Numerology with Mati Fuller and Michael Brill

Written by Elaine Lewis

Can numerology play a role in homeopathy? Mati Fuller says yes!

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Mati                     Michael              Elaine

Mati, you came back!  What an unexpected surprise–given your previous moat accident!  I see you’re in a diver’s suit.

And a fencing mask, and a parachute!

Then everything should be fine!  I don’t know why so many people have such a hard time navigating the friendly waters of!

Who in their right mind has a moat in their driveway?!

…and I see you’ve brought Michael Brill with you, the famous numerologist!

He’s not going to be catapulted into New Jersey, is he?

Only if he wants to be.

Michael, I wouldn’t sit down if I were you!

I’ll just stand over here and be quiet.

Michael, welcome to!  Pay no attention to Mati, she took a wrong turn leaving the building last time, and, well, we had to fish her out of the moat.  But, she looks really sporty in that diver’s suit, don’t you think?

We’re anxious to hear how numerology can help us with homeopathy!

Thanks for inviting me Elaine; yes, Mati does look good!  Let me start by saying that I have nothing against New Jersey.  Now, in terms of numerology, everything vibrates at a specific frequency.  Every frequency can be written as a numeric sequence.  I’ve recently completed a book that describes the direct relationship between behavior patterns and 185 illnesses and diseases.  The numeric value of an illness, disease, or physical injury represents a specific frequency that matches an identifiable behavior pattern.  In my theory, behavior patterns are directly linked to universal abandonment issues.  ( See , ARTICLES “Abandonment Issues….”)

As a result of our abandonment issues, we all do things to either be loved or to maintain control because: “We know what’s best for everyone.”

That is so true, I know I do!

Anyway… I believe that to rid ourselves of illness or disease (even prevent it), we need the courage to do what “we love” not be loved or maintain control.  How can my work be of benefit to homeopaths?

I was hoping you’d know the answer to that.  Mati, did you know that Michael wrote a book?

Nothing else is going to happen to me, is it?  No trap doors?

I don’t think so…..

Okaaaay.  Well, as I was saying, my book on identifying behavior patterns was originally written for use by human resource departments, trainers, sales-people, teachers, or anyone else that needed to quickly assess behavior patterns.  When Mati contacted me and explained how she was using it in homeopathy and her success in identifying underlying behavior patterns as the root cause underlying health patterns, I see the book as another diagnostic tool.  Once an underlying behavior pattern is identified, a homeopath could use that information to select the most appropriate treatment to rebalance her patient’s frequencies.

Michael, can you briefly describe how you come up with a person’s “number” or numbers?

Sure!  When preparing a chart for analysis many numbers (and letters) must be taken into consideration.  To determine what numbers a person has, a simple conversion chart is used. This chart takes the letters of the alphabet and places them in vertical alignment with the numbers 1 – 9.  The chart looks like this:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




The next step is to isolate the vowels (A,E,I,O,U,W,Y) and the consonants.  In basic terms, vowels relate to spiritual aspects and consonants relate to personality.  Both letters and numbers have their specific interpretations.

In my book, Identify Anyone’s Behavior Patterns… I focus on the first vowel and first consonant combinations of a name (first, middle, or last).  By the way, those that do not have a middle name have chosen to learn about dealing with their emotions.

Well, that leaves out pretty much everyone!

Yeah, it sure does!  The first name identifies behaviors and interests associated with everyday life and work.  The middle name reveals our emotional self and how and why we behave the way we do in our interpersonal relationships.  The last name reveals family dynamics as well as the reasons for choosing a specific birth family.

I’m sure you can back this up with facts?

I have a Source, if that’s what you mean, and, as I was saying…the month, day, and year of birth help interpret our mental attitudes, life challenges (and their solutions), and the general events of our lives.  Our birth data also identifies our destiny and life’s calling.

Numbers are my passion; they allow me to see patterns of creation.  The patterns I talk about in my latest book, Know Your Self, Heal Your Self

So many books!  Did you know that Mati has a book too called Beyond The Veil of Delusions?  Mati, do I have a book?

