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Autism Perceived Through the Filter of an Embryonic Disruption

Written by Elizabeth Adalian

Homeopath Elizabeth Adalian discusses ten different remedies according to the embryonic influences which could have contributed the remedy states and the resulting development of autism.


In this article, I set out to portray ten different remedies according to the embryonic influences which could have contributed to the resulting development of autism (and related ‘states on the ‘spectrum’ in the presenting child.

1). Carcinosin

Possible abuse – emotional or sexual, addiction, anticipation, emotional shocks, grief, prolonged fear, lack of sleep (often mirrored in the presenting child), suppression of emotions/physical symptoms, background of cancer, diabetes, morning sickness, prolonged insomnia. (often mirrored in the child), mononucleosis, vaccinations. Learning difficulties often manifest in the child/ ritualistic behaviour.*

2)  Helleborus Niger

Depression in the parents, disappointed love, head injury, possible history of coma/encephalitis, epilepsy, meningitis, a stroke, or recreational drugs. ill effects of suppressed eruptions. Indifference often manifests in the child who replicates the flatness expressed in the parent(s) – Sepia is not the only remedy here.

3)    Lac Humanum

History of being unwanted by one or both parents, background of a rupture through a situation such as can occur in adoption, addictive as well as ritualistic tendencies* can present in the child as a result of one or both parents’ habits as a way of regaining the control they unconsciously feel they have lost.

4).  Laurocerasus Officianalis

Effects of fright – often accumulating during the birth process, abandoned feelings, anger when misunderstood. If cortisol has been compromised due to parental stress during pregnancy, there will be insufficient cortisol to allow the baby to breathe properly at birth. After a twin dies in utero, the surviving twin often thrives after receiving this remedy – even many years later. This remedy stimulates oxytocin through the vagus nerve.

5).   Magnesium Carbonicum

Ailments from accidents and injuries – this remedy has a marked effect on the nervous system. Background of mental distress transferred to the child by way of anger, anxiety, deception, fear, fright, grief,  or mainly rejection. Child manifests poor digestion, aggravation from milk, poor thriving, suffering during dentition – especially when later cutting the wisdom teeth. Slowness in reaching the milestones in the child, dyslexia.

6)     Mancinella Venenata

Background of imbalance in parents’ approach. This means one can be over-domineering and the other mild in compensation hence the child is sensitive to domination. The isolation seen in this remedy picture could easily relate back to the pregnancy with the backdrop  described above and explains the split often resulting in the development of the child.

7)    Medorrhinum

Possible abuse in background –  emotional or sexual, addiction, alcohol/drug misuse, anticipation, manic depression, paranoia, schizophrenia. Possible background of suppressed gonorrhoea in family history. breathing difficulties, asthma, catarrhal states. Pregnancy can be fraught with threats to its viability. Learning difficulties often result in the child.

8)   Natrum Muriaticum

Lack of affection shown to those around them in pregnancy, depression, fright, grief, isolation, strong emotions, suppression of emotions. (The combination of the last two symptoms would be emphasised in pregnancy with the rollercoaster of emotions it often involves.) The above symptoms often manifest in delayed speech in the developing child*, head injury, headaches worse from the sun, morning sickness.

9)  Nux Moschata

Mental depression from fright, grief. hysteria, mania, mental exertion, early breakdown of mental faculties, threatened miscarriage, weak labour. Delayed speech in child often mirrors this state in the mother during the pregnancy, as is similar in the picture of the Natrum Muriaticum background.*

10)   Placenta

Placenta Humanum was proved by the Welsh School (Kathy Biggs and Linda Gwillim) in 2000. Background of excessive stress in the mother creates a flood of cortisol at birth – this can have lasting effects and requires urgent immediate attention through such a remedy. This way, one can prevent autism or related ‘states on the spectrum developing within the first few years of life.

Once I started incorporating a rubric from the embryonic life of the child as the main fundamental one in the analysis of the case, the outcome has proved much more effective and long-lasting than prior. Since disseminating this insight among those working in the field, colleagues have reported a marked upsurge in positive results in their cases.

I should emphasise that I just took examples of ten remedies in this article but it could be any number of other remedies which come under consideration here.

About the author

Elizabeth Adalian

Elizabeth Adalian has been in homeopathic practice for thirty years. She has practised and taught extensively in the UK and overseas, including Ethiopia, the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, and in Europe. She was formerly a team leader at a homeopathic teaching college in Zagreb, Croatia, overseeing an academic course to support the community in their war recovery. As a result of this work, she developed a special interest in treating trauma, whether due to war or other contributing factors. Elizabeth has written numerous articles on homeopathy, with topics ranging from autism to insomnia. She is a former member of the editorial team of 'Homeopathy in Practice' - the journal of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. She is well known for her extensive knowledge of the remedies, especially the lesser known ones, revealing their value for modern day health challenges.

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