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Written by Elaine Lewis

Using numerology to solve cases!

We’d like to welcome to the Hot Seat, today, the one and only…Mati Fuller, DIHom!


Mati practices in Crestone, Colorado and is about to teach us something new and exciting: namely, how to use numerology to solve cases! I met Mati through “J’s Case”. When she casually mentioned that she had come up with Joshua’s remedy through numerology, I knew we had to have her here to explain her novel approach. Who knows, Mati, this could be the day you become famous!

Thank you, Elaine.  Well, I was born and raised in Norway and came to the United States in 1985.

So far, so good.  Did you say Norway? I love Norway!  I especially love “Norwegian Wood” by The Beatles. How did you happen to become interested in homeopathy?

When I was 18, I had a chronic problem that nobody could help me with; for a year I took prescription drugs to no avail, and luckily happened to meet a homeopath who talked with great passion about this great form of healing. I was quickly inspired to make an appointment, and of course, my problem disappeared, never to return.

When I was younger I lived a busy life and travelled around the world several times. It wasn’t until I settled down, and after my babies were out of diapers, that I was able to dive into the mysteries of homeopathy. It was good to finally devote time to something I had had an interest in since I experienced my own personal healing at 18, but I found that homeopathy was a lot more challenging than I could have ever imagined!

What was challenging in particular?

Repertorizing cases. I went through every page of Karen Allen’s workbook, but still found it challenging to be able to know what was most important in a case. I learned a lot about this from Karen Allen as well as the tutors at the British Institute of Homeopathy, but I still had cases that were very difficult to figure out.

I have heard from other homeopaths that there is always going to be a certain number of cases you can’t figure out, that you may have to refer to someone else. However, I noticed that a lot of the people who came to see me had already been referred to every healer in the area!

That does tend to put a person on the spot.

Exactly! After I got my diplomas from British Institute I learned case taking from Karen Allen, and I am currently taking Dr. S.K. Banerjea’s postgraduate training course, and also writing a book about relationships from a homeopathic point of view.

Oh wow, please let us know when that one is out!

Thank you, I will! Crestone is a small place where people aren’t very open to homeopathy. It is definitely the “last thing on their list” in the process of healing, so I find myself mostly getting clients with extremely difficult cases.


Yes, these clients had seen everyone and tried everything before they came to see me, I being their “last resort” before they would have just given up on ever getting well.

I wanted to help these people, but I felt like I was fumbling in the dark, trying to look at the case from many different angles, and feeling very frustrated. It was out of this frustration, or maybe divine inspiration, that I one day picked up a small numerology book that sat on my shelf, wondering if I could find any useful information in it.

So, that’s how it happened! What was the name of the book?

Numerology For Decoding Behavior by Michael Brill. (I want to stress that my use of numerology has nothing to do with the British Institute, Karen Allen or Dr. S.K. Banerjea.)

Don’t worry, we won’t mention their names!

Michael Brill has created a super easy system of numerology to help pinpoint anyone’s core issues or negative behavior patterns in only minutes!

I tried the system first on family members, friends, and even on the local real estate agents…

…and I found it very accurate. I was also wondering, since the numbers only go from 1-9, if I was going to be able to identify more than 9 remedies, but I had no reason to worry. The combination of the numbers from the birthday information together with the name-numbers creates a very clear picture of someone’s core issues.

How fascinating!

What Michael Brill describes in his book is what I call “someone’s most negative potential”, which is exactly what we need to know as homeopaths.

These are all the things that nobody is ever going to tell you in a session! When did you last hear a person say, ” I am very controlling. I have to have everything my own way! I argue with everyone! I’m criticical of everything! I hate people I don’t agree with! I hold on to things forever! I put everything off until tomorrow!”

Alright, I may have said it once, but I’m trying to…

Elaine, I’m not talking about you!


And that is the main reason why our job as homeopaths is almost impossible!

Utterly impossible!

However, with this little numerology book, you can instantly see “the red line” going through the case, and you will know what is essential and what is not.

But you still have to take a proper case, right?

Most definitely. Repertorizing numerology issues gives you a small list of possible remedies to look at, and a good idea of what someone’s core issues are, but to pinpoint the best remedy, it is essential to cross reference with specific physical and general symptoms from the case, as well as Strange, Rare and Peculiars and characteristic mental symptoms. The purpose of using numerology is just to help you pinpoint the essence of the case.

If I could jump in here and play devil’s advocate regarding numerology, let me first ask why we should even believe in something that seems very arbitrary on the face of it: we add up the letters but not all the letters; it seems like somebody just arbitrarily assigned values and decided what would and wouldn’t be added, does this make sense to you? And then if you add up to a five you’re this kind of a person but if you’re a nine you’re that kind of a person….seems like we’d have to be putting a lot of faith in a hypothesis that isn’t self-evident.