I don’t think Mati can hear you with her helmet on.  But as I was saying, the patterns I talk about in my latest book are patterns of behavior that are the catalysts for specific illnesses and diseases.  The behavior patterns are generated at the soul level prior to reincarnating. These patterns are influenced and directed by either positively charged or negatively charged particles of energy.  I believe the Soul consciously selects the letters for its name, the numbers for its birthday, and a specific birth or adoptive family.  It also chooses specific life challenges and provides for their “soulutions” (solutions chosen by the Soul).  You must understand, a Soul would never have volunteered to come if it didn’t know before hand that it had more than enough grace to successfully complete its co-creator role during this incarnation.

I believe my theory concerning the relationship between abandonment issues and an illness, disease, or physical injury ONLY APPLIES to those that have ignored their higher-Selves and followed a pattern of overt or covert control of their lives or are mired in codependency.  At this time, I believe it DOES NOT apply to those individuals that have consciously chosen to experience specific physical, mental, or emotional challenges in this lifetime, sometimes beginning at birth.

Most people will agree that an illness, disease, or physical injury can be caused by stress, rushing around, doing too much, genes, exhaustion, impulsiveness, or just bad luck.  I believe that they are caused by behavior patterns related to anxiety generated by unresolved issues of abandonment and fears of being alone.  This anxiety is universal and begins with the illusion of being separated from the energy of the cosmic Source and then physically being separated from the mother source.

Using Cosmic numerology and quantum numbers, I intend to show how an increase of negative energy particles within our bodies can be the catalysts for negative behavior patterns which in turn are the catalysts for our illnesses, diseases, and physical injuries.

The purpose of my book is to help people better understand how, or why, their behavior patterns helped manifest a health challenge.  The book also reveals what solutions each Soul has already provided.

The theme of the book is that abandonment issues cause us to behave in a manner to be loved, thanked, recognized, and appreciated for what we do and who we are so we won’t be abandoned; or, we’ll try to maintain control of life so that nothing can go wrong and we can’t be blamed or humiliated.  Both patterns are mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting.

Can you give us an example of what you mean when you say that there is a relationship between behavior and disease?  For example: People who are timid tend to get cancer?  Is that what you mean?

Breast (20/2) Cancer (26/8) = 46/1

An over sensitivity (2) to the needs of others (6) combined with a perception of needing to be the foundation others can rely on (4), causes a suppression of the Self (1) for the sake of a relationship or family (6).  What is interesting is that it occurs more often in women than in men and is located near the heart.  Breast cancer is a result of suppressed feelings and emotions related to not being acknowledged for who you are and what you do.  The lump (8) of cancer (8) is the encapsulation of these suppressed feelings and emotions.  In this case the release point is the breast, for a woman this is a point of nurturing and the offering of sustenance.  If the nurturing or sustenance is not acknowledged or appreciated by others, energy particles with a positive charge, can be overwhelmed by negatively charge particles. This leads to an inflammation (1) of the area and the process of contracting the illness begins.  To reverse the process, the individual needs to begin honoring their Self and do what they love, not to be loved or to maintain control.

A woman offers her breast to nurture those she loves, whether a husband, partner, children, relatives, friends, co-workers.  They drain it dry and don’t seem to be any happier.  She thinks there may be something wrong with her since she can’t seem to satisfy their emotional needs.  So she offers her other breast, it too is drained with the same results.  Now the individual begins to blame herself for some imaginary lack of an ability to mother or nurture.  The first thing to realize is that the individuals being nurtured are not recipients of love but takers of energy.  Their emotional needs can never be satisfied by another, because they don’t have the awareness to appreciate, or trust, the support available to them.

Prostate (33/6) Cancer (26/8) = 59/14/5

Issues of responsibility i.e., taking on too much (33) along with unrealistic expectations of Self and others.  A tendency to hold on to things along with constrictive behavior patterns causes the prostrate to swell.

The 59/14/5 combination indicates a rigid attitude (5’s on either end) involving emotions (9) and control (4) of all things involving the Self (1).  The number 14 also indicates a pattern of being either too flexible or two rigid in dealings with others.  In this case, I lean toward rigidity.

