Feedback from September 2013

Feedback for the September 2013 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone

Just a huge thank you, especially to Mrinal, for making this (Hering’s Guiding Symptoms) available to the homeopathic community. I love the color coding. You’re all doing such a great job with Hpathy.

In appreciation, Irene Rutter


Dear Alan
Thank you for the Sept Issue of Ezine. Your editorial on “The truth about the clostridium difficile infection” was very interesting. The conventional medical world will always avoid such things where there “materialistic” interest is not to their advantage. Homeopathy is off course a thorn for them. Bad effect of anti biotic can be helped with Yoghurt i think which is a natural probiotic.

Our readers can further shed light on this.


Dr. Weqar Khan


Dear Sir
I thank you very much for sending me your Sep 2013 Newsletter which contains most informative and valuable articles.

With best regards

Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Absolutely sterling work! My hat is off to

As for Mrinal Mohapatra, my deepest gratitude. With his toil and sweat, he has done us all a tremendous favour. I don’t think I can ever thank him adequately, for words have their limitations.

Regards and every best wish,

Ravi Joshi


I have the ten volumes and just had bought the condensed version (easily carrying). I’m so grateful with Dr. Hering for this titanic master piece and with you Hpathy for sharing this valuable resource, an important contribution to our discipline. Salute from Costa Rica! Carlos Q.



I am thankful for your kind and noble service to release online special version of ” Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica by C Hering “.

You have done a great job. Congratulations for this.

Please convey my special appreciation to Mrinal who completed this monumental work single-handedly.

Thanks and regards,

Vilas Patki


What is a gift to the Homeopathic community and a labour of love to make Herings Encyclopedia book so accessible. This was a mainstay of my practice and I’m delighted it’s now so widely available.

Ian Townsend


Thanks for publishing this article (What is constitutional prescribing by Grant Bentley) in September issue 2013!

It helps to see a nice comparison of the different types of constitutional rxing- the basis for each type – how they are similar and differ from each other, and what HFA has to offer!

Yes, I agree with Grant- homeopathy needs a more standard approach in how to treat chronic disease as outlined in HFA. But of course I believe in HFA and why I became an HFA rep in the USA because it works!

Hope all is well with you!

-ellen kire
I finally found, after months, the time to read through several articles and really enjoyed it.

Enjoyed, too, that there were several articles on veterinary homoeopathy. I know, it’s not easy to come up with interesting cases but I would love to read them more often.

Thanks a lot for the magazine!

Sabine Martini-Hansske


Always informative.
Always inspiring.

Well done Alan for pointing out that isn’t just homeopathy. Yes, the attack extends to many other areas of healing. See for example the use of bicarbonate for cancer. I don’t know much about you Alan but I presume you are American or live in the states. I noticed that most Americans whenever they write articles or books they often start with statistics in the US. English is an international language so stuff written in this language is read by people around the world. Giving statistics about the US is not so relevant to the international audience. It might be my impression but I get the sense that by quoting only numbers which are relevant to America, the writers exclude the rest of the world. Or am I being too fussy? Thanks for all your hard work! I really love this ezine.

Just an easy interview to read, and I truly love the honesty in it. I do not think nor did I take it that here a classification of homeopaths, the way they choose to practice or how they have been taught has been shown . I always state to never wonder from any dogma in any teaching for that is a crumbly road ahead. Must always have good postulate to build on principles and proven teachings for anyone in any profession to develop into their allowable success. I speak from experience and am proud to say and stand in light that there are schools that avoid teachings of the so important basis, the dogma, our doctrine our Dr.S.Hahnemann had laid out for us. These schools run off with the new modern methods, and yes , students get so mixed up in really how to practice homeopathy and patients show a clueless puzzled look on the face with some of the non homeopathic principle questions they find themselves to need to answer. Seriously, the reality is that in some educational institutions.

Well done Gill and Iman, proud of you for your humbleness and grounding…



Iman after going through your interview its clear you don’t follow dogma blind folded and prefer to do experiments in the system to improve its authority, as many other homeopaths are in this age and time are not like this, they would not bear any genuine criticism and proclaim such critic out of the bounds of homeopathic world instantaneously. Do you admit that there are drawbacks and shortfalls in original homeopathic system and same differences can be seen in the actual teachings and practice of Dr Hahnemann’s clinic, which needs to be revised and to place them in right context rather than forcing others and new students of homeopathic system to accept them as truths, is this not the time to sift through dogma and take what fits in rationale and discard or at least find solutions what is not befitting in the whole picture? For instance ‘Law of Similars’ is backbone in homeopathic system but it does not fit in every time and in all circumstances in bigger picture. I would not say we shall discard it but we cannot rely on it in the form as it is presented to world. My other question to you is, as you claim that you are a homeopathic historian then would you dare to say that homeopathic system was actually founded on pre-existing set of principles and theories and Dr Hahnemann restructured/rephrased them to fit them in to homeopathic system but at the same time he did not give due credit to those scientists/ topologists whose theories were interwoven in homeopathic system. There is no doubt Dr Hahnemann was a genius who developed such a brilliant system of therapeutics.



Dear Raymond Edge,
I enjoyed reading your interview – great comments.
All the best wishes!
Iman Navab


Dr Kriplani, Congrats on a very good story which gives us a mix dose of emotional intimacy and a very apt use of homeopathy.

Tarsem Lal


Superb!!!!! Am speechless Dimps!!!!!!! What a creative mind you have!!!!! Can add this to your many Talents!!!! Keep on writing!!!!!!

Roshni Mukhi


Wow! Smitten by the pre independence feel of the story and the comparison with Ganges in metaphorical manner. The story keeps you glued till the end. Compliments on a worthy win! 🙂

Harleen Kaur


Dear Elaine Lewis,
Your explanation of nat-mur is realy worth to not only patient but to new comer physician
The way you explained other medecine also is recommendable


An interesting article (The Hahnemannian Art of Case Taking), but in my opinion it misses the essence of case taking as formulated in aph. 82:
“It is the duty of a homeopath to investigate and find all symptoms and modalities. He is as attached to this as to the miasms as original cause of disease, without there is no cure possible” (compilation).
In my opinion this is only possible if one keeps in mind during the interview the disease classification as method of analysing the case. Without this – and this is my personal experience – every case remains a puzzle. This is emphasized by Hahnemann in aph. 71:
“How can a homeopath search out what he needs to know to cure the disease ?”
The answer to this is given by the master himself in aph. 72, i.e. classifing diseases in acute and chronic diseases, which is further outlined in aph. 73 to aph. 81.

Cor van der Meij


Elaine, your article (Tidbits part 7) was an eye opener. Antibiotics kill the bacteria, good ones as well as the bad ones. I being from India, a great adorer of Mahatma Gandhi, who followed the path of Ahimsa( meaning not to harm anyone) . Homeopathy reinforces the fact of not harming anything in the world, do not increase your power by killing someone, but rather increase your inward power and you are the ruler.
Also fever is a body’s regulatory system to drive away the bad bacteria from the body, just like we take boiled water when we are sick. Therefore, fevers should not be suppressed with antibiotics.
Well said Elaine, I liked your article to the core.
Vamsi Sudha

Elaine, one reason I love Hpathy is because it has you in it!


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  • What, Saquib, can replace sim.Simili.Cur? That is the core basis of Homeopathy and a most scientific way of diagnosis.

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