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Anti Rabies Vaccination and Mental Health

Written by Seema Mahesh

Five cases showing cure of the long term mental health effects of anti-rabies vaccination. Keynote symptoms are revealed.


The case taking, homeopathic style, gives us an insight into the working of the human organism in a way that no other exercise does. It is like a mirror to the past and a herald of the future. This kind of insight comes from the approach that Hahnemann gave us, to study the “symptoms.” Homeopathy bases therapeutic as well as pathological diagnosis on the basis of symptoms1 and with this study alone we are able to elucidate the information that no other method does. With study and experience, a homeopath begins to detect patterns in the chaos of human organismal functioning.

One such pattern is perceived in cases with a history of anti rabies (Homeopathy for Rabies) vaccination [or bite of a dog that has been vaccinated]. It is the intention of this article to show the long term effects on the mental health of such people. Of course we all are aware of the effects of rabies virus in a full blown picture of the disease but it is not such an extreme that is spoken of here, instead, it is the subtle level changes in the higher levels of the being that alter the quality of emotions and thinking. Since the duty of a healer is to restore total integrity of the being, it becomes imperative to understand the factors that compromise the freedom at every level. In reality such a vaccination has effects on all the levels, but since our business in this issue is regarding mental health, that area will be focused on for the time being; and what better way to demonstrate the truth, than narrate actual cases from which the result may be deduced? The following cases were treated at the Centre for Classical Homoeopathy, Bangalore. In all these cases Lyssinum [Hydrophobinum] was the remedy that helped, as we shall see.

Case examples

Case 1:

This case is one of my favourites, as the result was quite dramatic. It is the case of a thirty three year old man. He would not go out of the house no matter what. Therefore, he was jobless and a liability to his family. He complained that he felt weak on going farther from the block. He became flustered and panic stricken in crowded places or places far from his house; whereas within the house he felt safe. He gave a history of dog bite twice and anti rabies (Homeopathy Treatment for Rabies) vaccination both the times. He received Lyssinum 10M. Within fifteen days of the remedy, he was able to travel around the city on his own. He started on a job and is now able to support himself quite well.

Case 2:

The case is of a forty year old man, with vitiligo and psoriasis of six years’ standing. There were not many modalities in the local complaints and on complete case taking, it was discovered that he had fear of water quite strongly. He also gave the history of dog bite and anti rabies vaccination at the age of twenty. On further enquiry, he said he had difficulty in swallowing large pills. Lyssinum 200 started improving the psoriasis steadily.

Case 3:

Acne, sneezing, cough, headache… this patient’s case sheet was full of complaints and symptoms. He had at least five or six remedies indicated at a time. When the time came to take his mental picture, it was revealed that he was seeking a job within the radius of a few kilometres from his house. He said he did not want any job farther than that. He also had immense claustrophobia and every other fear that you could think of. He could not concentrate and there was also a history of drug abuse in his teenage years. His mind seemed to be in a state of turmoil and confusion. His life seemed to be wasting away. The clue came with him saying that he had aversion to water. He did not like drinking water at all. Then on enquiry, he revealed being bitten by a dog in childhood and having taken the vaccination for the same. Lyssinum 10M was chosen for him.

Case 4:

This was an outright psychiatric case, where the patient suffered from insomnia and compulsive thoughts. He even suffered from suicidal thoughts which plagued him. The family history showed psychosis in mother and death of father by suicide, who had also suffered from hallucinations. He had a fear of running water which led to the enquiry of dog bite. The answer was affirmative. He had been bitten and was given the vaccination at the age of twelve years. Lyssinum 10M was chosen in this case. He steadily improved and went into a state of panic attacks some time later when he would try to speak to someone during these attacks. Kali arsenicum was prescribed and he improved further.

Case 5:

The lady suffered from intense insomnia; she could NEVER sleep. The reason was her imaginary anxieties that bordered on being hallucinations. She imagined her mother dying and got up to check on her several times in the night; she was obsessed with the fear that she would die which caused great suffering and even physical problems. She was treated with many anxiety remedies such as Nitric acid, Arsenicum etc., but none yielded a long-standing result. One day she narrated that she could not stand getting wet at all. If even a little water fell on her while she was cleaning or so, she would immediately change her clothes. There struck the case. On enquiry she reported that she was indeed bitten, not by a dog, but by a monkey. She was given anti rabies vaccination as a precautionary measure at that time. She received Lyssinum 10M and since then her anxiety came down. What is better, she is now able to sleep peacefully.