I remember nutritionist Dr. Carlton Fredericks saying on his radio broadcast that Japanese women were relatively free of breast cancer because of the high selenium in their diets from their fish consumption until they come here and start eating what we eat.  Then, within 10 years, their breast cancer rates equal ours.  Also implicated in breast cancer are antiperspirants! (due to the aluminum as a drying agent)  There was a time when cancer was a rare disease, now, with all the poisons we are exposed to and ingesting, with our poor, de-mineralized diet, it’s roughly one in four people now.  I would have to ask if fewer people had abandonment issues 50 years ago or if fewer people have abandonment issues in Japan?

Cancer is on the increase not so much because of the poisons in our daily lives but over issues involving abandonment.

Hmm…”fixed ideas”.  (I don’t think he heard a word I just said…)

Have you read my article on “Abandonment Issues as The Catalyst for Our Diseases and Illnesses”?


Don’t look at me!

As you’re wearing a helmet, it’s hard not to look at you.

The point is, my article explains my theories and gives examples of various behavior patterns associated with doing things to be loved or to maintain control of situations.

Cancer 26/8

Cancer is an 8 and deals with self-empowerment issues. The deeper we bury something, whether it’s a dream, an emotion, or a feeling, the more it wants to surface.

The 26 indicates a potential need to be validated by others to relieve abandonment/separation anxieties (7 energy). If one adds 2+6+8, the sum is 16, a karmic number which indicates a need to be in control or to take on messianic responsibilities.

That’s funny, because this describes the remedy Carcinosin perfectly!  This is what they do, they take on too much responsibility for others!

Cancer, the term, deals with issues involving money, power, status, recognition and suppressed anger and/or frustration.  I believe that frustrations and angers resulting from a lack of recognition, aggressive behavior patterns, or feelings of powerlessness whether related to relationships (2), family (6), or work (8), are the triggers/catalysts for the various forms of cancer (26/8).

When you say that there’s a numeric value to an illness or injury and it matches a behavior pattern, how do you find the numerology number of, say, a fall down a flight of stairs or a case of the flu?  And you’re saying that the number of the illness will be identical with the number of a behavior pattern, meaning different behavior patterns have specific numbers, like: abusive behavior will have a number, sulking and pouting will have a number, etc.  So, you’re saying, you get the number of the illness and you say, “Aha!  This person is a sulker and a pouter!”  Is that what you mean?

Yes, the number of the illness, disease, or injury will identify a specific behavior pattern. However, it’s not so much about looking at a chart and predicting a behavior pattern or the occurence of a genetic predisposition, as it is about looking at a chart to identify solutions for patterns associated with health issues.

If I want to find out the energy behind “a fall down a flight of stairs,” I first ask the client to describe in his own words what happened, where the pain is, etc.

The next step is to convert the letters of the phrase(s) or health issues into numeric sequences.  For example, let’s convert “I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my right leg.” By adding the total numeric value of all of the letters in the phrase, I get the equation 201/3 (2+0+1=3).  After checking for a correlation with challenge numbers, I make my interpretation. In this case there are issues involving feelings of inadequacy (3), self-esteem (1), and difficulty letting go or making transitions (0).  The broken right leg is associated with issues of flexability (5), control, and not trusting their intuition (0).

What is interesting is that words such as abusive behavior, sulker, and pouter all have numeric patterns that match their word definitions.  For example, abusive behavior = 69/6 – A need to be in control linked with unrealistic expectations of self and/or others.  A sulker is a 5 — not in the moment, rigid.  Pouting is a 39/9, feelings of inadequacy (3) can make them seek love (9) via control (9).

Let’s use the health issue of hypertension to identify underlying behavior patterns. Hypertension numerically transposes to 69/15/6. The major number to be analyzed is the 6 on the far right of the equation 69/15/6.  The other numbers 6,9,1,5 (6+9=15 1+5=6) form the minor patterns that compose the major pattern of the final 6.  The next step is to compare these numbers with the life challenge numbers to determine if there is a correlation between them.  If there is, you have the first clue to a cause and effect relationship.

