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Written by Alan V. Schmukler

August 2017 Editorial Final

A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from the electric company. It stated that they would be replacing my current analog electric meter with an “upgraded” meter, which was a euphemism for a “smart meter”. I knew this day would come. For those of you not familiar with these meters, they send bursts of intense microwave radiation through the house every few seconds, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. This is radio frequency radiation (RF), the same kind your cell phone puts out, but more powerful, and it never stops. The meter also produces big spikes of energy in the wiring of your house, called “dirty electricity”.

The type of microwave radiation emitted by smart meters disrupts communication between the cells of the body and has been associated with insomnia, memory problems, difficulty breathing, cardiac abnormalities, neurological ailments, damage to DNA and of course cancer. On May 31st. 2011, the world’s leading experts from the IARC labeled microwave radiation a possible carcinogen. Since then many studies have verified the connection with cancer.

There are other problems. The smart meters are not grounded with surge protectors and during a power surge, they can produce electric arcing. The arcing in meters has started numerous house fires in the U.S. and Canada.1 None of the meters carries the UL approval rating for safety.

The meters are also considered an invasion of privacy, since they allow the electric company to know when you are watching TV, using your computer, your telephone, or making the morning toast. They can know when you go to bed, when you wake up and much more.

Another downside is that the meters calculate your rate of usage in such a way, that your electric bill will usually go up. Some people have had their bill doubled. Lastly, with these meters in place, the utility can reduce, or shut off your electric power at will.

No one in their right mind would want one of these, yet they are being installed on homes around the world. There are groups everywhere opposing them, but with little success. How are the electric utility companies able to thwart opposition? With the power of their vast wealth, the utilities use two basic strategies. Firstly, using the media, they lie about the dangers. They insist the meters only transmit for about 60 seconds a day. The truth is, those seconds are broken up into tens of thousands of millisecond bursts, up to 190,000 a day. The utilities say that the radiation is similar to that from cell phones.  They’re similar in that they both use microwave radiation, but smart meters can expose people to 160 times the cumulative radiation of a cell phone.2  Furthermore, smart meters emit irregular pulses with spikes in the power. Since they are connected to wiring in your home (unlike cell phones), these harmful spikes (“dirty electricity”) are broadcast throughout your house.

The companies claim that non- ionizing radiation can’t affect health, but that was disproven years ago. For instance, clusters of childhood leukemia have been found nearest to microwave transmission towers. To bolster their lies, the power companies have funded phony research over the years, always concluding that RF radiation is safe. Independent research finds otherwise.

Along with the strategy of deception, the electric utilities also use coercion. By corrupting government officials, they have got laws passed making smart meters mandatory. The situation is akin to the Pharmaceutical cartel bribing legislators to pass mandatory vaccine laws. They also gain control of Public Utility Commissions, so consumer appeals to those commissions are destined to fail. Lastly, when individuals refuse to allow smart meters on their homes, they are threatened with their electric power being shut off.

What do the electric utilities get out of this? Money, power and control are three obvious motives. They get to raise the electric bill of millions of people virtually overnight. They no longer have to pay meter readers. They get to collect personal information on every citizen and they have the power to cut back or shut off electric power at will. The individuals perpetrating all this, who would harm millions of people without a thought, may have other darker motives and goals.

What You Can Do  –   Some methods to protect your home and family.

There are almost certainly groups in your city or state who are fighting this politically, and you can join them. If enough people become informed it could make a difference. When there is danger and risk, there should be choice.

In the immediate future, there are things you can do to mitigate the radiation from the smart meters. The two problems facing a home owner are the RF radiation coming from the meter and the “dirty” electricity spikes on the wiring of your house. The radiation from the meters can be greatly shielded with aluminum or stainless steel screening (fine mesh, like window screen) placed to cover the entire meter (never open the meter box!)  I’ve put links below to a couple videos showing inexpensive do it yourself methods. Whatever shield you make, it should be grounded.

The other problem, that of “dirty” electricity, occurs when the electric wires in your house, which normally carry 50 or 60 cycle electric current, are contaminated with one billion cycles from the smart meter. That electric “smog”’ is a constant assault on your health. This problem can be somewhat ameliorated with what are termed “low pass” filters, which block the spikes in energy. There is one variety sold called the Stetzerizer, which just plugs into your indoor electric outlets.

If you live in an apartment rather than a house, protecting from Smart Meters can present other problems, which require additional methods.  There are hand held devices that measure the RF radiation coming from the smart meters. These are worth investing in, as they can help you determine if your fix is working.

There’s a lot more to know on this topic and this article was not meant as an exhaustive discussion. There are other, more elaborate methods of protecting your home, but the ones I mentioned are a good start. If you search the internet you will learn much, much more. If you have some expertise in this area, send it along and I’ll share it with our readers. Let us collaborate on solving this.

Video on dangers of smart meters ( a must watch)



An overview of what’s happening and a suggestion for how to resist the utility:


Shielding the meter (remember to ground the metal screening) :


(some people found the the aluminum foil made it better and some worse. ) 

  1. Smart Meter Fires


Support and Resource Organizations (there are many others)



  1. http://www.committeetobridgethegap.org/pdf/110212_RFrad_comments.pdf

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