Witnessing the Case

Witnessing the Case

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It is said that a case well taken, is a case half cured. The process of case taking itself has therapeutic value. Research has already shown that if a practitioner shows empathy to his patient, it can result in 30% better results, when compared to the use of prescriptions alone. As homeopaths we see a variety of cases – acute or chronic, open or reserved, sympathetic or hostile, curable or incurable etc. Right from the time of Hahnemann, the master homeopaths have tried to provide guidelines that help in taking the case in various situations. Still, there is no clear structure that every homeopath can follow to arrive at the same remedy. Individualization does not mean that every individual homeopath arrives at a different remedy. And coming to the same remedy is difficult, if everyone’s methodology for case taking is very different.

Recently, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan came out with a book titled The Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process – The Journey of Three Steps. In this book he has tried to create a structure for case taking that can be used systematically in different types of cases. The method, which he calls the ‘case witnessing’, is primarily meant for sensation method practitioners. However, while reading the book I felt that homeopaths from other schools could also learn a lot from this systematic and step by step approach towards taking the case, which remains open-ended and yet guided with a purpose.

The current issue focuses on the work of Dr. Dinesh Chauhan and his partner, Dr. Urvi Chauhan. There is a highly absorbing interview where I got the chance to pose some very difficult questions to Dr. Dinesh, and which he answered beautifully. The interview transcript is being shared with you in this issue. We will soon bring you the video and audio versions, which are even more engaging. This issue also features several articles and cases by Dr. Chauhan and his colleagues.

Apart from the presentation on the case witnessing process, this issue has a lot of other interesting content and includes all our regular columns like History of Homeopathy by Iman Navab, Therapeutics by Robert Medhurst, Agro-Homeopathy by V.D. Kaviraj and Crossword, Cartoon and Tips by Alan Schmukler.

Every month we publish an acute quiz by Elaine Lewis. Starting from this issue, we will also publish a chronic case quiz by Dr. Amarsinha Nikam every month. Test your knowledge and hone your skills by trying to solve some really difficult cases, which have responded well to homeopathic treatment.

There is much more to explore and relish. Do send us your feedback at [email protected] and post comments for individual articles through the comment box at the end of each article.

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Dr. Manish Bhatia


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  • Thanks Dr Manish, to know about Dr Dinesh Chauhan.
    I am looking for his book – The scientifically intuitive case witnessing process.
    How can i get it ?

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