With 6’s at either end of the equation, the main issue involves unrealistic expectations for self and others.  The 9 indicates the emotions are related to a need to maintain control and to do it their way.  This is reinforced by the appearance of the 5, which in this case, indicates rigidity and lack of movement or release.  If the negative emotions can not be released, they can become poisonous to the entire system leading to all sorts of complications.

The “Hy” is a 6/1 combination.  Feeling obligations to others (6), this individual will assume too much responsibility (6).  There is also a need to advise and counsel others and be validated (1) for their counseling (6).  If these patterns can not be modified to avoid frustration, they will eventually affect the heart (the seat of surrender.)

Here’s an obvious question: Which name do you use?

Women, especially, are known for having more than one name.

I never consider a woman’s married name when doing an analysis because that is not the name the soul chose to activate its life plan.  There’s a 90% probability that those born in February or November will not have a parent in the household as they are growing up.  Or if both parents are present, one is not emotionally connected with the child.  When you legally change your name, other than for marriage, the day the court signs the papers becomes your new birthday.  After all, you’ve chosen to be reborn.

Could you clarify how numerology can remove the psychological blocks from an individual?

Nothing can remove psychological blocks, except the owner of that block.  But a block cannot be removed until it is identified and the owner chooses to remove it.  What I do using numbers is to provide a blueprint, drawn by the client, that shows them how to rebuild or remodel aspects of their life.

Cosmic Numerology is the study of the patterns associated with the numbers and letters that make up our potential realities.  Whether it’s a name, an illness or disease, a behavior pattern, a thought, a feeling, or an emotion, they all have one thing in common; they symbolize the interrelationships of the energies and events that affect our daily lives.  The interpretation of patterns also includes relationships, family dynamics, addresses, business cycles, food choices, even food cravings.  Numbers and letters represent the codes of creation.  Cosmic Numerology views these codes as being generated by conscious choice.

Using the letters of your name and the numbers of your birthday, Cosmic Numerology interprets the emotional and psychological characteristics you chose to experience in this lifetime as well as identifying your life’s challenges and their soulutions.

Cosmic Numerology can reveal what you have chosen to experience in this incarnation and help you clarify your purposes for existence.

In classical numerology, the letters of a name and the birth numbers represent the patterns and timing of events to be experienced.  In Cosmic Numerology, an Essence or Soul selects the letters of its name and the numbers for its birthday.  (I focus on the psychological and emotional characteristics that result from combining the letters and numbers of a name.)

In classical physics there are absolutes, cause and effect, and duality.  In quantum physics there are no absolutes, there are probabilities, and duality.  Cosmic Numerology sees all energy as frequencies composed of combinations of sub-frequencies generated by the blending of the numbers 1 – 9.  These combinations are composed of particles (and waves) that ultimately develop a group awareness which leads to a group consciousness.  This can be a group of cells, specific body systems, a country, a galaxy, even a universe.

The concept of reincarnation revolves around the idea that we choose what we want to experience in each life. Experiences that are not completed within a lifetime will be completed in future lifetimes. Reincarnation is similar to waking up on your birthday and being given a ticket to an amusement park by your parents.  You go to the park and as you enter you are wowed by your choices. You spend the whole day at the park riding as many rides as you can.  Some you avoid because they are too scary, others you ignore because they are too babyish (been there, done that.)  Some rides you are not permitted on because you can’t meet the height requirements, etc.  At the end of the day, you are exhausted from all of the activity.  You go home and just before drifting off to sleep, ask your parents if you can go back tomorrow, they say yes.  You drift off to sleep dreaming of what you intend to do tomorrow.

The premise of Cosmic Numerology is, first the Soul has a conversation with the God energy (a distillation of the GOD energies) in which it reviews its most recent experiences and adventures in co-creating (i.e., what it has mastered, become proficient at, avoided, hasn’t finished or procrastinated starting).  The second step involves the Soul consciously determining what it wants to experience in its upcoming incarnation.  It does this by selecting (or omitting) specific letters for its name, then picking a month, day and year to be born, and finally choosing a specific birth/adoptive family.

