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Revisiting: Christmas Headaches!

Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz. Revisiting: Christmas Headaches!

Who missed last month’s head-pounding quiz? Here it is again with the answer to follow:

Shana, it’s that magical time of year again!  Christmas, Chanukah…. So much to do, so many presents to wrap–all yours!

All I want is my fair share!

Shana and Conan tee

The joys of the season have touched us all!

Except for….

Right!  Our poor patient, Gabi!  Yes, Christmas can be a headache too!

Elaine, I woke up with a horrendous sore throat.  I could not speak.  After a dose of Belladona I was able to react; yet, I stayed in bed all day not being able to fully function.  The house was falling apart.  I just fed the kids and plugged them into the TV so I could get rid of them.  I went downstairs when I finally got some help to get away from the noise.  I dozed off.  It was hot downstairs.  When I woke up I had such an intense, bursting headache that was traveling from my ears to my face (sinus) to the top of my head at the occiput, I couldn’t stand it!  The headache happened after the sore-throat went away.  I went up the stairs and I almost threw up from the pain.  I thought I have never had a headache this intense!  I had no appetite and little thirst and I only drank cold water.

Between you and me I had tried Bryonia, Nat-Sulph, and Lachesis with very little reaction.  This is throughout the whole day.  The pain was so violent!  I looked it up in the Repertory even though I couldn’t see to read.  I decided on _____________.  I just took the pellets dry, 1M, and sat.  I could not lie down because as soon as I touched the pillow with my head it became worse.  And Magic!  It was gone!!!!!!!!

Then I went to the MM and confirmed it: bursting and expansion sensations, I could not stand any motion or jarring (the kids were jumping on my bed!) or shaking and at one point I thought, if I could just jump out in the cold it will all go away, and I was very irritable, did not want to see anyone especially not people from the family (therefore my confusion with Bryonia at first).

Mind you this was a bad one; so, I woke up later about 1AM and had to repeat 200c in water.  I took about 4 more doses.  It was all gone.  This morning I finished it off (I mean the whole flu thing) with Gelsemium and I feel alive again.  In only one day!






Repeat Belladonna-2

Repeat Belladonna in higher potency



Aconite (as an antidote to Belladonna)


Well, let me just say that you can’t easily fool the hpathy audience!  Yes, it WAS Glonoine!  I think alert homeopath Rachel Doherty said it best when she wrote:

Dear Elaine —

Is it possible that I made it in before the deadline?  Thank goodness for the holiday break 🙂

I wanted to hazard a guess on the xmas headache remedy.  I’m a first-time guesser and new fan of the e-journal. Here’s to hoping!

There were 3 remedies that I looked at for a possible answer: I ruled out Aconite, which looked like a possibility but lacked the irritability symptom.  Ditto for Nat Mur, which had irritability and vomiting (she did say she was nauseous), but Gabi’s headache appeared after waking up from a nap, and Nat Mur symptoms get better with sleep.

I settled on Glonoine for the following reasons:
1.) onset: heat (she noticed the room was hot when she woke up with the headache)
2.) Pain: expanding
3.) Can’t lie down
4.) Worse for jarring
5.) Improves with ice (she wanted to “jump out into the cold”)
and, last but not least,
6.) she was unable to read and just came up with the remedy from her head… “violent” pain?  Nitro glycerine (Glonoine), of course!!

Thanks for the chance to guess,
Rachael Doherty

Remember this?

“I just took the pellets dry…. I could not lie down because as soon as I touched the pillow with my head, it became worse.”

Now look what’s in Murphy’s MM:

“Head heavy, but cannot lay it on pillow.”

Practically word-for-word the same thing!  Of course, Glonoine is a 3 under “violent headaches”.  And then there’s the etiology–Ailments from heat, for which it’s well known, and the modality:  Cold amel.:

“I thought, if I could just jump out in the cold it will all go away….

Is anyone out there trying to save money by NOT buying a home remedy kit?  Wouldn’t you hate to have been in Gabi’s shoes with this acute headache and no Glonoine?  OMG!

And now for our winners.  Dr. B, congratulations go to:

Amit Habbu

Elanor Shaw



Dr. Farida Dahowala

Dr. Wequar


Jane Faulkner

Paula Matsikidze

Sudha R. Nambisan BHMS, PGDPC

Rachael Doherty

Dr. B, what have they won?????

Would you believe a gold star?

See you again next time!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

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