Scientific Development of Homeopathy: Interview with Jan Scholten (Part 3)

Jan Scholten is interviewed by David Nortman in this video, where he shares his thoughts about radionics, limitations of provings, the future of homeopathy and more.

Previously, in Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview, Jan Scholten described the emergence of his ideas about remedy classification and the details of his element and plant systems. In Part 3 below, Scholten continues with an exploration of the margins and leading-edge of homeopathy and the implications for its scientific development:

  • His opinion about paper remedies, PC resonances, and radionics.
  • Sense provings and their utility in quickly expanding the materia medica.
  • The shortfalls and limitations of many existing provings.
  • His vision for the future homeopathy.

Subtitles are available via the ‘CC’ button. Video transcript is available here.

In the final part of the interview Scholten will share his metaphysical views in light of his homeopathic discoveries and reflect on the limitations of the mainstream scientific worldview.

About the author

David Nortman

David Nortman, Hon.B.A., M.A., N.D. is a graduate of the University of Toronto (philosophy and chemistry), Tel-Aviv University (philosophy) and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. He has studied homeopathy with many of the world’s leading practitioners and has since worked with patients in Israel, Canada, and worldwide via his long-distance practice. He believes that in order to flourish, homeopathy must step beyond its vitalistic roots and become a modern scientific discipline, while preserving its deep spiritual insights as a gift to the world of science. He maintains an interest in philosophy of science, and is currently working on a textbook of homeopathy that will aim to address these issues in a way that transcends the mutual animosity between orthodox medicine and homeopathy. David is also a professional singer specializing in early music of the medieval, renaissance, and baroque eras.

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  • sky is the limit, beyond the sky -science yet to know lot more things , but it is beyond the human reach. scientists knows that entire cosmos is covered with subtle divine power which is invisible . for everything scientific proof alone cannot be panacea. Homoeopathy medicines also prepared & comparable to the universal subtle power. Hence cannot be proven by human efforts to name it as scientific studies. For homoeopathy medicines effects & its curative process, only proof is end result. any disease which cannot be cured or even can be controlled , but that can be cured by Homoeopathy medicines. there are thousands of such instances worldover.since Homoeopathy popularity is ever growing rapidly , this world with scientific proofs afflicted mania is not digesting it . After outcome very effective results are most important .

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