The choice to include or omit specific letters determines our karmic challenges.  The numbers we choose for our m/d/y of birth identify our life’s challenges and their “soulutions”.  These choices include challenges as gentle as a caress like the loss of recess in first grade or as harsh as a 40 ton steel I-beam between the eyes (terminal illness, laid off at 55).  For each challenge, there is a specific Soul-chosen “soulution”. The soulution is usually to do less of one thing and more of another or vice versa.  For example, one can be either totally insensitive to the needs of others or overly sensitive to the needs of others; in either case, there is a need for balance.  It is the same with our etheric and physical Selves, they need to be balanced; when they aren’t, we become susceptible to illness, disease, or physical injury.

Cosmic Numerology identifies the underlying patterns of negative behavior that are the catalysts for illness and disease (and physical injuries).  These negative patterns are the result of false cellular memories of feeling abandoned or being punished for some unknown act.  How and where did these memories originate?  They began when we chose to become co-creators and individualize in physical form.  They will end when we remember even in physical form we are part of the divine energy of creation.

Let’s look at the health issue of hypertension.

Now wait a minute.  I could call this “high blood pressure” and it would add up to something completely different!

Yes, and what about different languages?

I haven’t worked much with other languages, only the Arabic alphabet.  However, it would still work because each culture places different expectations on its members.  If cancer is a 24/6 in Norwegian, then its underlying cause would be associated with 6 – unrealistic expectations for self and others, 4 – control issues, and 2 interactions with others.

It isn’t so much that people from other cultures have different issues that make them sick, it’s that their culture has different expectations.

Here is the excerpt from my book on illness and disease that explains issues related to blood pressure.

Blood (21/3) Pressure (40/4) = 61/7

Blood (3) deals with the process of initiation (1) and cooperation (2) which lead to creation (3).  It carries our life giving nutrients throughout our bodies.  Notice that the words high and low both reduce to a 5 and that both high blood pressure and low blood pressure reduce to a 3.  The negative interpretation for number 5 indicates some form of excess behavior; one is either too rigid (Type A) or too flexible (Type Z).

A negative 3 can have feelings of inadequacy.  They can also be sarcastic, moody/emotional, introverted, outrageous, withdrawn, passive, boastful, an exhibitionist, a starter but not a finisher.  A negative 3 can also be unforgiving toward those it feels have emotionally let them down.

The total of 61/7 can indicate that low self-esteem (1) can be displayed as either arrogance or timidity.  The 6 is associated with unrealistic expectations of self or others leading to either control, i.e., it has to be done their way or it won’t work or the other extreme, why bother if I’ll be blamed for the mistakes of others?  This last part is closely influenced by the negative 7 which first and foremost represents abandonment issues.  The negative 7 can also indicate issues caused by anxiety, fears, a need to be needed, and never wanting to be embarrassed or humiliated.  Other characteristics of a negative 7 are: can be overly analytical, totally mental, impatient, manipulative, belittling of others, chronically depressed, distrustful of their intuition and have a very strong need for control (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual).

High (32/5) Blood (21/3) Pressure (40/4) = 93/12/3 Type A.

Since there are so many threes and twos, good communication (3) with others (2) is a problem.  Coupling low self-esteem with not trusting their emotions, or not always communicating in either a timely or appropriate manner (2), the high 5, rigidly tries to maintain control of its environment by either allowing free reign to their emotions (can be explosive) or suppressing them (9).  This pushing and pulling is a pressurizing force.  The reservoir holding the stuffed emotions eventually overflows and explodes out of its confines. The tubes carrying this explosive energy can become over pressurized and burst.

The 12 indicates issues of sensitivity when dealing with others (2) because of their own self-esteem issues (1).

Low (14/5) Blood (21/3) Pressure (40/4) = 75/12/3 Type Z (An extreme scenario.)

These individuals are not good communicators (3), they hold things in.  Since 5 represents the physical world and 7 the mental world this individual has difficulty existing in either world.  They want to withdraw (3) from interactions with others (2) and therefore minimize their energy and their exposure (1) to the world. If they withdraw beyond a certain point, the tubes (blood vessels) carrying their life energy can become under pressurized and collapse.

The 14/5 (low) indicates these individuals can be overly flexible and give in too easily, when interacting with others.

