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The Man Whose Motto Is “I Live For Homeopathy”

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Written by Seema Mahesh

Dr. Seema Mahesh and Dr. Mahesh Mallappa share their experiences in being inspired and assisted by Prof George Vithoulkas.

Professor George Vithoulkas’ life is an example of what conscious dedication and determination can achieve. A teacher of Classical Homeopathy, hailed as the ‘Uber Guru of Homeopathy’ even by the haters of homeopathy, his is a life that is the embodiment of wisdom, courage and cosmic love.

We wanted to tell you about him but there is already so much ‘information’ about him that we thought the only way we could add to it was by sharing our own experience with the man George Vithoulkas.

  1. I was a homeopathic student when I first discovered Essence of Materia Medica. I was so enamoured by that book that I stopped reading every other book and read it day and night. In the year 2000, the Professor came to Mumbai where he was given the honour of ‘Homeopath of the Millennium’. During his lecture there he showed a case of gangrene and believe it or not, it was on the basis of just that confidence and the essence book that I treated my first Gangrene case during my internship at college.

Later when I established my own centre for classical homeopathy and started treating many challenging cases, my dream of meeting him got stronger and stronger. The problem was, I was refused a Greek Visa thrree times (owing to my financial status at that time). Finally, hoping against hope I wrote an email to professor Vithoulkas about my plight. Within a few days of writing this letter I lost my father. I performed the last rites on a particular day and returned home to find an email from the professor saying that I must present myself at the Greek Embassy the next day. I rushed to the airport and went to the Greek Embassy. There, as was usual, I expected to be harassed and persecuted by the security guards. But on presentation of the email I was let in through the main door of the embassy and into the ambassador’s office. My passport was stamped, I went to Greece, presented my cases, got my Diploma, and became a teacher and E- Learning co ordinator.

I have wondered often who would go through this much trouble for an unknown person in an unknown place and for no personal gain. I have come to realise that he did not do that for ME but for HOMEOPATHY. He knows the importance of right teaching and the right approach in homeopathy and will do everything in his power to help anyone achieve this. I have seen greatness in its purest form and am blessed to be his student.

Dr. Mahesh Mallappa

As an ambitious person during my university years, I struggled greatly to find my niche in the field that was given the status of a second class citizen. I battled with the duality of what was supposed to be in homeopathy and what was in truth. Almost at the brink of changing my profession to something else where I did not have to suffer this conflict, I discovered Prof. George Vithoulkas. Seeing the results of sticking to rules and learning to appreciate each one of them in practice, I realised that there was no better place for me. I was overwhelmed when I first met the professor by his sheer professionalism and commitment. It was very simple after that. I just did as he directed. My dream of finding a place of homeopathy in scientific circles is not fulfilled yet but I have firmly trod in that direction since I was guided by the professor.

When I started off writing for homeopathic magazines long ago, I was a moderate success. I realise now that this was because while I had the ability to write, I wrote to project myself. When I came under the guidance of Prof. Vithoulkas, this changed. I wrote with only one intention in my mind – to bring out the truth. This led me to study the research in great detail and I was able to publish three peer reviewed papers in one year. I was able to present in conventional medicine conferences homeopathic concepts, and to my delight these concepts were accepted with great eagerness by the researchers there. Having done NewYork and Fiji, looking forward to Dublin, Krakow, Harvard, Stockholm and Netherlands, I know today the effect of a great teacher in a student’s life. He not only makes you more efficient in your profession but helps you find your purpose in life and inspires you to work towards it.

About the author

Seema Mahesh

Dr Seema Mahesh (BHMS, MD (hom) Dip IACH (Greece), MSc Medical Sciences (Malaysia) is a classical homeopath from Bangalore, India, practicing for the past 20 years. She completed homeopathic medical education at the Rajiv Gandhi University and her PG diploma at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH), Greece, under Prof George Vithoulkas. She then turned to research and trained at the Taylor’s University Malaysia for her research post-graduation degree in Medical Sciences. She has been involved in the research committee of IACH and is currently the Director of Research at IACH Greece, collaborating with clinicians and researchers from 95 countries. She is instrumental in taking the core concepts of classical homeopathy to the medical journals and conferences. Having published 22 research papers in peer reviewed medical journals, and hundreds of articles on other platforms, she has also presented her research on concepts of health, disease and cure at medical conferences of immunology and autoimmunity, at NewYork USA, Fiji, Dublin Ireland, Krakow Poland, Stockholm Sweden, Harvard Medical School USA, Amsterdam Netherlands, London UK, Madrid Spain,Vancouver Canada, Tel Aviv Israel, Istanbul Turkey, New Delhi, Athens Greece, Basel, Switzerland and Paris, France. Her presentation at Harvard won her an award of excellence. Her research papers have been downloaded a record number of times.

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