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Revisiting: Doin’ “The Walk”!

Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine revisits last month’s suspenseful quiz! Did you guess the right remedy?

Who remembers last month’s exciting quiz presented by Caralyn about her increasingly popular father and his really bad leg cramps? Here it is again:


Well, Kelly, what have you got for me this month?

A toothache and a splinter.


That’s it?

I can maybe throw in a backache for the right price.

Kelly, this is the Sankaran issue, we have to look good!

Oh, we do? That may be a problem.

Good grief!  I’m going to have to go with Caralyn’s father!

Again with Caralyn’s father?  What is it this time?

Caralyn can explain it better than I can.

So that’s Caralyn in 5-4-3-2-and…cue Caralyn!

Caralyn's picture

Egads!  Am I on?

I think so…

Right!  So, here we are again, back in the lovely amphitheater in beautiful downtown….place….and my father once again is suffering from another malady!  

Well great, that’s just great!

I think everyone here knew that my father had gout, then he had allergies, and now he has very bad leg cramps!  My mother said he was actually crying with the pain!

Ouch!  That’s gotta hurt!

He has suffered with this for as long as he can remember.  This is the routine: During sleep he is awakened by a BAD CRAMP in his calf.  This randomly happens to either leg. For a man who does not complain much he simply says that he wakes up and he has to walk. He walks around for about 15 minutes until the pain fades away. He basically knows what to expect; that is, until the other night when he visited us.

According to him, he had the worst cramp ever!  He walked and walked around the living room for more than half an hour while the rest of the family slept. The sensation was so strong and the discomfort so debilitating that he could not “walk off the pain” as he put it.  Eventually the pain subsided. However, during breakfast he said that he felt the aftermath of the pain.  His leg was throbbing. Earlier that week, in addition, he said that he had pulled something in his knee.  This knee injury was quite painful so he found himself favoring the other knee.  Now the other knee was hurting from the extra pressure.  To make a long story short he was having a painful week. Now both knees were hurting.  His legs were throbbing from the cramps and he was feeling completely wiped out.

What a calamity!

Exactly!  So, I asked my father a lot of questions, pretending that I was someone who might be able to help him.

Good idea!

So, I asked him to describe the pain.  He said that the pain felt like something too large was trying to fit into something too small.  He said that the feeling was of a tightness. He said that the only thing that helped his pain was to walk. I asked about thirst.  “What do you like to drink, Dad?” I said.  “Milk,” he said.

It was at that point that my stand-up comedian father, who loves nothing more than to poke fun at the “witchcraft” we call homeopathy, agreed to take a few pellets under his tongue of _________30C.  I felt like my choice was appropriate, but honestly did not feel confident that I could help him.  After 20 minutes, I said to my father, “Dad tomorrow I think that you will feel much better.”  To my utter shock he said, “I already do.  My legs have stopped throbbing.”  Well yahoo for me!  My father then said, “Where can I go to get this stuff?”

Amazing!  Caralyn, how is he now?

The throbbing subsided right away, the cramps have not come back and the next day his knees felt better. They started to hurt a few days later, just slightly.  He repeated the __________ in water, twice a day for a week.  He feels fine now.

Do you know what Jimmy McCracklin says?

No.  But I have a feeling he’s some sort of rock and roll star from the ’60’s?

You guessed it!  He says you gotta “Walk”:

Jimmy McCracklin


So, how did we do, gang? Let me tell you, a lot of you were not fooled!  The remedy was…… Rhus tox!

Now listen people, this is very basic homeopathy: a person gets an injury or a cramp or a strain and they feel they have to move, keep moving, worse from sitting or lying still.  That’s Rhus tox, you can’t mistake it!  Brooks wrote in saying, “I look forward to your analysis…”  I said, “What analysis?  He’s better moving–Rhus tox!”

Now, I know a lot of you sent in an array of “restlessness” remedies, like Arsenicum and Tuberculinum.  But these restless remedies are coming from the mental/emotional plane, not the physical plane like this patient, AND they’re not necessarily better for all the moving they’re doing!

Rhus tox is definitely better for motion!  A Rhus tox sprained ankle will actually improve from “The Walk”, believe me I know!  When I was a kid, I sprained my ankle and was home from school for about a week as I remember, and then on the day I went back, it was very painful for me to walk to school in the morning but by the afternoon when I came home? After a full day of walking around?  I was literally back to normal, the improvement was overwhelming!  In Rhus tox, movement really does ameliorate; whereas, with Arsenicum, yes, they’re very restless but not really better because of it.

So, as far as rubrics are concerned?  If you really needed any?  We’ve got:

Murphy’s Repertory–

Legs: cramps, calves, motion amel.–Argentum, Bryonia, Ferrum, Rhus t.

Legs: cramps, calves, bed, in–There are 23 remedies, I’ll just list the ones in bold: Rhus tox, Sulphur, Calc-c., Carbn-s.

Then there’s the “Desires milk” which we know helps confirm Rhus tox; plus, the description of the sensation: “Something too large is trying to fit into something too small.”  That’s in the repertory as Generals: constriction sensation. Too tight, in other words. Rhus tox is in bold for that. You could also interpret that as “stiffness”, which is a keynote for Rhus tox, they feel very stiff, very tight. So, there you have it.

And our winners are….

Akanksha Agnihotri


Jayashree Kanoi

Dr Wequar Ali Khan



B. Madhavi

Thanks for voting, everybody; see you next time!


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