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An Acute Panic Attack

Dr Bhatia treats an acute panic attack with fainting, breathing difficulty, fluctuating blood pressure and coldness. Clear symptoms and simple remedies do wonders in acute cases.

A few days back I had a chance to treat a friend of mine through the Private Messaging system at Hpathy Forums. It was an acute case. Instead of presenting the case in my words, I am reproducing the case through all the messages that the two of us exchanged over a period of 2-3 days. The PM’s are presented without editing. Only some personal details have been removed. The date and time of PM is also give so that you can see how the case progressed. I have added two comments to explain the remedy and potency selection.

Carole – Sent: 12 Aug. 04 at 18:33

I am no good at treating myself.

On Tuesday evening a natural gas main was broken right across the street from where I live, and everyone in our area was told to go outside of their homes for fresh air. I am very sensitive to chemicals, perfume etc. I started feeling very anxious and asked my husband Bob to put me in the car and drive away from the area. I was too confused to grab my homeopathic emergency kit. Before we got out of the driveway I passed out in the car. The fire department was on the seen and put me on oxygen right away, but the car could not be driven out because it had to go through the extreme danger zone. An ambulance was soon there but could not enter closer than 1/2 block from the area and so fire fighters with gas masks brought a stretcher in to get me and took me to hospital emergency treatment room.

I tried to get as much info as I could after I regained consciousness. It was about 4 PM that it all started and I regained consciousness about 8 PM. I was told it was ‘touch and go for a while” as my pulse went up to about 140 beats per minute, and my blood pressure went, as they said “through the roof’ to 240/118 for a while before the oxygen cut in, my face was very red and my hands and feet were cold. when I came to I had no pain and was allowed to come home after the danger area was clear and I was stabilized. I was told I had periods of retching like I would vomit, but I didn’t and I don’t remember any of this. I was told that I may have stopped breathing too for a short period of time. I was told I appeared lethargic and semi conscious some of the time. During recovery I was repeatedly asked if I had pain and I had none.

When I got home I took Arnica 200C and then arnica 1M which made me feel a lot stronger and a few doses of carbo veg 200C. During that night a headache developed and some pain down my left side. I still have the headache and numbness on the left side of my face and down my left arm. It feels like the left side of my face is hanging down, but it isn’t. In the past Nat Mur has been my main remedy.

I went to a Medical doctor today and he said I had a spasm on my left side. I do not believe this, to me it is like nerve pain and problem. I was very sensitive to pressure on the left temple area of my head and towards the top back of the head. The doc didn’t even test my reflexes. however he does believe in homeopathy. I also have nerve pain my down to my left foot and big toe. My husband says that my head flopped a few times when I passed out. I have full range of neck movement, so I don’t think there is any problem there.

Yesterday when I went to brush my teeth my mouth filled with blood from bleeding gums. I took more arnica and buffered vit C, and it is much better now.

My concern now is the numbness on my left side with a dull pain and lack of peripheral feeling on my face and arm. I wonder if I had a slight stroke with my blood pressure going so high and the tendency to bleed. Today when I went shopping, my son said I got confused easily and I was asking him dumb questions of things that I know. I was asking him as if I didn’t know. I don’t remember.
If you have any suggestions, I would apprieciate it.
Regards and thank you Carole

————————— Comments by Dr. B ———————————

Here it was very evident to me that Carole had suffered from a Panic attack. The symptoms were quite clear – Sudden onset, Anxiety, Sudden Unconciousness, Fluctuating B.P., Apnoea due to anxiety, Red face and Cold extremities, Left sided complaints. The medicine was also very clear – Aconite.


Manish Bhatia – Sent : 12 Aug. 04 at 20:30

Dear Carole,

Take Aconite 6c, every 2 hrs for 1 day. Give 2 downward strokes (succussions) everytime u take the medicine. Then get back to me. I think you would be very much ok in that much time.

Take care and lots of rest,

Dr. B

————————— Comments by Dr. B ———————————

The reason for selecting a low potency was that I had not seen the case myself. It was an online case and an acute one at that. Also, carole had told that she was a sensitive person. Lastly, I wanted frequent repetition for the acute situation. Hence, a low potency was justified. I asked her to plus every dose so that the repetition proves more beneficial.


Carole – Sent: 13 Aug. 04 at 19:40


It is so wonderful of you to come to my assistance so quickly. You are great!

I am progressing nicely. The lack of feeling and funny numbness on my left side is 80% gone. After I took the first dose of Aconite about in two minutes time I had a spell that my whole body jumped. Now Bob says that that happened when I first passed out my body jumped. It just felt like things were working in the right way from then on. By three doses of aconite I knew there was improvement. However as my body got feeling in it, I got more and more pain in my neck. So it seems I was in muscle spasm as the medical doc had said. Because of the severe pain in my neck I went to the chiropractor a few hours ago. He was pleased at how easily my neck was put in place. He feels that I had a stroke too and that is what is causing the problem of lack of feeling and numbness in my left side. I took a dose of arnica as well because of the great soreness’ in my neck and the fact that anything is too hard to sit on for me. I have not taken any remedy now for a few hours. The apprehension, anxiety and fear seem to be gone now.

I hope I didn’t blow anything as I had wine with my dinner. The first meal I have been able to eat since Tuesday. Well I feel relaxed and tired now so shall get some sleep. I will check back with you in a few hours for further instructions.

Very grateful, Carole

Manish Bhatia – Sent: 13 Aug. 04 at 20:23

Hi Carole,

It’s great to know that you have improved considrably. Once you have taken a good sleep and if you still have any residual symptoms left, continue with aconite infrequently for another day or two. Do not repeat more than 4 times a day. Plussed doses.

..And Take Care,

Carole – Sent: 14 Aug. 04 at 23:43

Dear Doc B.

Thanks. I don’t think I need anymore aconite. My left side feels almost normal now. Really really wonderful! I have used aconite for others in similar situation, but I didn’t think it applied to me. Well now I have to consider if it was the ‘fear’ that caused the whole ‘snowball’ reaction to me as I know I became anxious before I passed out. Very interesting this.

I went to chiro yesterday and it helped a lot at the time but it seems that the adjustments may not have stayed in as I have bad neck pain and shoulder pain again on the right side. This is not new, I get it occasssionally. I had an episode two months ago of this similar pain and two years ago previously. It pains all the time and is worse on movement of my head up and down and to the sides. I feel a little tight in my throat too. I am not able to go or lye down and rest, I just keep working and doing things. To sit sill it hurts too much anyway so I like to keep my mind active doing things.

With apprieciation, Carole

Manish Bhatia – Sent : 15 Aug. 04 at 00:47

It’s good to hear that you are OK now. Take care and don’t take any medicine for the neck pain. It will subside in a day or two. What you suffered was a mild panic attack.

Dr. B

Carole – Sent: 16 Aug. 04 at 23:03

Dear Dr. B.

It seems that the aconite has done even more than treat the panic attack. I am generally very much better. I went to the medical Doc today for a followup visit and he said I am in very good health. He did BP, ecg, urinalysis, blood profile etc. He had all the results today from the various tests and said he hopes he is as well and looks as young as me when he gets to be my age.

I told him I had a panic attack and he said, but it was a gas exposure. I explained that 100 other persons had the same exposure and did not faint or so. He said it was good to know exactly what the problem was and that he was impressed that I could look him right in the eye and tell him the truth. My neck is healing and I have settled down and am able to relax. Something I don’t ever remember being able to do before. My usual flushed red face has even become fresh pink. Clouds have silver linings, but this one is gold.

Regards, Carole

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