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Begabati Lenihan interviews Tinus Smits. An interesting discussion about inspiring homeopathy, autism, vaccine damage and CEASE therapy.

Dr. Tinus Smits was the obvious choice for a homeopath to interview. Two of the founding members of the Teleosis faculty – Kim Kalina and Tim Owens – have traveled to France for Tinus’ “total immersion” training in Inspiring Homeopathy, and Kim has become the first person authorized to recreate the experience in the US (see the Seminar review in this issue).

Tim Owens and Teleosis’ current director Begabati Lennihan are helping to prepare the English edition of Tinus’ groundbreaking work on autism, the soon-to-be-published Autism: Beyond Despair.

Dr. Tinus Smits has studied homeopathy for over 30 years, practicing as a lay homeopath before beginning medical school at the age of 31. He has studied with Jacques Imberechts, Alex Jacques, George Vithoulkas and Alphons Geukens.

He finished his medical studies in 1986 and has been teaching for more than 20 years in different countries around the world. Since 1995, Tinus has been participating in a homeopathic development project in Nepal.  As President of the Bhaktapur International Homeopathic Clinic, he goes to Nepal for one month every year and has begun training Nepalese Homeopathic Health Assistants. He has written books on homeopathy in Dutch and English, including a book on Inspiring Homeopathy, and is the subject of two documentaries on homeopathy, available on DVD.

BL: Dr. Smits, several of my colleagues have told me that when they get stuck with a case, they often find that the patient needs one of your Inspiring Homeopathy remedies. How are these remedies different?

TS: At the individual layer everybody needs his individual remedy, caused by emotional afflictions, vaccination or allopathic drugging. Homeopathic treatment on the individual level can be initially successful for some time. I have noted a frequent phenomenon: the treatment starts well but doesn’t advance anymore and no remedy seems at any advantage. It gives the impression that there is no way to go deeper into the energy of the patient.

I found the solution with Inspiring Homeopathy. Once the patient arrives at the universal layer, only seven remedies are needed. They are the best ones to help the patient evolve to deeper awareness and more stability in both physical and emotional, mental and spiritual health.

The seven universal layers are lack of self-confidence, affective problems, incarnation problems, lack of boundaries, old traumas (victim problems), guilt for what we have done to our fellow humans (our perpetrator side) and duality, the last obstacle to our unification with our higher self, our soul.

At this level only a few remedies are needed. We made two new remedies: Carcinosin cum Cuprum, a combination of these two remedies because I noticed their symptoms overlap; and Vernix caseosa, made from the substance that covers a newborn baby. Also a new remedy from mother’s milk was prepared, Lac maternum, from the milk of several women at different stages of breastfeeding.

The Inspiring Homeopathy remedies are Carcinosinum,Carcinosinum cum Cuprum, and Cuprum metallicum; Saccharum officinale; Lac maternum; Vernix caseosa; Rhus toxicodendron; Anacardium orientale; and Hydrogenium.

BL: Dr. Smits, what is your current success rate with autistic children?

TS: The whole process of healing takes between 1 to 3 years normally. Now I have the first group of completely healed children. Hundreds more are on the way with 50% to 80% or more of their symptoms healing already. It is a step by step process.

This whole approach has been baptized as CEASE therapy, which means Complete Eradication of Autistic Spectrum Expression. Yes, homeopathy has the answers and soon certified homeopathic practitioners will be educated to apply this method all over the world to heal the millions of disabled children.

This method applies not only to autism but also to ADHD, aggressive behavior and all other kinds of behavioral and developmental problems. Even in adult cases this method is working nicely. This year a pilot study will be done by a psychiatrist and then a real research study will be done to confirm the efficiency of this approach.

BL: Can classical homeopathy alone cure autism?

TS: After my experience with 300 cases I came to the conclusion that detoxifying autistic children with isotherapy is necessary for complete healing. Isotherapy means using homeopathic preparations of the different factors that caused the autism (pharmaceutical drugs, vaccinations, environmental toxins). Autism has multiple causative factors.

Autistic children don’t suffer from one vaccine or one drug, but from an accumulation of different disturbances. With isotherapy I was able to find out where we have to focus our treatment. 70% proved to be due to vaccines, 25% to other regular medication and 5% to diseases.