You seem to be saying that after a session with you, where a flurry of numbers are added together, you ultimately say something like, “Elaine, you’re scatter-brained and seem to miss the point of everything!”

A lot of people already know what’s wrong with them–too shy, don’t take risks, low self-esteem, etc., and are helpless to do anything about it; when they try, it all comes out as inauthentic, and deep inside they feel very uncomfortable in their assumed role.

First let me say that Cosmic Numerology provides a “soulution” (soul chosen solution) for every life challenge.  And yes, many people know what’s ailing them and the patterns that are the catalysts for their health issue; however, few people are willing to do the required work to ultimately reconnect with their divine self.  It’s very easy to “tell” people what to do but if they choose not to own the outcome, no progress can be made.  Humans are soooooo good at intellectualizing, rationalizing, and justifying their actions and so weak at doing what they love regardless of the number of obstructions.

Now, here’s what I find interesting, you add up the letters of an illness or injury….

You convert the letters of the phrase(s) or health issue into numeric sequences.  For example, “I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my right leg.”  By adding the total numeric value of all of the letters in the phrase I get the equation: 201/3 (2+0+1=3).  After checking for a correlation with challenge numbers, I make my interpretation.  In this case there are issues involving feelings of inadequacy (3), self-esteem (1), and difficulty letting go or making transitions (0).  The broken right leg is associated with issues of flexibility (5), control, and not trusting their intuition (0).

OK, wait a minute.  I’m getting that if the client says, “I fell down the stupid stairs!” that would add up to a different number and relate to a different behavior pattern!

Yes.  “I fell down the stupid stairs” equals 110/2 which implies that you were trying to do something by yourself and refused or didn’t ask for help.  Now laying at the bottom of the steps, you must ask for assistance.  It could also imply you were preoccupied with another and weren’t thinking about yourself.

Personally, I think it would be helpful to use the information in Michael’s first
book, Identify Anyone’s Behavior Patterns… where he only uses the birthday and month and the first two letters of each name.  It is quick and easy to do. And I also think it could be interesting to add up the numbers of the person’s disease, like strep throat, or allergies, or bronchitis, tumor, just to see what is really going on.  I don’t think I would bother to add up the words in their sentences, like Michael does, but that is probably just laziness on my part.

I think the focus needs to be on predictable patterns in human behavior, and how to pinpoint what they are with the help of numerology, and how this can help us as homeopaths. Yesterday I did the numerology for strep throat and used Michael’s
interpretation of the numbers.  Today I repped the issues that the numbers described and cross referenced it with my son’s physical symptoms.  I came up with Psorinum, which is what I gave him the last time he was sick, and nothing else was working, and it cleared everything up nicely.  I wanted to see if I would get the same result from using the numerology from the name of the sickness, like Michael recommends, and I still got the same result!  This was my first test of Michael’s system, and yes, I think this system
definitely has potential as a tool in homeopathic case taking!

Michael, I’m getting the impression that every statement a person makes, just about, if added up according to numerology, reveals their issue!  Is this true?

You betcha!  I’ve developed a system where a person gives me the first 3 single digit numbers that come into their mind and I can tell what is going on in their life.  Using this technique, I have devised a numerology card deck.  By answering 3 – 5 questions on each of the chosen cards, an individual gets clarity about the events in their lives.  (Still looking for a publisher.)

Michael, here’s my concern: If a person’s “issues”, as determined through numerology, turn out to be “low self-esteem”, “need for control”, “stubbornness”, and similar “large-umbrella” concepts, I would have to wonder if we aren’t being so general that we’re not able to help anybody.

It may seem like a generalization, but I assure you when all of the numbers in a chart are taken into consideration, a VERY specific analysis of the cause and effect of behavior patterns appears.  I would love to make my skills available to every practicing homeopath.  I realize that they will not reach my level of expertise and must use the tools I supply in conjunction with their own intuition.

If practioners chose to learn my entire system and wish to study with me, I believe it would take them at least 18 months to become highly proficient.

