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The Constitutional Remedy in Covid -19

Dr. Sudhakar Reddy Tirupathi shares a number of Covid cases in which constitutional treatment proved to be highly effective. Often, that was all the patient required.

Two years have elapsed since the Covid -19 Pandemic started and as of 10th December 2021, 269 million cases have been reported of whom 5.3 million died. Of this 5.3 million, how many received correct, scientific treatment? How many have reached the graveyard despite scientific treatment?

The National Institute of Health recommends using Remdesivir for certain hospitalized patients while the WHO does not recommend it due to lack of data. The list of drugs used by conventional medicine is long and everchanging, including Flavipiravir, Dexamethasone, blood thinners, convalescent plasma, monoclonal antibodies, Bamlanivimab, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, Tocilizumab and other IL-6 Inhibitors, kinase inhibitors , interferons, ivermectin and so on.

With homeopathy we have never changing remedies, unique to every individual, known as constitutional medicines, which can be a main defence against Covid if properly understood.

My experience has taught me that whatever the name of disease is and whatever is the strain of virus (beta, delta, or Omicron), the constitutional remedy is the most powerful tool to fight Covid -19.

I treated many of my family members, relatives, friends and many patients for Covid whose constitutional remedy I am aware of. When I prescribed their constitutional remedy in most of the cases presenting symptoms disappeared in 1-2 days and became Covid negative in 7-10 days.

The basis of my constitutional treatment I will explain with a few selected cases from my practice.

1.  This is a 38-year-old female who was under my treatment since April 2019 for her vertigo. She feels her surroundings moving in a circle, “with the speed of blender”, and a tendency to fall forward, all for the last 5 years.

She was hospitalized repeatedly and was told her low blood pressure was the reason and administered saline each time. She is very sensitive to hunger, has wandering chest pain because of acidity, heat in body when sleepless.

She was unable to sleep on the left side because in that position she used to get neck pain, pain in forearm below left elbow. She had fear of darkness and dreams of dead people (father) and bleeding. She was advised to sleep on left side by her gynecologist which was very uncomfortable for her but for the benefit of her baby she obliged with a lot of inconvenience.

I see the greatest limitation of allopathy, as they are not trained to understand “constitution” and inability to “individualize”. After receiving her constitutional medicine, Phosphorus, she never had vertigo and never needed hospitalization.  She was diagnosed Covid positive on 8th May 2021 and presented with following symptoms.

  • Pain in legs, lower, pressing, more on backside, aggr more on right side, aggr nighttime around 10 PM and in bed.
  • Nose obstruction left side, ameliorated turning to right side
  • Weakness – morning about one hour after waking
  • Dry cough, aggravated when sitting and evening 6 to 9 PM
  • Desires to eat more salt
  • On 13th May she complained of throat pain at night more towards right side and in afternoon it was aggravated
  • Same day she complained of nausea which was worse in the afternoon but disappeared in after one hour.

Any homeopath can guess her constitutional medicine which was Phosphorus and all symptoms disappeared in 1-2 days.

2. Male 70 years old, diabetic under my treatment since last 2 years and I know his constitutional medicine because he is a family member. He was diagnosed Covid with RT PCR Positive on 27th May 2021, and presented the following symptoms:

  • headache aggravated by stooping
  • left eye redness and burning with sand sensation
  • throat – scraping sensation and pain, blocked or lump sensation
  • aggravated by swallowing
  • pain in throat on coughing.
  • nose obstruction worse in warm room
  • constipation

The symptoms pointed only to his constitutional medicine, Sulphur. Sulphur  30 daily once for 3 days and all symptoms were gone after two days on 29th May. He became RT PCR negative on 3rd June 2021.

Below are three cases also of my close family circle, fully vaccinated, whose constitution I am aware of.  They live in the in the USA where I am staying right now

3. 26-year-old female, whom I had I treated for polycystic ovarian disease with irregular periods mostly delayed, once in 2-3 months. Silicea was her constitutional remedy which I administered on 28th March 2021 in 30 potency single dose and her periods became regularized from the next month onwards.

She was diagnosed with Covid on 21 November and presented with cold and sore throat typically aggravated early morning. Stuffy nose nighttime with mild discharge morning, throat pain on empty swallowing and hammering headache in forehead, I prescribed her constitutional remedy Silicea, 30 to be repeated 12 hourly.

22 November early morning complained of aggravation of throat pain but cold and headache decreased. Complained of loss of smell and taste.

