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The Case of the Crazy Canine (Tooth)

Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine has yet, another toothache!

I know a lot of you have spent much of your spare time anguishing over how long it’s been since my last toothache!

Well, permit me to end the suspense because the long wait is over! Yes, my friends, it has finally happened. Let’s face it, it was bound to happen sooner or later with my less-than-stellar dental history!

OK, so I was minding my own business as usual, when all of a sudden….OK, to be truthful, this tooth has endured a low-level infection for a long time! There is considerable bone loss; but, it never bothered me unless I actually bit down on something; so, I have been able to pretty much ignore this whole problem; and for the record, the offending tooth is the upper left canine. So, as I was saying, there I was, minding my own business, not bothering anybody… though I did notice as early as this morning that the tooth was making its presence known, which is not usually the case…when all of a sudden, as I was waking from my nap at 2:00 this afternoon, I found myself saying, “Whoa! What the heck is going on here?!”

There was PAIN. And it was the kind of pain where you just say, “There’s nothing that can be done, it’s all over, it has to be pulled!”   I was even thinking that I could do it myself with a pair of plyers; only it started to worry me that maybe I didn’t know what the heck I was doing!

Then I said, Hey, wait a minute….aren’t you a homeopath?   So I said, Yeah, so?  Like that’s going to do any good!

I figured I’d try something, but had absolutely no faith that anything would come of it! (Love that “placebo effect”, don’t you?)  So, I pressed the gum with my finger–a really bad idea; but, we have to know the sensation, don’t we? Well, the sensation was SORE! In fact, it hurt when I pressed it, and just went right on hurting and never stopped!

The gum tissue was puffy, spongy and soft. There were no modalities and no concomitants–unless you want to count “pessimism”, and come to think of it, maybe we should count it because the remedy that worked is one of the most pessimistic remedies in our Materia Medica: Nitric Acid!


How did I know to try Nitric acid?  Because it worked for me once before and it’s very similar to Mercury which is one of our main remedies for oral cavity calamities.

Causticum and Rhus tox have also worked for me with left-sided dental complaints; but, for some reason, I decided to go right with Nitric Acid; and I have to tell you, within minutes of taking nitricum acidum 200C, dry dose, the pain was going away significantly! It is now 7 hours later. The pain is all gone, the sponginess is gone (I did take a second dose in water around dinner time and I’ll probably take another succussed dose before bedtime, as there’s still the slightest sore spot remaining) but, for all intents and purposes, the case of the Crazy Canine (Tooth) is Closed!

Now, looking in Murphy’s Materia Medica under Nitric acid, (“Mouth” section), I found the following:

…Gums, swollen, sore, flabby…. Teeth become loose, gums soft and spongy.

In The Complete Repertory, I looked up “Mouth: left” and nitricum acidum was a 3.

Well, that pretty much sums up the whole case, right? So, I’m going to have some Nitric acid now and go to bed.  Homeopathy saves the day yet again!


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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at: and


  • Good for you, Elaine, “Homeopathy saved the day”. It didn’t for me probably because we don’t have a homeopath of your calibre. Anyway, Nitric Acid and not Mercurius for an inflamed tooth is a revelation. Thank you for an enjoyable article.

  • Thanks once again for the lovely solution explained in a simple way.
    I always look for your article every month and enjoy the wisdom.

  • Muhammad, it was more of a gum inflammation, I believe. It’s hard to know because the tooth’s going to hurt either way! A periodontal infection, let’s put it that way. It’s just amazing when homeopathy works for a condition that clearly calls for either antibiotics or extraction! Listen, it’s not that I’m so smart! I have been known to go through the Mouth and Teeth chapters of the Repertory–page by page, rubric by rubric!

  • Diderik, Diderik, Diderik…….!!!!!!! This is periodontal disease–a condition that constantly worsens under the best of circumstances! You never truly win this battle unless you’re willing to drastically change your diet to mostly raw food. I’ve also found that a lot of dental infections are caused by the dentist himself! Infections from unhealthy areas get spread to healthy areas via the scaling. Also, infection seems to spread from the drill and other dental instruments through insufficient control of microbes in the environment. It’s a risky place, the dental office! But let me say this, Diderik–in general, when you’ve taken a remedy for an infection, regardless of where it is… when it’s gone, it’s GONE; or you’d know it! No one ever says, “Are you really over that flu you had six months ago? How do you know?”

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