That is kind of what I used to think, too. But numerology actually has something in common with homeopathy. They are both dealing with vibration. There is healing vibration in the remedies, and there is also healing vibration in sound. You know what the sound of “Elaine” feels like…

A brass band?

…I was going to say that it sounds familiar.  But, imagine for a second that everyone started calling you Diane instead. Close your eyes and feel what Diane feels like. I bet it feels different from Elaine. Why? Because the sound of Diane has a different vibration than the sound of Elaine. Why? Because the combinations of letters are different. Each letter has a sound, and each sound has a vibration. You say this doesn’t make any sense? Well, neither does homeopathy to most people, but we all know how powerful the tiny poppyseed pills are. Who would ever believe that a pill so tiny you almost can’t see can be put in a glass of water, stirred and sipped, and remove things like eczema or sciatica, or even cancer! Can you honestly explain how that is possible?

Uh, well, since you asked…. In 1810 ….

That was a rhetorical question, Elaine!  

I see………..

Anyway, Hahnemann must have been a bit of a nut to even come up with the idea – or maybe he was so far ahead of the rest of us that we should feel honored to be able to walk in his footsteps!  We all know about physical things because we can see and feel them, and they seem very solid to us, even though they aren’t according to quantum physics.

We aren’t used to dealing with energy and vibration, because we can’t see it, we don’t really know how it works, but we know that it does work, and as soon as we know that it works, we don’t really care why it works. I have used many different numerology books previously where all the numbers and letters are added up, and what they all have in common is that it is extremely time consuming to figure out someone’s issues. It can take as long as you would normally spend taking someone’s case, and that is basically useless to us as homeopaths. We need something that is quick, and still accurate. Something that gives us a snapshot of core issues with very little effort, so we can spend most of our time listening to what the person is telling us, and this is what I found in Michael’s book.  I am not sure why he only adds up some of the letters and numbers, but after trying the system on everyone I know, my conclusion is that it is very accurate. I even called him up and asked how accurate this system is, in his opinion, and he felt that it gives you about 95% accuracy. So, do we really have to know why it works?

Why what works?  I’m sorry, I was in the kitchen making potato salad.

Okaaay.  You also said that if you are a “five”, you are this kind of person and if you are a “nine”, you are that kind of person. This was another thing I was also concerned about when I started experimenting with his system. But again, it is like homeopathy. You can find many people with cold feet or stuffy noses, but they may all need different remedies. So, how do we differentiate?  We cross reference the cold feet and stuffy noses with other symptoms, for example mentals and generals, and it is the combination of specific symptoms unique to the individual that determines your remedy choice. Same thing with numerology. We can find that two people may have the same achievement number, which is the person’s core challenge in life, but when adding up the letters in all the names we see one picture emerge in one case, and a different picture emerge in the other case.

We also have to remember that homeopathic case taking is extremely complicated. Numerology is not going to make case taking unnessecary. It is only a tool, or a map, pointing you in the right direction. Then the client fills in all the gaps. When meeting a client for the first time we are basically looking for core issues without a map. We may come across some great things, but how do we know if these represent the core, or not?

Have you ever noticed what happens if two homeopaths compare their analysis of the same case? Each one thinks they have seen the whole picture, but when talking to each other, they discover they’ve seen something totally different in the same case!  So, who is closer to the truth?  

Maybe each one is only seeing an aspect of the truth, and not necessarily the whole picture. As far as I can see, we could all use a very simple tool to show us what some of the deeper issues are, so we don’t have to keep “fumbling in the dark”.  

I once saw a program on TV where they were taking the bones of mummies and used computer technology to add muscle and skin so they could actually get an accurate picture of how the person really looked.  Obviously, there is no way they could have done that without the bones.  I see the use of numerology kind of like that. The numerology becomes “the bones”, and what the client says becomes the flesh and the skin, so we can eventually see what the picture really looks like. So when you ask if this makes sense to me, I have to say yes. There is a sense of logic in there, somewhere, and I don’t think we need any more faith using numerology than we need using homeopathy. Both methods are based on vibration, and both methods work whether we believe in them or not.

How can we get Michael’s book?

The book can be ordered directly from his website: It is a small book which is very easy to learn how to use. With less than 1/2 hour of reading and no previous knowledge of numerology, anyone can start adding up the numbers.

This might be a good time to ask, how do you add up the numbers?

The first thing you do is to add up the numbers from the month and day of birth (not the year). This gives what he calls the achievement number (AN for short). The achievement number is someone’s primary life challenge. He says that all the other numbers radiate out from this number like the spokes of a wheel. When this number is mastered, it can become someone’s greatest strength.
Example: February 28 should be 2+28=30 3+0=3 AN=3

I’m with you so far!

