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Autopathy – Self-Healing By Vital Force

Homeopath Jiri Cehovsky discusses the value of Autopathy and how and where you can learn how to practice it.

Statistical indicators show that in the EU, USA and other countries, most of the chronic diseases are on the increase. The number of permanently or repeatedly ill persons grows. People suffer from allergies, digestive disorders, fatigue, depression, autoimmune diseases, arthritis and many other ailments, and which are treated with pharmaceutical drugs, but without permanent relief or restoration of health.

However, everyone who is interested in the ancient medical traditions of China and India, tested for thousands of years, knows where the cause of health disturbance, as well as its maintenance and restauration, lies. And of course, everyone interested in homeopathy knows it. It is a system of fine-matter energies, which connect each of us with the universe. In China, it was called Chi, in India Prana and in homeopathy Hahnemann named it “spiritual vital force”. The more we are tuned to this information flow, the healthier and more in harmony we are. The more out of tune we are (through chemicals, disharmonic persons or environments, etc.), the less creative information we receive and our system body/ mind is disturbed. Like in a radio, which is out of tune, the music starts to disappear in static and interference. Every person is a spiritual being and has a personal creative melody forming his individual harmonious mind and body. As with all other music, this one consists of vibrations, yin and yang, – and +, and has a binary code on which not only our computers function, but the whole of the Universe. As above, so below.

Therefore, healing consists of retuning the out of tune organism to the correct manner of reception. In homeopathy and also in autopathy this is achieved by using information, which is tuned similarly to the vital force. The information is strongly diluted by water, so that it arrives at a fine-matter level on which the vital force acts. Subsequently, on the principle of resonance, the ability of our body and mind to receive the vital force’s vibrations correctly is restored. This way harmonisation and the revitalization of the organism is achieved. This is followed by gradual departure of disorders and illnesses, including those which persisted for years and were considered incurable. Their names or diagnoses are not crucial. Health returns.

This is not a theory, but the experience of a large number of people practicing and using traditional Chinese and Indian medicine and also homeopathy, and also a significant number of people who use autopathy. The main difference between homeopathy and autopathy is that while homeopathy searches in the natural environment and in the bodies of people and animals for a substance tuned similarly to the vital force of the sick person, autopathy finds it directly in the patient. Information, which resonates with the particular vital force of the individual is contained directly in the system of the body and mind created by this vital force and is maintained by it. In the autopathic approach, we find it in the saliva and breath, but also directly in the seventh chakra, an information centre located externally to the body above the head (long known in Yoga, Buddhism and in the philosophy of ancient Egypt).

The main practical difference between homeopathy and autopathy is that in autopathy we do not need to search for similarly tuned information, because we know it beforehand. We just need to potentize it by homeopathic dilution to the fine-matter state, in which it can resonate with the fine-matter vital force and then return this potentized information to the physical system (the patient).

In autopathy we dedicate most of the energy which a homeopath normally spends searching for the similarly tuned information, to the detailed observation of the case, the thorough individual determination of the dilution (homeopathic potency) and of the correct time-periods in which the autopathic dilution should be used. The dilution can be prepared easily and reliably by the patient at home, using a glass vessel called an autopathy bottle.

The determination of these three parameters, which are decisive for the success of autopathic healing of chronic problems, has its rules inferred from the observation of the effects of the autopathic dilution. Many of these rules, for example Herring’s laws, or temporary return of some older symptoms, are adopted directly from classical homeopathy. Other rules differ in some details, particularly in the case of the newest kind of preparation, in which we use fine information from the seventh chakra. However, as my thirteen years’ experience with autopathy shows, the rules of autopathic healing can be easily learned from a 200 page book 1 , or in my webinar, or a three-part seminar lasting altogether 21 hours. This clearly shows that autopathy is very suitable for self-healing of chronic diseases for everyone who is prepared to dedicate at least one day to the study of autopathy, which is how long it takes to read the book. The suitability of autopathy for self-healing of all kinds of chronic ailments, either as a complementary method to the established forms of healing, be it alternative or conventional, or as the only method, is underlined by the fact that it does not introduce any foreign information into the organism and therefore cannot have any negative “side“-effects.

We can verify the effectiveness of this form of self-healing for example at the annual conferences on autopathy, of which seven have already taken place. A significant part of the presentations are made by persons who successfully healed themselves, often from serious long-term disorders, which before this were unsuccessfully treated not only by orthodox methods, but also by alternative ones, including homeopathy. A large number of such presentations and other information about the method are published on the website www.autopathy.info 2.


7th Conference on Autopathy, Prague 2015


Jiri Cehovsky – 7th Conference on Autopathy, Prague 2015

Of course, every person offering professional consultancy in autopathy possesses and must possess experience with self-healing and the healing of those close to him. There are now several hundred of such persons, and one can find them on the map of consultants at www.autopathy.info. At the beginning, we often turn to autopathy because of our non-resolved ailments and health problems. Only after this, we offer our advice to others. This was also my case. Now, at the age of 68, I can say that my autopathic self-healing has proved to be effective and I do not use anything else. Besides my consultancy, I also write books, organize seminars and conferences, write articles for a number of magazines, edit websites and teach from September to July almost every weekend in various towns, some of them at a distance of several hours car drive. My seminars usually take 7 hours (try to speak 7 hours without a break), and all this has been going on already for many years. A week ago, I made a 62 km bicycle tour in a mountain terrain with a height difference of 1700 m with colleagues 40 years my juniors. Those who started with autopathy and resolved something with it, usually return to this method whenever needed.

1 Jiri Cehovsky: Get Well with Autopathy, a manual on self-treatment, available at www.autopathy.info or www.amazon.com

2 Autopathy cases can also be found in my articles here at Hpathy.com

//Photos: //7th Conference on autopathy, Prague 2015

About the author

Jiri Cehovsky

Jiri Cehovsky was born in 1947 in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, European Union. He began using homeopathy around 1980, when his family was suffering from chronic health problems. For twenty-three years, he has served on the committee of The Homeopathic Society, most of the time as its chairman. Twenty years ago, he started to use autopathy in treating clients. His first book on autopathy, Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony came out in 2004. In 2007 his 2nd book on autopathy, Get Well with Autopathy, was published and the last book Autopathy Handbook summarizing experiences was released in 2018. Jiri regularly gives courses and webinars on autopathy and teaches at the Homeopathic Academy in Prague. Visit Jiri at his website: www.autopathy.com


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