Reflections on Science and Reality: Interview with Jan Scholten (Part 4) by David Nortman

Written by David Nortman

In this interview Jan Scholten discusses the underlying patterns of reality revealed by the mineral and plant systems, randomness and determination, traditional religion vs. spirituality and much more.

Previously Jan Scholten discussed the emergence of his ideas about mineral classification (Part 1), plant classification and case-taking (Part 2), and the future scientific development of homeopathy (Part 3). In the final part below, he shares his views on the nature of reality in light of his homeopathic discoveries:

  • Western and Eastern science: embracing both the outer and the inner worlds.
  • The underlying pattern of reality as revealed by the mineral and plant systems.
  • Traditional religion vs. spirituality.
  • Randomness vs. meaning and determinism.
  • Evidence from parapsychology and its rejection by mainstream science.


Subtitles are available via the ‘CC’ button:

The Transcript of this interview is available here.

About the author

David Nortman

David Nortman, Hon.B.A., M.A., N.D. is a graduate of the University of Toronto (philosophy and chemistry), Tel-Aviv University (philosophy) and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. He has studied homeopathy with many of the world’s leading practitioners and has since worked with patients in Israel, Canada, and worldwide via his long-distance practice. He believes that in order to flourish, homeopathy must step beyond its vitalistic roots and become a modern scientific discipline, while preserving its deep spiritual insights as a gift to the world of science. He maintains an interest in philosophy of science, and is currently working on a textbook of homeopathy that will aim to address these issues in a way that transcends the mutual animosity between orthodox medicine and homeopathy. David is also a professional singer specializing in early music of the medieval, renaissance, and baroque eras.

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