Discussion and conclusion:

The immediate effect of vaccination is one thing and the late effect another. Much has been said about the immediate effects of the neural anti rabies vaccinations2. This has been proven and accepted by allopaths as well. But the subtle changes that occur deep in the psyche irrespective of the modality of the vaccination used remain unchallenged.

In the above cases it is seen that though the patients suffered emotionally and mentally, even physically from seemingly unconnected reasons, they all exhibited one common factor of history of anti rabies vaccination. The proof of the fact that these symptoms do arise from this vaccination is that when proven, Lyssinum has given the same symptoms. It helps a homeopath to take the history of vaccinations and their effects, as more often than not, it would have created an imbalance in the depths of the organism without understanding which, restoring health in totality is impossible.

The human organism is a very delicate balance of elements; to intrude upon it with crude material violates it. Vaccination is one such violation. Even decades after a vaccination, the imbalance created by it may be perceived by the observing mind. Anti rabies vaccination in particular creates deep rooted fears, anxieties and alteration in the mind and emotions which bind the person down. In such cases Lyssinum frees the spirit and restores balance. Of course, this is the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot more work to do to unearth the real magnitude of the problem in our society, caused by the anti rabies vaccination and vaccinations in general. Health practitioners all over the world must take up this task in order to deliver mankind to better health.


1. Hahnemann Samuel , translated by Boericke William , Organon of Medicine, 1994 edition, B Jain Publishers, New Delhi

2. Clarke John Henry, A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica volume II, 1999 edition, B Jain Publishers, New Delhi

About the author

Seema Mahesh

Dr Seema Mahesh (BHMS, MD (hom) Dip IACH (Greece), MSc Medical Sciences (Malaysia) is a classical homeopath from Bangalore, India, practicing for the past 20 years. She completed homeopathic medical education at the Rajiv Gandhi University and her PG diploma at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH), Greece, under Prof George Vithoulkas. She then turned to research and trained at the Taylor’s University Malaysia for her research post-graduation degree in Medical Sciences. She has been involved in the research committee of IACH and is currently the Director of Research at IACH Greece, collaborating with clinicians and researchers from 95 countries. She is instrumental in taking the core concepts of classical homeopathy to the medical journals and conferences. Having published 22 research papers in peer reviewed medical journals, and hundreds of articles on other platforms, she has also presented her research on concepts of health, disease and cure at medical conferences of immunology and autoimmunity, at NewYork USA, Fiji, Dublin Ireland, Krakow Poland, Stockholm Sweden, Harvard Medical School USA, Amsterdam Netherlands, London UK, Madrid Spain,Vancouver Canada, Tel Aviv Israel, Istanbul Turkey, New Delhi, Athens Greece, Basel, Switzerland and Paris, France. Her presentation at Harvard won her an award of excellence. Her research papers have been downloaded a record number of times.


  • nice article,for the awareness vaccinations and homoeopathy, thanks.really vaccinations is the big questions in front of the society that whether to vaccinate their child or not?????.this article works to regenerate new ideas and thoughts to HOMOEOPATH mind.that do something different for betterment of individual. HEARTLY THANKS.

  • Creo que es muy importante este relato de casos clinicos para que nosotros no olvidos en toma de caso de hechos pasados del enfermo,mismo que creamos no ser importante.Este su trabajo no hace ver la riqueza y lo mucho que hay a estudiar en la homeopatia

  • My daughter had numerous rabi shots when she was under 12 years old and is not only suffering physical illness but extreme mental illness to include suicide thoughts. I need more information on the long term effects on mental health and the rabies vaccine. Bre was give 11 or 12 shots of the rabbi vaccine at one me becase of he weight.

  • I just today, purely by accident, made the connection between getting attacked by a viscious dog on two occassions as a child, once nearly losing my eye, and my lifelong chronic health problems. I can tell you, if you are thinking about getting a Rabies vaccine, don’t. I’ve suffered suicidal thoughts, a lack of focus, and a total lack of ambition since I graduated high school, 16 years ago. I was never able to focus in school, and was chronically sick with colds and flu my entire life, since getting the dog bites, and most likely the anti-Rabies vaccines. The vaccines I most likely received as a child have ruined my life, and I would have rather perished than to have remained on this planet in a half hearted weakened state with chronic health problems. The side effects are so severe as to be barbaric and unacceptable. Though a cure might exist, the cure is not a cure at all, but a curse, a lifelong sentence to depression and suicidal thoughts.

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