Then you add the first two letters of all the names. There are a few exceptions that he explains in the book, so you should really skim through the pages that explain things in more detail. In Michael’s book the different names reflect different kinds of relationships, like work relationships and family dynamics. I found that there is no need for us as homeopaths to differentiate between the different types of relationships. I simply use all the names as well as the AN number to create the most complete picture of the client. When analyzing the names Michael uses the first consonant and the first vowel in each name. The relationship between the vowels and consonants reflect which challenges someone has to deal with in their lives. When you are done putting all these challenges on paper, you end up with what I call a person’s “most negative potential”, or in other words, all the things someone would never tell you in the first homeopathic session, at least not without persistence.

The method is very simple: First you add the first two letters, which give you one number. Then you subtract the same letters, which give you the other number. Don’t panic, here is an example:
John: J=1 o=6
First we add the numbers: 1+6=7 Then we subtract the numbers: 6-1=5. Then we write it like this: 7/5
That’s it! This number can be looked up in Michael’s book on page 37 under “Combinations with the number 5” …
Easy!  Anyone can do it!

Mati, for women: maiden name or married name.

Maiden name might be more characteristic, so I would go with that.

What if your name is Robert but you call yourself Bob?

You work with the name as it appears on the birth certificate.

How about a sample case?

OK. A friend of mine has a two year old daughter who had a pretty nasty looking rash around the mouth. It was some kind of eczema, and she had it for about 6 months. We tried Calcarea Carb, with no luck, and the rash just kept getting worse. Since I am friends with her mom, and I needed a guinea pig to try my new numerology approach on, I asked if she would be willing to give it a try, and since she had nothing to lose, she agreed. She has given me permission to use the daughter’s case for educational purposes, but instead of writing down her full name, I will only write down the first two letters of each of her names in my analysis below.

She is born on June third, which makes her achievement number (primary life challenge) 6+3=9. This number shows that she has a tendency to absorb people’s pain and suffering. She needs to learn about dealing with emotions, to become more compassionate, and to use her life experiences to heal others. She needs to learn to let go of the past and start anew. She needs to let go of her desire for recognition and appreciation. She could be emotionally intense.

First name: AM: A=1 M=4 1+4=5, 4-1=3 5/3
Under this number it says that she doesn’t like change and may resist any effort to create change. There are issues of self confidence and communication.

Second name: CHRI C=3 H=8 R=9 I=9 3+8+9+9=29 This gets reduced to
2+9=11, and further reduced to 1+1=2. The second number is 9- (3+8+9, reduced
to 2)=7 2/7
Under this number it says that she can be very impatient with others. May not speak up because she is too timid or overly sensitive to the feelings of others. There is fear of being wrong as a result of being humiliated or embarrassed. Issues of fear/faith and patience.

Third name: BRA 2+9+1= 12, reduced to 1+2=3 3-(2+9, reduced to 2)=1 3/1
Under this number it says that she can be unforgiving of others when expectations are not met. She fears being judged and she is insecure and has low self confidence.

Last name: HEA 8+5+1=14, reduced to 5, 8-(5+1)=2 5/2
Here we find: Stubborn, desire for control, hasty, tendency towards overdoing things, inflexible, may refuse to cooperate, may withdraw from relationships due to timidity and difficulty with change.

The first impression is that she has a real problem with emotions. She is too sensitive and feels very affected by emotions. She doesn’t know how to deal with emotions, and she also has a problem with expressing emotions. She is timid and insecure and tends to withdraw rather than speaking up. She is afraid of being wrong, and needs recognition from others. She holds on to issues and can be unforgiving of others if her expectations are not met. She fears being judged and there is fear of humiliation and embarrassment. We also know that she is stubborn and inflexible at times. In addition to this, I found out from the mom that she is very sensitive to criticism, and also very fastidious. She keeps moving things around in the house, putting things where she wants them, and not where her mom wants them. She is very busy, and very systematic in her approach (fastidious).  Morning is her grumpiest time of day.

Based on this information, I looked up these rubrics:

Mind/dwells on past
Mind/sensitive/reprimands, to, criticism
Face/eruptions, eczema/mouth around
Generalities/morning agg

Only one remedy went through all the rubrics: Natrum Mur.
I gave a low potency of Natrum Mur. in water, and eczema quickly cleared up.

I find this method great, especially when treating children. It is often hard to get enough information just from observation, so the numerology gives a little bit more information to work with. After reading my numerology findings, the mother also confirmed that all the information was an accurate description of her daughter, and the remedy worked very quickly. I know how hard it can be to treat eczema in children without the help of numerology. I had one case I was working on for over a year, and I was tearing my hair out until I finally solved it. With the help of numerology I could have probably done it much quicker, and easier. I think the use of numerology in case taking has the potential of greatly increasing our success rate in our most difficult cases.

