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Revisiting: Insomnia — It’s All I Care About!

Revisiting: Insomnia -- It's All I Care About!

What remedy solved this insomnia case? Scroll down for the answer.

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Rhus tox–3

Sepia 1M


Nitric acid



Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hi Maria!

Tricky quiz.

Yes, it truly was.  And frankly, I will be shocked if anyone gets it right!

I will vote for Sepia 1M because the 200ch had a positive effect on her.

But that’s just it, Maria, it did have an effect on her.  It made her less irritable.  But since she said, “Insomnia is all I care about,” and Sepia didn’t affect the insomnia at all, I would be hesitant to stick with it. 

Also what strikes me in the case is the limbo she wrote about, the “life suspended”.

Well, you know what Maria?  Her life IS suspended!  She’s in between houses.  She moved from Washington to North Carolina, and she’s living in an apartment waiting to move into her new house.  She literally is in limbo!  So, if the symptom makes sense, we can’t use it.

She brought in my mind the word Stasis.  It is the word that Vithoulkas is using to describe Sepia in his Radar Keynotes.

She desires acidic foods in which sepia is a 3.

The time of waking, also Sepia, is a 3.

She mentions the flushes of heat.  And Sepia is 1 under homesickness.

If it’s only a 1, then we should probably ignore it.  You know what doesn’t go for Sepia here?  Worse before and during a storm.  Sepias love storms.

It is not an easy vote.

I know, not easy at all!

I thought of Phosphoric acid which is a 4 for homesickness and has the frozen emotions and tiredness.

I also thought of Capsicum which has sleeplessness with homesickness and lack of feeling, shuts off emotions.  It has also the cracking of joints.

Anyway both Capsicum and Ph-ac. imply that the reason for the insomnia is homesickness, which I am not sure is the case.  So I went for Sepia 1M because she also stated that the insomnia is worse from over- exercising.  And who likes so much to exercise?  Sepia!

If I am wrong I will try again.  Great quiz and great Tidbits article too, again!

Thanks, Maria!  Well, I picked this quiz reluctantly to show that every case you get isn’t going to be so neatly tied into a perfect little package!  I had no idea what the remedy was!  But, the last thing she said turned out to be a keynote of a remedy; and Robin Murphy always says, “If you see a keynote of a remedy, give the remedy!”

She said, “My palpitations are worse if I wake up and I’m lying on my left side.”  I said to myself, “Wait a minute…. That’s Phosphorus!”  Here’s the rubric–

Heart: palpitations, waking, on, lying on, left side, from.  (Translation:  “Heart, palpitations on waking from lying on left side”.)

There are only 2 remedies listed for that–China sulph and Phosphorus.  What’s the likelihood that our patient has China sulph?  Not very likely.  Plus, it was only a 1.  Now, having chosen Phosphorus, which scored higher as a 2, all I had to do was go back and see if anything else in the case went for Phosphorus.  I thought it was interesting that she said it felt like she was “bleeding” money.  And of course, what is Phosphorus famous for?  Bleeding!  Nosebleeds, hemorrhages, bleeding of bright red blood!  Coincidence that she said that?  Who knows, but, I thought it was interesting!  Being worse before and during a storm also goes for Phosphorus, as does being worse for not eating (“fasting agg.”)

So, not the best Phosphorus case in the world, but, it worked!


Oh look, it’s Neil!


Hi Elaine,

Hi Neil, sorry I kept you waiting!

Well im going for Rhus tox or Lycopodium for the insomnia quiz.

Better warmth, likes a hot bath, worse cold and cold wet and cold food, worse vigorous exercise but better prolonged medium exercise.  But doesn’t mention restlessness which rhus tox is but says better when moving.

Red tip of tongue, crack down middle, money worries.

irritable and forgetful … mind you, lack of sleep makes you forgetful and irritable as a consequence.  I talk from experience.

So, I’m going for Rhus tox.

The modalities do make you think of Rhus tox; but, I saw a keynote of a remedy, it was the last thing she said–or almost the last thing.  She said she had palpitations when she woke up if she was lying on her left side.  Do you know what remedy that is?  It’s Phosphorus!  There are only 2 remedies in that rubric–Phosphorus and China sulph.  Figuring she wouldn’t have China sulph anyway, I just ignored that and looked to see if anything in the case went for Phosphorus, and then I saw a whole bunch of things including the sensation as if she were “bleeding money”.  Interesting, n’est-ce-pas?  So, yeah, that was it–Phosphorus!

Thanks Elaine.

Interesting, the worse for cold food and cold drinks goes against Phosphorus so that’s why i didn’t go there.

That’s true, but other things did support Phosphorus.  For instance, Phosphorus is in bold under “fasting agg.”  Her remark, “I feel like we’re bleeding money” when Phosphorus is a remedy for hemorrhaging of bright red blood I thought was telling. 

In fact, you can really see a lot of different remedies in this case, suggesting that her vital force is unstable (doesn’t put out a clear remedy picture) but, in cases like this, we have our Hierarchy of Symptoms to fall back on!  And, how does that go again?

