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Surprising TRUTH on How to Lose Weight

Want to lose weight? Your will power, self-motivation and never give up attitude play a key role in achieving extraordinary results in reducing weight.

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions among health conscious people is to lose their excess weight. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes to lose weight shed those extra pounds from your body. People’s magazine tells us about couple of people who took up this challenge and outstretched themselves to burn their fat and got reduced to half of their size. These success stories can stimulate anyone to burn fat, lose weight and get their dream body.

First story tells us about a guy named Richard who used to be overweight and lost 242 pounds by eating in moderation and exercising over the time. From his childhood days he was obese and used to overeat constantly. During breakfast he consumed approximately 7,000 calories. By the age of 25, he was 426 pounds and some of the simplest tasks also proved to be challenging for him. Later, he was not able to make a family with his wife because of his colossal body and excess fat. He even planned to commit suicide but didn’t, thinking of his wife. Doctor advised him to try and reduce body weight and he happen to discover a DVD P90X through his friend. It proved to be a turning point in his life. It encouraged him and he started exercising regularly. As time progressed, he even got motivated in cutting down extra fatty foods which drastically reduced his body fat. Astonishingly, after 18 months Richard was almost half of his original size. To add to his utmost happiness, he was blessed with a baby. Since then, he never stopped doing his routine exercises and provided training and coaching to all those people who also aspired to lose their excess body fat. Self motivation and dedication helped him reach his goal of being fit.

Another example, a woman named Ashley suffers from depression and has major chronic diseases like high blood pressure, chronic migraine etc. She was advised by the physician to reduce body fat and lose weight to avoid any further complications. She finally decided to change her mind and work on it. She immediately devised a plan according to which she started brisk walking and then gradually started running. Later, she found an online food journal which mentioned ways to lower fat and lower calorie (Check out our Calorie Intake Calculator). Eventually, she started making changes in her diet progressively. Within 20 months the lady who was ones 288 pounds was now 137 pounds and substantially her health issues also dropped to zero.

Last story describes about a woman named Lia Fernandez who started battling against excess body fat with the help of her husband. She observed that she gained fat constantly after conceiving. She felt unhappy with herself and decided to get rid of those extra pounds after giving due consideration to her husband’s suggestion. She initiated her steps of minimizing body weight by pursuing Jenny Craig’s ways focussing on diet intake and its adequate amount. Then, she discovered her passion for running as well and participated in a 5 km run. A terrible incident happened the consecutive day which led to the death of her husband in a motorbike accident. She kept her nerves calm & came strong enough to never returning back from where she started. The zeal and motivation to follow her fitness goals grew even more after the unexpected incident and she continued her passion of exercises.

Challenging yourself towards realistic goals to lose weight through self motivation plays an important role in your life. In all the above success stories, there has been a common thing that is self-motivation. You need to keep yourself motivated at all times in every aspect of your life. Burning fat may be one of those. Now, it’s time for you to set your goal and challenge your limits. Go and get your fabulous physique by watching these real stories and checking out these videos online.

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