I’m a bit confused on why certain letters are assigned to certain numbers.

Michael explains all this in the book. The letters go from 1-9. You simply write the first nine letters in a row from 1-9. Then you write the next 9 letters under those, etc. All the ones that end up under each other have the same number. Example:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Here you see that A, J and S are all under the number 1, so these all get the value of 1.

After coming up with Nat-mur., did you take a second look at her and say, “Oh, I see it now!” or were you astounded that the remedy was Nat-mur., as if you never would have guessed it without numerology?

She was just a little shy blond girl. She did well on Calc Carb as a baby, so that is why I tried it first. But, when I did her numerology, I also took the opportunity to do the numbers for her mom, too, who also turned out to be a Nat Mur, even though she had a very different combination of numbers and letters. It was still Nat Mur issues. So, I actually ended up with a big AHA! when I saw that I got the same remedy for both.

Mati, what if it’s a layered case? You’re finding out the essence with numerology, but what if you should be giving Phosphorus for diabetes instead of Nat-mur for holding onto the past and being a perfectionist, etc.?

Very tricky question!  Now I know why you call this the “hot seat“!  I think there are many layers of answers possible for this question. I did have one case with possible layers that was very tricky. The man had lots of strange symptoms, including herpes on the cornea from shingles several years before. The vision on the affected eye was getting steadily worse, and he was worried.  

All his symptoms had appeared after his brother died by accident, and the man was still carrying lots of grief and resentment about it. He had been to all kinds of healers before he came to me, including a very expensive homeopath who gave him Nat Mur in every potency with no effect whatsoever.

I looked in my repertory and couldn’t find anywhere “herpes on the cornea”. I found herpes on the face, or herpes about the eyes, but nothing on the cornea itself.  I tried a few things, Staphysagria, and Causticum, which didn’t do much of anything. No improvement of mental or physical symptoms. So I told him about the numbers, and out of desparation he said yes. The numerology showed two remedies, Nat Mur and Ignatia. I knew that Nat Mur didn’t work, but I wouldn’t even have thought of Ignatia, for a man, 6 years after his brother died! Ignatia is supposed to be for new grief, but maybe it still felt new to him? I looked up eye symptoms under Ignatia, and there it was!  Herpes on cornea.

Get out!!!!!

Plus, ailments from grief, all symptoms aggravated from emotion, etc. I gave him a dose of Ign 1M, and his mentals are improving. He feels much lighter, all kinds of strange physical symptoms have disappeared completely, the eye is still bad, but at least not getting any worse. Ignatia has been the best remedy he has had so far, even though it is too early to tell if all the symptoms will clear up. My feeling is that he could have had the disposition for both Nat Mur and Ignatia, maybe he was even originally a Nat Mur, and then he took on the Ignatia layer. Or, perhaps he was always an Ignatia? The numerology helped me see the possibility … It is just a great tool for cases that we get stuck on.

The numerology can still be helpful even from the start because it gives you a glimpse of the client’s nature before they got sick, so at least you know what they used to be like. Theoretically you can probably even get a good idea of what the original remedy should have been, but I also think that if you go to the deepest layer right away, it doesn’t always work.  

I know.

We have to focus on what is on top first, clearing one layer at a time, and then wait until the core issues start showing up before we use the numerology to get to the bottom of things.

So that answers the question I asked 20 paragraphs ago!  What do you do if you have a layered case?  Answer: treat the top layer first.

In one of my favorite books “The Homeopathic Treatment of Eczema” by Robin Logan, he has an image of disease that I could really relate to.  If I remember right, he compares the disease to a potted plant that is totally overgrown, so much that you can’t even see the pot. You just have to start pruning the leaves and stems away, until you can start glimpsing the pot. I think that with complicated cases with many layers, you have to prescribe on the pathology first, pruning away with remedies that aren’t too deep acting, perhaps in low potency at first, and when the layers start disappearing and the original issues start showing up…

That would be the pot…

Yes, the pot…you can use the numerology then to help pin down the appropriate remedy.

That was an excellent answer!  So excellent, as a matter of fact, that I think we should stop here so that it will be the last thing our readers hear and hopefully remember!  (And it saves me from having to push the “Release Trap Door” button, which is how most of my interviews end.)  Now if you can just navigate your way out, watch out for the moat!

The what?


Oops!  Don’t worry, Mati, I’ll save you!  (Luckily, most people from Norway know how to swim!) 

That’s ski!

Oh.  Well that’s different.  Never mind!  


Mati H Fuller, DI Hom (pract)

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