The detoxification of these conditions combined with certain supplements such as Vitamin C, zinc, magnesium and fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids) plus eventually the help of classical homeopathy can bring the patient to complete healing.

This method works in any case, except when the brain of the child has been damaged by encephalopathy, meningitis or severe epilepsy. Then complete healing is not possible any more. The method is not working either when important information about the causations is missed.

I consider that isotherapy here has to be the main treatment, focused on the causations and that classical homeopathy has its place as adjuvant therapy. With classical homeopathy alone I have rarely seen complete healings. Its results are too unstable to claim that classical homeopathy has the answers to the scourge of autism that ravages the future generations.

Another advantage of isotherapy is also that it gives us valuable information about which substances are toxic and which are not. In this way I discovered that a simple nasal spray with xylomathazolin can cause autism (because a child whose mother had used the nasal spray when pregnant had dramatic improvement when the nasal spray was detoxified with isotherapy). I discovered also that vaccines are not the only causation of autism whether the most important one.

BL: Do you find that classical homeopathy alone is sufficient for most of your other patients?

TS: Many cases can be treated with classical homeopathy alone, but there are so many toxic substances in our modern society that homeopathy has to adapt itself also to this new situation and has to focus more on causations. I have seen the difference between Holland and Nepal. Nepal is still a country where people live a more natural life apart from vaccinations. Classical homeopathy is much more efficient there than in Holland.

I believe a step by step approach will be more and more necessary in the future for homeopathy to keep pace with our changing society. Step by step, means clearing one vaccination or toxic substance at a time in the 30c-200c-1M-10M course, also doing classical homeopathy, Inspiring Homeopathy and supplements.

BL: Can you briefly describe your vaccine clearing protocol?

TS: When a certain substance is suspected to have contributed to the development of autism, this substance can be given in homeopathic potencies. For example, in a case where the MMR vaccination is suspected, we prescribe MMR in C30, C200, 1M and 10M to remove the possible imprint that the MMR vaccine has left, especially in the brain. Each potency is administered twice in one week so that one course takes four weeks.

BL: How do you know when a patient has Post Vaccination Syndrome?

TS: To know if a patient has a post vaccination syndrome you have to realize when the problems started and if there is another plausible reason for the patient to become ill. Some homeopaths (and almost all medical doctors) make the mistake of supposing that if the child did not have adverse reactions immediately after the vaccines, then there is no vaccination damage. Vaccination problems can start insidiously without any post vaccination aggravation.

The proof of vaccination damage can only come from the detoxification with the different potencies of the vaccine itself! If the vaccine clearing is effective in removing the symptoms, then they must have been caused by vaccine damage.

BL: When will your autism book be available? How can readers learn more about your work?

TS: Autism: Beyond Despair is almost complete and will be available very soon [as of spring 2009]. Readers can check the website

BL: How can homeopaths become certified in your CEASE therapy for curing autism?

TS: The first seminar in Dutch will be held in April 2009. English and maybe online training will start in September 2009 for homeopaths worldwide.

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Begabati Lennihan

Begabati Lennihan is director of Teleosis School of Homeopathy in Cambridge, MA. A Harvard alumna, she practices homeopathy at the Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine and teaches meditation at Harvard Health Services"™ center for mind-body medicine. She is an Adjunct Instructor in homeopathy at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and has edited several textbooks of homeopathy.


  • Dr. Smits. Thank you for your work on this very emotional (for all suffering mothers) subject. I know that you had English spoken course in March 2010. When are you planning your next English spoken course? I would like to attend it. I am Certified Clinical Homeopath Practitioner and I am very much interesting in this problem. Thank you for your reply.
    Best regards,

  • Is it possible to begin homeopathic training with the Total Immersion method or do I need certification as a lay practitioner first? Barbara Sargent

    • Barbara,
      It is essential and a pre-requisite of the CEASE Certification Courses that you have completed your basic homeopathic training and are experienced in chronic care through the use of classical remedies before undertaking CEASE Training. This knowledge and experience is essential to be able to effectively manage the complexity of CEASE cases.

      Kim Kalina is the official instructor in North America for the CEASE organization.

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