Homoeopathy as Spiritual Science: an interview with Vega Rozenberg

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An interview with world renowned homeopath Vega Rozenberg.

Vega Rozenberg has been described as a Master Healer and Teacher and as an Internationally Renowned Alchemist of Personal Evolution. Involved in natural healing since 1978, he has exercised the spiritual science of Hahnemannian homoeopathy both through case-taking and through teaching in his school, Evolution of Self School of Homoeopathy (ESSH) in North America, Europe and Israel. In his career, Vega has changed legislation and law for homeopathy, has also created his own school of homeopathy and co-founded two other academies. In March 2013, Vega was a guest lecturer at our College, and he took some time out one lunch break to talk to three of our students.

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Q: Most people have a story of how they came into Homeopathy; would you share your story with us please?

Vega Rosenberg

Vega Rosenberg

Vega: One might say by luck, but luck is not the right word. I worked as Vice President of a big manufacturing company at 20 years of age. At that time, I met a healer who said that I should meet with someone who did Homeopathy, because she believed that I possessed a power in the way that I see things. So I reluctantly met this homeopath, and he wanted me to choose the correct remedy from 5 different bottles on the table. I found this to be very annoying, especially since it went against the normal practical blueprint of how I did things. Finding remedies with a pendulum or via psychic instinct was not what I perceived to beproper science. I agreed to do this for a while, but I soon felt uncomfortable, so I started to read some books on Homeopathy. That is when I realised that Homeopathy was actually a spiritual science, not something you can divine. I decided to study the science behind it for fun; I was not interested in being a homeopath. I helped my friends with Homeopathy in my spare time, but then people started coming from everywhere. You might call this a coincidence, but I don’t really believe in coincidences, regardless of how things sometimes present themselves.

Q: As for the whole process of dealing with a client, what is Homeopathy and what is not Homeopathy, when it comes to dealing with clients?

Vega: That is a big question; I wish it were as small as it sounds. First, Isopathy is not Homeopathy. In rare occasions, Isopathy might make a difference for someone, but those occasions are few and far between; usually it doesn’t really work. It’s also a common notion that, the more symptoms there are, the easier it is to find the proper Homeopathic remedy. This is a fantasy. In most cases, having many symptoms just takes you further from the correct remedy. How one does Homeopathy should change from case to case. In some cases it is important to perceive the peculiar, in some cases the most obvious takes centre stage, in some cases it is that which is lacking that deserves focus. Yet regardless of how a case is taken, if the approach is more materialistic than spiritual, the homeopath will incorrectly seek to make the case match some perceived remedy picture. I hold a serious grievance against most of these remedy pictures. For some polychrests, the remedy picture described in the old literature can be of modest help for the beginner homeopath. Yet today, you hear of new remedy pictures being created all of the time, pictures based on theories designed to justify a homeopath’s belief about a remedy. The true nature of a homeopathic remedy is the deepest essence or soul of that substance. This is the common thread that you will see among cases that need the same remedy. Five people, who look completely different and exhibit many different symptoms and therefore different “pictures,” will all need the same remedy because they share that underlying essential spiritual problem. I have seen it enough times to debunk this prejudice of a remedy picture.

When dealing with the spiritual essence of remedies and case-taking, however, it is important not to translate symptoms into what one may think is logical. For example, you can’t turn “dreams of flying” into a reason for giving someone a butterfly or bird remedy. There are flowers and minerals that have “dreams of flying.” You have to stick to symptoms that are derived from an actual proving. The spiritual thread that underlies a remedy is derived from a concrete connection between various key symptoms in the proving, coupled with an understanding of the nature of the substance.

Q: Compared to other practices, Homeopathy deals with the client differently. What is the difference?

Vega: One of the differences is that I don’t believe there’s a set system that one can use in Homeopathy. It is important not to have too narrow of a perspective: focusing on “delusions” will not solve all of your cases, nor will focusing on “dreams.” There’s a vast sea out there, there are so many different ways and methods one can use to find the correct remedy. You must decipher which system fits the case before you: whether it’s understanding Chakras or Meridians that are out of balance, understanding the person’s story, or focusing on the person’s desires and cravings. “Never Well Since” symptoms are important; where a person came from or grew up is important; how he/she interacts, his/her finances and relationships, these things are important. The homeopath must paint the client’s whole life story from childhood and then look for a deviation from that which is whole, complete and natural. The deviation guides you, and it is different in each person. I can say that I make use of everything that comes along as it manifests before me. There’s not a specific realm to my system; I have a whole kit comprised of glasses of various shapes and colours through which I look in order to clearly perceive each case. Sometimes, I take one set of glasses off and put on another to see what has the most powerful impact.