This is how I use Michael’s numerology to aid my homeopathic case taking: I am not worried about whether the concepts are “large umbrella concepts” or not because I only use the numerological information as a general guideline.  For example: If the numerology says that someone has low confidence, rigid attitude and a need to be in control, you can see from the numbers that they have a problem with change as a result of low self confidence.
Next I go into the information from the case to see how these issues are manifested in what the client has told me.  Maybe the person has just started going through menopause and is worried about getting old.  She wants to stay young (5 – fixed, rigid attitude) and do whatever she can do to keep her face and body looking the same (4 – need for control) so that she can feel better about herself (1 – low self confidence).
Or maybe we are dealing with a child who has just had a new sibling.  He doesn’t know if the mom is still going to love him now that she has a new baby (1 – lack of self confidence), he wants things to go back to the way they were before (5 – fixed idea), and he wants to control the situation by refusing to use the potty.
After looking at the numbers, and the situation that corresponds to the numbers, we have to look at what kinds of problems this has caused in the client’s life.  The menopausal woman may have started feeling depressed or anxious, she may have a hard time sleeping and she will need a remedy that covers this.  The little boy may react to his new situation with anger, maliciousness and jealousy towards his new sibling, and he will need a
remedy for that.  The numbers may be the same for both, which means that the underlying issues are similar, but each one may still need different
homeopathic remedies for their specific symptoms.  Therefore, I see the numerological information like a road sign, pointing in a certain direction, and then you go wherever the numbers are pointing for more specific clues.  Numerology isn’t a replacement for homeopathic case taking, it is more like
a rough map that shows you were to put your attention and dig deeper.

So let’s see if i understand it.  Two different people come up with numbers indicating they are rigid, have low self esteem, and need to have control over the situation.  Do you then look at the case and say, “Where does this person show that she has low self esteem, what is she doing?  Well, she’s trying to look younger.  Where is the rigidity manifesting?  She won’t accept that she’s in menopause, she’s acting like she’s 10 years younger.  Where is she trying to maintain control?  She’s having a facial done every week.

Yes, exactly, you got it.

So, Mati, is the value here that you then ignore symptoms that don’t fall under the core issues?

I always look at all the symptoms, but the numerology can help me figure out which symptoms are more important than others.  If you have a list of symptoms on a paper, it can be impossible to know which ones are more or less important.  We need clues pointing in certain directions to get the idea.  If we get clear clues from the client, we can forget about the numerology, but in cases where nothing really stands out, for whatever reason, numerology can help us see the core of the case so we don’t have to fumble around in the dark.

Is the value here that if you don’t see any rigidity in the case you know she’s hiding something and you therefore keep asking questions?

Yes, I would definitely dig around a bit in the area of rigidity to see if she would volunteer anything of interest to the case.  It is a bit like having a treasure map – it wouldn’t be a bad idea to dig a bit where the x is marked.

Is the value here that if the remedy doesn’t have rigidity and low self-esteem and control issues, it can’t be the right one?

I wouldn’t say that it can’t be the right one because the person who needs the remedy may have an acute manifestation that has to be treated first.  But, my guess is that if you want a deeper acting remedy, yes, those issues should probably be part of the remedy picture.

Given the first case, the menopause case, how would you have solved it before, and how would it be different now, and do you really think you would have come up with the wrong remedy without numerology?

Like I said above, in simple cases we don’t need the numerology to pick a remedy.  When I started using numerology, it was out of frustration with my most difficult cases that I wasn’t getting anywhere with.  I needed a new perspective that I didn’t have access to from the case information given by the client, and I found numerology to be a valuable tool for creating more clarity.  If someone comes in with a yeast infection, an aversion to sex and
a desire for vinegar, I don’t bother with numerology, I just give her Sepia.  But if I have a case of severe asthma and chronic hives, and I have given 5 different remedies and the client is still getting worse, numerology will give me a better idea of what is really going on, and this might change my choice of rubrics and bring up a different remedy that actually works.

Mati, Can numerology narrow down the miasm, the kingdom?  What about acutes if there’s no diagnosis?

