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Written by Dr. Manish Bhatia

As we approach a new year, we’re starting a new year at Hpathy.com as well, celebrating it with a big upgrade and lots of exciting new features! Explore!

Dear Friends,

Seasons Greetings and Warm Wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year to all of you, from the Hpathy Team.

With this December 2011 issue, our journal Homeopathy for Everyone has completed eight successful years of publication. The portal Hpathy.com, itself completes ten years. What started as a small individual effort ten years ago has grown to become a global movement for the homeopathic community! I can only say – what a journey this has been! I would like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who has been a partner in this journey. The Hpathy teammates, the editors, moderators, authors, translators, well-wishers and the readers – have all chipped in to make Hpathy what it is today.

Over the last ten years, we have had five major upgrades. The last major upgrade happened just a few days ago. The one prior to that happened two years ago and was very significant, because we were able to move to a centralized content management system. However, there were still some areas that we wanted to improve. One of our key concerns was providing a single login for all content and services. We have been working to achieve this for the last year and with the current release of Hpathy, we have finally managed it.

Now when you register at Hpathy, with a single login you can manage your Author Profile, post at Discussion Forums, create your own Blog, create and join Professional Groups, post seminars, join the directory, shop for books and remedies, take courses, post status updates, share audio, video and images, do live chat, subscribe to the ezine and do much more! Hpathy.com is now poised to become a one-stop for all your homeopathic needs! We have already released most of these functions and some will be released in the coming few months.

Introducing social networking features was another major decision we took. We wanted a professional network for homeopaths, where homeopaths from all over the world can come together, interact and grow together. We are pleased to see that these features have been well received by you.

Our work is not over yet. We are in the process of releasing thousands of pages of new content and dozens of new services in the coming months. The year 2012 is going to be very exciting for all of us. Be with us on this journey! And do send us your feedback and suggestions about the new Hpathy at [email protected].

Also, if you have not already registered at the new Hpathy, here is the registration link for you:


Please remember that your old forum and ezine logins will not work at the new Hpathy and you will need to create a new centralized account, using the above link, to benefit from the new Hpathy services.

This month’s journal is once again a rich bouquet of excellent articles. Read, enjoy, grow, and keep sending us your feedback at [email protected]

Best wishes,

Dr. Manish Bhatia

Editor, Homeopathy for Everyone

About the author

Dr. Manish Bhatia

- BCA, M.Sc Homeopathy (UK), CICH (Greece), MD (Hom)
- Associate Professor, Organon & Homeopathic Philosophy, SKH Medical College, Jaipur
- Founder Director of Hpathy.com
- Editor, Homeopathy for Everyone
- Co-author - Homeopathy and Mental Health Care: Integrative Practice, Principles and Research
- Author - Lectures on Organon of Medicine vol 1, 2, 3. CCH Approved. (English, German, Bulgarian)
- Awardee - Raja Pajwan Dev Award for Excellence in the Field of Medicine; APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Excellence in Homeopathy Education
- Visit Dr. Bhatia's website

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