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Treatment of Infertility After Unsuccessful IVF

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Written by Tamara Kozymenko

Dr. Tamara Kozymenko shares a case of infertility after in vitro fertilization failed. Both husband and wife received homeopathic remedies which resulted in a successful pregnancy.

Many homeopaths can share happy cases of births of children after homeopathic treatment. More often now, patients are asking for help in cases of infertility. But sometimes after a woman takes her constitutional remedy, pregnancy occurs, although before the couple has been successfully protected for many years.

After several such cases I began to warn women about more careful contraception during homeopathic treatment if they did not want to have more children. The most common homeopathic remedy after which pregnancy occurred was Medorrhinum, less common – Carcinosinum, Sepia and Natrium muriaticum.

Among such cases there was one that looked completely hopeless before treatment. In presenting the case it was nothing unusual in homeopathic prescriptions. Remedies were selected according to the totality of symptoms, the strategy of prescription and the theory of layers of Prof. Vithoulkas.  The result of the treatment was achieved quickly enough.

In May 2013 a married couple, Mr. and Mrs. K., asked for a help after 18 years of marriage, 2 frozen pregnancies and 2 unsuccessful very expensive attempts of In Vitro Fertilization, the last one 9 months ago.

Moreover, the gynecologist told them that after the IVF procedures the ovaries were very exhausted and perhaps only a few good eggs were left. The story was not very optimistic, so we started treatment without much expectation. Their personal stories were typical for many families with infertility.

Mr. K, 39 years old, looked depressed, wept telling symptoms; felt bad since his father’s death 6 months ago. His complaints: blood pressure 150/120 mm Hg first time 2 weeks ago, accompanied by pulsating headache; constipation, flatulence; pain in prostate gland after coition.

Personal history: gastritis from childhood; ulcer of duodenum at 18; chronic prostatitis at 25; removal of atheromas and lipomas of scalp at 30 and 35.

Family history: father died from cancer 6 months ago.

Mental symptoms: after father’s death sadness, anxiety about health, fear of death and cancer appeared.

Generals: chilly (2); sleeps on abdomen (2) or right side; perspiration on back during sleep (2); desire for sweets (3), salt (2), pepper (2), smoked food, warm food and drinks (2); aversion to fish (2).

Homeopathic treatment: There was a strong indication for the first remedy Natrium muriaticum (depression from grief, desire for salt, weeping) and some symptoms of Lycopodium (flatulence, warm food desire, personal features). He received Nat-m 1M in May and June.  After stabilization of mental symptoms he received Lyc 200C in July.

Mrs. K, 36 years old, infertility, anovulatory menstrual cycle; pain in soles during walking; pain in right finger from cold and right toe from walking; hair greasy, falling; hair growth on upper lip; stiffness of neck after computer work.

Personal history: inflammations of lungs and tonsils in childhood; polycystic ovaries from 23; inflammation of left facial nerve twice; removal of neck papillomas and lipomas of scalp and back; cysts of right mamma.

Family history: uterus myoma in mother and aunt; diabetes mellitus in father; tuberculosis in grandfather.

Mental symptoms: no fears, very communicative, but strong aversion to consolation (3).

Generals: chilly, became more warm last year; feels better at night (3), worse in morning; sleeps on abdomen (2) or left side; uncovers feet sometimes during sleep; fresh air desire (2); sensitive to tight clothes throat; sexual desire decreases before and after menses; perspiration of scalp during sleep; desire for meat (3), fish (2), fat; aversion to milk (2); heartburn from hot and sour food (2).

Woman sphere: menarche from 15; menses in 30-35 days, last 4 days, scanty, painless, clotted (small clots), anovulatory cycle; mamma – cysts right side, swelling and pain before menses (especially right).

Homeopathic treatment. According to the totality of symptoms Sepia and Natrium muriaticum were on the first places after repertorisation and VES analysis, but there were not many key symptoms of these remedies.

At the same time key symptoms of Medorrhinum (night amelioration, heat in feet) and infertility, abortion and polycystic ovaries in anamnesis determined the choice of Medorrhinum as the first remedy.

She received Med 200C in May.  Soon after the remedy severe acrid leucorrhea started and continued about 2 months. I tried to wait with the next remedy as long as possible.  Then due to leucorrhea and the totality of symptoms she received Sepia 10M in July. In the beginning of October, she informed me that she was pregnant. Pregnancy was easy and did not require any homeopathic care. In April 2014 she gave a birth to a healthy boy.

This case shows the great potential of classical homeopathy in hopeless infertility cases when allopathic treatment has failed. Also, it showed how important was the treatment of both partners, not only the woman.

About the author

Tamara Kozymenko

Dr. Tamara Kozymenko (MD, PhD) is a classical homeopathy doctor from Ukraine. She graduated from Bogomolets National Medical University and began working as a scientific researcher at the Institute of Gerontology in Kyiv. She defended her thesis on cardiology in 1991. From 2007 to 2019, she was in charge of the homeopathy course at Kyiv Medical University and has also been responsible for the postgraduate homeopathy course at the same university since 2017. In 2011, she obtained her diploma from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. Presently, she serves as the coordinator of the IACH E-learning course in Ukraine. She is also the President of UDiHoP (Union for Diplomate Homeopathic Physicians)

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