Another difference is that many other practices have a basic principle of trying to control or suppress the symptoms or impulses. Homeopathy, on the other hand, takes in to consideration all of these different symptoms, impulses, and deviations and uses them as a mirror to understand the deeper spiritual pattern, the pattern of deviation from how nature intended us to be. In order to do good homeopathy, one must learn to control one’s own impulses. The impulse to change the remedy just because the client thinks that the remedy is not working is usually detrimental. In most cases, changing the remedy before 6 months have passed leads to many wrong remedies being given. In deeply pathological cases, it will take 6 months to see if the remedy has taken effect. It is true that there are many remedies that will act quickly to make changes, but they will not be truly curative, nor will they have a long-lasting effect. The correct remedy might take months to actually move deep pathology. The person who lets himself be hounded by the client to constantly change the remedy has guaranteed a path to failure.

Q: If you had 3 wishes for the future of Homeopathy what would they be?

Vega: I have 30 years of experience as a homeopath. Medical doctors who study with me often state to me the following: doing Homeopathy with the Vega system is more difficult than studying and practicing conventional medicine, but the impact and the results are more profound.

1st wish:

There are three sub points to my first wish and they are all connected to students understanding the full burden of responsibility that rests with the homeopath. The first part is that they should not wear one set of glasses to see the whole world. A great variety exists in our world and the homeopath needs to use a variety of glasses to perceive this. The second part is that students should better understand medical diseases and pathology so that they understand when a danger exists and immediately send that person to be checked out. Finally, students should understand that a truly well-suited remedy can take months to take effect and that in many cases patients should remain on that remedy for 2-8 years, and in some rare cases for longer.

2nd wish:

I don’t know how to attain this, but my second wish is that Homeopathy receive the same financial resources that the pharmaceutical companies receive to advance the cause of conventional medicine and debunk homeopathy. It is my belief that the only reason that Homeopathy is not succeeding is not because it’s not effective, but because it is more effective in many cases – however, it is not as lucrative. Unfortunately, we live in a world where lucrative is the only thing that counts.

3rd wish:

I hope that Homeopathy students will come to understand that Homeopathy treats the spirit, the Vital Force. Homeopathy is a spiritual science; it ultimately borders between spirit and matter, and as such really belongs to the realm of Quantum Physics. Yet it is important that Homeopathy be a lure neither for people seeking a séance / ecstasy trip nor for those looking for a medical lecture; rather it should attract people who are as competent and as intelligent as those who graduate from traditional medical school. It should attract people who are well-trained in human and social behaviour and who have a deep and concrete understanding of universal laws and spirituality, rather than those who dabble in pop psychology or in speculative spiritual theories; in addition, it should attract those who have a very strong aptitude for logical, mathematical and clinical observation as an engineer would. When we integrate these two very different aspects of the human experience, a discipline capable of precise outcomes results. My observations over the last 30 years are that Homeopathy has attracted some of the right people, but also some who hoped to become a kind of demi-god doctor through learning a strange and peculiar art that could never be properly confirmed, evaluated, or documented. This observation troubles me because it is a natural human tendency to either turn everything into the material, which we call “science,” or to turn everything into spirit, which we call “religion.” Homeopathy, on the other hand, is the integration of the two into a precise spiritual science that, when applied correctly, produces a precise material reality. The true wisdom of homeopathy is well-understood by quantum physicists, who for the time being, are hidden behind closed doors.


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Claire Knight is in the 1st Year of the North West College of Homoeopathy. Her interest in homoeopathy started with the birth of her first child. Her other interests include Reiki, crystal and shamanic healing, spending time with her family and friends, and being a parent helper at her children's school. Claire is fascinated by the healing possibilities that homeopathy offers.
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Mahavir Sangha is currently a fourth year student at the North West College of Homoeopathy. He has had a great interest in the science and art of homeopathy since he saw several miracles of homeopathy in his life. He entered into the wonder-world of homeopathy when he got an opportunity to study classical homeopathy at NWCH. He found this course very interesting and highly recommends study at NWCH.
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Denise Lund is in the 4th year at the NorthWest College of Homoeopathy, graduating as a Homeopath in July 2013 after which she will set up in private practice. She writes: “My two passions in life are Homeopathy and horses. I have owned horses most of my life and compete in dressage on my Welsh x TB qualifying for the British Dressage Nationals Freestyle to Music in 2013. I have a background in science, music and teaching. I have a special interest in supporting children with ASD through Homeopathy.
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  • I don’t get this. He choose a remedy “via psychic instinct”? Is this a new method for homeopathy? I can hear Hahnemann crying in his grave. 😉

  • Perhaps Peter should have read beyond the first paragraph. A good interview,giving a concise view of Vega’s ideas,and especially good to be reminded to stay with the indicated remedy. Thanks

  • I am very uncomfortable with any article being written where the term ‘Vital Force’ is changed to anything indicating ‘Spirit (ual)’.

    Over the years many have been turned away from Homeopathy, by books and lecturers, because it is ‘New Age’, bordering on the demonic. We have worked long and hard to convince people that Homeopathy is real science and not something that deals in the spiritual realm. We have labored to inform people that the ‘Vital Force’ is nothing more than your physical body reacting in a positive way to the energy of a remedy. The studies on water’s memory have been good to help explain how the Vital Force recognizes and works with a remedy; a remedy being the energy from the mother substance.

