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Dr. Anke Zimmermann BSc, ND, FCAH is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

Dr. Anke Zimmermann BSc, ND, FCAH is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler. Dr. Zimmerman is highly skilled in treating in children with neurological, neurodevelopmental, immunological and behavioural disorders, including autism.

Dr. Anke Zimmermann BSc, ND, FCAH is a homeopath with 30 years of clinical experience and a special interest in children with neurological, neurodevelopmental, immunological and behavioural disorders, including autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning disabilities, epilepsy and has treated many children suffering from vaccine related injuries.

Dr. Anke Zimmerman

 A.S.  How did you evolve to making a specialty of treating children, and especially those with neurological disorders? When did vaccine injuries come into the picture? 

 A.Z. I first became interested in the topic of autism during my last year of naturopathic college. At the time I briefly dated someone who claimed to have cured his own son of autism and that made a big impression on me. This was all the way back in 1990-91 and autism was not nearly as prevalent as it is now, nonetheless I knew it was considered incurable.

The seed was planted and I started doing research on the biological treatment of autism. At the same time, I was taking a three-year post-graduate program in classical homeopathy with Andre Saine. This program gave me an excellent foundation in classical homeopathy and I will always be grateful for it.

As soon as I graduated as an ND, I started to see many children with various behavioural and developmental challenges. I really enjoy children and classical homeopathy worked near miraculously for most of them, which has kept me motivated to this day. But not all of them got better.

In particular, two boys on the autism spectrum did not improve at all, no matter what I did. I still think about those children and wonder how their lives evolved.

Fast forward to 2011 and I found the book ‘Autism Beyond Despair’ by Dr Tinus Smits, which had just been published in 2010. He and some colleagues had started to use homeopathic preparations of vaccines, medications and things like bisphenol-A to help kids on the spectrum with impressive results.

Tinus then created something like an integrated protocol to help autism kids which he called CEASE therapy, short for ‘Complete Elimination of Autism Spectrum Expression’. The protocol combined classical homeopathy with tautopathy, meaning homeopathic remedies made from substances that might have negatively impacted the person.

He also used low-potency organ support remedies as well as some nutritional supplements. Using this approach, especially the tautopathy, he was able to determine which substances had negatively affected a child and contributed to their autism or other health problems. He concluded that 70% of the children with autism he saw had been primarily affected by vaccines.

This was a shocker for me to be honest, as I had not considered vaccines to be such a problem before. Was this really the missing link? I had seen a few children over the years whose parents felt they had developed asthma or eczema after a vaccine and I would give them a homeopathic dose of DPT or similar, which pretty much always relieved the problem. But autism? My nemesis? It had not crossed my mind!

I took training in CEASE therapy and started to use Tinus’ system in my practice and immediately saw dramatically better results with the autism kids and many other kids not on the spectrum as well. At the same time, I dove headfirst into the black hole of vaccine safety science or rather, lack thereof.

It felt nothing short of devastating to learn that virtually no proper safety testing existed for our childhood vaccines. None of them had been tested in long-term clinical safety trials or against placebos among other things. It seemed as if the vaccines given to protect our children were in fact seriously harming many of them.

I learned that the majority of adverse vaccine reactions were delayed and symptoms usually took 2-4 months after a vaccination to fully develop, which is why most of these issues are missed in clinical practice by MDs, probably most alternative health care providers and even the parents.

This explains why parents so often see their previously healthy child descend into autism between 15-18 months of age. The child received their last round of vaccines at 12 and/or 15 months and then there is the time delay of approximately three months.

By the time symptoms start, the connection with the vaccines is no longer made. Of course, some parents see immediate deterioration after vaccination, but I would say that from my experience 90-95% are delayed reactions.

That was the bad news. The good news was that the homeopathic remedies made from the vaccines proved to be exceptionally helpful!


At one point, the College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC took the official position that there was no evidence linking autism and vaccine injuries. How did that affect you, and how did you deal with that?  

A.Z. Yes, indeed, the College did take that position and in fact changed their immunization bylaws as a result. What happened was that a man named Peter Blanchard, a skeptic of homeopathy from the UK, wrote a complaint letter to the College about myself and two of my colleagues in regards to CEASE therapy in the spring of 2018.

He claimed that the system amounted to child abuse because parents might be discouraged from vaccinating their children or giving them antibiotics. He also claimed that it was giving parents unreasonable hope and might be financially exploitative. He demanded that the College send a missive to all naturopathic doctors prohibiting them from advertising or practicing CEASE therapy within 5 days.

Without any consultation with myself or the other practitioners and without reviewing the book responding to my critique of his unfounded and, frankly, unhinged, letter, the College complied with his demand, much to my shock and dismay. In case anyone is interested, the actual letters that were sent can be found on my website under the heading ‘controversies’. It is password protected, the password is my first name, Anke.

The missive also read that we were now forbidden to ‘counsel parents of children with autism that their autism was related to vaccination.’ Although I was certainly not ‘counseling’ parents that their children may have been harmed by vaccines, it was too close to comfort as I was most certainly discussing the topic openly with parents, who were usually the ones approaching me to help them because they already suspected that their child was vaccine injured. I would be risking disciplinary action if I continued.

