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Ulcerative Colitis Treated with Autopathy

A man with a long history of ulcerative colitis not helped by conventional medicine finds relief using Autopathy.

In the summer of 2020, a tall man of an athletic build, age 32 visited me. It was clear at first glance that he exercises regularly. He takes great care of his condition, for example, in winter he bathes in a lake following the example of Vim Hof, the Eisman.

However, despite the healthy appearance, there is a serious inner problem. He suffers from chronic inflammation of the intestines, ulcerative colitis, which means that he has diarrhea, 6 times a day loose stool usually mixed with blood. It has been bothering him for the last 16 years.

He is not currently on conventional medication, which he had been taking for a long time following a doctor’s recommendation, until three years ago. That is when he learned about autopathy and started using it according to my book on autopathy as self-care.

He began by making an autopathic preparation in the autopathy bottle every day, boiling and potentizing his saliva (BS)1 with water in the autopathy bottle, initially using only one liter of water (40 C. He later he gradually increased to 4.5 liters, every second day.

He said that immediately after the first application the blood disappeared from his stool, while he continued to take the pills he had been taking for years. Within a month of self-treatment with autopathy, he no longer had any pathological symptoms, and his stool was normally formed and only once a day.

After another month of autopathy, he stopped using it and his good health condition lasted another year. He no longer took any medication, and the doctor cancelled his regular ambulance visits “as there is nothing wrong with him”.  However, to the explanation why the problem ceased, the doctor reacted with laugh, saying that “it is not possible.”

One year later, when the problem started to gradually return, he used 1 liter dilution of breath (bubbling through the water in autopathy bottle) with boiling, increasing the quantity of water to 4.5 liters – but with no effect this time.

He then returned to conventional medication and his stool improved over time, but after strenuous exercise, especially after fitness training, the problem continued to manifest itself.

Next, he stopped the chemical drugs and turned to Chinese herbs, improving the condition by two thirds, so instead of passing stool 6 times a day, he went 2 times. But he stopped using the herbs as well.

Later he returned to autopathy, boiled saliva (BS), 3x 3 l every day, then 3x 4.5 l every day, then 3x 6 and 3x 7.5 l l every other day.  The last time he took it just in the morning before he visited me for the first interview.

He’s quite explosive emotionally, he says, and wants to change that, but he’s also quite sensitive. Sometimes he is sentimental, for example when watching TV. He felt very well on the day of the visit, but there was more blood in his stool yesterday and the day before. Before this cure, his tongue used to be heavily coated, with distinct white spots. However, this improved after autopathy, and it is now only slightly coated. He passes stool 6 times a day.

I concluded that the low potencies have already lost their effect (it happens in the course of time in most cases) and therefore he needs a higher dilution. I recommended boiled saliva, 12 liters once a week, or more often should he feel its effect diminishing sooner.

Follow-up consultation in 3 weeks:

To start with, he made an autopathy preparation from 12 liters BS (480 C), holding the autopathy bottle under the flow of water from the carbon filter2 for 6 minutes. A week later, a repeated preparation had a profound effect and he has been problem-free since.

His stool is solid, once or twice a day, there is no blood. He continues to observe the interval of once a week for the use of autopathy. Sometimes he suffers from flatulence, which depends on the food. It appears after starchy foods. His tongue is usually coated, but less than before, when it was coated heavily and it peeled off. Obviously, the yeasts have not given up yet.

He is now exercising fully without a worsening of the intestinal problem on the next day. He spontaneously says that he feels good. He no longer feels explosive or sentimental. The heartburn following a meal, which he used to suffer from a lot, has improved.

The flatulence subsided completely after a dose, after which also the stool problems disappeared, but now it is beginning to return. He is basically healthy, increasing the amount of water (potency) has worked. However, a recent slight increase of flatulence may indicate that the 12-liter dilution is losing effectiveness and needs to be increased again. Recommendation: 15 l BS once a week.

In 13 days, he wrote to me a little worried that after increasing to 15 liters, he felt slightly irritated, his tongue seemed to be more coated and there was a small amount of mucus in his stool with a trace of blood, which he had not had for a long time. And so he’d made a preparation from 12 l again, which was so successful before. I agreed that he should continue with it once every 14 days, the situation for the increase of the amount of water was not probably ripe yet.

We met after another two months: Solid stool once or twice a day, no blood in it. The lump under his right knee, which he had for 3 years, had disappeared as soon as he started to use BS 12 l. The heartburn is gone. After the last autopathy preparation he felt full of energy for three days, but then it declined – before that it lasted a full 14 days until the next application. The shorter duration of effectiveness on the energy level indicates the need to increase the dilution. Recommendation: BS 15 l repeat twice a week, and then once every 14 days.

A month later he wrote to me that after the first increase to 15 l, he did not feel well the next day, as if some illness was starting, stool was passed twice a day, but not only solid, in one case runny. Spots appeared on the tongue again and stayed for a few days. But it was a healing crisis, because over the next few days it improved to a condition without any problems. He had two pigment spots near his left eye, which are gradually disappearing. I replied: He should continue with 15 l once every 14 days until our planned meeting.