23 November – Throat pain gone totally, 30% taste returned, continued Silicea 30 potency once a day for next 2 days

24 November – No symptoms. Covid test repeated after 2 days was negative.

4. A 30-year-old male – neck pain extending upwards to occiput.

Back pain – lumbar, right side aggravated midnight and early morning, while rising and after rising, stooping, Sore pain, radiating outward from spine ameliorated by lying on hard surface and hot applications

Drawing pain in left knee.

He had crippled nails and white spots on nails and nails have yellow tinge. He has fear of heights, closed and crowded places. Very sensitive to cold weather and cold drinks. He gets mostly frightening dreams, of robbers, ghosts and of business of the day.

Right-side lumbar pain and drawing pain in left knee point to only one medicine, Silicea which was his constitutional remedy administered in 30 potency single dose on 19th September. Review on 19th October showed 70% less lumbar pain but no change in left knee pain. Silicea 200 potency was given.

Review after a month – Lumbar pain totally gone.

His 3 family members were Covid positive on 24th November but he tested negative by rapid antigen test. As his cold, throat pain continued his RT PCR test was repeated on 25th November which became positive (had started with cold and throat pain in morning so RT-PCR  test was given which was  positive on 25th November.) He complained of sore pain in occiput same day). Started on his constitutional medicine Silicea 30c, repeated 6 hourly.

He became Covid negative by antigen test (rapid) on 26th November – No occiput pain, but throat pain which was reduced by 70%, mucus in throat in morning, very thick and small quantity, difficult to bring out. Same day he complained of some obstruction or lump sensation behind sternum which ameliorated only partially by deep breathing and he was forced to take deep breathing frequently.

Same rubric which was there in the constitutional sphere of his remedy pointed to Silicea which removed that symptom in next 2 days without panic and avoiding hospitalization! As patient was in USA, I was told he will not get a prescription for such tests unless it is emergency. Even though they have insurance it takes 2-3 days to get even inflammatory markers results! No Investigations done, no X-Ray, No CT SCAN, No inflammatory markers. I trusted constitutional medicine.

27th November – Cough increased preceded by irritation in throat, Silicea continued 12 hourly for next 3 days.  30th November – his nose block was obstinate particularly night time and he started getting fear that he may not be able to breathe. I gave him Aconite, Nux Vomica and Lycopodium and saline nasal spray.

1st December his nose block reduced by 30% but he complained of frontal headache which was sore.  I continued Silicea 30 once daily.

3rd December – cold and nose block minimal, RT-PCR Negative.

5. 28 year old female

  • Symptoms in first trimester
    • Persistent nausea and vomiting in first trimester
    • Empty sensation in Stomach
  • Symptoms in 3rd trimester
    • Hot flushes in pregnancy – more in evening aggravated by least exertion
    • Constipation in pregnancy.
    • Obstruction in throat during sleep not ameliorated by swallowing
    • Turning in bed aggravates
    • Pain in left knee, inner side, aggravated descending steps
    • Pain in Cervix, sharp extending upwards
    • brown striae like marks on abdomen.
    • Severe Itching – Uncontrollable

All the above symptoms responded very well (except itching) to her constitutional medicine Sepia, which was reduced only after delivery. She delivered in October and became Covid positive on 24th November 2021 when she presented with headache aggravated by bending head forward, pain in throat left side, agg. by touch. Mucus in throat ameliorated by hot drinks. All the above rubrics were in the sphere of her constitutional medicine Sepia which I started giving in 30c 6 hourly.

25 November – Fever started in evening associated with chills mainly in upper arms, outer side, and hands.

26th November – No Fever, no headache, no throat pain, Sepia continued 12 hourly, chills started in whole of arm, no significant fever. Throat pain -left side, mild.

30th November – Feels breathing difficulty as she must wear mask continuously, since she takes care of her 45-day old

1st December 2021 – Bad odor from nose as if odor of wet clothes left undried. 3rd December – RT PCR negative

There is no mortality in my cases and only two patients were hospitalized and even in hospital they were on homeopathic medicine along with whatever allopathy medicine was prescribed including steroids.

The following three patients were not under my treatment from the beginning and they consulted me one week after taking other treatment.

6. 59 year-old male already admitted in hospital for 4 days and discharged. he consulted me because his cough was not subsiding. Developed chest pain left side, with violent anger and he became ferocious, great fear of death, did not allow family members to enter his room.

