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Written by Len Marlow

Homeopath Len Marlow discusses Ayahuasca, it’s relationship to other remedies, its symptomatology and it association with various pathologies.

I trained at the College of Homeopathy in London and have been practising for 30 years. I practise in Greenwich, London and the Midlands. I have worked as clinical supervisor for the College of Practical Homeopathy and lecture at other training colleges.

Ayahuasca grows in the heart of Amazonia. In Quechua, the word ‘Aya’ means spirit or ancestor and the word ‘huasca’ means vine or rope (cord). The indigenous people believe that ingesting the ‘vine of the souls’ will invest the user with the power to communicate with the spirit world. Ayahuasca works on not only the thymus gland but also particularly on the pineal gland.

The pineal gland secretes melatonin and serotonin. Melatonin is directly related to seasonal changes which the body undergoes as a result of the changing patterns of sunlight. There is an increase in melatonin in the body as a result of decreased or absence of light (i.e. in the winter or at night while asleep). The subject succumbs to drowsiness. There are also longer-term effects of melatonin, which are related to sexual maturation.

Serotonin, on the other hand, is a neurotransmitter, which is stored in the synapses of the nerves and has its greatest concentration within the pineal gland. It is associated with mood swings, depression and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDs).

Disease mainly enters through the pituitary gland (Sycotic and Syphilitic miasmatic disease can enter through the generative zone).

The endocrine glands are “energy centres” and so the use of radiotherapy affects the ability of the endocrine glands to process their energy. Allopathic methods for treating tumours destroy the flower – the “visible” manifestation. The seed is in the endocrine glands, so this is the area that needs treatment. It is possible to work through lots of medical drugs but prescribe high and repeatedly 1M and 10M. Use PINEAL GLAND in high potency.

Chemotherapy combination: Syphilinum, thymus gland and Ayahuasca high, reduces sickness on chemotherapy.

Buddleia – tumours in eyes and ears.

There is always a seed in cancer. In eye cancer it is in pineal gland, which gives credence to the pineal gland being the third eye.

In breast cancer the seed is in the thymus or the heart centre. People often do not resolve relationship issues when they should. Relationships can be worked on to a certain point but there does come a point when they can’t be retrieved. Remedies allow this process to develop naturally and the outcome is not our decision. When the heart centre opens, all the centres start to open up. People with damage at the heart need a lot of remedies. Often start with Natrum-Muriaticum for a closed heart.

Aurum, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Sea Salt. Roots of syphilis are in the heart and particularly thymus gland. Thymus is not prescribed enough because the gland itself does not readily display symptoms as clearly as the heart; the state is covert.

The colours of Ayahuasca are Green (Heart) and Purple (Crown).

HEART: Congenital heart disease. Pains – real or phantom. Raised heart rate.

Tiredness, exhaustion. Anything from feeling sleepy to utter exhaustion and debility. Unable to move from tiredness. Shakiness and disorientation. Unable to recover one’s energy with rest. Feelings of detachment, poor memory and vagueness with the exhaustion. Muscular soreness (and weakness) from tiredness. Limbs go to sleep: pins and needles. Spinal sensations: tightness, tingling, aching and drawing. Rushes of energy, which are associated with raised heart beat that cause anxiety.

SLEEP: Sleeps like the dead. Insomnia. From drug abuse or over-use of sleeping pills.

DREAMS: Full of dreams. Many and varied dreams: some are bizarre, some are revelatory, others resolve issues from the past. Dreams seem more real than life. Desire to go back into the dream to continue it.

SENSES: Heightened sensitivity of the five senses – vision and hearing though touch can be extremely acute. Acute vision or blurred vision. Sees images superimposed on walls, doors, other people’s faces or whatever is being looked at. Doubts what is seen: has to look again. Hears acutely. Hears as if from a distance. Numbness and general malaise. Anaesthesia.

MUSCLE WASTAGE: necrosis. Easy dislocation of joints: crumbling of bone tissue. Poor assimilation and metabolism. Digestive tract malfunction: imbalance of bowel flora causing psychological symptoms such as depression. Pains can be sharp, sudden on appearance and quick to go: tend to be < night. Mal-absorption and malnutrition from defective gut. Multiple allergy syndrome.

