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Speech Delay in a Little Boy

Written by Gina Tyler

Homeopath and CEASE therapist Gina Tyler shares a case of autism in a boy of two. His constitutional remedy along with a tautopathic remedy restored him to health.

The patient, Johnny, is two years old.  His physical complaints include constipation, lasting often for ten days. A rash on his body, appeared a few times, itchy, raised. His mother used cortisone topical. Diagnosed as eczema.

Likes to eat eggs, milk, bananas, peanuts, and rice.

He has received all his childhood vaccinations.

Very thirsty. ++++

His body temperature is normally hot, so he takes off his shoes and socks immediately.

He is independent and loves to explore.

Only says: “No” and “Wow.” He’s had a speech therapist for the past 10 months. He has had two sessions per week with the speech therapist. He says five words. Has tantrums and throws things. He takes all his toys and leaves a mess.

The medical records indicate: At 6 days old, 7 shots were given all at once (he stopped talking after his vaccine). At 2 months old, 6 shots were administered

Prescribed homeopathic remedy: Sulphur (constitutional) at the lowest potency.

His previous symptoms started to reappear like his itchy rash, but less tantrums, less constipation. In one month, his speech increased to 5 more new words. Three weeks later, he was given a custom-made remedy made from potentized vaccine Tthis is called tautopathy and was used for detoxing.

Six new words were added to his vocabulary.

4th week – Johnny is socializing more now.  He can identify six body parts now, before only one.  His speech therapist notices progress.  Five months have gone by, and now he can speak 10 words.

He takes his constitutional remedy once a week /wet dose, with succussions. The potency gradually increases from lowest to highest of Sulphur. Hi mother said his improvement is 40% overall.

8 months of progress – Johnny can speak 22 new words.

60% improvement overall – no need for speech therapist full time . He is now making sentences.

Johnny’s pediatrician declares him “No longer autistic.”

12 months of progress – no more constipation, he goes daily.

Tantrums are 60% better.

In 12 months, 90% improvement.

Speech 80% improvement.

Rash 100% gone.

Autism 100% gone.

12-13 months – Johnny speaks 40 new words and sentences.

His mother said that overall improvement was 90%  (in 13 months of classical homeopathy.) “He is an entirely different boy now.”

Testimonial from the mother:

Our son was 2 years old when we went to his regular checkup and the doctor told us he suspected autism and recommended getting an evaluation. We knew he had speech delay and flapped his hands but never considered autism for him.

My husband and I decided to try all we could to help our son and that’s when a friend referred us to Gina. We had never tried homeopathy but so glad we did. Our son had speech delay (3words), flapped his hands, sinus problems, constipation, tantrums, not potty trained and would constantly get rashes on his body.

We worked with Gina for 1 year and our son is a completely different person now. He now says 50+ words, sentences, no more rashes, no longer constipated, fully potty trained, very rarely has tantrums and no sinus problems. He still flaps his hands but not as much as before.

He is able to follows instructions so much more now. At our 3-year checkup I asked his doctor if he still thought he was autistic and he said NO. I will forever be grateful for Gina and all she did to help us. Always made herself available and helped me whenever I had concerns. She taught me so much and natural ways of taking care of him and our family. Thank you so much Gina, you made all the difference in our little boy and we will never be able to repay you.

About the author

Gina Tyler

Gina Tyler (DHOM) is a homeopath living and working in California. She has travelled the world to study homeopathy including clinic work in India with Dr. Banerjea. A Reiki practitioner, she also makes use of herbs, essential oils, reflexology and kinesiology. After the Tsunami hit Sumatra in 2004, she made a number of trips to Indonesia, bringing homeopathic remedies and books and teaching homeopathy to local doctors, midwives and health care workers.

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