I don’t see why not.  Fixed ideas are sycotic.  Lack (of anything) is Psoric, including lack of confidence.  Desire to control is sycotic.  Again, the numerology is only an indication of core issues, miasms or kingdoms.  The rest of the clues have to be taken from the case itself.
When it comes to acutes, we can always try Michael’s system of doing the numbers for the disease itself, and then cross reference with specific symptoms from the case itself. The idea of using numerology in homeopathic case taking is is still in the experimental stage, so we have to keep that in mind, and just play with it and learn as we go.  So far I have been very
happy with the results I have had.

Wow!  Mati, you’re good!  I really like the way you do things.

Michael, I’ve noticed you say repeatedly that the only way to break out of your patterns of negativity is to do what you love doing.  A lot of people might call this selfishness or just being impractical.  This is how, after all, teenagers live!  They JUST do what makes them happy, and usually what makes them happy is stupid; so, I thought I’d ask you to expand on, give examples of, this philosophy of life.

There is a huge difference between doing to be happy and doing what you love.  Someone could be in an alcohol or drug induced stupor and be “happy”.  Doing what you love is having the courage to follow your passion/dream even when mostly everyone around you says, “You’re crazy!”

My day job is teaching high school.  I have a daily mantra I say with my students.  It goes like this: “What does everyone need?” and they respond with “A dream!”  Then I ask, “Why do we need a dream?”  and they respond with, “Because it gives your life purpose and direction.”

Doing what makes you happy requires no thinking or planning, it’s purely reactive. Following your passion requires thinking, planning, determination, courage, and trusting that ultimately your passion/dream will become your reality.  Following your passion/dream requires you to be proactive not reactive.

Great answer!  I’m glad I asked for a clarification.  And so, I take it that if everyone was working toward their dream, they wouldn’t have time to meddle in other people’s lives and be controlling.

Sometime we’ll have to talk about how I’ve altered the Kabalistic Tree of Life by replacing the words with a numeric sequence that reveals the patterns of chaos and creation.

Oh gee, I’d love to do that, but I just broke a nail.  I play the guitar, you know.  I have the worst luck with my nails.

Smiles to you. “Worst luck with my nails…” = 88/16/7 = stop digging into the granite walls. Turn around and leap…your wings will open!

Well, it sounds crazy but…you’re the numerologist…. Geronimooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

No Elaine, that was a metaphor!

A what?  *Splat!*

Elaine, quick, here’s Arnica CM!

Whew!  That was close!

You really do miss the point of everything!

Told ya.


Michael Brill lives in New Mexico and is available for consultations and presentations. You’re invited to visit with him at or via email at [email protected]. His gift is to be able to translate numeric patterns into cause and effect and “soulutions”. His use of Quantum Numbers can identify patterns, cycles, and potential outcomes for individuals, groups, and businesses.


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  • A bit late…I know, but that was a sad day for Homeopathy. In India, the numerologists (available in every street corner) can do better than this at sorting out core issues. But they call themselves Numerologists/Energy Healers/ Occult (tantric) Practitioners (look up all the ads at the top of this page) & not Classical Homeopaths who use such methods to find remedies!
    Hahnemann was an expert at Occult practices, he’d studied the subject even before Homeopathy… if such methods were so good, he would have incorporated them in any one of the editions of the Organon. He knew like most of us in the East what was wrong with it and why it should not be mainstreamed. Instead he talks about detailed Case-taking and Repertorisation., everytime! So have all the Masters who came after him, whom we hold in such high regard!
    To advocate using these methods to find remedies… that is going beyond anything Hahnemann taught!
    Hahnemann was also an expert at hypnotism (mesmerism, as it was called in Germany). Wouldn’t it have been far simpler for him to hypnotise his patients and get them to admit everything than go into such laborious case taking and repertorisation processes and give us a revised Edition of Organon each time he perfected his methods? Why didn’t he?

    To conclude, has anyone noticed how everything that Michael Brill mentioned is subsequently well covered with another generalised statement. That is exactly how all these practitioners (of other esoteric healing systems) work. How can anyone be so sure that these methods are right. How can anyone be so sure, that vowels in a name represent spiritual attainment? His argument would rightly be…that’s his truth and Mati Fullers. So be it. Don’t advocate it in public forums and practice it under the Classical Homeopathy banner. This has nothing to do with Homeopathy or Hahnemann.

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