BACK: Injuries to the spine and coccyx. Tension in the neck. Scoliosis and Kyphosis. Ailments from injuries that have affected the spine or the head.

CLINICAL: AIDS, Cancer, Autism, Parkinson’s. Strong History of drug abuse.

GRIEF – of the deepest and most unrelieved kind (c.f. Slate). Anxiety – desperate, acute: prolonged anguish and fear, which has heightened every sense. Unmitigated misery. Mood swings between extremes of rage and well-being.

Changeable attitudes. Jealousy – especially sexual. Irritable and negative. Awareness of childhood feelings. Inability to remember what it was like to be a child. Forgotten memories that are important to relive, as they have a bearing on the inability to move forward and develop.

Inability to feel connected to the mother. Strongly indicated in those who have been adopted, or have yet to “adopt” their vocation. A sense of being oppressed by familial ties or ancestral energy. Hears voices or receives messages.

Sensation as if being stuffed up with cotton wool: cannot think straight. Heat in the vertex or cold as ice.

Craves alcohol. ++ stimulants such as coffee and tea. No appetite. Would prefer to do without food. Sensitive stomach which reacts to many foods. Nausea and vomiting after stimulant food and drink. > vomiting. Nausea and vomiting with anxiety and dread.

MALE AND FEMALE: Total loss of libido especially after use of hallucinatory drugs. Heightened libido that can lead to excessive masturbation. Excessive libido in those who enjoy it, as if it were only a spiritual experience. Sex without grounding. A remedy for those who have suffered from sexual abuse and now have a crippled sex-life. Difficult, prolonged or late periods. Prostate trouble relating to long-term impotency.

KIDNEYS: Very weak kidney energy. Frequent urinary infections or pains in the kidneys.

RESPIRATION AND LUNGS: Restricted breathing from emotional disturbances. Emphysema: asthma: chronic constricted airways.

Spiritual:  Ayahuasca’s association in connecting to our spiritual energies means it is indicated where an individual’s own insight and practical implementation of such new insights is playing out. Ayahuasca 0M followed by weakly Thymus Gland 30 will help this transition. This may be obvious when working with other practitioners but equally applicable working with managers and other creative people.

Complementary to / followed by

  • AYAHUASCA has a strong affinity with OAK and other tree remedies.
  • Works well with the main constitutional remedies: SULPHUR, CALCAREA CARBONICA, SILICA and PHOSPHORUS. Often needed before or after LACHESIS or other snake remedies. There is a common association between AYAHUASCA and the snake remedies as depicted by the two intertwining snakes around the healing staff in the caduceus.
  • Is well supported by or followed by EMERALD.
  • In a detoxification program it works well with RAINBOW.
  • Compatible with all the nosodes, particularly SYPHILINUM and MEDORRHINUM


Can be put into combinations with other remedies:

  • Ayahuasca + Silica + Ignatia: breaks destructive bonds between parent & child.
  • Ayahuasca + Arnica + Oak is a good remedy for serious injury to the spine.
  • Ayahuasca + Purple + Syphilinum incomprehensible anxiety due to parental/ancestral energies.
  • Ayahuasca + Arsenicum + Oak is useful at the terminal stages of illness.
  • Ayahuasca + Ignatia + Emerald inconsolable grief that is being expressed (rather than buried).

About the author

Len Marlow

Len Marlow: I trained at the College of Homeopathy in London and have been practising for 30 years. I practise in Greenwich, London and the Midlands. I have worked as clinical supervisor for the College of Practical Homeopathy and lecture at other training colleges. Reflecting on my time in practice, I recognize that a large part of my client base consists of families. It is a very enriching process, working with family groups and supporting them both individually and collectively. https://homeopathyonline.org.uk/


  • Hi very interested article and remedy. Thank you. I want to ask what about Rainbow and what do you mean Purple? They are proving remedies? Sounds preety good.

  • I have had 3 patients, over 30-years, (all female) who developed a heart arrhythmia after smoking Ayahuasca. It is serious stuff herbally with many not making a connection after its’ use to health issues that developed.

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