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Solution to Dr. Amarsinha Nikam’s CROHN’S Case (Feb 2013)

Dr. Amarsinha Nikam’s solution to February’s Crohn’s Case Quiz

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  • Totality :

–         A/F Post-Operative/mortification/chagrin.

–         > Open air.

–         > Lying on back.

–         > Flatus.

–         < Sour.

–         Emaciation severe.

–         Hardness of abdomen.

–         Glandular affections chronic.

–         Forsaken feeling.

–         Contradiction intolerance of.

–         Anger sudden violent.

–         Talk indisposition to.

–         Ambithermal.

  • Remedy Selected : MERC SOL 30.
  • Response :

After seeing her critical condition, I concluded that she needed to be hospitalized.

On regular follow-up and observation, I found that her pain in abdomen, legs and painful backache gradually vanished.

Within a week, she got a sigh of relief from backache and abdominal pain. Hard stomach gradually turned smoother.

Also her bloatedness and rumbling of abdomen gradually disappeared. Previously she was unable to have rice in her meal as it was worsening her abdominal complaints. Now, she can have a complete diet.

Her pain during menses also decreased.

Her appetite increased and within a month she rapidly put on weight as per previously. Dusky color turned to shiny skin tone. Her Hb% moved from 7 to 11 gm%

Along with physical status, her mental status has improved a lot, seen from her behavior, i.e. now she loves to communicate and mingle with people.

  • D/D :

Arsenic :

It is very close to Merc Sol in this case as it covers the forsaken feeling, the mortification. But a few points differentiate :

1.     It does not cover A/F operatives.

2.     Aggressive nature of patient.

3.     Positivity of patient which is extreme.

4.     Also Arsenic does not have > Flatus.

5.     Arsenic is Chilly. Patient is Ambithermal.

6.     Glandular complaints are well covered by Mercurius

Lachesis :

It does not cover :

1.     A/F operative.

2.     Doesn’t have > flatus.

3.     Lachesis has more of sexual aspects.

4.     Patient is ambithermal and Lachesis is hot.

5.     Glandular C/o are covered well by Mercurius

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Amarsinha Nikam

Dr. Amarsinha Nikam is a renowned homeopath who runs Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital and Healing Centre in Pune. He started his career as R.M.O. at Lokmanya Hospital Pune, Homoeopathy Division and subsequently practiced as the consultant Homoeopath for 14 years at various places such as Beed, Khopoli, Chakan, Kate – Pimple, Pimple – Gurav and Pimpri Gaon, Pune. Dr. Nikam teaches students to understand the depth of homeopathic treatment and differentiate it from other pathies. He instructs them in his method of practice, but also inspires them to innovate and explore.


  • want to ask something sir

    here she is very headstrong but you have not choosen it at all.

    Many other modalities are there. What about those like >rubbing back
    >hot application

  • Hello I am curious also about the way you selected the modalities taken in the case, since there are so many!
    Thank you

  • Dear Sir,

    My question is similar to Dr Mukesh. Could you please explain how you choose which symptoms or modalities to select before you prescribe. This is my sincere question. Thanks

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