.helleborus opium king remedies to bring conciousness if god wishes,homeo curare ventilator can be tried.

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