Follow-up consultation in 2 months:

There are no intestinal problems, stool is regular, once or twice a day, flatulence is rare. He had a completely normal tongue for 14 days, but it is lightly coated now. He had a fever for 3 days up to 38°C, a headache, swollen nodules behind his right ear and his eye had turned red.

At that time, he also felt a slight abdominal pain one day, and so he made 15 l of BS, which he makes regularly once every 14 days. He was tested and found to be positive for Covid.  Everyone had it at home, but he got out of it the fastest, the others had cough for a long time, or they had fever for ten days, but he continued to be fine.

He was in mandatory quarantine. I recommended 15 l BS once every 14 days, when the effect decreases, increase quantity of water by three liters.

Follow-up consultation after 2 months:

Five days before the consultation he used 18 l of BS for the first time. This was followed by a slight worsening, tiredness on the next day, constipation the day after, fatigue persisting to the third day. Minor healing crisis. It was still good. He says, ‘I feel really good.’ The pigment spot next to his left eye, which he had for many years, began to disappear after 15 liters and now it disappeared completely. The burning in the throat that he had now and again after eating is gone. To continue with 18 l BS once every 14 days.

A month later came an email, in which he asked me if the increase to 18 liters was correct. That he now feels a little tired and sometimes he feels a slight burning sensation in the throat after eating again, lasting maybe ten minutes. I decided that it was appropriate now to increase the amount of water faster to match his continually increasing vitality. Tip: Increase to 10 minutes flow rate (20 liters) BS and use it once every 3 weeks, or earlier, if the effect wears off earlier, or later, if the effect lasts longer than 3 weeks.

Consultation on the phone one and a half months later:

“It’s fine”, he says to start with. He increased to 20 l. He has no complaints, only occasionally a slight burning in the throat after eating that he used to have before he came to me. He applied autopathy once a week. His tongue is no longer coated, even when he eats starchy foods, which he tried to avoid because it used to cause a sharp increase in yeasts.

After 20 l he felt good since the first application. He trains fully now, builds a house and lives well. Recommendation: Proceed in the same way to prevent a relapse. If no relapse occurs during the following 3 months, you can stop  autopathy. Then wait and watch, and if needed start again with the same potency and the kind of preparation as used last. Or ask me for advice.


1 For more information see Autopathy Handbook: Enhancing Our Life Force; Homeopathy without homeopathic remedies, and beyond  by Jiri Cehovsky

2 The carbon filter is used for the removal of additives (for instance chlorine, fluorine…) from the tap water and provides clean water suitable for use. If the water slightly overflows the funnel of the autopathy bottle, then app. one liter of water passes through its vortex chambre every 30 seconds and we can measure only the time to which the number of  litres is related.


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Jiri Cehovsky

Jiri Cehovsky was born in 1947 in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, European Union. He began using homeopathy around 1980, when his family was suffering from chronic health problems. For twenty-three years, he has served on the committee of The Homeopathic Society, most of the time as its chairman. Twenty years ago, he started to use autopathy in treating clients. His first book on autopathy, Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony came out in 2004. In 2007 his 2nd book on autopathy, Get Well with Autopathy, was published and the last book Autopathy Handbook summarizing experiences was released in 2018. Jiri regularly gives courses and webinars on autopathy and teaches at the Homeopathic Academy in Prague. Visit Jiri at his website:


  • Interesting case. I got instantenous results using homeopathy in relation to its meridian. The spleen meridian subserved the colon. I found lycopodium to be usefull along with mag pho’s. Both immediately decreased the spasms and flatulence in a patient undergoing a thousand mile car trip.
    I have found it relevant to examine the pattern of injury in relation to the meridians. The meridians subserve blood flow to the organs they traverse. The meridian system is basically the same in all mammals! Additionally I have found that the matching of symptoms against the meridians affected may lend itself to an additional feature of analysis which was not known to earlier homeopathists.

  • I know what autopathy is but I don’t understand the method you’re using. First of all, though I can understand why you would want to make a remedy out of saliva, I don’t understand why it had to be boiled first, and I don’t understand exactly what was boiled and I don’t know what an “autopathy bottle” is. Did you ask the patient to spit into a liter of water and then boil that and then make a 3X remedy out of the boiled water? What is the need for the boiling? Surely it destroys the enzymes and changes the saliva in other ways too, I would think.

    • You can read my three books on the topic. The first one was Autopathy: A homeopathic Journey to Harmony, where I explained how autopathic approach has developed in my homeopathic practice and how it pushed forward those cases which were “incurable”. In the second book Get Well With Autopathy I have explained my techniques of potentization of client´s saliva and breath to enhance his life force and to heal the whole person, not only her/his chronic and acute diseases. In my third book Autopathy Handbook I describe all details of the method (originally used by Hahnemann in his last years as documented in literature) including how to potentize the personal information at home. There are dozens of case analyzes. All these books (each having something over 200 pages) are available at Amazon. com. You could also read my articles on this homeopathic method at this website Hpathy com, including two positive reviews of my books by experienced American homeopaths. A lot of material you could find at my website or in my article in Homeopathic Links 2/2006.
      A special occasion to get detail information and to discuss any point of this method is my zoom seminar Autopathic principle in the history of homeopathy since Hahnemann to the present time, on May 11, 2022, 16:00 – 19:00 UTC,

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