Subsequently my colleagues and I were all investigated, our files examined, parents of children under our case questioned (they were all happy, if not ecstatic about the progress their children had made btw) and we were hauled in for questioning and reprimands before the entire Board of Directors.

In the meantime, I had supplied the College with literally hundreds of studies regarding the highly questionable safety testing of vaccines as well as the many studies linking vaccines and their ingredients to auto-immune disorders, neurological disorders, developmental disorders and, yes, even autism; these studies do exist.

I’m pretty sure they did not even take one single look at the studies. It was very disappointing. Even prior to the meeting with the Board of Directors I had already contemplated giving up my naturopathic license as there was no way that I would change my approach or leave the families under my care without support. The truth is the truth, this system was working, the kids were getting better, even recovering completely.

The vaccines were causing immeasurable amounts of injuries, it was beyond tragic. Not only the vaccines, other medications and medical interventions, mold etc. were also contributing, but the vaccines were the main culprits again and again, no doubt at all.

During the meeting with the Board all the members were visibly upset with me. It was a surreal experience. 12 people, mostly older men, sitting around a giant table in a boardroom, glaring at me. Only two were naturopathic physicians themselves and obviously had no experience whatsoever treating children with autism.

I tried to defend myself, shared my experience and pointed to the research and explained that I was not going to change what I was doing, but would rather give up my naturopathic license, as I had to be able to sleep at night.

I was then told by the president, a large, choleric man with a round, red face, that if I was going to continue in my ways, I would paint a big, red target on my back and my life and career would go down in flames. I thanked the group for their advice, went home and informed the College that I would withdraw my license.

This turned out to be one of the top three best decisions of my life. Yes, I had to lick my wounds a little bit as I had been practicing as a naturopathic physician for 28 years, and there was a certain amount of pride in identifying with that profession. But it was only a title, what good was it if I could not use my knowledge and help people?

So I rebranded as a professional homeopath, which I was already anyway and then – boom! my practice exploded! It went international in short order as I now was also freed from the limitation the College had placed on us to only be allowed to practice in BC!

The pandemic happened shortly afterwards and here I was already prepared for a virtual practice, which was probably also a lifesaver financially. I’m sure many of my naturopathic colleagues struggled in comparison. I now consult with clients all over North America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, even India and Pakistan, it has been amazing. Thanks to the increased practice volume my finances have also significantly improved but most importantly, I can still help these children, and live with integrity and sleep at night.

A.S.  “To thine own self be true.”  Your decision not to compromise in spite of threats to your career was something rarely found in the medical profession. Can you tell us something about the other healing methods you use?

 A.Z.  As a naturopathic physician I was taught many other healing methods in college, including acupuncture and traditional herbal Chinese medicine, Western botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy, lymphatic drainage and hydrotherapy. It was a very comprehensive training and I continued to use all of those modalities in my practice throughout my professional life.

 A.S.  What does it mean to be a medical intuitive?  How do you acquire that skill?

To me being a medical intuitive means that I can pick up extra information about patients that might help me to assist them intuitively. I was intuitive from a very early age. I think everybody is. In my case I used to play telepathy games with my sister as a child quite regularly, usually at the local pool where we spent a lot of time.

One of us would think of a popular song and the other would try to guess which one it was. We never made a mistake! We didn’t think anything of it and never discussed it with our parents, it was just a game.

Many years later I became interested in regression therapy. This is a kind of hypnosis where you can get in touch with earlier times of your life or even previous lives as well as the time between lives. During the first or second session with this very skilled therapist he regressed me to a previous life, then moved me forward to my death in that life.

I suddenly felt myself flying through space towards what I can only describe as a sun-like, marvelous energy, which seemed to be in the center of the universe. It emitted a beautiful kind of light and love which I will never forget. Imagine the love of the most incredible, gentlest mother who ever existed.

My first thought was: Wow, God is a woman!! Then, even in the regression – I was perfectly lucid btw, it was more like a state of expanded or super-consciousness than any kind of unconsciousness – I realized how absurd it was to think of God as man or any kind of person; it was pretty funny and still makes me laugh. I was raised Catholic by the way and women do not really feature in the idea of God at all, so this was just so entertaining and enlightening at the same time.

This light knew me and loved me and the closer I came the more I knew. It was as if all the knowledge and all the love that ever existed were emitted from this light, and I suddenly knew everything I wanted to know. It felt incredible. I am such as insane knowledge junkie that this was just the best thing ever.

Of course, the session had to end, sadly, and I had to return to the regular world, but for several days I stayed in this state of super consciousness and all-knowingness. In addition, the whole world seemed lighter, clearer and more beautiful than ever before.

When my administrative assistant gave me my files for the next day I knew, just by looking at a name, especially of a new patient, everything about them. Why they were coming in, what their history was, what they looked like etc. It was instantaneous. This lasted for several days and then gradually diminished but the door never completely closed and if necessary, I can tune into a patient and pick up extra information or go into a deep meditation when doing case analysis to obtain extra information or insights to help me with tricky cases, it’s quite useful.

A.S. It’s been a pleasure chatting with you.  Thanks so much for sharing with our readers today!

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