    It would seem this author/teacher has arbitrarily taken it upon himself/herself to change the term, theory, and practice into something else. This is not good for the science or promotion of Homeopathy.

  • Kindly
    What is the Purpose of these remarks?

    Please read the Organon and remember that Hahnemann chose his words very carefully.

    Hahnemann suffered all his life from other homeopaths being ANTI his system and allopath’s trying
    to turn homeopathy into Allopathy . If something is spiritual it does not mean it is not scientific..

    For this we explore and expand so that we may not sound full of Dogma.

    “”DOGMA” The Greek word from which it is borrowed means “that which one thinks is true,”

    Please Read the Organon very carefully, here are but a few examples and quotes from the Organon.

    [Organon, Aph. 2 it is only this SPIRITUAL self acting (automatic) vital force, everywhere present in his organism, that is primarily deranged by the dynamic influence upon it of a morbific agent inimical to life

    In aphorism 9, Dr. Hahnemann states:

    In the healthy condition of man, the SPIRITUALl vital force (autocracy), the dynamis that animates the material body (organism), rules with unbounded sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation

    oh yes and lets look at science please look up the scientific term


    And I wonder why is this called

    DOGMA? is Dogma not religion?

    is science a Dogma?

    UN-clarity only weaken Homeopathy and gives rise to that “‘Void of life and energy” that some of us call in different names .. there is a great book called.

    Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success
    by Napoleon Hill

    It is not a religious book. but it teaches how to stay free of false religion and lacking science.

    an ancient book of wisdom wrote:

    30 Peaceful Solutions
    Those who advice the ruler on the Way,
    Do not want the world subdued with weapons.
    Such deeds bring on retaliation.
    Thorn bushes grow where armies have camped.
    Battles are followed by years of famine.
    good leaders reach solutions,
    And then stop.
    They do not dare to rely on force.

    With Gratitude..


  • Thank you Vega.
    Nice to be introduced to a bit of your wisdom and style.

    It seems a couple of the commenters are missing the points, swayed by what I think you accurately perceived as dogmatizing Hahnemann’s foundation.
    I don’t think this is what Hahnemann would want.
    As homeopaths we must be attuned to the essence of homeopathy and if we cannot, then we’ll find it difficult to make good prescriptions. Peter and Michael would do well to learn from you for that reason.
    Seems Michael is ironically not so well versed in the Organon.
    And Michael, you seem to have an either/or standpoint. Something is either energy or its material. You’re missing the relationship between the 2, which Vega nicely puts forth in the interview.
    And it seems you feel you need to prove homeopathy is material.
    You, meaning you, not “we”
    Myself, presumably a part of this “We” you speak of having to “work long and hard to convince…real science…” do not feel I need to put my energies there. To me, homeopathy is about facilitating true health and healing, not convincing.
    In my opinion, if homeopaths do good homeopathy, grasping the art and science, through their own experience and learning from successful and experienced masters like Vega, with the motivation and passion that comes from seeing people profoundly heal themselves, then we as a profession, will have sustainable success and gain the broader respect deserving of our efforts.

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    May God bless you and your family.

    With regards.
    Dr Shaikh Shamsur Rahman.

  • Dear Michael Gaul,
    It is sad that you have not understood the vital force at all. You are saying: ” the ‘Vital Force’ is nothing more than your physical body reacting in a positive way to the energy of a remedy. ”
    This is such a half-truth that I am truly shocked to read it. The most important bits are missing. To start with, the vital force also reacts to negative influences – that’s the whole idea of how disease begins. As Vega says, please read the Organon, then you will change your mind and you and your patients will benefit.

    Quiet apart from this, are you sure you understand the words you are writing yourself. It seems you want to cure just the physical body. But all disease ultimately starts with a deviation of the vital force from what is natural, as Vega says and as the Organon says and as many homeopaths say. So you must study this statement and you must study what is meant by “natural” . If you do not grasp what is “natural” for a human being, then how can you hope to grasp the deviation of the patient from “natural”. What you see manifesting in what you call “the physical body” is just the very tip of the iceberg that shows after many years of the individual “deviating from natural” (PLUS actually many generations of the whole of humanity “deviating from natural” – ie miasms). What you must try and find is the type of deviation this individual manifests, the very essence of deviation, which permeates though the whole organism (and beyond into other organisms backwards and forwards through the generations, as well a sideways to your peers. ).
    Best Wishes
    Maria Jevtic

  • thuja tree is known by all homeopaths feels better when in open air, uncovering head, perspiration, bending head back,chilly low metabolic heat but some peculiar unbalanced heat troubles him,lips do not laugh are bluish.leaving this apart, india peepal tree is worshiped,if provings of this tree are made,probably potency use may be a magic cure,our grandmothers used peepal tree leaves to expedite pus formation a hepar sulph clue.hepar sulph mind is fiery reacts strongly to small triggers,let us see inner mind of peepal tree leaves.research is required.

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