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Two Brief Cases – Ganglioma / Sudden Weakness


Homeopath Peter Zacharias presents two brief cases with analysis of each. Peter is always keen to teach something with each case.

Reprinted courtesy Petr Zacharias from: Case Quizzes And Clinical Hints For Devoted Students Of Classical Homeopathy – by Petr Zacharias  © Petr Zacharias, 2017

Case 1 – Ganglioma

This is a young woman with ganglioma on her left wrist which appeared after practicing yoga. She had been suffering from ganglion for many years but the last few months it has become bigger and painful.  Last month she had nightmares once or twice a week.

Follow-up after two months

Nightmares are gone completely and pain in ganglioma is 90% less and it became so small that it is almost impossible to see it. Motion of wrist is painless.


I knew that what could not be explained was that the ganglion is on the left wrist although the patient was right handed. As I did not have any other information at that moment I started with this. The remedy having the greatest affinity to the wrist is Guaiacum. As she kept talking about her state, she mentioned her strong desire for fruits. Knowing that Guaiacum is one of the remedies having the strongest craving for apples, I asked her if there is any specific kind of fruit she craved and she answered apples, without hesitation. The craving for apples was quite strong as she could eat four daily. Then I recalled nightmares she was telling me about so I asked if there was any relation between the nightmares and sleeping position as I knew that Guajacum has nightmares when sleeping on the back and she confirmed it very strongly. So the remedy was Guajacum 30C twice a day for 2 weeks.

Case 2 – Never been well since cystitis

During a clinical training I had a Skype consultation with a man who has not fully recovered since cystitis. He developed cystitis very suddenly after cold bathing. He took antibiotics because of strong pains and bloody urine. Finally he had recovered from the acute phase before he developed episodes of sudden weakness. There is no specific information available regarding this weakness, just a kind of malaise now and then. He was complaining about cutting pain in the urethra and some kind of pain in his testes. He had been suffering from wandering pains that appeared sometime in his throat, other time in glands and other times in his ear before the cystitis was triggered. He is more sensitive and anxious now but no specific information has come up.

Follow-up after 3 days

The general malaise was worse the first day when he took a remedy but the very same evening it became better. Now the cutting pain in the urethra is almost gone as well as pain in testes. He feels much better psychologically regarding his anxiety. He wrote: “I must say I feel much better in every respect.“

Analysis of the case

The most important thing here is etiology which is cold bathing. The first remedy I thought of was Antimonium crudum and when mentioned a weird phenomena with pain in the ear then pain in glands and then in throat I put it together and  Antimonium crudum was almost a surety. This phenomenon is called metastasis and it is keynote of Abrotanum but Colchicum and Antimonium crudum have it very strong as well. Then I asked him about his tongue and he said: “My tongue is white“,  which is another very important keynote of Antimonium crudum. Then I asked for his chronic state because he complained about stress and I asked if there is any place in his body where he feels the stress the most and he said:

“Stomach and throat.” Antimonium crudum is a leading remedy when somebody feels every emotion in the stomach (also Kali carbonicum and Mezereum.) Then I asked about alcohol and he said: “I don’t drink much but what makes feel really bad is wine, especially sour wine which is another keynote of Antimonium crudum. So the remedy was Antimonium crudum 200C in single split dose.

About the author

Petr Zacharias

Petr Zacharias is the founder and main teacher at the Prague College of Classical Homeopathy. He studied with George Vithoulkas at the IACH and has conducted seminars with Dr. A. U. Ramakrishnan, Dr. S. K. Banerjea, Dr. Jorgos Kavouras and Erik van Woensel.

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