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Two Acute Cases -Urinary Frequency / Numbness

Written by Priya Kamath

Homeopath Priya Kamath shares two acute cases – urinary frequency and numbness. 

40- year-old female (relative-hence known), home-maker presented with urgency and frequency of urination since two days. Also burning during urination. She was scared to go to the toilet on account of pain. There was itching pf va-gina and leucorrhea. Menses regular, moderate flow.

She said it started suddenly. They had gone to an amusement park and had used outside facilities. She feared that is the cause of infection. She said she wants to get rid of this. On enquiring further, she revealed in the park, there were some disagreements with her husband and she couldn’t express her point across properly as kids and people were around. Sher confirmed no fever and could not give more information/modalities.

By nature, she is not comfortable with people. She can get snappish and anxious. When stressed, she can’t think or do any work.

Habits:  nail biting

Thermal reaction: chilly

On observation: While speaking, patient was polite  and gives pauses in middle of the sentence as if searching for words.

History of complaints of teeth

Analysis: Patient easily influenced by reactions of other people and not comfortable with a lot of people. She couldn’t express herself as she wanted, was chilly and wanted to get rid of the complaints (kill desire).

Her disturbance chose to present as urinary complaints. She feared toilet seat as the cause of her complaints (fear -injury).  Snappish and anxious symptoms with nail biting supports a sense of suppression (bottling up) of emotions at some level. Since selection is based on mental symptoms – high potency was selected. Staphisagria 1M  (Reference: Materia medica- Dr NM Chaudhary, Rep-Synthesis ,Phatak


Management: increase water intake and hygiene measures

Follow up

25.10.2022 Staph 1M
27.10.2022 Urgency reduced but all symptoms remain Staph 10M
30.10.2022 Urgency and frequency decreased. pain during urination reduced but still fears pain will come, patient feels some infection remains Staph LM/3  – 5 days
7/11/2022 No fear, no frequency or urgency, no complaints

Case 2 (acute)

A 42- year-old male (known) working in IT presented with numbness in left ring finger and little finger since one day. Also feel less power in the affected hand.  On enquiring, he had been preparing for certification. He had a  lot of anxiety anticipating once the date was fixed.

On examination: power decreased , tone: NA, touch: fine present.

Medicine selected Argentum Nitricum 1M (1 poppy sized globule in water over 3 days) followed by 10M.  He was better each day and did not take 10M. He has no complaints as of now.

Analysis and totality:

Long Preparation for exam and anticipation lead to neurological presentation. Since it is a neurological complaint, potency selected is high.

Reference: Materia Medica and Phatak repertory (fingers-numb-ring and little)




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