He was hospitalized again because his blood sugar was above 400 mg and needed monitoring and his Oxygen levels were below 80 (less than one day since he came under my treatment). Before hospitalization based on totality of symptoms, I administered his constitutional remedy (Sulphur) and maybe because of that he did not develop any complications and was discharged in 2 days

7. Female patient, 54 years old diagnosed Covid positive on 24th April 2021. She consulted me on 29th April 2021as fever was high grade and associated with chills that were not subsiding. Thirst during fever, cough aggravated by odors, other symptoms were headache and pain in eye, nose obstruction while lying down.

History of black discoloration of skin and headache when exposed to sunlight. Sore heel pain right side on stepping, sleeps on abdomen, dreams of children, clots in menses. Though I prescribed her constitutional medicine, Pulsatilla, she needed to be hospitalized on 2nd May 2021 as Spo2 was falling below 70. CT Scan diffuse lung involvement, Corads 5, CT severity score 10/25

She was given steroids, antibiotics along with Oxygen 5 liters for one week. I continued homeopathic medication (based on video and symptoms reported by her husband) in the hospital. She gave me classical keynotes – pain shifting to side lain on. I reconfirmed my remedy, continued with Pulsatilla.  Even after 1 week her Oxygen saturation did not improve. For the first time I prescribed Aspidosperma mother tincture. Whatever is the reason, from the next day oxygen requirement came to 2 litres and she was discharged 3 days after. RT PCR remained positive on 15th May which became negative a month later.

Even on 8th December 2021 (eight months after Covid) she is suffering with post Covid complications.  Important post covid complications were recurrence of fever because of catheterization, herpes zoster, muscle pains and extreme weakness and swelling of limbs.

8. 58 year old female patient under my treatment since last 1 year for Redness of oral cavity, genitalia, Uretha and anus who responded very nicely after sulphur diagnosed with Covid on March 27, Corads 5, CT severity score 13/25, diffuse lung involvement did not improve after 1 week of conventional treatment consulted me on 5th Cough was severe and extreme weakness in morning. I gave Sulphur 30 ch daily once for 2 days and it cleared the case in 2 days.

Genus Epidemicus – My experience after treating about 70 cases – constitutional remedy was indicated in 45 out of 55 cases (54.5%)

Other medicines indicated based on rubrics in descending order Phosphorus, Arsenic album, Sulphur & Kali carbonicum

Next in descending order were Pulsatilla, Sepia, Natrum Muriaticum, Rhus Tox, Lachesis, Kali Bichromium, Silicea and Bryonia

Last in order Graphitis, Belladona, Cuprum metallicum, Nitric acidum, Gelsemium, Hepar sulph, Aconite, Lycopodium, Antimonium Tartaricum and Ipecac

I came to the conclusion that a single remedy like Arsenic album or Camphor or Bryonia are unlikely to become Genus epidemicus for Covid, Hence I would rather depend on constitutional medicine.

So, whatever is the name of disease and “whatever is the variant of Covid “, people get rubrics which are mostly in the sphere of their constitutional remedy or indicated homeopathic remedies.

My strong conviction is that if a physician understands disease, he can cure some of them but if he also understands a person as a whole, he can cure most of them. This knowledge puts homeopathic physicians in an advantageous position.

About the author

Sudhakar Reddy Tirupathi

Dr. Sudhakar Reddy Tirupathi 62 year old, was previously an allopathic doctor completed M.B;B.S in 1981 from Kakatiya medical college, Warangal, D.C.H in 1986 and M.D.(Pediatrics) in 1987 from Gandhi Medical College, Secunderabad, Telangana . Received Dr. G. Venkateshwar Rao award for best paper in state pediatric conference in 1986. After completion of my Post graduation, I worked as an assistant Professor of Pediatrics in Gandhi medical college/ Gandhi hospital from 1988 to 1995. I left government service and continued private practice as Consultant Pediatrician from 1988 to 2011. I worked as Specialist Pediatrician at Al -Hekma Medical complex, Doha, Qatar for 5 years. I was introduced to homeopathy in 2006 because of my chronic health problems. I studied homeopathy and was awarded D.I.Hom by British Institute of Homeopathy in 2008 and I have been practicing homeopathy for the last 13 years. I treated thousands of patients successfully, read extensively homeopathy literature and homeopathy is my passion. I presented a paper in the State Homeopathy conference.


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