  1. Etiology


  1. Diagnosis


  1. Onset–sudden or gradual


  1. Delusions and Strange/Rare/Peculiar


  1. Mentals


  1. Emotionals


  1. Generals


  1. Locals/Particulars


So, we don’t really have an etiology for the insomnia, though it’s obvious she’s not sleeping in her own bed, she’s in an apartment waiting to move to her new house, she’s worried about money…so, under the circumstances, you can see why she’d have insomnia.  Diagnosis–disruption of her normal routine, nothing’s familiar, everything is new; so, not sure I know what the rubric for that would be…?   But also, “worrying”.  We’ve got “Ailments from worries” and Phosphorus is in bold for that. 

The “onset” doesn’t apply. 

Then we’ve got “delusions” and “strange, rare, peculiar”.  For delusions we can pick “delusion: bleeding money”, and for “S/R/P” we’ve got “Palpitations on waking when lying on left side”.  Only 2 remedies are listed for that, that’s how strange it is!  Phosphorus is rated the highest of the two.  When you’ve got something like this in your case, you only need to look back and say, “Does anything else go for Phosphorus in this case?”  rather than starting at the bottom (the local symptoms–itching on the legs, etc., the generals — better hot bath, better warmth, worse cold) and picking Rhus tox when Rhus tox doesn’t match the top of the hierarchy, right?  Peculiars and “ailments from” are at the top; in other words, you’ve got a confusing case, an unstable case, many remedies appear to jump out at you, but what matches the top of the hierarchy?  That is the question!!!  Whatever that is, go with that!

Now, I know, no one knew that Phosphorus had the keynote “Palpitations, worse lying on the left side”; so, that was a big stumbling block for you; but, hey, now you know!

Phos tends to like very cold drinks too and she stated only moderately cold.  I never focused  on the palpitations, I must admit.  Every day a school day!




Oh look, the gang from Slovakia is here!

Hello Elaine and Shana,

Hi Miroslav and Jitka!

Here is a quiz solution, but only from one member of our “gang”…:)

No way!  Really?

Miroslav:  Rhus tox

I chose this remedy based on the following symptom:

tongue, red, tip

other symptoms:

insomnia with palpitations

No, wait; the rubric you’re quoting is Sleep: insomnia, palpitations from, not “WITH”.  She doesn’t have insomnia due to palpitations.  Palpitations are a concomitant, not the etiology.  And not just any palpitations either; she has palpitations only when lying on the left side!  So that’s very important.  Do you know what remedy has that?  Phosphorus!

headache, forehead

Too big a rubric, won’t help us.

legs, itching, night

eyes, red, eyelids

That could be from not sleeping.  If a symptom makes sense, we can’t use it.

hot bath ameliorates

cold, aggravates

nose, discharge, sparse

No, she has a watery nasal discharge, she doesn’t use the word “sparse” or anything that means “sparse”, BUT, she does say that this discharge is rare, which means it hardly ever happens; so, it’s not going to help us.  Is that what you meant by sparse?  That it hardly ever happens?

mind, irritated

You mean “Mind: irritable”, but that’s too big a rubric to help us, and as Neil said, insomnia can make a person irritable; so, again, if it makes sense, it’s not a symptom, and we can’t use it.

generals, fatigue

Again, she has fatigue because she’s not sleeping; so, once again, if it makes sense, we can’t use it.

walking ameliorates

feels tired after walking

Generals: weariness, walking, after–Muriatic acid.  It’s the only remedy!  I’m not sure you want to hang your hat on that one remedy, do you?

jaw pain, left side

No, she says her jaw is “tight”, and on the left side, there’s a “crunching” sound when she opens her mouth, but she doesn’t say it’s painful.

So, what are you actually left with?  The modalities–better heat, worse cold and legs itching at night.  You didn’t have as much as you thought you did.  Do you want to know what the remedy was?  Phosphorus!  Why?  We had a keynote!  A “strange, rare, peculiar”–palpitations on waking when lying on the left side.  Only 2 remedies!  Phosphorus and China sulph.  If you look back at the case, you can find other symptoms of Phosphorus, including “worse from not eating” and “worse during a storm”.


I’m not going to guess the quiz this time because Miroslav sent his solution before I had a chance to come up with a remedy.  I think his solution is right.

Well, then, Jitka, don’t look now, but, you just voted!

But I can’t participate on his triumph.

Well, it wasn’t much of a triumph; but, then again, what is?

It appears that we don’t have a winner this month but what we do have are a lot of great participants, and that’s the important thing!  To that end, here’s an appropriate song:

“I Guess That Don’t Make Me A Loser” by The Brothers Of Soul.



See you again next time!

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  • Hi Elaine,

    Wonderful quiz and well analysed. This case of Insomnia had lot of symptoms and zeroing on the key symptom to cure the entire case, lies on the efficiency of the healer. Excellently analysed and cured.
    ” Palpitations only when lying on the left side! ” . – Phosphorous. ( main concomitant ). So the reason many phosphorous people sleep on the right side to avoid these palpitations.
    Also your analysis of “bleeding money” was really accurate and appropriate for a phosphorous case. Overall a great quiz to assimilate.


  • Oh !! dear Shana, Missed wishing you.. 🙁
    Belated Birthday wishes !!! Hope you had a great birthday. We do love your music news and and you are a repository of music albums. Thanks you shana !!!

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